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accessibility.disableTTS"Text To Speech disabled"
accessibility.enableTTS"Text To Speech enabled""Press the %s to go back""Press the %s to exit chat""Press the %s to send message""%s says %s""Hide chat""Keyboard""Mute All""Send""Chat""Player view"
accessibility.downloading.start"Download begun"
accessibility.downloading.Progress"Downloading %s percent"
accessibility.downloading.canceled"Download canceled"
accessibility.downloading.complete"Download complete"
accessibility.importing.start"Import begun"
accessibility.importing.Progress"Importing %s percent"
accessibility.importing.canceled"Import canceled"
accessibility.importing.complete"Import complete"
accessibility.signin.xbl"Signing into X box live""Press %s to open chat""Press or Hold %s to Emote"
accessibility.key.mouseButton"Mouse Button %s"
accessibility.key.gamepad"Controller %s"
accessibility.list.or.two"%s or %s"
accessibility.list.or.three_or_more.inner", %s"
accessibility.list.or.three_or_more.last", or %s"
accessibility.checkbox.tts.status"status %s"
accessibility.screen.tts.title"%s Screen"
accessibility.scrollbar.tts.title"Scroll Bar"
accessibility.button.navigateLeft"Left Arrow"
accessibility.button.navigateRight"Right Arrow"
accessibility.button.filter.appliedCount" %s Applied"
accessibility.dropdown.listItem"List item"
accessibility.fullprice"Full Price %s Minecoins""Discounted Price %s Minecoins""%s percent discount"
accessibility.sectionName"Section %s: "
accessibility.state.on": on"": off"
accessibility.state.checked": checked"
accessibility.state.unchecked": unchecked"
accessibility.state.selected": selected"
accessibility.state.unselected": unselected""Share""Wish List"
accessibility.index" %s of %s"
accessibility.slider.tts.percentValue"%s percent""Edit World""Edit Realm""Edit Server""Import World""Leave Realm""Realm Feed""No new posts""1 new post""%s new posts""Press the %s to tab left""Press the %s to tab right""Delete Legacy World""Upload World"
accessibility.pause.profile"Choose Profile"
accessibility.start.buttonHelper"%s : %s"
accessibility.screenName.achievements"Achievements Screen""Chat Screen"
accessibility.screenName.chatSettings"Chat Settings Screen"
accessibility.screenName.createNew"Create New Screen"
accessibility.screenName.createWorld"Create World Settings Screen"
accessibility.screenName.editCharacter"Character Creator"
accessibility.screenName.editWorldSettings"Edit World Settings Screen"
accessibility.screenName.error"Error Screen"
accessibility.screenName.encyclopedia"Encyclopedia Screen"
accessibility.screenName.howToPlay"How To Play Screen"
accessibility.screenName.inviteToGame"Invite To Game Screen"
accessibility.screenName.joinByIP"Join by IP dialog"
accessibility.screenName.joinCode"Join Code dialog"
accessibility.screenName.library"Library Screen"
accessibility.screenName.modalDialog"Popup dialog"
accessibility.screenName.myTemplates"My Templates Screen"
accessibility.screenName.myWorlds"My Worlds Screen"
accessibility.screenName.patchNotes"Patch Notes Screen"
accessibility.screenName.pause"Game menu"
accessibility.screenName.permissions"Permissions Screen""Play Screen"
accessibility.screenName.profile"Profile Screen"
accessibility.screenName.realmSettings"Realm Settings Screen"
accessibility.screenName.settings"Game Settings Screen"
accessibility.screenName.addFriend"Add Friend Screen"
accessibility.screenName.skinPicker"Choose Skin Screen"
accessibility.screenName.start"Main Menu"
accessibility.screenName.vrAlignment"VR Alignment Screen "
accessibility.screenName.emoteWheel"Emotes Screen""'A' to 'Z'""'Z' to 'A'"
accessibility.settings.chooseSeed"Choose Seed""Submit Feedback Link to Website""New"
accessibility.start.profile"Choose Profile"
accessibility.start.skinPicker"Choose Skin""Tag"
accessibility.text.semiColon"Semi Colon"
accessibility.text.questionMark"Question Mark"
accessibility.text.quotationMark"Quotation Mark""Space"
accessibility.text.graveAccent"Grave Accent"
accessibility.text.lessThan"Less Than"
accessibility.text.greaterThan"Greater Than"
accessibility.text.leftBrace"Left Brace"
accessibility.text.rightBrace"Right Brace"
accessibility.text.rightBracket"Right Bracket"
accessibility.text.leftBracket"Left Bracket"
accessibility.text.verticalBar"Vertical Bar"
accessibility.text.backwardSlash"Back Slash"
accessibility.text.exclamationPoint"Exclamation Point"
accessibility.text.hashTag"Hash Tag"
accessibility.text.leftParenthesis"Left Parenthesis"
accessibility.text.rightParenthesis"Right Parenthesis"
accessibility.text.underScore"Under Score""Plus"
accessibility.text.unsupported"Unknown Character"
accessibility.popup.title"Turn Off Screen Reader?"
accessibility.popup.message.line1"Welcome to Minecraft!"
accessibility.popup.message.default"On your device, screen reader support is enabled by default."
accessibility.popup.message.platform"We've detected that your system has a screen reader enabled and have automatically enabled Minecraft's screen reader."
accessibility.popup.message.touch"Touch and drag to find controls on the screen, and double tap controls to select. To scroll on a screen, double tap and hold while swiping up or down."
accessibility.popup.message.xbl"We've detected that your account has "Let games read to me" enabled and have automatically enabled Minecraft's screen reader."
accessibility.popup.message.line3"Would you like to turn this off?"
accessibility.popup.left_button_text"Turn Off"
accessibility.popup.right_button_text"Leave On"
accessibility.popup.joinRealm"Join Realm Screen"
accessibility.controllerLayoutScreen.buttonRemapped"%s is now bound to %s"
accessibility.controllerLayoutScreen.buttonBoundTo"%s button: %s"
accessibility.controllerLayoutScreen.buttonRemapping"Select input to bind for %s"
accessibility.gamepad.faceButton.down"Button A"
accessibility.gamepad.faceButton.right"Button B"
accessibility.gamepad.faceButton.left"Button X"
accessibility.gamepad.faceButton.up"Button Y"
accessibility.gamepad.button.systemLeft"View Button"
accessibility.gamepad.button.systemRight"Menu Button"
accessibility.gamepad.dpad.down"D-Pad Down"
accessibility.gamepad.dpad.up"D-Pad Up"
accessibility.gamepad.dpad.left"D-Pad Left"
accessibility.gamepad.dpad.right"D-Pad Right"
accessibility.gamepad.stick.left"Left Stick"
accessibility.gamepad.stick.right"Right Stick"
accessibility.gamepad.trigger.right"Right Trigger"
accessibility.gamepad.trigger.left"Left Trigger"
accessibility.gamepad.bumper.right"Right Bumper"
accessibility.gamepad.bumper.left"Left Bumper"
accessibility.keyboard.leftBracket"Left square bracket key"
accessibility.keyboard.rightBracket"Right square bracket key"
accessibility.emotes.hovered"%s, emote button %d, %d of %d"
accessibility.emotes.assigned"The %s emote assigned"
accessibility.emotes.playSuccess"Play emote"
accessibility.emotes.playFailed"No emote assigned to this button, press %s the Change Emotes button"
accessibility.emotes.changeEmotesInstruction.button"the %s to access"
accessibility.emotes.instruction.keyboard"Press right or left to cycle through emote buttons. Press the down arrow to access the Change Emotes button.""Name: %s (%s)"
accounts.signedInAs"Signed in as"
accounts.signOutConfirmation"Do you want to sign out and switch accounts?"
accounts.switchConfirmation"Do you want to switch accounts? Your current account will stay signed in."
accounts.signOut"Sign Out"
accounts.switch"Switch Accounts"
accounts.manage"Manage Account""Sign-out failed""We were unable to sign you out at this time. Please try again later. This will not prevent you from signing in with another account.""Error code: %s""Learn more"""
achievement.alternativeFuel"Alternative Fuel"
achievement.alternativeFuel.desc"Power a furnace with a kelp block"
achievement.acquireIron"Acquire Hardware"
achievement.acquireIron.desc"Smelt an iron ingot"
achievement.bakeCake"The Lie"
achievement.bakeCake.desc"Wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!"
achievement.blaze_rod"Into Fire"
achievement.blaze_rod.desc"Relieve a Blaze of its rod"
achievement.bookcase.desc"Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table"
achievement.breedCow.desc"Breed two cows with wheat"
achievement.buildBetterPickaxe"Getting an Upgrade"
achievement.buildBetterPickaxe.desc"Construct a better pickaxe"
achievement.buildFurnace"Hot Topic"
achievement.buildFurnace.desc"Construct a furnace out of eight stone blocks"
achievement.buildHoe"Time to Farm!"
achievement.buildHoe.desc"Use planks and sticks to make a hoe"
achievement.buildPickaxe"Time to Mine!"
achievement.buildPickaxe.desc"Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe"
achievement.buildSword"Time to Strike!"
achievement.buildSword.desc"Use planks and sticks to make a sword"
achievement.buildWorkBench.desc"Craft a workbench with four blocks of planks"
achievement.cookFish"Delicious Fish"
achievement.cookFish.desc"Catch and cook fish!""DIAMONDS!""Acquire diamonds with your iron tools"
achievement.diamondsToYou"Diamonds to you!"
achievement.diamondsToYou.desc"Throw diamonds at another player."
achievement.enchantments.desc"Use a book, obsidian and diamonds to construct an enchantment table"
achievement.exploreAllBiomes"Adventuring Time"
achievement.exploreAllBiomes.desc"Discover all biomes"
achievement.flyPig"When Pigs Fly"
achievement.flyPig.desc"Fly a pig off a cliff"
achievement.fullBeacon.desc"Create a full beacon"
achievement.get"Achievement get!"
achievement.ghast"Return to Sender"
achievement.ghast.desc"Destroy a Ghast with a fireball"
achievement.killCow"Cow Tipper"
achievement.killCow.desc"Harvest some leather"
achievement.killEnemy"Monster Hunter"
achievement.killEnemy.desc"Attack and destroy a monster"
achievement.killWither"The Beginning."
achievement.killWither.desc"Kill the Wither"
achievement.makeBread"Bake Bread"
achievement.makeBread.desc"Turn wheat into bread"
achievement.mineWood"Getting Wood"
achievement.mineWood.desc"Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out"
achievement.notification.description"Achievement unlocked"
achievement.onARail"On A Rail"
achievement.onARail.desc"Travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started"
achievement.openInventory"Taking Inventory"
achievement.openInventory.desc"Press '%1$s' to open your inventory."
achievement.overkill.desc"Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit"
achievement.overpowered.desc"Build a Notch apple"
achievement.portal"We Need to Go Deeper"
achievement.portal.desc"Build a portal to the Nether"
achievement.potion"Local Brewery"
achievement.potion.desc"Brew a potion"
achievement.requires"Requires '%1$s'"
achievement.snipeSkeleton"Sniper Duel"
achievement.snipeSkeleton.desc"Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters"
achievement.spawnWither"The Beginning?"
achievement.spawnWither.desc"Spawn the Wither"
achievement.theEnd"The End?"
achievement.theEnd.desc"Locate the End"
achievement.theEnd2"The End."
achievement.theEnd2.desc"Defeat the Ender Dragon"
action.hint.exit.boat"Tap jump to exit the boat"
action.hint.exit.minecart"Tap jump to exit the minecart"
action.hint.exit.pig"Tap sneak to dismount""Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.strider"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.donkey"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.mule"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.llama"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.trader_llama"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.skeleton_horse"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.minecart"Tap dismount to exit the minecart"
action.hint.exit.scheme.pig"Tap dismount to dismount""Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.strider"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.donkey"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.mule"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.llama"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.trader_llama"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.scheme.skeleton_horse"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.boat"Press :_input_key.jump: to exit the boat"
action.hint.exit.console.minecart"Press :_input_key.jump: to exit the minecart"
action.hint.exit.console.pig"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount""Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.strider"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.donkey"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.mule"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.llama"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.trader_llama"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.skeleton_horse"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.interact.exit.boat"Leave Boat"
action.interact.moostew"Milk Stew""Repair"
action.interact.createMap"Create Map"
action.interact.takepicture"Take Picture"
action.interact.attachchest"Attach Chest"
action.interact.equiphorsearmor"Equip Horse Armor"
action.interact.equipcarpet"Equip Carpet""Trade"
action.interact.wakevillager"Wake Villager"
action.interact.use"Use Item"
advMode.allEntities"@e = all entities"
advMode.allPlayers"@a = all players"
advMode.command"Command Input"
advMode.nearestPlayer"@p = nearest player"
advMode.notAllowed"Must be an opped player in creative mode"
advMode.notEnabled"Command blocks are not enabled on this server"
advMode.previousOutput"Previous Output"
advMode.randomPlayer"@r = random player"
advMode.self"@s = self"
advMode.setCommand"Set Console Command for Block"
advMode.setCommand.success"Command set: %s"
apple.iCloudDisabled.title"Don't Lose Your Worlds!"
apple.iCloudDisabled.message"Your worlds are not getting saved properly. They might not be here next time you play Minecraft. Go to your Apple TV settings and turn on iCloud to make sure all of your worlds get saved."
apple.iCloudDisabled.button.turnOnICloud"Turn on iCloud"
apple.iCloudNoSpace.message"You do not have enough iCloud space free to save your worlds properly. They might not be here next time you play Minecraft. Free up space on your iCloud account to make sure all of your worlds get saved."
apple.iCloudNoSpace.button.manageICloud"Manage iCloud"
apple.iCloudNoInternet.message"You need an internet connection to save your worlds properly. They might not be here next time you play Minecraft. Reconnect to the internet to make sure all of your worlds get saved."
apple.iCloudSignInRequired.title"Sign In"
apple.iCloudSignInRequired.message"You need to be signed in to iCloud to play Minecraft. Go to your Apple TV settings and turn on iCloud."
apple.iCloudUserChanged.message"A new iCloud account has signed in. You will need to restart Minecraft to play."
apple.LocalNetworkPermission.message"Minecraft wants to access your local network. This allows you and others on your local network to play together. Declining this permission does not affect online features or gameplay. But will prevent you and others, on the same network, from playing together.""+%d %s""+%d%% %s""+%d%% %s"
attribute.modifier.take.0"-%d %s"
attribute.modifier.take.1"-%d%% %s"
attribute.modifier.take.2"-%d%% %s""Attack Damage""Mob Follow Range""Knockback Resistance""Max Health""Attack Damage""Knockback Resistance""Speed""Horse Jump Strength""Zombie Reinforcements"
attribution.goBack"Go Back"
attribution.viewAttribution"To view attributions, please visit in any web browser."
authentication.demo.body.default"Starting the demo experience..."
authentication.demo.body.error"We're sorry, but this lesson is not currently available."
authentication.demo.title"Loading the Demo"
authentication.demo.title.error"Lesson Not Available"
authentication.pleaseSignIn"Sign in with your school or organizational account to use Minecraft Education."
authentication.loggingin"Signing in..."
authentication.signIn"Sign in"
authentication.signIn.tryAgain"Try again"
authentication.signingInTo"Signing into %s"
authentication.unableToConnect"Unable to Connect"
authentication.unauthenticated"This account is not eligible to use Minecraft Education."
authentication.location"For more information:"
authentication.tryagain"Sign in with a different account"
authentication.welcome"Welcome, %s!"
authentication.exitingGame"Goodbye, come back soon."
authentication.finalTrialWarning"This is your final trial of Minecraft Education.%1%1After this session, your school or organization will need to purchase a license for you to continue to use all the features of Minecraft Education."
authentication.oneTrialWarning"You have 1 trial of Minecraft Education remaining before your school or organization will need to purchase a license.%1%1Every time you open Minecraft Education, you will use one trial. "
authentication.trialMessageTitle"Free Trial"
authentication.trialWelcome"Welcome!%1%1You have %2 trials of Minecraft Education available before your school or organization will need to purchase a license.%1%1Every time you open Minecraft Education, you will use one trial. Enjoy!"
authentication.trialWarning"You have %2 trials of Minecraft Education remaining before your school or organization will need to purchase a license.%1%1Every time you open Minecraft Education, you will use one trial. "
authentication.trialEnded"Your trial of Minecraft Education is complete.%1%1Your school or organization will need to purchase a license for you to continue to use all of the features of Minecraft Education.%1%1You'll be signed out of your %2 account now and you can explore our feature-limited demo lesson."
authentication.trialEndedTitle"Trial Ended"
authentication.clickToPurchase"How to purchase"
authentication.adalException"We can't connect to the service you need right now. Please check your internet connection and try again."
authentication.buyMinecraft"Go to the App Store""You've been logged out""Another device has logged in using your account.""Help"
authentication.educationOnly"If you are not an education user, go to the app store to download the standard version."
authentication.minecraftInstead"App Store"
authentication.signInButton"Sign In with a Different Account"
authentication.signInRequired"Sign-in Required""Confirm""Confirm Purchase""Your trial of Minecraft Education is complete. To continue playing Minecraft Education, you will need to purchase a license.""Something Went Wrong""Sorry, we were unable to complete your purchase. Maybe check your internet connection?""The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the subscription price option you have previously selected. ""You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes Account settings after purchase. If you cancel after your subscription has activated, you won't be refunded for the remaining active period of the subscription. Your iTunes account will be linked to your O365 Education Account for this subscription, so you will not be eligible to purchase additional Minecraft Education licenses with this iTunes account.""Purchase license (%s/year)""Terms of Use""Terms and Conditions""Privacy Policy"
authentication.toast.refreshFailed.body"There's something wrong with your account info. Please sign in again to continue using multiplayer features."
authentication.error.generic.title"Unable to Sign In"
authentication.error.generic.body"We were unable to sign you in. Please make sure you are signing in with your school or organizational account and try again."
authentication.error.generic.link1"Learn more about account eligibility."
authentication.error.generic.link2"Try a demo lesson."
authentication.error.outOfDate.title"Update Required"
authentication.error.outOfDate.body"We're sorry, but this version of Minecraft Education is no longer supported. Please update to the latest version to continue playing."
authentication.error.outOfDate.downloadPage"Go to Download page"
authentication.error.accountType.body"Oops! It looks like you signed in with a personal account. This account is not eligible to use Minecraft Education. Please make sure you are signing in with a school or organizational account and try again."
eula.intro"To use Minecraft Education you must accept the End-User Licensing Agreement."
eula.location"The EULA is at:"
eula.title"End-User Licensing Agreement"
eula.view"View EULA"
eula.callToAction"Click Accept to accept the terms of this agreement."
book.defaultAuthor"Author Unknown"
book.editTitle"Enter Book Title:"
book.finalizeButton"Sign and Close"
book.finalizeWarning"Note! When you sign the book, it will no longer be editable."
book.generation.1"Copy of original"
book.generation.2"Copy of a copy"
book.pageIndicator"Page %1$s of %2$s"
book.titleHere"[Enter title here]"
book.headerPortfolio"From Portfolio"
book.headerInventory"From Inventory"
build.tooHigh"Height limit for building is %s blocks"
build.tooLow"Minimum height for building is %s blocks"
chalkboardScreen.header"Edit Text"
chat.cannotSend"Cannot send chat message"
chat.copy"Copy to Clipboard""Are you sure you want to open the following website?""Do you want to open this link or copy it to your clipboard?""Open in browser""Never open links from people that you don't trust!"
chat.mentions.autocomplete.allPlayers"mention all players"
chat.mute"Mute Chat"
chat.realmsFilterDisabled"This Realm has chat filtering turned off."
chat.settings"Chat Settings"
chat.settings.defaultChatColor"Default Chat Color"
chat.settings.chatColor"Chat Color"
chat.settings.chatFont"Chat Font"
chat.settings.fontColor"Font Color"
chat.settings.fontSize"Size: %s"
chat.settings.fontSize.disabled"Size: Available with %s"
chat.settings.lineSpacing"Line Spacing"
chat.settings.mentions"My Mentions"
chat.settings.mentionsColor"My Mentions Color"
chat.settings.muteAll"Mute All Chat"
chat.settings.muteEmotes"Mute Emote Chat"
chat.settings.unmuteAll"Unmute All Chat"
chat.settings.tts"Text To Speech For Chat""(%s) * %s %s""(%s) <%s> %s"
chat.title.cheats"Chat and Commands"
chat.type.achievement"%s has just earned the achievement %s"
chat.type.achievement.taken"%s has lost the achievement %s"
chat.type.admin"[%s: %s]"
chat.type.announcement"[%s] %s"
chat.type.emote"* %s %s"
chat.type.sleeping"%s is sleeping in a bed. To skip to dawn, %s more users need to sleep in beds at the same time."
chat.type.text"<%s> %s"
chat.renamed"You have been temporarily renamed to '%s' on this server"
chat.coordinateTypePosition"My Position"
chat.coordinateTypeFacing"Block Position"
chat.coordinateCopiedToast"The coordinate has been copied"
chat.coordinatesInvalid"Invalid Coordinates"
chat.coordinatesInvalidLong"Invalid Coordinates: make sure you are looking at a block"
chestScreen.header.large"Large Chest"
chooseRealmScreen.header"Choose a Realm Server"
chooseRealmScreen.realmsplusbuttontext"Add a 10 player Realm"
chooseRealmScreen.realmsbuttontext"Add a 2 player Realm"
customTemplatesScreen.header"Imported Templates""All""Craftable""Construction""Nature""Equipment""Items""Inventory""Armor"
codeScreen.aznbReset.title"Reset All Notebooks"
codeScreen.aznbReset.body"You are about to clear all projects. This operation can't be undone. Are you sure?"
codeScreen.chooseEditor"Choose your editor:"
codeScreen.editor.description.aznb"Learn to code in Python! Use a notebook interface to explore computer science lessons, tutorials and challenges."
codeScreen.editor.description.makeCode"Microsoft MakeCode lets you code Minecraft in Blocks, Python or JavaScript!"
codeScreen.editor.description.tynker"Mod your world with Tynker! Build mini-games, create instant structures, and make your own mods with code."
codeScreen.memoryWarning"This device does not meet the recommended memory amount. Editors may not work as expected."
codeScreen.memoryError"Error in editor process, check if your device has enough memory."
codeScreen.needCheats"Cheats must be enabled in the world to code!"
codeScreen.networkError"Unable to connect to network, check your network settings."
codeScreen.title"Code Builder"
codeScreen.changeEditorModal.title"Change Editor"
codeScreen.resetWarning"Are you sure you want to change the editor you are using? All unsaved work will be lost."
codeScreen.button.flipWindow"Flip Window"
codeScreen.button.largerWindow"Larger Window"
codeScreen.button.smallerWindow"Smaller Window"
codeScreen.button.resetEditor"Reset Editor"
codeScreen.button.changeEditor"Change Editor"
codeScreen.buttonTTS.splitLeft"Move Left"
codeScreen.buttonTTS.splitRight"Move Right"
codeScreen.buttonTTS.selectEditor"Select Editor"
color.dark_blue"Dark Blue"
color.dark_green"Dark Green"
color.dark_aqua"Dark Aqua"
color.dark_red"Dark Red"
color.dark_purple"Dark Purple""Gold"
color.dark_gray"Dark Gray""Blue""Green"
color.light_purple"Light Purple"
commandBlockScreen.blockType"Block Type:"
commandBlockScreen.condition.unconditional"Unconditional""Redstone:""Needs Redstone""Always Active"
commandBlockScreen.tickDelay"Delay in Ticks:"
commandBlockScreen.executeFirstTick"Execute on First Tick"
commandBlockScreen.hoverNote"Hover Note"
commandBlockScreen.title"Command Block"
seargeSays.searge"Searge says: %s"
seargeSays.searge2"/achievement take achievement.understandCommands @p"
seargeSays.searge3"Ask for help on twitter"
seargeSays.searge4"/deop @p"
seargeSays.searge5"Scoreboard deleted, commands blocked"
seargeSays.searge6"Contact helpdesk for help"
seargeSays.searge7"/testfornoob @p"
seargeSays.searge8"/trigger warning"
seargeSays.searge9"Oh my god, it's full of stats"
seargeSays.searge10"/kill @p[name=!Searge]"
seargeSays.searge11"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
seargeSays.searge12"Sorry, no help today"
commandBlock.genericName"Command Block"
commands.ability.description"Sets a player's ability."
commands.ability.noability"No ability called '%1$s' is available"
commands.ability.granted"The '%1$s' ability has been granted to you"
commands.ability.revoked"The '%1$s' ability has been revoked from you"
commands.ability.success"Ability has been updated"
commands.achievement.alreadyHave"Player %1$s already has achievement %2$s"
commands.achievement.description"Gives or removes an achievement from a player."
commands.achievement.dontHave"Player %1$s doesn't have achievement %2$s"
commands.achievement.give.success.all"Successfully given all achievements to %1$s""Successfully given %1$s the stat %2$s"
commands.achievement.statTooLow"Player %1$s does not have the stat %2$s"
commands.achievement.take.success.all"Successfully taken all achievements from %1$s""Successfully taken the stat %1$s from %2$s"
commands.achievement.unknownAchievement"Unknown achievement or statistic '%1$s'"
commands.agent.attack.success"Agent attack successful"
commands.agent.attack.failed"Agent failed to attack"
commands.agent.collect.success"Agent collect successful"
commands.agent.collect.failed"Agent failed to collect"
commands.agent.createagent.success"Created Agent"
commands.agent.createagent.failed"Unable to create Agent"
commands.agent.destroy.success"Agent destroyed a block"
commands.agent.destroy.failed"Agent destroy failed"
commands.agent.detect.success"Agent detect successful"
commands.agent.detect.failed"Agent failed to detect"
commands.agent.detectredstone.success"Agent detectredstone successful"
commands.agent.detectredstone.failed"Agent failed to detectredstone"
commands.agent.drop.success"Agent drop successful"
commands.agent.drop.failed"Agent failed to drop"
commands.agent.dropall.success"Agent dropall successful"
commands.agent.dropall.failed"Agent failed to dropall"
commands.agent.getitemcount.success"Agent getitemcount successful"
commands.agent.getitemcount.failed"Agent failed to getitemcount"
commands.agent.getitemspace.success"Agent getitemspace successful"
commands.agent.getitemspace.failed"Agent failed to getitemspace"
commands.agent.getitemdetail.success"Agent getitemdetail successful"
commands.agent.getitemdetail.failed"Agent failed to getitemdetail"
commands.agent.getposition.success"Agent getposition successful"
commands.agent.getposition.failed"Agent getposition failed"
commands.agent.inspect.success"Agent inspect successful"
commands.agent.inspect.failed"Agent failed to inspect"
commands.agent.inspectdata.success"Agent inspect data successful"
commands.agent.inspectdata.failed"Agent failed to inspect data"
commands.agent.move.success"Agent move successful"
commands.agent.move.failed"Unable to move Agent"
commands.agent.outofrange"Cannot issue command, Agent is out of range""Agent place successful""Agent failed to place"
commands.agent.setitem.success"Agent set item successful"
commands.agent.setitem.failed"Agent failed to set item"
commands.agent.turn.success"Agent turn successful"
commands.agent.turn.failed"Unable to turn Agent"
commands.agent.till.success"Agent till successful"
commands.agent.till.failed"Agent failed to till"
commands.agent.tpagent.description"Teleport your Agent."
commands.agent.tpagent.success"Agent teleported"
commands.agent.tpagent.failed"Agent failed to teleport"
commands.agent.transfer.success"Agent transfer successful"
commands.agent.transfer.failed"Agent failed to transfer""Day-Night cycle %1$s""Day-Night cycle locked""Day-Night cycle unlocked"
commands.ban.description"Adds player to banlist."
commands.autocomplete.a"all players"
commands.autocomplete.c"my Agent"
commands.autocomplete.e"all entities"
commands.autocomplete.p"closest player"
commands.autocomplete.r"random player"
commands.autocomplete.v"all Agents"
commands.ban.failed"Could not ban player %1$s"
commands.ban.success"Banned player %1$s"
commands.banip.description"Adds IP address to banlist."
commands.banip.invalid"You have entered an invalid IP address or a player that is not online"
commands.banip.success"Banned IP address %1$s"
commands.banip.success.players"Banned IP address %1$s belonging to %2$s"
commands.banlist.ips"There are %1$d total banned IP addresses:"
commands.banlist.players"There are %1$d total banned players:"
commands.blockdata.description"Modifies the data tag of a block."
commands.blockdata.placeFailed"You cannot place blocks here"
commands.blockdata.destroyFailed"You cannot dig here"
commands.blockdata.failed"The data tag did not change: %1$s"
commands.blockdata.notValid"The target block is not a data holder block"
commands.blockdata.outOfWorld"Cannot change block outside of the world"
commands.blockdata.success"Block data updated to: %1$s"
commands.blockdata.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.blockstate.invalidState"'%1$s' is not a valid Block State."
commands.blockstate.stateError"Block State: '%1$s' is invalid on Block: '%2$s'."
commands.blockstate.typeError"Invalid value type for Block State: '%1$s'."
commands.blockstate.valueError"Invalid value for Block State: '%1$s'."
commands.bossbar.add.success"Created custom bossbar [%1$s]"
commands.bossbar.add.failure.invalid"Invalid bossbar ID. IDs should be of the form namespace:id or id (defaults to minecraft namespace)."
commands.bossbar.add.failure.exists"A bossbar already exists with the ID '%1$s'"
commands.bossbar.description"Creates and modifies boss bars"
commands.bossbar.get.max"Custom bossbar [%1$s] has a maximum of %2$d"
commands.bossbar.get.players"Custom bossbar [%1$s] has %2$s players currently online: %3$s"
commands.bossbar.get.players.none"Custom bossbar [%1$s] has no players currently online""Custom bossbar [%1$s] has 1 player currently online: %2$s"
commands.bossbar.get.value"Custom bossbar [%1$s] has a value of %2$d"
commands.bossbar.get.visible.true"Custom bossbar [%1$s] is currently shown"
commands.bossbar.get.visible.false"Custom bossbar [%1$s] is currently hidden"
commands.bossbar.list"There are %1$s custom bossbars active: %2$s"
commands.bossbar.list.none"There are no custom bossbars active""There is 1 custom bossbar active: %1$s"
commands.bossbar.notFound"No bossbar exists with the ID '%1$s'"
commands.bossbar.remove"Removed custom bossbar [%1$s]"
commands.change-setting.description"Changes a setting on the dedicated server while it's running."
commands.change-setting.success"%1$s has been changed"
commands.chunkinfo.compiled"Chunk is compiled.""First 64 vertices are: %1$s"
commands.chunkinfo.empty"Chunk is empty."
commands.chunkinfo.hasLayers"Chunk has layers: %1$s"
commands.chunkinfo.hasNoRenderableLayers"Chunk has no renderable layers."
commands.chunkinfo.isEmpty"Chunk has empty layers: %1$s"
commands.chunkinfo.location"Chunk location: (%1$d, %2$d, %3$d)"
commands.chunkinfo.noChunk"No chunk found at chunk position %1$d, %2$d, %3$d"
commands.chunkinfo.notCompiled"Chunk is not compiled."
commands.chunkinfo.notEmpty"Chunk is not empty."
commands.chunkinfo.vertices"%1$s layer's buffer contains %2$d vertices"
commands.classroommode.description"Attempt to launch and connect to Classroom Mode."
commands.classroommode.success"Attempting to launch Classroom Mode..."
commands.clear.description"Clears items from player inventory."
commands.clear.failure"Could not clear the inventory of %1$s""Could not clear the inventory of %1$s, no items to remove"
commands.clear.success"Cleared the inventory of %1$s, removing %2$d items"
commands.clear.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.clear.testing"%1$s has %2$d items that match the criteria"
commands.clearfixedinv.description"Removes all Fixed Inventory Slots."
commands.clearfixedinv.success"Cleared the Fixed Inventory"
commands.clone.description"Clones blocks from one region to another."
commands.clone.failed"No blocks cloned"
commands.clone.filtered.error"Filtered usage requires a filter block to be specified"
commands.clone.noOverlap"Source and destination can not overlap"
commands.clone.success"%1$d blocks cloned"
commands.clone.tooManyBlocks"Too many blocks in the specified area (%1$d > %2$d)"
commands.closechat.description"Closes the chat window of the local player if it is open."
commands.closechat.success"Chat closed"
commands.closechat.failure"Chat was not open"
commands.closewebsocket.description"Closes websocket connection if there is one."
commands.code.description"Launches Code Builder."
commands.code.success"Launched Code Builder.""Source and destination are not identical""%1$d blocks compared""Too many blocks in the specified area (%1$d > %2$d)"
commands.compactdb.description"Explicitly compacts the levelDB log."
commands.compactdb.success"Successfully compacted levelDB log."
commands.corruptworld.description"Corrupts the world loaded on the server."
commands.corruptworld.success"Successfully corrupted the world."
commands.damage.description"Apply damage to the specified entities."
commands.damage.specify.damage"Please specify a valid damage value."
commands.damage.success"Applied damage to %1$s"
commands.damage.failed"Could not apply damage to %1$s"
commands.damage.tooManySources"There can only be one source entity. Please adjust your selector to limit selection to one entity."
commands.daylock.description"Locks and unlocks the day-night cycle."
commands.debug.description"Starts or stops a debugging session."
commands.debug.notStarted"Can't stop profiling when we haven't started yet!"
commands.debug.start"Started debug profiling"
commands.debug.stop"Stopped debug profiling after %.2f seconds (%1$d ticks)"
commands.defaultgamemode.description"Sets the default game mode."
commands.defaultgamemode.success"The world's default game mode is now %1$s"
commands.deop.description"Revokes operator status from a player."
commands.deop.failed"Could not de-op (permission level too high): %s"
commands.deop.success"De-opped: %s"
commands.deop.message"You have been de-opped"
commands.dialogue.description"Opens NPC dialogue for a player."
commands.dialogue.changeFailed"Failed to change the scene for the NPC."
commands.dialogue.changeSuccess"Dialogue successfully changed the scene for the NPC globally."
commands.dialogue.changePerPlayerSuccess"Dialogue successfully changed NPC text just for %1$s."
commands.dialogue.invalidScene"Invalid scene was referenced."
commands.dialogue.noNpcComponent"Selected actor did not have an NPC component."
commands.dialogue.npcNotFound"Failed to find an NPC."
commands.dialogue.npcNotInRange"An NPC was found, but was not in the receiving player %1$s's ticking range."
commands.dialogue.success"Dialogue sent to %1$s."
commands.dialogue.tooManyNPCs"Selector for NPCs was ambiguous and resulted in too many selected. Please select only one NPC."
commands.difficulty.description"Sets the difficulty level."
commands.difficulty.usage"/difficulty <new difficulty>"
commands.difficulty.success"Set game difficulty to %1$s"
commands.downfall.success"Toggled downfall"
commands.effect.description"Add or remove status effects."
commands.effect.failure.notActive"Couldn't take %1$s from %2$s as they do not have the effect"
commands.effect.failure.notActive.all"Couldn't take any effects from %1$s as they do not have any"
commands.effect.failure.notAMob"%1$s cannot have effects"
commands.effect.notFound"There is no such mob effect with ID %s"
commands.effect.success"Gave %1$s * %2$d to %3$s for %4$d seconds"
commands.effect.success.removed"Took %1$s from %2$s"
commands.effect.success.removed.all"Took all effects from %1$s"
commands.enchant.cantCombine"%1$s can't be combined with %2$s"
commands.enchant.invalidLevel"%1$s does not support level %2$d"
commands.enchant.cantEnchant"The selected enchantment can't be added to the target item: %1$s"
commands.enchant.description"Adds an enchantment to a player's selected item."
commands.enchant.noItem"The target doesn't hold an item: %1$s"
commands.enchant.notFound"There is no such enchantment with ID %1$d"
commands.enchant.success"Enchanting succeeded for %1$s"
commands.entitydata.description"Modifies the data tag of an entity."
commands.entitydata.failed"The data tag did not change: %1$s"
commands.entitydata.noPlayers"%1$s is a player and cannot be changed"
commands.entitydata.success"Entity data updated to: %1$s"
commands.entitydata.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.event.description"Triggers an event for the specified object(s)"
commands.event.error.empty"Event name cannot be empty"
commands.event.error.failed"%1$s could not be executed on: %2$s"
commands.event.success"%1$s successfully executed on: %2$s"
commands.execute.align.invalidInput"Invalid swizzle, expected combination of 'x', 'y', and 'z'"
commands.execute.allInvocationsFailed"All invocations failed: '%1$s'"
commands.execute.failed"Failed to execute '%1$s' as %2$s"
commands.execute.description"Executes a command on behalf of one or more entities."
commands.execute.outRangedDetectPosition"Detect position: %1$s %2$s %3$s is out of range."
commands.execute.falseCondition"Execute subcommand %1$s %2$s test failed."
commands.execute.falseConditionWithCount"Execute subcommand %1$s %2$s test failed, count: %3$s."
commands.execute.trueCondition"Test passed."
commands.execute.trueConditionWithCount"Test passed, count: %1$s."
commands.execute.ifUnlessBlocks.tooManyBlocks"Checking too many blocks. Max block count: %1$s. Current block count: %2$s."
commands.execute.ifUnlessScore.score.notFound"No %1$s score for %2$s found"
commands.execute.ifUnlessScore.targets.tooMany"%1$s targets matched the selector. Only 1 target is allowed."
commands.execute.ifUnlessScore.targets.empty"There is no tracked player '%1$s' on the scoreboard"
commands.execute.ifUnlessScore.objectiveNotFound"No objective was found by the name '%1$s'"
commands.execute.ifUnlessScore.players.compareOperation.invalidOperation"Invalid operation %1$s."
commands.fill.description"Fills all or parts of a region with a specific block."
commands.fill.failed"No blocks filled"
commands.fill.outOfWorld"Cannot place blocks outside of the world"
commands.fill.success"%1$d blocks filled"
commands.fill.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.fill.tooManyBlocks"Too many blocks in the specified area (%1$d > %2$d)"
commands.fill.replace.auxvalue.invalid"Invalid replace data value for block %1$s"
commands.fog.description"Add or remove fog settings file"
commands.fog.invalidFogId"Invalid Fog Setting Id : %1$s"
commands.fog.invalidUserId"No fog settings with the id were found for %1$s"
commands.fog.limitReached"Size limit reached for fog identifiers for %1$s"
commands.fog.success.pop"Last pushed fog setting with id %2$s was successfully removed from %1$s"
commands.fog.success.push"Fog setting was successfully added for %1$s with id %2$s"
commands.fog.success.remove"Fog settings with id %2$s were successfully removed from %1$s"
commands.function.description"Runs commands found in the corresponding function file."
commands.function.functionNameNotFound"Function %1$s not found."
commands.function.invalidCharacters"Function with title '%s' is invalid, character '%s' is not allowed in function names."
commands.function.noEngineVersionSpecified"Function %s could not be run. You must specify a min_engine_version in the behavior pack's manifest.json."
commands.function.success"Successfully executed %1$d function entries."
commands.gamemode.description"Sets a player's game mode."
commands.gamemode.success.other"Set %2$s's game mode to %1$s"
commands.gamemode.success.self"Set own game mode to %1$s""Game mode '%1$s' is invalid"
commands.gamerule.description"Sets or queries a game rule value."
commands.gamerule.type.invalid"Invalid type used for game rule '%1$s'"
commands.gamerule.type.nocheatsenabled"Game rule '%1$s' can only be used if cheats are enabled in this world."
commands.gamerule.nopermission"Only server owners can change '%1$s'"
commands.gamerule.norule"No game rule called '%1$s' is available"
commands.gamerule.success"Game rule %1$s has been updated to %2$s"
commands.generic.async.initiated"'%1$s' command started (async step %2$d)"
commands.generic.boolean.invalid"'%1$s' is not true or false"
commands.generic.chunk.notFound"Specified chunk not found"
commands.generic.componentError"Component list parsing failed"
commands.generic.dimension.notFound"Specified dimension not found"
commands.generic.disabled"Cheats aren't enabled in this world."
commands.generic.disabled.editorLocked"The command you entered, %s, is not supported in the Editor."
commands.generic.disabled.templateLocked"Settings are currently locked. Unlock Template World Options in the Game Settings menu to change them."
commands.generic.double.tooBig"The number you have entered (%.2f) is too big, it must be at most %.2f"
commands.generic.double.tooSmall"The number you have entered (%.2f) is too small, it must be at least %.2f"
commands.generic.duplicateType"Duplicate type arguments"
commands.generic.duplicateSelectorArgument"Duplicate %s selector arguments"
commands.generic.encryption.badkey"Bad public key given. Expected 120 byte key after PEM formatting."
commands.generic.encryption.badsalt"Bad salt given. Expected a 16 bytes before base 64 encoding."
commands.generic.encryption.required"Encrypted session required"
commands.generic.entity.invalidType"Entity type '%1$s' is invalid"
commands.generic.entity.invalidUuid"The entity UUID provided is in an invalid format"
commands.generic.entity.notFound"That entity cannot be found"
commands.generic.exception"An unknown error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
commands.generic.invalidAgentType"Type argument applied to Agent-only selector"
commands.generic.invalidcontext"Invalid context provided for given command type"
commands.generic.invalidDevice"The command you entered, %s, is not supported on this device"
commands.generic.invalidMessage"Invalid message length"
commands.generic.invalidPlayerType"Type argument applied to player-only selector"
commands.generic.invalidType"Unknown type argument"
commands.generic.levelError"Max level has to be larger than min level"
commands.generic.malformed.body"Body is missing or malformed"
commands.generic.malformed.type"Invalid request type"
commands.generic.notimplemented"Not implemented"
commands.generic.sourceNotLoaded"Source volume is not loaded"
commands.generic.destinationNotLoaded"Destination volume is not loaded"
commands.generic.num.invalid"'%1$s' is not a valid number"
commands.generic.num.tooBig"The number you have entered (%1$d) is too big, it must be at most %2$d"
commands.generic.num.tooSmall"The number you have entered (%1$d) is too small, it must be at least %2$d"
commands.generic.outOfWorld"Cannot access blocks outside of the world"
commands.generic.parameter.invalid"'%1$s' is not a valid parameter"
commands.generic.permission.selector"<insufficient permissions for selector expansion>"
commands.generic.player.notFound"That player cannot be found"
commands.generic.protocol.mismatch"Provided protocol version doesn't match Minecraft's protocol version"
commands.generic.radiusError"Minimum selector radius must be smaller than maximum"
commands.generic.radiusNegative"Radius cannot be negative"
commands.generic.rotationError"Rotation out of range"
commands.generic.running"The command is already running"
commands.generic.step.failed"Command step failed"
commands.generic.syntax"Syntax error: Unexpected "%2$s": at "%1$s>>%2$s<<%3$s""
commands.generic.noTargetMatch"No targets matched selector"
commands.generic.targetNotPlayer"Selector must be player-type"
commands.generic.tooManyNames"Too many target name arguments"
commands.generic.tooManyTargets"Too many targets matched selector"
commands.generic.too.many.requests"Too many commands have been requested, wait for one to be done"
commands.generic.unknown"Unknown command: %s. Please check that the command exists and that you have permission to use it."
commands.generic.usage"Usage: %1$s"
commands.generic.blocked_edu"Sorry! The %s command is not available in this world."
commands.generic.version.mismatch"The requested version doesn't exist for this command"
commands.generic.version.missing"Command calls not from chat should specify the command's version"
commands.getchunkdata.description"Gets pixels for a specific chunk."
commands.getchunkdata.success"Chunk data received"
commands.getchunks.description"Gets list of chunks that are loaded."
commands.getchunks.success"Chunk list received"
commands.getlocalplayername.description"Returns the local player name."
commands.getspawnpoint.description"Gets the spawn position of the specified player(s)."
commands.gettopsolidblock.description"Gets the position of the top non-air block below the specified position"
commands.gettopsolidblock.notfound"No solid blocks under specified position"
commands.give.block.notFound"There is no such block with name %1$d"
commands.give.description"Gives an item to a player."
commands.give.item.invalid"Invalid command syntax: no such %s exists with that data value"
commands.give.item.notFound"There is no such item with name %1$d""Invalid map data provided""Could not make exploration map. Feature not found on this dimension"
commands.give.success"Gave %1$s * %2$d to %3$s"
commands.give.successRecipient"You have been given %1$s * %2$d"
commands.give.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"""data" has an invalid input, must be an integer."""quantity" has an invalid input, must be an integer or range of integers."""slot" has an invalid input, must be an integer or range of integers."""item" missing, required for "hasitem" filter.""Specifying a "slot" is invalid if a "location" is not given.""Provides help/list of commands.""Tip: Use the <tab> key while typing a command to auto-complete the command or its arguments""--- Showing help page %1$d of %2$d (/help <page>) ---""%s (also %s):"
commands.hud.description"Changes the visibility of hud elements."
commands.hud.success"Hud command successfully executed"
commands.immutableworld.description"Sets the immutable state of the world.""immutableworld = %s"
commands.inputpermission.description"Sets whether or not a player's input can affect their character.""Camera"
commands.inputpermission.set.invalidfilter"'%s' is an invalid filter argument"
commands.inputpermission.set.missingpermission"'permission' has an invalid input"
commands.inputpermission.set.missingstate"'state' has an invalid input"
commands.inputpermission.set.outputoneplayer"%s input %s for %s "
commands.inputpermission.set.outputmultipleplayers"%s input %s for %d players "
commands.inputpermission.query"<%s>: %d %s"
commands.inputpermission.queryverbose"<%s>: %d enabled | %d disabled"
commands.itemswithtag.description"Lists all items with the given tag."
commands.itemswithtag.success.single"There is %d item with the tag %s:"
commands.itemswithtag.success.multiple"There are %d items with the tag %s:"
commands.itemswithtag.success.list.items"%s""No items contain the tag %s."
commands.kick.description"Kicks a player from the server.""Removes a player from the game.""Please provide the name of the player you want to kick"
commands.kick.not.found"Could not find player %1$s"
commands.kick.not.yourself"You may not remove yourself from the game"
commands.kick.success"Kicked %1$s from the game"
commands.kick.success.reason"Kicked %1$s from the game: '%2$s'"
commands.kick.success.reasonedu"Removed %1$s from the game: '%2$s'""The host may not be kicked from the game.""Teachers may not be removed from the game.""Players cannot be removed while they are in Creative mode."
commands.kill.attemptKillPlayerCreative"Players cannot be killed while they are in Creative mode.""Removed %1$s"
commands.kill.successful"Killed %1$s""Removes entities (players, mobs, etc.)."
commands.kill.description"Kills entities (players, mobs, etc.)."
commands.lesson.description"Handle Educational Lesson reporting."
commands.list.description"Lists players on the server."
commands.locate.description"Displays the coordinates for the closest structure or biome of a given type.""Could not find a biome of type %1$s within a reasonable distance"
commands.locate.biome.success"The nearest %1$s is at block %2$s, %3$s, %4$s (%5 blocks away)""The command can only be used by a valid player""No valid structure found within a reasonable distance"
commands.locate.structure.success"The nearest %1$s is at block %2$s, (y?), %3$s (%4 blocks away)"
commands.loot.description"Drops the given loot table into the specified inventory or into the world."
commands.loot.failure.invalidLootTable"Loot table '%1$s' not found"
commands.loot.failure.mainhandOffhandOnNonEntity"Mainhand or offhand should not be used on non entity object."
commands.loot.failure.entityNoLootTable"Entity %1$s has no loot table"
commands.loot.failure.noContainer"Target position %s is not a container"
commands.loot.failure.invalidSlotIdForSlotType"Could not replace slot %s, slot must be between %d and %d for %s"
commands.loot.failure.invalidSlotTypeForEntity"Entity %s does not have SlotType %s"
commands.loot.failure.countExceedsContainerSize"slotId + count exceeds slot container size %d"
commands.loot.failure.negativeCount"count cannot be negative a negative number"
commands.loot.success"%1$s items were dropped."
commands.loot.replaceSuccess"Replaced %s %d of %s with %d item(s) over %d slot(s)"
commands.loot.replaceSuccess.block"Replaced %s slot %d with %d item(s) over %d slot(s)"
commands.selector.error.moreThanOne"Only one entity is allowed, but the provided selector allows more than one"
commands.tagsfromitem.description"Lists all tags associated with the given item."
commands.tagsfromitem.success.single"There is %d tag on the item %s:"
commands.tagsfromitem.success.multiple"There are %d tags on the item %s:"
commands.tagsfromitem.success.list.tags"%s""No tags found on the item: %s."
commands.togglecontentlog.toggle"Enables/Disables the content log command"
commands.togglecontentlog.enabled"Content Log Enabled"
commands.togglecontentlog.disabled"Content Log Disabled""Displays a message about yourself."
commands.message.display.incoming"%1$s whispers to you: %2$s"
commands.message.display.outgoing"You whisper to %1$s: %2$s"
commands.message.sameTarget"You can't send a private message to yourself!"
commands.message.warn"§4You have been sent a warning. Your behavior may be found offensive by other players. Please be mindful of others you are playing with."
commands.message.toastWarn"Minecraft is for everyone! Please be sure to conduct yourself according to our community standards."
commands.warn.invalidWarningLevel"Invalid warning level."
commands.warn.playerDoesNotExist"Could not find player. Please select a valid player."
commands.mobevent.description"Controls what mob events are allowed to run."
commands.mobevent.eventsEnabledSetToTrue"Mob Events are now enabled. Individual events which are set to false will not run."
commands.mobevent.eventsEnabledSetToFalse"Mob Events are now disabled. Individual events will not run."
commands.mobevent.eventsEnabledIsTrue"Mob Events are enabled. Individual events which are set to false will not run."
commands.mobevent.eventsEnabledIsFalse"Mob Events are disabled. Individual events will not run."
commands.mobevent.eventSetToTrue"Mob Event %s (id: %s) set to true."
commands.mobevent.eventSetToTrueButEventsDisabled"Mob Event %s (id: %s) set to true, but Mob Events are disabled."
commands.mobevent.eventSetToFalse"Mob Event %s (id: %s) set to false."
commands.mobevent.eventIsTrue"Mob Event %s (id: %s) is set to true."
commands.mobevent.eventIsTrueButEventsDisabled"Mob Event %s (id: %s) is set to true, but Mob Events are disabled."
commands.mobevent.eventIsFalse"Mob Event %s (id: %s) is set to false.""Allows you to control playing music tracks.""You must provide a non-empty track name.""%s has been queued and it will start playing when the current track stops.""%s has been queued to start playing.""Custom music will stop now.""Music volume will be updated to %d."
commands.op.description"Grants operator status to a player."
commands.op.failed"Could not op (already op or higher): %s"
commands.op.success"Opped: %s"
commands.op.message"You have been opped"
commands.operator.invalid"Invalid operation %1$s."
commands.origin.script"Script Engine"
commands.ops.description"Reloads and applies Op permissions."
commands.ops.reloaded"Ops reloaded from file."
commands.ops.set.success"Succeeded in setting operator level for player %s."
commands.permissions.description"Reloads and applies permissions.""Failed to list permissions from file, file not found."
commands.permissions.reloaded"Permissions reloaded from file.""Failed to reload permissions from file, file not found."
commands.permissions.set.failed"Could not set permission level %s for player %s."
commands.permissions.set.success"Succeeded in setting permission level %s for player %s.""Could not save permission level %s for player %s.""Succeeded in saving permission level %s for player %s."
commands.spawnParticleEmitter.description"Creates a particle emitter"
commands.spawnParticleEmitter.success"Request to create %1$s sent to all players."
commands.particle.description"Creates particles."
commands.particle.notFound"Unknown effect name (%1$s)"
commands.particle.success"Playing effect %1$s for %2$d times"
commands.playanimation.description"Makes one or more entities play a one-off animation. Assumes all variables are setup correctly."
commands.playanimation.success"Animation request sent to clients for processing."
commands.players.list"There are %1$d/%2$d players online:"
commands.playsound.description"Plays a sound."
commands.playsound.playerTooFar"Player %1$s is too far away to hear the sound"
commands.playsound.success"Played sound '%1$s' to %2$s"
commands.position.description"Toggles on/off coordinates for player."
commands.publish.failed"Unable to host local game"
commands.publish.started"Local game hosted on port %1$s"
commands.querytarget.description"Gets transform, name, and id information about the given target entity or entities."
commands.querytarget.success"Target data: %1$s""Unlocks recipe in the recipe book for a player.""Unlocked all recipes for %1$s.""Removed all recipes for %1$s.""Unlocked recipe for %1$s: %2$s""Removed recipe for %1$s: %2$s""%1$s already has recipe unlocked: %2$s""%1$s does not have the recipe: %2$s""The recipe could not be found.""The recipe is not unlockable in the recipe book."
commands.reload.description"Reloads all function and script files from all behavior packs."
commands.reload.editor.description"Reloads all function and script files from all behavior packs, or optionally restarts the client to reload all resources."
commands.reload.success"Function and script files have been reloaded."
commands.reload.error"An unexpected error occurred."
commands.replaceitem.description"Replaces items in inventories."
commands.replaceitem.failed"Could not replace %s slot %d with %d * %s"
commands.replaceitem.keepFailed"There is already an item occupying %s slot %d."
commands.replaceitem.noContainer"Block at %s is not a container"
commands.replaceitem.badSlotNumber"Could not replace slot %d, must be a value between %d and %d."
commands.replaceitem.success"Replaced %s slot %d with %d * %s"
commands.replaceitem.success.entity"Replaced %s slot %d of %s with %d * %s"
commands.replaceitem.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.ride.description"Makes entities ride other entities, stops entities from riding, makes rides evict their riders, or summons rides or riders."
commands.ride.evictRiders.success"Rides that have successfully evicted their riders: %1$s"
commands.ride.startRiding.failure"Riders that did not meet ride conditions: %1$s"
commands.ride.startRiding.groupDoesntFit"The group of riders does not fit on the ride."
commands.ride.startRiding.notRideable"The selected entity is not rideable."
commands.ride.startRiding.rideFull"This ride is already full."
commands.ride.startRiding.rideFullRidersLeft"The ride is full, so some riders were not added."
commands.ride.startRiding.success"Riders successfully added to ride: %1$s"
commands.ride.startRiding.tooManyRiders"Too many riders were specified. Only one is allowed at a time for teleport_ride."
commands.ride.startRiding.tooManyRides"Too many rides were specified. Only one is allowed at a time."
commands.ride.stopRiding.success"Riders that have successfully stopped riding: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRide.failed"Rides were summoned, but these riders could not be added to them: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRide.notRideable"Entity was summoned, but it is not rideable."
commands.ride.summonRide.success"Ride successfully summoned for these riders: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRide.skipped"Rides were not summoned for the following entities that already have rides: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRider.failed"Riders were summoned, but could not be added to rides: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRider.fullRides"Riders could not ride these rides because they are full: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRider.ridesWithNoRideableComp"The following entities are not rideable: %1$s"
commands.ride.summonRider.success"Riders successfully summoned for rides: %1$s""Control or check how the game saves data to disk.""Turned off world auto-saving""Turned on world auto-saving""Saving failed: %1$s""Saving...""Saved the world""An error occurred when trying to pause the world storage.""Data saved. Files are now ready to be copied.""Saving is already turned off.""Saving is already turned on.""A previous save has not been completed.""Enables automatic server saves.""Changes to the world are resumed.""Checks if a previous save-all has finished and lists the files involved."
commands.say.description"Sends a message in the chat to other players."
commands.schedule.delay.functionQueued"Scheduled function %1$s in %2$d ticks at gametime %3$d."
commands.schedule.delay.negativeTime"Time cannot be negative."
commands.schedule.description"Schedules an action to be executed once an area is loaded, or after a certain amount of time."
commands.schedule.functionQueued"Function has been queued and it will be executed when the specified area is fully loaded."
commands.schedule.functionRan"Successfully executed %1$d function entries in function %2$s."
commands.schedule.invalidOrigin"The origin needed to execute this function was invalid.""Ticking area name cannot be empty."
commands.schedule.too.many.areas"More than one ticking areas were found with the name %s. Please use a single area."
commands.scoreboard.description"Tracks and displays scores for various objectives."
commands.scoreboard.allMatchesFailed"All matches failed"
commands.scoreboard.noMultiWildcard"Only one user wildcard allowed"
commands.scoreboard.objectiveNotFound"No objective was found by the name '%1$s'"
commands.scoreboard.objectiveReadOnly"The objective '%1$s' is read-only and cannot be set"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.alreadyExists"An objective with the name '%1$s' already exists"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.displayTooLong"The display name '%1$s' is too long for an objective, it can be at most %2$d characters long"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.success"Added new objective '%1$s' successfully"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.tooLong"The name '%1$s' is too long for an objective, it can be at most %2$d characters long"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.wrongType"Invalid objective criteria type '%1$s'"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.add.needName"An objective needs a name."
commands.scoreboard.objectives.description"Modify scoreboard objectives."
commands.scoreboard.objectives.list.count"Showing %1$d objective(s) on scoreboard:"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.list.empty"There are no objectives on the scoreboard"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.list.entry"- %1$s: displays as '%2$s' and is type '%3$s'"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.remove.success"Removed objective '%1$s' successfully"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.setdisplay.invalidSlot"No such display slot '%1$s'"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.setdisplay.successCleared"Cleared objective display slot '%1$s'"
commands.scoreboard.objectives.setdisplay.successSet"Set the display objective in slot '%1$s' to '%2$s'"
commands.scoreboard.players.add.success"Added %1$d to [%2$s] for %3$s (now %4$d)"
commands.scoreboard.players.add.multiple.success"Added %1$d to [%2$s] for %3$d entities"
commands.scoreboard.players.nameNotFound"A player name must be given."
commands.scoreboard.players.enable.noTrigger"Objective %1$s is not a trigger"
commands.scoreboard.players.enable.success"Enabled trigger %1$s for %2$s"
commands.scoreboard.players.list.count"Showing %1$d tracked players on the scoreboard:"
commands.scoreboard.players.list.empty"There are no tracked players on the scoreboard"
commands.scoreboard.players.list.player.count"Showing %1$d tracked objective(s) for %2$s:"
commands.scoreboard.players.list.player.empty"Player %1$s has no scores recorded"
commands.scoreboard.players.list.player.entry"- %2$s: %1$d (%3$s)"
commands.scoreboard.players.operation.invalidOperation"Invalid operation %1$s"
commands.scoreboard.players.operation.notFound"No %1$s score for %2$s found"
commands.scoreboard.players.operation.success"Updated [%1$s] for %2$d entities"
commands.scoreboard.players.offlinePlayerName"Player Offline"
commands.scoreboard.players.random.invalidRange"Min %1$d is not less than max %2$d"
commands.scoreboard.players.remove.success"Removed %1$d from [%2$s] for %3$s (now %4$d)"
commands.scoreboard.players.remove.multiple.success"Removed %1$d from [%2$s] for %3$d entities"
commands.scoreboard.players.reset.success"Reset scores of player %1$s"
commands.scoreboard.players.resetscore.success"Reset score %1$s of player %2$s"
commands.scoreboard.players.set.success"Set [%1$s] for %2$s to %3$d"
commands.scoreboard.players.set.multiple.success"Set [%1$s] for %2$d entities to %3$d"
commands.scoreboard.players.set.tagError"Could not parse dataTag, reason: %1$s"
commands.scoreboard.players.set.tagMismatch"The dataTag does not match for %1$s"
commands.scoreboard.players.score.notFound"No %1$s score for %2$s found"
commands.scoreboard.players.test.failed"Score %1$d is NOT in range %2$d to %3$d"
commands.scoreboard.players.test.success"Score %1$d is in range %2$d to %3$d"
commands.scoreboard.teamNotFound"No team was found by the name '%1$s'"
commands.scoreboard.teams.add.alreadyExists"A team with the name '%1$s' already exists"
commands.scoreboard.teams.add.displayTooLong"The display name '%1$s' is too long for a team, it can be at most %2$d characters long"
commands.scoreboard.teams.add.success"Added new team '%1$s' successfully"
commands.scoreboard.teams.add.tooLong"The name '%1$s' is too long for a team, it can be at most %2$d characters long"
commands.scoreboard.teams.empty.alreadyEmpty"Team %1$s is already empty, cannot remove nonexistent players"
commands.scoreboard.teams.empty.success"Removed all %1$d player(s) from team %2$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.join.failure"Could not add %1$d player(s) to team %2$s: %3$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.join.success"Added %1$d player(s) to team %2$s: %3$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.leave.failure"Could not remove %1$d player(s) from their teams: %2$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.leave.noTeam"You are not in a team"
commands.scoreboard.teams.leave.success"Removed %1$d player(s) from their teams: %2$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.list.count"Showing %1$d teams on the scoreboard:"
commands.scoreboard.teams.list.empty"There are no teams registered on the scoreboard"
commands.scoreboard.teams.list.entry"- %1$s: '%2$s' has %3$d players"
commands.scoreboard.teams.list.player.count"Showing %1$d player(s) in team %2$s:"
commands.scoreboard.teams.list.player.empty"Team %1$s has no players"
commands.scoreboard.teams.list.player.entry"- %2$s: %1$d (%3$s)"
commands.scoreboard.teams.option.noValue"Valid values for option %1$s are: %2$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.option.success"Set option %1$s for team %2$s to %3$s"
commands.scoreboard.teams.remove.success"Removed team %1$s"
commands.screenshake.description"Applies shaking to the players' camera with a specified intensity and duration."
commands.screenshake.success"Sent a request to the following players for their camera to shake: %s"
commands.screenshake.successStop"Stopping camera shake for the following players: %s"
commands.scriptevent.description"Triggers a script event with an ID and message."
commands.scriptevent.messageSizeExceed"Message length exceeds (%1$d) character limit!"
commands.scriptevent.invalidNamespace"Identifier must have a namespace that is not "minecraft""
commands.seed.success"Seed: %1$s"
commands.setblock.description"Changes a block to another block."
commands.setblock.failed"Unable to place block"
commands.setblock.noChange"The block couldn't be placed"
commands.setblock.notFound"There is no such block with ID/name %1$s"
commands.setblock.outOfWorld"Cannot place block outside of the world"
commands.setblock.success"Block placed"
commands.setblock.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.setidletimeout.success"Successfully set the idle timeout to %1$d minutes."
commands.setfixedinvslots.description"Sets the number of fixed inventory slots for the server."
commands.setfixedinvslots.success"Number of Fixed Inventory Slots set to %1$d"
commands.setfixedinvslot.description"Sets a fixed slot to a specified item."
commands.setfixedinvslot.success"Fixed Inventory Slot %1$d set to %2$s"
commands.globalpause.description"Sets or gets the paused state of the game for all players."
commands.globalpause.success"Set or got pause state"
commands.setmaxplayers.description"Sets the maximum number of players for this game session."
commands.setmaxplayers.success"Set max players to %1$d."
commands.setmaxplayers.success.upperbound"(Bound to maximum allowed connections)"
commands.setmaxplayers.success.lowerbound"(Bound to current player count)"
commands.setworldspawn.description"Sets the world spawn."
commands.setworldspawn.success"Set the world spawn point to (%1$d, %2$d, %3$d)"
commands.setworldspawn.wrongDimension"The world spawn can not be set in this dimension"
commands.setworldspawn.notAllowedInLegacyWorlds"The world spawn can not be set in legacy worlds"
commands.spawnpoint.success.single"Set %1$s's spawn point to (%2$d, %3$d, %4$d)"
commands.spawnpoint.description"Sets the spawn point for a player."
commands.spawnpoint.success.multiple.specific"Set spawn point for %1$s to (%2$d, %3$d, %4$d)"
commands.spawnpoint.success.multiple.generic"Set spawn point for %1$s"
commands.spawnpoint.wrongDimension"The spawn point cannot be set in this dimension"
commands.clearrealmevents.description"Clears all Realm Events stored in the world data."
commands.clearrealmevents.start"Clearing all Realm Events"
commands.clearspawnpoint.success.single"Removed %1$s's spawn point"
commands.clearspawnpoint.description"Removes the spawn point for a player."
commands.clearspawnpoint.success.multiple"Removed spawn points for %1$s"
commands.spreadplayers.description"Teleports entities to random locations."
commands.spreadplayers.failure.players"Could not spread %1$s players around %2$s,%3$s (too many players for space - try using spread of at most %4$s)"
commands.spreadplayers.failure.players.unsafe"Could not spread %1$s players around %2$s,%3$s (no safe locations found after %4$s attempts)"
commands.spreadplayers.failure.teams"Could not spread %1$s teams around %2$s,%3$s (too many players for space - try using spread of at most %4$s)""(Average distance between players is %1$s blocks apart after %2$s iterations)""(Average distance between teams is %1$s blocks apart after %2$s iterations)"
commands.spreadplayers.spreading.players"Spreading %1$s players %2$s blocks around %3$s,%4$s (min %5$s blocks apart)"
commands.spreadplayers.spreading.teams"Spreading %1$s teams %2$s blocks around %3$s,%4$s (min %5$s blocks apart)"
commands.spreadplayers.success.players"Successfully spread %1$s players around %2$s,%3$s"
commands.spreadplayers.success.teams"Successfully spread %1$s teams around %2$s,%3$s"
commands.stats.cleared"Cleared %1$s stats"
commands.stats.failed"Invalid parameters"
commands.stats.noCompatibleBlock"Block at %1$d, %2$d, %3$d can not track stats"
commands.stats.success"Storing %1$s stats in %2$s on %3$s"
commands.stop.description"Stops the server."
commands.stop.start"Stopping the server"
commands.stopsound.description"Stops a sound."
commands.stopsound.success"Stopped sound %s for %s"
commands.stopsound.success.all"Stopped all sounds for %s"
commands.structure.description"Saves or loads a structure in the world."
commands.structure.empty.load"Can't load a structure with no entities and no blocks""Can't save a structure with no entities and no blocks"
commands.structure.invalid.animationTime"Animation time must be 0 or higher"
commands.structure.invalid.integrity"Integrity must be in the range of 0 to 100""Name should be in the format of "name" or "namespace:name". If not namespace is provided, the default one will be assigned."
commands.structure.load.success"Loaded a structure of name %s"
commands.structure.load.queued"A placement request has been queued and it will be executed when the specified area is fully loaded."
commands.structure.notFound"The structure %s can't be found. Make sure the name was spelled correctly and try again.""Saved a structure with name %s"
commands.structure.size.tooBig"A structure's size cannot be larger than (%1$d, %2$d, %3$d), it was (%4$d, %5$d, %6$d)"
commands.structure.size.tooSmall"A structure's size cannot be smaller than (%1$d, %2$d, %3$d), it was (%4$d, %5$d, %6$d)"
commands.structure.unknown.action"Unknown structure action provided"
commands.structure.unloadedChunks"The feature to load a structure in an unloaded area hasn't been implemented yet"
commands.structure.y.tooHigh"Cannot place blocks outside of the world. Try a value of %d or lower for the Y component of <to: x y z>."
commands.structure.y.tooLow"Cannot place blocks outside of the world. Try a value greater than %d for the Y component of <to: x y z>."
commands.structure.delete.success"Structure %s deleted."
commands.summon.description"Summons an entity."
commands.summon.failed"Unable to summon object"
commands.summon.failed.npc"You need Creative + Operator to summon an NPC"
commands.summon.outOfWorld"Cannot summon the object out of the world"
commands.summon.success"Object successfully summoned"
commands.summon.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.tag.description"Manages tags stored in entities."
commands.tag.add.failed"Target either already has the tag or has too many tags"
commands.tag.add.success.single"Added tag '%1$s' to %2$s"
commands.tag.add.success.multiple"Added tag '%1$s' to %2$d entities"
commands.tag.list.single.empty"%s has no tags"
commands.tag.list.single.success"%1$s has %2$d tags: %3$s"
commands.tag.list.multiple.empty"There are no tags on the %d entities"
commands.tag.list.multiple.success"The %1$d entities have %2$d total tags: %3$s"
commands.tag.remove.failed"Target does not have this tag"
commands.tag.remove.success.single"Removed tag '%1$s' from %2$s"
commands.tag.remove.success.multiple"Removed tag '%1$s' from %2$d entities"
commands.tell.description"Sends a private message to one or more players."
commands.tellraw.description"Sends a JSON message to players."
commands.tellraw.jsonException"Invalid json: %1$s"
commands.tellraw.jsonStringException"Invalid json string data."
commands.tellraw.error.noData"No data was provided."
commands.tellraw.error.notArray"Rawtext object must contain an array. Example: "rawtext":[{..}]"
commands.tellraw.error.textNotString"text field in rawtext must contain a string. Example: "rawtext":[{"text": "text to display"}]"
commands.tellraw.error.translateNotString"translate field in rawtext must contain a language key. Example: "rawtext":[{"translate": "gui.ok"}]"
commands.tellraw.error.selectorNotString"selector field in rawtext must contain a selector as a string. Example: "rawtext":[{"selector": "@e"}]"
commands.tellraw.error.scoreNotObject"score field in rawtext must contain an object. Example "rawtext":[{"score": {"name": "my_name", "objective": "my_objective"}}]"
commands.tellraw.error.scoreNameNotString"name field in the score field must be a string. Example "rawtext":[{"score": {"name": "my_name", "objective": "my_objective"}}]"
commands.tellraw.error.scoreObjectiveNotString"objective field in the score field must be a string. Example "rawtext":[{"score": {"name": "my_name", "objective": "my_objective"}}]"
commands.tellraw.error.withNotArrayOrRawText"with field in rawtext must contain a array or another rawtext object. Example 1: "rawtext":[{"translate": "chat.type.announcement", "with": [ "value1", "value2" ]}] Example 2: "rawtext":[{"translate": "chat.type.announcement", "with":{"rawtext":[{"text": "value1"}, {"text": "value2"}]}}]"
commands.tellraw.error.itemIsNotObject"Json value in rawtext array was not an object. Example: "rawtext": [{ "text" : "my text" }]"
commands.educlientinfo.description"Get tenant ID and host status. Intended for CM."
commands.testfor.description"Counts entities (players, mobs, items, etc.) matching specified conditions."
commands.testfor.failure"%1$s did not match the required data structure"
commands.testfor.success"Found %1$s"
commands.testfor.tagError"Data tag parsing failed: %1$s"
commands.testforblock.description"Tests whether a certain block is in a specific location.""The block at %1$d,%2$d,%3$d did not match the expected block state."
commands.testforblock.failed.nbt"The block at %1$d,%2$d,%3$d did not have the required NBT keys."
commands.testforblock.failed.tile"The block at %1$d,%2$d,%3$d is %4$s (expected: %5$s)."
commands.testforblock.failed.tileEntity"The block at %1$d,%2$d,%3$d is not a tile entity and cannot support tag matching."
commands.testforblock.outOfWorld"Cannot test for block outside of the world"
commands.testforblock.success"Successfully found the block at %1$d,%2$d,%3$d."
commands.testforblocks.description"Tests whether the blocks in two regions match."
commands.tickingarea.description"Add, remove, or list ticking areas."
commands.tickingarea.inuse"%1$d/%2$d ticking areas in use."
commands.tickingarea.entitycount"There are %1$d ticking area(s) from entities with the tick_world component."
commands.tickingarea.noneExist.currentDimension"No ticking areas exist in the current dimension."
commands.tickingarea-add-bounds.success"Added ticking area from %1$d to %2$d."
commands.tickingarea-add-bounds.preload.success"Added ticking area from %1$d to %2$d marked for preload."
commands.tickingarea-add-circle.success"Added ticking area centered at %1$d with a radius of %2$d chunks."
commands.tickingarea-add-circle.preload.success"Added ticking area centered at %1$d with a radius of %2$d chunks marked for preload."
commands.tickingarea-add.failure"Max number of ticking areas (%1$d) has already been reached. Cannot add more ticking areas."
commands.tickingarea-add.conflictingname"A ticking area with the name %1$s already exists."
commands.tickingarea-add.chunkfailure"Ticking area contains more than %1$d chunks, ticking area is too large and cannot be created."
commands.tickingarea-add.radiusfailure"Radius cannot be larger than %1$d, ticking area is too large and cannot be created."
commands.tickingarea-remove.success"Removed ticking area(s)"
commands.tickingarea-remove.failure"No ticking areas containing the block position %1$d exist in the current dimension."
commands.tickingarea-remove.byname.failure"No ticking areas named %1$s exist in the current dimension."
commands.tickingarea-remove_all.success"Removed ticking area(s)"
commands.tickingarea-remove_all.failure"No ticking areas exist in the current dimension."
commands.tickingarea-preload.success"Updated ticking area(s)"
commands.tickingarea-preload.byposition.failure"No ticking areas containing the block position %1$d exist in the current dimension."
commands.tickingarea-preload.byname.failure"No ticking areas named %1$s exist in the current dimension."
commands.tickingarea-preload.count"%1$d matching area(s) are marked for preload."
commands.tickingarea-list.success.currentDimension"List of all ticking areas in current dimension"
commands.tickingarea-list.success.allDimensions"List of all ticking areas in all dimensions"
commands.tickingarea-list.failure.allDimensions"No ticking areas exist in any dimension.""to""Circle"
commands.time.added"Added %1$d to the time"
commands.time.description"Changes or queries the world's game time."
commands.time.disabled"Always Day is enabled in this world.""Day is %d"
commands.time.query.daytime"Daytime is %d"
commands.time.query.gametime"Gametime is %d"
commands.time.set"Set the time to %1$d"
commands.time.stop"Time %1$s"
commands.title.description"Controls screen titles."
commands.title.success"Title command successfully executed"
commands.titleraw.description"Controls screen titles with JSON messages."
commands.titleraw.success"Titleraw command successfully executed"
commands.toggledownfall.description"Toggles the weather.""Teleports entities (players, mobs, etc.).""Unable to teleport because players are not in the same dimension""Cannot teleport entities outside of the world""You do not have permission to use this slash command.""Unable to teleport %1$s to %2$s because the area wasn't clear of blocks.""Unable to teleport %1$s to the unloaded area at %2$s""Teleported %1$s to %2$s""You have been teleported to %1$s""Teleported %1$s to %2$s, %3$s, %4$s"
commands.transferserver.description"Transfers a player to another server."
commands.transferserver.successful"Transferred player"
commands.transferserver.invalid.port"Invalid port (0-65535)"
commands.trigger.description"Sets a trigger to be activated."
commands.trigger.disabled"Trigger %1$s is not enabled"
commands.trigger.invalidMode"Invalid trigger mode %1$s"
commands.trigger.invalidObjective"Invalid trigger name %1$s"
commands.trigger.invalidPlayer"Only players can use the /trigger command"
commands.trigger.success"Trigger %1$s changed with %2$s %3$s"
commands.unban.failed"Could not unban player %1$s"
commands.unban.success"Unbanned player %1$s"
commands.unbanip.invalid"You have entered an invalid IP address"
commands.unbanip.success"Unbanned IP address %1$s"
commands.validategamelighting.description"Validate game lighting for a specified region"
commands.validategamelighting.checkRegionTooBig"Region to check for lighting is too big! (%1$d > %2$d)"
commands.validategamelighting.outOfWorld"Cannot check lighting outside of the world"
commands.volumearea.description"Add, remove, or list volumes in the current dimension."
commands.volumearea.add.definitionDoesntExist.failure"No volume definition matching identifier "%1$s"."
commands.volumearea.add.exceededLimit.failure"Max number of volumes %1$d has already been reached. Cannot add more volumes."
commands.volumearea.add.failure"Failed to create volume."
commands.volumearea.add.success"Added volume "%1$s" from %2$d to %3$d."
commands.volumearea.remove.byName.failure"No volumes named %1$s exist in the current dimension."
commands.volumearea.remove.byPosition.failure"No volumes containing the block position %1$d exist in the current dimension."
commands.volumearea.remove.success"Removed volume(s) in current dimension"
commands.volumearea.remove_all.success"Removed volume(s) in current dimension"
commands.volumearea.list.success.currentDimension"List of all volumes in current dimension"
commands.volumearea.list.success.allDimensions"List of all volumes in all dimensions"
commands.volumearea.list.failure.allDimensions"No volumes exist in any dimension."
commands.volumearea.entry.withIdentifier"- %s: %s from %d %d %d to %d %d %d"
commands.volumearea.entry.withoutIdentifier"- %s: from %d %d %d to %d %d %d"
commands.volumearea.noneExist.currentDimension"No volumes exist in the current dimension."
commands.volumearea.inUse"%1$d/%2$d volumes in use."
commands.warn.description"Sends a warn message to player.""Changing to clear weather""Sets the weather.""Weather Cycle isn't enabled in this world.""Weather state is: %s""clear""rain""thunder""Changing to rainy weather""Changing to rain and thunder"
commands.allowlist.add.failed"Could not add %1$s to the allowlist"
commands.allowlist.add.success"Added %1$s to the allowlist"
commands.allowlist.description"Manages the server allowlist."
commands.allowlist.disabled"Turned off the allowlist"
commands.allowlist.enabled"Turned on the allowlist"
commands.allowlist.list"There are %1$d (out of %2$d seen) allowlisted players:"
commands.allowlist.reloaded"Allowlist reloaded from file."
commands.allowlist.remove.failed"Could not remove %1$s from the allowlist"
commands.allowlist.remove.success"Removed %1$s from the allowlist""Issues a camera instruction""Sent a camera instruction to the following players: %s""Unknown camera preset name""Invalid camera command mode""Fade color values must be integers from 0 to 255""Easing to non-stationary cameras is not supported""Fade durations must be between 0 and 10 seconds""Camera pitch (X rotation) must be between -90 and 90 degrees""Perspective cannot be changed while using custom cameras""Your selected camera will change when the custom camera is not active"
commands.world_age.description"Changes or queries the world's age (time since creation)."
commands.world_age.added"Added %1$d to the world's age"
commands.world_age.query"World age is %d"
commands.world_age.set"Set the world's age to %1$d""Set world border center to %1$s,%2$s"
commands.worldborder.damage.amount.success"Set world border damage amount to %1$s per block (from %2$s per block)"
commands.worldborder.damage.buffer.success"Set world border damage buffer to %1$s blocks (from %2$s blocks)"
commands.worldborder.get.success"World border is currently %1$s blocks wide"
commands.worldborder.set.success"Set world border to %1$s blocks wide (from %2$s blocks)"
commands.worldborder.setSlowly.grow.success"Growing world border to %1$s blocks wide (up from %2$s blocks) over %3$s seconds"
commands.worldborder.setSlowly.shrink.success"Shrinking world border to %1$s blocks wide (down from %2$s blocks) over %3$s seconds"
commands.worldborder.warning.distance.success"Set world border warning to %1$s blocks away (from %2$s blocks)"
commands.worldborder.warning.time.success"Set world border warning to %1$s seconds away (from %2$s seconds)"
commands.worldbuilder.description"Toggle World Builder status of caller."
commands.worldbuilder.success"World Builder status updated to %1$s"
commands.wsserver.description"Attempts to connect to the websocket server on the provided URL."
commands.wsserver.invalid.url"The provided server URL is invalid"
commands.wsserver.request.existing"Another connection request is currently running"
commands.wsserver.request.failed"Could not connect to server: %1$s"
commands.wsserver.success"Connection established to server: %1$s"
commands.xp.description"Adds or removes player experience."
commands.xp.failure.widthdrawXp"Cannot give player negative experience points"
commands.xp.success"Gave %1$d experience to %2$s"
commands.xp.success.levels"Gave %1$d levels to %2$s"
commands.xp.success.negative.levels"Taken %1$d levels from %2$s"
commands.reloadconfig.description"Reloads configuration files relating to variables, secrets, permissions, etc."
commands.reloadconfig.success"Pack configurations have been reloaded from disk from '%1$s'"
connect.authorizing"Logging in..."
connect.connecting"Connecting to the server..."
connect.failed"Failed to connect to the server"
connect_gamepad.warning.controllerRequired"Game controller required"
connect_gamepad.pressButtonToContinue"Please press the 'A' button on your controller to continue"
gamepad_disconnect"Controller lost connection"
gamepad_disconnect.reconnectController"Your controller has lost connection. Please reconnect your controller to continue."
container.brewing"Brewing Stand"
container.chestDouble"Large Chest"
container.creative"Item Selection"
container.enchant.clue"%s . . . ?"
container.enchant.levelrequirement"Level Requirement: %d"
container.enchant.lapis.many"%d Lapis Lazuli""1 Lapis Lazuli"
container.enchant.level.many"%d Enchantment Levels""1 Enchantment Level"
container.enderchest"Ender Chest"
container.hopper"Item Hopper"
container.isLocked"%s is locked!"
container.minecart"Minecart""Repair & Name""Enchantment Cost: %1$d""Too Expensive!"
container.repairAndDisenchant"Repair & Disenchant"
container.smithing_table"Smithing Table"
container.smithing_table_block"Smithing Table"
container.smithing_table.upgrade"Upgrade Gear"
container.shulkerbox"Shulker Box"
container.shulkerboxContains"and %d more..."
controller.buttonTip.addItem"Add Item"
controller.buttonTip.addItemStack"Add Item Stack"
controller.buttonTip.adjustSlider"Left/right Adjust Slider"
controller.buttonTip.backToAnvil"Back to Anvil"
controller.buttonTip.backToBrewing"Back to Brewing"
controller.buttonTip.backToEnchanting"Back to Enchanting"
controller.buttonTip.backToFurnace"Back to Furnace"
controller.buttonTip.clearSearch"Clear Search"
controller.buttonTip.clearQuickSelect"Clear Quick Select"
controller.buttonTip.craftAll"Craft All"
controller.buttonTip.craftOne"Craft One"
controller.buttonTip.craftStack"Craft Stack"
controller.buttonTip.craftTake"Craft & Take"
controller.buttonTip.enterMessage"Enter Message"
controller.buttonTip.openRecipeBook"Open Recipe Book"
controller.buttonTip.pane.recipeBook"Recipe Book""Place One""Place"
controller.buttonTip.quick.move"Quick Move""Show All""Show Craftable"
controller.buttonTip.removeFuel"Remove Fuel"
controller.buttonTip.removeFuelInput"Remove Fuel/Input"
controller.buttonTip.removeInput"Remove Input"
controller.buttonTip.removeMaterial"Remove Material"
controller.buttonTip.renameItem"Rename Item"
controller.buttonTip.returnToRecipe"Return To Recipe"
controller.buttonTip.searchRecipe"Quick Search"
controller.buttonTip.confirmSearch"Confirm""Select Enchant""Select Item""Select Slot""Select"
controller.buttonTip.selectRecipe"Select Recipe"
controller.buttonTip.deselectRecipe"Deselect Recipe"
controller.buttonTip.clearRecipe"Clear Recipe""Tab"
controller.buttonTip.take.half"Take Half""Take One"
controller.buttonTip.takeItem"Take Item"
controller.buttonTip.clearHotbar"Clear Hotbar"
controllerLayoutScreen.activeBindingNameFormat"> %s <"
controllerLayoutScreen.resetAllBindings"Reset to Default"
controllerLayoutScreen.confirmation.reset"Do you really want to reset the settings?"
controllerLayoutScreen.confirmation.unassigned"Save with unassigned actions?"
controllerLayoutScreen.confirmation.unsaved"Quit without saving?""Save"
controllerLayoutScreen.saveAndExit"Save & Exit"
controllerLayoutScreen.toggleLivingroom"Toggle Immersion"
controls.resetAll"Reset Keys"
controls.title"Controls""Begin""By the end of this lesson, you will learn the following:""By the end of Lesson %d, you will learn the following:""Collaborative Lesson""Collaborative Lesson and Quiz""Oops! We think you are not connected to the internet. Check your connection and try again!""There was a problem connecting to your course list. Check your internet connection and try again.""There was a problem connecting to your quiz. Please try again.""Continue""Courses""By %s""Estimated Length""%d%s %d%s""m""s""Education Goal: %s""Host""Instructions""Join""Oops! This world failed to launch! Did you delete a world template recently?""Learn More""Lesson Complete""This lesson includes a quiz""This lesson is locked""Lesson Objectives""Not Supported Yet""No Courses Found""It looks like you don't have any courses assigned.""- %s""New""In Progress""Completed""Refresh Courses""Refresh Lessons""Restart""Restart Lesson?""Restarting will erase all your work and start the lesson over.%sAre you sure you want to restart?""Oh no!""We failed to find this lesson. We're attempting to re-download it.""Start""Tasks""The teacher has not given you access to this lesson.""%d: %s""Try it now""Enter the IP Address of the world you would like to join.""Enter the Connection ID of the world you would like to join.""IP Address""Please enter the IP or Server Address""To find the IP Address, ask the host to pause the lesson. The IP Address can be seen on the right side of their screen.""Connection ID""Please enter the Connection ID""You can share the Connection ID if others have problems joining your world using the Join Code or shared link.""The host can find the Connection ID on the multiplayer tab of their world's Game Menu.""Join Lesson""Find classmates in the same lesson to join, or enter their IP address if they don't appear in the list.""Select the group you would like to join, or enter the IP address if it does not appear in the list.""Enter IP Address""The port number determines the specific server program to use. This will typically not need to be changed unless the server host specifies to do so.""Searching for worlds..."
crafting.badCombination"No valid output for that item"
crafting.cannotCreate"You don't have all ingredients"
crafting.insufficientLevel"Your level is too low"
crafting.noRecipesInventory"You need to collect blocks to craft!"
crafting.noRecipesStonecutter"You need stone materials to craft!"
crafting.noRecipesStonecutter_block"You need stone materials to craft!"
crafting.noRecipesWorkbench"You need to collect blocks to craft!"
createWorld.customize.custom.baseSize"Depth Base Size"
createWorld.customize.custom.biomeDepthOffset"Biome Depth Offset"
createWorld.customize.custom.biomeDepthWeight"Biome Depth Weight"
createWorld.customize.custom.biomeScaleOffset"Biome Scale Offset"
createWorld.customize.custom.biomeScaleWeight"Biome Scale Weight"
createWorld.customize.custom.biomeSize"Biome Size"" Center Height"
createWorld.customize.custom.confirm1"This will overwrite your current"
createWorld.customize.custom.confirm2"settings and cannot be undone."
createWorld.customize.custom.coordinateScale"Coordinate Scale"
createWorld.customize.custom.count" Spawn Tries"
createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleExponent"Depth Noise Exponent"
createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleX"Depth Noise Scale X"
createWorld.customize.custom.depthNoiseScaleZ"Depth Noise Scale Z"
createWorld.customize.custom.dungeonChance"Dungeon Count"
createWorld.customize.custom.heightScale"Height Scale"
createWorld.customize.custom.lavaLakeChance"Lava Lake Rarity"
createWorld.customize.custom.lowerLimitScale"Lower Limit Scale"
createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleX"Main Noise Scale X"
createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleY"Main Noise Scale Y"
createWorld.customize.custom.mainNoiseScaleZ"Main Noise Scale Z"
createWorld.customize.custom.maxHeight" Max. Height"
createWorld.customize.custom.minHeight" Min. Height""Next Page"
createWorld.customize.custom.page0"Basic Settings"
createWorld.customize.custom.page1"Ore Settings"
createWorld.customize.custom.page2"Advanced Settings (Expert Users Only!)"
createWorld.customize.custom.page3"Extra Advanced Settings (Expert Users Only!)"
createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveChaos"Caves of Chaos"
createWorld.customize.custom.preset.caveDelight"Caver's Delight"
createWorld.customize.custom.preset.goodLuck"Good Luck"
createWorld.customize.custom.preset.isleLand"Isle Land"
createWorld.customize.custom.preset.mountains"Mountain Madness"
createWorld.customize.custom.preset.waterWorld"Water World"
createWorld.customize.custom.presets.title"Customize World Presets"
createWorld.customize.custom.prev"Previous Page"
createWorld.customize.custom.riverSize"River Size"
createWorld.customize.custom.seaLevel"Sea Level"
createWorld.customize.custom.size" Spawn Size"
createWorld.customize.custom.spread" Spread Height"
createWorld.customize.custom.stretchY"Height Stretch"
createWorld.customize.custom.upperLimitScale"Upper Limit Scale"
createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaLakes"Lava Lakes"
createWorld.customize.custom.useLavaOceans"Lava Oceans"
createWorld.customize.custom.useMonuments"Ocean Monuments"
createWorld.customize.custom.useOceanRuins"Ocean Ruins"
createWorld.customize.custom.useWaterLakes"Water Lakes"
createWorld.customize.custom.waterLakeChance"Water Lake Rarity"
createWorld.customize.flat.addLayer"Add Layer"
createWorld.customize.flat.editLayer"Edit Layer"
createWorld.customize.flat.layer.bottom"Bottom - %d""Top - %d"
createWorld.customize.flat.removeLayer"Remove Layer"
createWorld.customize.flat.tile"Layer Material"
createWorld.customize.flat.title"Superflat Customization"
createWorld.customize.presets.list"Alternatively, here's some we made earlier!""Use Preset"
createWorld.customize.presets.share"Want to share your preset with someone? Use the below box!"
createWorld.customize.presets.title"Select a Preset"
createWorldUpsell.removeTrial"Do not show trial in worlds list"
createWorldUpsell.title"Create New World or Realm?"
createWorldUpsell.title.realm"Create New Realm"
createWorldUpsell.button.realm"New Realm""New World"
createWorldUpsell.button.trialText"Start 30 day free trial"
createWorldUpsell.price.coin.realm"%1$s Minecoins/Month""Free"
createWorldUpsell.realm.sellPoint1"Add infinite members and play online with up to §d%d§r friends"
createWorldUpsell.realm.sellPoint2"Saved online: Play on any Minecraft device with Minecraft Marketplace"
createWorldUpsell.realm.sellPoint3"Takes up zero storage space on your device"
createWorldUpsell.realm.sellPoint4"Friends can play even when you are away"
createWorldUpsell.signIn"Create Realm with Microsoft Account""Play online with up to 7 friends""Saved to your device: Play offline""Uses device storage"
createWorldScreen.action.editLocal"Make Infinite!"
createWorldScreen.action.local"Create World!"
createWorldScreen.action.realms"Create World!"
createWorldScreen.action.realmsReset"Reset Realm"
createWorldScreen.worldOptions"World Options"
createWorldScreen.worldSettings"World Settings"
createWorldScreen.worldManagement"World Management"
createWorldScreen.alwaysDay"Always Day"
createWorldScreen.bonusChest"Bonus Chest"
createWorldScreen.pvp"Friendly Fire"
createWorldScreen.immediaterespawn"Immediate Respawn"
createWorldScreen.respawnRadius"Respawn Radius"
createWorldScreen.trustPlayers"Trust Players"
createWorldScreen.fireSpreads"Fire Spreads"
createWorldScreen.recipesUnlock"Recipes Unlock"
createWorldScreen.mobLoot"Mob Loot"
createWorldScreen.tileDrops"Tile Drops"
createWorldScreen.keepInventory"Keep Inventory"
createWorldScreen.naturalregeneration"Natural Regeneration"
createWorldScreen.tntexplodes"TNT Explodes"
createWorldScreen.respawnblocksexplode"Respawn Blocks Explode"
createWorldScreen.weathercycle"Weather Cycle"
createWorldScreen.daylightcycle"Do Daylight Cycle"
createWorldScreen.mobSpawn"Mob Spawning"
createWorldScreen.mobgriefing"Mob Griefing"
createWorldScreen.educationtoggle"Education Edition"
createWorldScreen.entitiesdroploot"Entities Drop Loot"
createWorldScreen.commandblocksenabled"Command Blocks Enabled"
createWorldScreen.experimentalgameplayinfo"§7Try out features that are under development. Can't be turned off after world creation."
createWorldScreen.experimentalbiomes"Custom biomes"
createWorldScreen.experimentalbiomesDescription"Create custom biomes and change world generation"
createWorldScreen.experimentalCreatorFeatures"Upcoming Creator Features"
createWorldScreen.experimentalCreatorFeaturesDescription"Includes actor properties and adjustable fog parameters"
createWorldScreen.experimentalmoddingDescription"Doing a lot of repetitive things? This might help creating your add-on"
createWorldScreen.cavesandcliffs"Caves and Cliffs"
createWorldScreen.cavesandcliffsDescription"Explore the new varied cave generation"
createWorldScreen.spectatorMode"Spectator Mode"
createWorldScreen.spectatorModeDescription"Try out the early versions of Spectator Mode"
createWorldScreen.experimentalCameras"Experimental Cameras"
createWorldScreen.experimentalCamerasDescription"Contains example camera presets (the camera command is no longer experimental)"
createWorldScreen.recipeUnlocking"Recipe Unlocking"
createWorldScreen.recipeUnlockingDescription"Enable recipe unlocking"
createWorldScreen.experimentalholiday"Holiday Creator Features"
createWorldScreen.experimentalholidayDescription"Add data-driven blocks and item technology to customize block shape, rotation, damage and more"
createWorldScreen.experimentalGameTest"Beta APIs"
createWorldScreen.experimentalGameTestDescription"Use "-beta" versions of API modules in add-on packs"
createWorldScreen.experimentalMolangFeatures"Molang Features"
createWorldScreen.experimentalMolangFeaturesDescription"Molang experimental queries and language features"
createWorldScreen.experimentalUpdateAnnounced2023"Update 1.21"
createWorldScreen.experimentalUpdateAnnounced2023Description"New features and content for Minecraft 1.21"
createWorldScreen.experimentalVillagerTradesRebalance"Villager Trade Rebalancing"
createWorldScreen.experimentalVillagerTradesRebalanceDescription"Contains updated trades for villagers for the purpose of rebalancing"
createWorldScreen.experimentalArmadillo"Armadillo and Wolf Armor"
createWorldScreen.experimentalArmadilloDescription"Get to know the Armadillo and gear up your Wolf with the new Wolf Armor!"
createWorldScreen.worldPreferences"World Preferences"
createWorldScreen.startWithMap"Starting Map"
createWorldScreen.defaultName"My World"
createWorldScreen.createOnRealms"Create on Realms Server"
createWorldScreen.deleteWorld"Delete World"
createWorldScreen.delete.desc"Delete your world forever."
createWorldScreen.delete.confirm"Delete world permanently?"
createWorldScreen.deleteWarningFormat"Are you sure you want to delete "%s"? This world will be lost forever! (A long time!)"
createWorldScreen.editTitleFormat"Edit "%s"""Game Settings"
createWorldScreen.gameMode"Game Mode"
createWorldScreen.gameMode.default"Default Game Mode"
createWorldScreen.gameMode.personal"Personal Game Mode"
createWorldScreen.gameMode.creative.desc"Unlimited resources. No damage. Flying. No achievements even if you switch to survival later."
createWorldScreen.gameMode.survival.desc"Limited resources, you'll need tools. You may get hurt. Watch out for Monsters."
createWorldScreen.header.delete"World Permanence"
createWorldScreen.header.editLocal"Edit your World"
createWorldScreen.header.general.exportSettings"Export Settings"
createWorldScreen.header.general.exportSettings.description"§7Some functionality may be overridden during Editing session, but are fully respected when exported"
createWorldScreen.header.local"Create a World"
createWorldScreen.header.realms"Create a Realms Server"
createWorldScreen.header.realmsReset"Reset your Realm?"
createWorldScreen.multiplayer.settings"Multiplayer Settings"
createWorldScreen.progress.local"Creating new world..."
createWorldScreen.progress.realms"Resetting Realm..."
createWorldScreen.seed.desc"Enter a seed to generate the same terrain again. Leave blank for a random world."
createWorldScreen.showCoordinates"Show Coordinates"
createWorldScreen.worldType"World Type"
createWorldScreen.randomtickspeed"Random Tick Speed"
createWorldScreen.randomtickspeed.reset"Reset Random Tick Speed"
createWorldScreen.serverSimDistance"Simulation Distance"
createWorldScreen.serverSimDistanceFormat"%s chunks"
createWorldScreen.showbordereffect"Show Border Effect"
createWorldScreen.check_internet_connection"You are not connected to the internet. Your friends will not be able to join your multiplayer worlds. Sign in to your Microsoft Account to play with your friends."
createWorldScreen.disconnectedXboxLive"You are not connected to Microsoft services. Your friends with Gamertags will not be able to join your multiplayer world. Sign in to your Microsoft Account to play with your friends."
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.button"Clear Player Data"
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.title"Delete Player Data from World?"
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.body1"Select "All Player Data" to delete absolutely all player data from the world. The next time any player enters the world, they will start with fresh, default data."
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.body2"Selecting "Keep Owning Player Data", will retain your current data (such as inventory items & location) and apply it the 'World Owner'. This is any player that loads the world locally or the owner of a realm it's on. "
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.all"All Player Data"
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.allExceptLocal"Keep Owning Player Data"
createWorldScreen.clearPlayerData.progress"Clearing Player Data"
createWorldScreen.upload"Upload World"
createWorldScreen.editor.deleteProject"Delete Project"
createWorldScreen.editor.projectOptionsLabel"Project Options"
createWorldScreen.editor.delete.confirm"Delete project permanently?"
createWorldScreen.editor.deleteWarningFormat"Are you sure you want to delete "%s"? This project will be lost forever!"
createWorldScreen.experimentalDeferredTechnicalPreview"Render Dragon Features for Creators"
createWorldScreen.experimentalDeferredTechnicalPreviewDescription"Enable the deferred rendering pipeline. Requires a PBR-enabled resource pack and compatible hardware."
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.title"Cross-Platform Play"
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.enable"Enable Cross-Platform Play"
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.enable.line1"Do you want to enable cross-platform play?"
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.enable.line2"Cross-platform play allows you and friends on other platforms to connect and play together!"
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.disable"Disable Cross-Platform Play"
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.disable.line1"Do you want to disable cross-platform play?"
crossPlatformToggle.startMenuScreen.disable.line2"You will no longer connect or play with friends on other platforms."
crossPlatformToggle.crossPlatformDisabled.friends"Enable cross-platform play in the main menu to be able to join Realms, LAN Games, and play with all your Minecraft friends."
crossPlatformToggle.crossPlatformDisabled.invite"Enable cross-platform play in the main menu to invite friends on other platforms."
crossPlatformToggle.crossPlatformDisabled.realms"Enable cross-platform play in the main menu to join Realms."
crossPlatformToggle.crossPlatformDisabled.servers"Enable cross-platform play in the main menu to add or join Servers."
crossPlatformToggle.crossPlatformDisabled.multiplayerSettings"Enable cross-platform play in the main menu to play with friends on other platforms."
realmsPendingInvitationsScreen.pendingInvitations"Realms Membership Invites"
realmsPendingInvitationsScreen.noInvites"You have no pending invites."
realmsPendingInvitationsScreen.fetchingInvites"Fetching invites..."
realmsPendingInvitationsScreen.showFriendInvites"Only show invites from Friends."
realmsInvitationScreen.addingPlayers"Adding Players..."
realmsInvitationScreen.findFriends"Find friends"
realmsInvitationScreen.done"Done, Let's Play!"
realmsInvitationScreen.invitedFriends"Invited Friends"
realmsInvitationScreen.unableToAddPlayers"Could Not Add Players"
realmsInvitationScreen.loadingFriends"Loading Friends and Members..."
realmsInvitationScreen.loadingProfiles"Loading Profiles (%s / %s)"
realmsInvitationScreen.noInvites"No players could be found."
realmsInvitationScreen.savingChanges"Saving Changes..."
realmsInvitationScreen.sendingInvitesFailed"Something went wrong. We could not add the players you selected to your Realm. Please try again later."
realmsInvitationScreen.title"Add Members"
realmsInvitationScreen.myRealm"My Realm"
realmsInvitationScreen.fetchingLink"Fetching new link..."
realmsInvitationScreen.fetchingCode"Fetching new invite code..."
realmsInvitationScreen.shareTitle"Realms Invitation"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareText"Come join me in this realm!"
realmsInvitationScreen.refreshDialogTitle"Disable Current Link?"
realmsInvitationScreen.refreshDialogLabel"This will disable the current link and generate a new one. Anyone who became a member already will still be able to join your Realm."
realmsInvitationScreen.createLinkDialogTitle"Generate Realm Link?"
realmsInvitationScreen.createLinkDialogLabel"Anyone who opens this link will become a member of your Realm. You can disable a link by generating a new one."
realmsInvitationScreen.shareDialogTitle"Download Backup Before Sharing?"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareDialogLabel"Anyone with this link can become a member of your Realm. Be careful who you share it with. You may want to download a backup of your world first. You can remove members from Realm settings."
realmsInvitationScreen.shareDialogNewLinkButton"Create new link"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareDialogNewCodeButton"Create new code"
realmsInvitationScreen.closedRealmWarning"Your Realm is closed. Members cannot join."
realmsInvitationScreen.shareByLink"Share link"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareByCode"Share invite code"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareLinkToRealm"Share link to Realm"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareCodeToRealm"Share invite code to Realm"
realmsInvitationScreen.shareInfoMessage"Anyone with the link can join your Realm. Go to Game > Download World to download a backup of your world."
realmsInvitationScreen.shareInfoMessageCode"Anyone with the invite code can join your Realm. Go to Game > Download World to download a backup of your world."
realmsInvitationScreen.refreshLinkInfoMessage"This will invalidate the old link and create a new one. Do you wish to continue?"
realmsInvitationScreen.refreshCodeInfoMessage"This will invalidate the old invite code and create a new one. Do you wish to continue?"
realmsInvitationScreen.kickPopupTitle"Revoke Access?"
realmsInvitationScreen.kickPopupText"Do you want to revoke access for this player? You can undo this at any time."
realmsInvitationScreen.copyToastMessage"Link to your realm copied to clipboard!"
realmsInvitationScreen.playerFilterTitle"Filter players"
realmsInvitationScreen.setPermissionFail"Failed to set permission for user %s."
realmsInvitationScreen.setDefaultPermissionFail"Failed to set default permissions."
realmJoining.progressTitle"Joining Realm..."
realmsClearMembers.clearMembersTitle"Clear Members?"
realmsClearMembers.clearMembersText"Do you want to clear the members list of this realm?"
realmsClearMembers.clear"Clear Members"
realmsSharingScreen.joinTitle"Join realm?"
realmsSharingScreen.joinMessage"Join realm %s?"
realmsSharingScreen.blockedInviteTitle"Player Blocked"
realmsSharingScreen.blockedInviteMessage"Sorry, you've been blocked! Ask the Realm's owner to remove you from the Blocked list."
realmsSharingScreen.badInviteTitle"Invalid Realm Link"
realmsSharingScreen.badInviteMessage"The invite link is either incorrect or deactivated. Ask the Realm's owner for an updated link and make sure you've entered it correctly."
realmsSharingScreen.regenerateLinkFailed"Failed to generate new invite link"
realmsSharingScreen.cantJoinExpiredTitle"%s's Realm is expired"
realmsSharingScreen.cantJoinExpiredMessage"%s has expired. Ask %s to renew it."
realmsSharingScreen.cantJoinClosedTitle"%s closed this Realm"
realmsSharingScreen.cantJoinClosedMessage"%s is closed. Ask %s to reopen it."
realmsSharingScreen.failedSignInModalTitle"Sign in to join this Realm"
realmsSharingScreen.failedSignInModalMessage"You need to be signed in to a Microsoft Account to join a Realm. Please sign in and try again."
realmsSharingScreen.invalidPermissionTitle"Invalid permissions"
realmsSharingScreen.unexpectedServerResponseTitle"Realms Error"
realmsSharingScreen.unexpectedServerResponseMessage"Sorry, we had a problem connecting to the Realm. Please try again later."
realmsCreateScreen.title.create"Create a Realm Server"
realmsCreateScreen.title.extend"Extend Your Realm"
realmsCreateScreen.title.renew"Renew Your Realm"
realmsCreateScreen.defaultRealm"%s's Realm"
realmsCreateScreen.creatingRealm"Creating Realm...""Realm Name"
realmsCreateScreen.nameHeader.rename"Rename Realm?"
realmsCreateScreen.termsAndConditionsAgree"I agree"
realmsCreateScreen.termsAndConditionsHeader"Terms and Conditions"
realmsCreateScreen.viewTermsAndConditions"View Terms and Conditions"
realmsCreateScreen.viewPrivacyPolicy"View Privacy Policy"
realmsCreateScreen.durationShort"30 Days"
realmsCreateScreen.durationLong"180 Days"
realmsCreateScreen.subscription.trial"Create For Free!%s(%s/month after first 30 days)""Create for %s per month"
realmsCreateScreen.subscription.renew"Renew for %s per month"
realmsCreateScreen.consumable.trial"Create for Free!""Create for %s"
realmsCreateScreen.consumable.renew"Renew for %s"
realmsCreateScreen.consumable.extend"Extend for %s"
realmsCreateScreen.errorRealmName"Your realm name cannot be blank."
realmsCreateScreen.errorRealmNameAndTOS"Your realm name cannot be blank, and you must accept the terms of service to create a realm."
realmsCreateScreen.errorTOS"Must accept terms and conditions to create a realm."
realmsCreateScreen.goBack"Go Back"
realmsCreateScreen.contactSupport"Contact Support"
realmsCreateScreen.createFailed.title"Something Went Wrong"
realmsCreateScreen.purchaseFailed"Sorry, we were unable to complete your realm purchase. Maybe check your internet connection?"
realmsCreateScreen.createFailed.content"Your purchase succeeded, but we couldn't create your Realm right now. We will create your Realm as soon as possible. Check back later on this device. If this problem happens for more than a day, please contact Mojang Support."
realmsCreateScreen.createFailed.profanity"The Realm name %s is not allowed."
realmsCreateScreen.createFailed.generic"Club name could not be verified. Please try again later."
realmsCreateScreen.maxRealms.title"Maximum Subscriptions"
realmsCreateScreen.maxRealms.content"You have the maximum number of active subscriptions on this platform and cannot create a new one right now."
realmsCreateScreen.offerNotFound.title"Store Connection Lost"
realmsCreateScreen.offerNotFound.content"Your device lost connection to the store and we can't confirm this offer is still available. Please check your internet connection or try again later."
realmsCreateScreen.offerNotAvailable.title"Store Connection Lost"
realmsCreateScreen.offerNotAvailable.content"Your device lost connection to the store and we can't confirm this offer is still available. Please check your internet connection or try again later."
realmsCreateScreen.extendRealms.content"You have extended your Realms subscription as long as possible. You cannot add this additional time right now. Try again later."
realmsCreateScreen.twoUsers"2 Players"
realmsCreateScreen.tenUsers"10 Players"
realmsCreateScreen.viewTOS"To view the terms and conditions for Minecraft Realms, please visit in any web browser."
realmsCreateScreen.viewPrivacyPolicyText"To view the privacy policy for Minecraft Realms, please visit in any web browser."
realmsCreateScreen.waitingPurchase"Purchase in progress! This shouldn't take long."
realmsCreateScreen.paymentFailed.title"Payment service"
realmsCreateScreen.paymentFailed.body"Unable to connect to Realms and complete your purchase at this time. Please try again later."
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete"Incomplete Realm"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.create.a"It looks like we didn't finish things last time. Let's complete creating your realm now."
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.create.b"It looks like you started creating a realm with a different Microsoft Account. Do you want to complete creating that realm with this Microsoft Account as the owner?"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.create.c"Someone started creating a Realm with the billing account on this device. Would you like to complete creating that Realm with this Microsoft Account as the owner?"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.renew.a"It looks like we didn't finish things last time. Let's complete renewing your realm now."
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.renew.b"It looks like you started renewing a realm with a different Microsoft Account.  Do you want to complete renewing that realm with this Microsoft Account as the owner?"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.renew.c"Someone started renewing a realm with the billing account on this device.  Would you like to complete renewing that realm with this Microsoft Account as the owner?"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.override.renew"You are attempting to create a new realm but a prior purchase was found for renewing a realm. Would you like to apply that purchase now?"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.override.create"You are attempting to renew a realm but a prior purchase was found for creating a realm. Would you like to apply that purchase now?"
realmsCreateScreen.incomplete.override.realm"You are attempting to renew a realm but a prior purchase was found for a different realm. Would you like to apply that purchase now?""Purchase History Needed""We need you to sign in to the store to view your purchase history before we can continue.""Sign In to Store"
realmsCreateScreen.nsoinfotext"To use Realms, you need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online."
realmsCreateScreen.playNowTitle"Play on Realm, Now?"
realmsCreateScreen.playNowMessage1"You can invite friends to your Realm and start playing now."
realmsCreateScreen.playNowMessage2"Otherwise, you can find it anytime in the Worlds tab of the Play screen. Edit it to change game modes or even upload any world to your Realm."
realmsCreateScreen.playWithFriends"Play with Friends"
realmsCreateScreen.playSolo"Play Solo"
realmsCreateScreen.purchaseConfirmation.title"Purchase Realm?"
realmsCreateScreen.purchaseConfirmation.create.message"Are you sure you want to create a Realm?"
realmsCreateScreen.purchaseConfirmation.extend.message"Are you sure you want to extend a Realm?"
realmsCreateScreen.purchaseConfirmation.renew.message"Are you sure you want to renew a Realm?"
realmsCreateScreen.purchaseConfirmation.continue"Confirm Purchase"
realmsCreateScreen.title"Create a Realm"
realmsCreateScreen.nameHeader"Realm Name"
realmsCreateScreen.chooseWorld"Create Realm: Choose World"
realmsConfigurationScreen.realmName"Realm Name"
realmsConfigurationScreen.realmDescription"Realm Description""Open Realm"
realmsConfigurationScreen.close"Close Realm"
realmsConfigurationScreen.resetRealm"Resetting a Realm permanently erases the world and starts over. Are you sure you want to do this?"
realmsConfigurationScreen.confirmReset"Confirm Reset"
realmsConfigurationScreen.resetRealmTryAgain"Failed to reset the Realm. Would you like to try again?"
realmsConfigurationScreen.failedOpenCloseTitle"Failed open/close."
realmsConfigurationScreen.failedOpenClose"Failed to open/close the Realm. Would you like to try again?"
realmsWorld.notAvailable"Your device does not support Minecraft Realms."
realmsWorld.ownerPay"The owner pays monthly. Their friends can join for free!"
realmsWorld.realmsDescription"Realms are private Minecraft worlds that are always available for you and your friends."
realmsWorld.realmsDescription.paragraph2"You can play on them even when the owner of the Realm is away and from any device running Minecraft!"
realmsWorld.realmsDescription.paragraph3"Explore your Realm today!"
realmsWorld.realmsDescription.Beta.line1"Realms, the safe, simple way to share a Minecraft world with friends, is not available while using beta versions of Minecraft."
realmsWorld.realmsDescription.Beta.line2"If you'd like to stop using the beta and access Realms, click below for instructions."
realmsWorld.newRealm"New Realm"
realmsWorld.connectLive"Sign In to Try for Free!"
realmsWorld.leaveBeta"Leave the Beta?"
realmsWorld.newRealmTrial"Start Your Free 30 Day Trial%s(%s/mo after the first month)"
realmsWorld.creatingWorld"Creating World"
realmsPlus.popup.top_button_text"More Info"
realmsPlus.popup.bottom_button_text"Renew Subscription"
realmsPlus.popup.title"Realms Plus Subscription Expired"
realmsPlus.popup.message"Your Realms Plus subscription has expired. To regain access to your Realm and the packs or skins you received from Realms Plus you need to renew your subscription. "
realmsPlusUpgradeNotice.title"Welcome to Realms Plus!"
realmsPlusUpgradeNotice.body"Your Realms subscription has been upgraded to Realms Plus. You now have access to 150+ content packs from the marketplace at no additional cost. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to all the subscriber content in your Realm – for free!"
realmsPlusUpgradeNotice.viewpacks"View Realms Plus Packs"
csbCreateScreen.popupTitle"Marketplace Pass"
csbCreateScreen.viewTOS"To view the terms and conditions for Marketplace Pass, please visit in any web browser."
csbCreateScreen.viewPrivacyPolicyText"To view the privacy policy for Marketplace Pass, please visit in any web browser."
csbCreateScreen.goBack"Go back"
csbCreateScreen.termsAndConditionsAgree"I agree"
csbCreateScreen.termsAndConditionsHeader"Terms and Conditions""RTX"
network.onlinePlay.title"Play with Friends"
network.onlinePlay.msg"You can invite friends to your worlds, view your friends' creations, and craft in each other's worlds."
network.onlinePlay.instruction"From the Play menu, you can join your friends' worlds or invite them to your worlds and Realms."
network.thirdparty.connect.splitscreen"To play split-screen multiplayer online, sign in to a %s account."
network.thirdparty.connect.benefit"Sign in with your %s to play online with friends and check out cool stuff in the store.""You will need a %s to browse the store."
network.thirdparty.connect.achievements"You will need a %s to earn achievements."
network.thirdparty.findfriends.failed"We were unable to connect to Microsoft account services. Maybe check your internet connection?"
networkWorld.add_friend"Add Friend"
networkWorld.add_server"Add Server"
networkWorld.join_server"Join Server"
networkWorld.available_games"Available Games:""News:""Online:"
networkWorld.current_ping"Current Ping:"
networkWorld.lan_label"LAN Games"
networkWorld.joinable_friends_label"Joinable Friends"
networkWorld.no_joinable_friends_label"Your friends are not playing Minecraft right now."
networkWorld.check_internet_connection"Oops! Maybe check your internet connection? We can't find your friends' worlds."
networkWorld.connect_to_xbl"Sign in with a Microsoft Account to play with friends."
networkWorld.memberOfTooManyRealms"You have reached the realms membership limit."
networkWorld.multiplayerPrivilegesBlocked"You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Please ensure your online safety settings allow Multiplayer. See instructions for changing these settings at"
networkWorld.multiplayerPrivilegesBlockedOnConsole"You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Please ensure you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription and your online safety settings allow Multiplayer. See instructions for changing these settings at"
networkWorld.multiplayerPrivilegesBlockedOnConsoleGamecore"You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft Account is set up."
networkWorld.multiplayerPrivilegesUnknown"An unknown error occured which is preventing online play. Please try again later."
networkWorld.multiplayerPrivilegesBlockedBanned"You cannot play online multiplayer because your account is suspended."
networkWorld.versionOutOfDate"You cannot play online multiplayer because you are not running the latest version. Please install the latest version to access online features."
networkWorld.lost_connection.hosting_stopped"There was a problem and multiplayer hosting has stopped."
networkWorld.lost_connection.needs_restart"There was a problem with your connection. Multiplayer hosting has stopped and will need to be restarted."
networkWorld.more_servers"More Servers"
networkWorld.thirdparty.connect"Connect to '%s'"
networkWorld.joinByCode"Join Realm"
networkWorld.realmsHashPlaceholder"Invite Code..."
networkWold.joinByCodeHelpText"If you have received a Realm Invite Link, enter the code to join."
networkWorld.highPingWarning.title"Join Server?"
networkWorld.highPingWarning.line1"You don't currently have a strong connection to the chosen server. Your experience may be impacted."
networkWorld.highPingWarning.line2"Would you like to join this server anyway?"
networkWorld.view_offers"View Offers"
networkWorld.userSignTextBlockedLine2"is blocked"
networkWorld.userSignTextMutedLine2"is blocked"
networkWorld.userBookTextBlocked"[Author is Blocked]"
networkWorld.userBookTextMuted"[Author is Blocked]"
localWorld.no_local_world_label"You have not created any worlds yet."
localWorld.no_local_worlds_present"Did your worlds disappear? Try changing your storage location:"
localWorld.no_local_worlds_present.world_recovery"Did your worlds disappear? Try recovering worlds in External Storage:"
localWorld.no_local_worlds.world_recovery_button_label"Recover Worlds"
thirdPartyWorld.comingSoon"Coming Soon!"
thirdPartyWorld.Featured"Featured Servers"
thirdPartyWorld.Additional"Additional Servers"
thirdPartyWorld.featuredComingSoon"Coming Soon"
thirdPartyWorld.notConnected"We could not connect to Servers right now. We will try again soon."
thirdPartyWorld.playNow"Play Now!"
thirdPartyWorld.loadingServers"Retrieving server information, please wait..."
thirdPartyWorld.loadingFeaturedServers"Fetching Servers..."
realmsSlotsScreen.description"Choose up to three worlds to upload to your Realms server. Select a world to activate or edit it!""New World"
realmsSlotsScreen.readyToPlay"Ready to Play"
realmsSlotsScreen.editRealm"Manage Realm"
realmsSlotsScreen.editWorld"Edit World"
realmsSlotsScreen.activateWorld"Activate World"
realmsSlotsScreen.gamesettings"Game Settings"
realmsSlotsScreen.chooseSlot"Choose a Slot"
realmsSlotsScreen.activateWarning"If you edit or activate this world, you will kick all active players. Don't worry, they can rejoin."
realmsSlotsScreen.celebrationMap"Realms Celebration Map"
realmsSettingsScreen.forceResourcePackFail"Failed to set force resource pack value"
realmsSettingsScreen.failedUploadPack"Failed to upload pack %s."
realmsSettingsScreen.failedApply"Some of the selected content could not be applied."
realmsSettingsScreen.errorApply"Error when applying content"
realmsSettingsScreen.manageSubscriptionButton"Manage Subscription"
realmsSettingsScreen.manageSubscriptionsButton"Manage Subscriptions"
realmsSettingsScreen.renewRealmButton"Renew Realm"
realmsSettingsScreen.extendRealmButton"Extend Realm"
realmsSettingsScreen.deleteRealmButton"Delete Realm"
realmsSettingsScreen.openRealmButton"Open Realm"
realmsSettingsScreen.closeRealmButton"Close Realm"
realmsSettingsScreen.playDisabledRealmButton"Realm Closed"
realmsSettingsScreen.playExpiredRealmButton"Realm Expired"
realmsSettingsScreen.selectorSectionLabel.manage"Manage "%s""
realmsSettingsScreen.selectorSectionLabel"Edit "%s""
realmsSettingsScreen.gameSectionTitle"Game Settings"
realmsSettingsScreen.devOptionsSectionTitle"Dev Options"
realmsSettingsScreen.backupInfo"You can restore the world on your Realm with a backup found in this list."
realmsSettingsScreen.backupReplaced"World has been replaced with the selected backup."
realmsSettingsScreen.backupReplacedFailed"Replacing the world with the selected backup failed."
realmsSettingsScreen.backupReplacedTimeout"Replacing the world with the selected backup timed out."
realmsSettingsScreen.backupVersion"Version: %s"
realmsSettingsScreen.backupVersionUnknown"Version: Unknown"
realmsSettingsScreen.deleteRealm"Delete Realm"
realmsSettingsScreen.deleteRealmToast"Realm %s has been deleted."
realmsSettingsScreen.deleteRealmFailToast"Delete of Realm %s failed."
realmsSettingsScreen.deleteRealmModalText"Your Realm will be permanently deleted. You will not be able to access your world, your member list or the club."
realmsSettingsScreen.backupRestoreHeader"Replacing World"
realmsSettingsScreen.backupModalText"By replacing your realm with this backup, you will erase all recent progress from your Realm. The Realm will restart and all active players will need to reconnect."
realmsSettingsScreen.replaceWithBackup"Replace Realm with Backup"
realmsSettingsScreen.backupInProgress"Replacing realm world with backup"
realmsSettingsScreen.realmNameLabel"Realm Name"
realmsSettingsScreen.realmNameEditPlaceholder"Enter Realm Name"
realmsSettingsScreen.realmDescriptionEditPlaceholder"Enter Realm Description"
realmsSettingsScreen.replaceLoadingText"We're replacing your Realm with a backup."
realmsSettingsScreen.replaceWorldButton"Replace World"
realmsSettingsScreen.resetWorldButton"Reset World"
realmsSettingsScreen.downloadWorldButton"Download World"
realmsSettingsScreen.downloadWorldNameCopy"%s - Copy"
realmsSettingsScreen.uploadWorldButton"Upload World"
realmsSettingsScreen.difficultyOptionLabelFormat"%s %s"
realmsSettingsScreen.gameModeOptionLabel"Game Mode"
realmsSettingsScreen.resetButtonHelperLabel"Start over from scratch?"
realmsSettingsScreen.maxPlayersLabelFormat"%d Friends"
realmsSettingsScreen.durationLabelFormat"%d Days Remaining"
realmsSettingsScreen.subscriptionLabelFormat"Renews every %d days"
realmsSettingsScreen.subscriptionLabelFormatPreview"Renews every %d days with your paid Realms subscription"
realmsSettingsScreen.fetchingWorldInfo"Fetching Realm Information..."
realmsSettingsScreen.updatingWorldInfo"Updating Realm Information..."
realmsSettingsScreen.resettingRealm"Resetting Realm..."
realmsSettingsScreen.applyPacks"Applying packs..."
realmsSettingsScreen.openingRealm"Opening Realm..."
realmsSettingsScreen.closingRealm"Closing Realm..."
realmsSettingsScreen.realmInfoError"Failed to retrieve realm information. Please try again later."
realmsSettingsScreen.realmJoinError"Failed attempting to join realm. Please try again later."
realmsSettingsScreen.realmResetError"Failed to reset the realm. Please try again later."
realmsSettingsScreen.realmOpenError"Failed to open realm."
realmsSettingsScreen.realmCloseError"Failed to close realm."
realmsSettingsScreen.resetRealm"This will remove your current world from your Realm's active slot and let you replace it with a brand new world. Your Realm's members will have access to your new world. Select "Cancel" and then "Download World" to go and download a copy of the current world to prevent data loss, or select "Confirm" to continue and replace your world."
realmsSettingsScreen.confirmReset"Delete & Reset?"
realmsSettingsScreen.confirmReplace"Replace World?"
realmsSettingsScreen.closeRealmTitle"Close Realm?"
realmsSettingsScreen.closeRealmMessage"Closing the realm will shut it down. Anyone currently playing on the realm will be disconnected. Are you sure you want to do this?"
realmsSettingsScreen.LoadingSubscription"Loading subscription..."
realmsSettingsScreen.failedLoadingSubscription"Failed Loading subscription"
realmsSettingsScreen.matchingPurchasePlatformFormat"You purchased your subscription in the %s"
realmsSettingsScreen.nonMatchingPurchasePlatformFormat"You started your subscription in the %s. You can only extend your subscription there."
realmsSettingsScreen.nonMatchingPurchasePlatformGeneric"You can manage your Realm subscription in the platform store where you originally purchased it."
realmsSettingsScreen.consumableToSubscriptionTransitionInfo"You can't extend your Realm right now. We have now introduced subscriptions for Realms and you can buy a new subscription as soon as your Realm has expired in %d days. But don't worry! We will give you 14 extra days for free and your Realm will be kept online, so you will have plenty of time to extend it by then."
realmsSettingsScreen.consumableToSubscriptionGracePeriodInfo"Your Realm has expired, but don't worry! We will keep it online for another %d days. You can now go ahead and extend it using the new auto-renewing subscription, so you don't have to worry about keeping your Realm up and running ever again."
realmsSettingsScreen.consumableToSubscriptionTransitionInfoExpired"Your Realm has expired. Go ahead and extend it using the new auto-renewing subscription, that way you don't have to worry about keeping your Realm up and running ever again."
realmsSettingsScreen.upload.worldtoobig"Upload failed. The world size exceeds the maximum uploadable limit of %s.""Download failed. The world size exceeds the maximum downloadable limit of %s."
realmsSettingsScreen.SubscriptionTimeLeftRefresh"Changes made to your Realms subscription such as stacking time or turning off recurring billing will not be reflected until your next billing date."
realmsSettingsScreen.switchStoreDisplayName"Nintendo eShop"
realmsSettingsScreen.iosStoreDisplayName"App Store"
realmsSettingsScreen.googlePlayStoreDisplayName"Google Play store"
realmsSettingsScreen.windowsStoreDisplayName"Windows Store"
realmsSettingsScreen.xboxOneStoreDisplayName"Xbox Store"
realmsSettingsScreen.amazonStoreDisplayName"Amazon Appstore"
realmsSettingsScreen.oculusStoreDisplayName"Oculus Store"
realmsSettingsScreen.berwickStoreDisplayName""PlayStation Store""
realmsSettingsScreen.SonyStoreDisplayName""PlayStation Store""
realmsSettingsScreen.unknownStoreDisplayName"unknown store"
realmsSettingsScreen.extendingRealm"Extending Realm..."
realmsSettingsScreen.offerError.title"Purchase Pending"
realmsSettingsScreen.offerError.content"A purchase is already pending. You cannot make another purchase until it has been resolved. Please try again later."
realmsSettingsScreen.dev_branch_label"Which commit should realm run on?"
realmsSettingsScreen.dev_current_version_label"Current Version:"
realmsSettingsScreen.dev_matching_version_label"Commit matching client:"
realmsSettingsScreen.dev_all_commits_label"All available commits:"
realmsSettingsScreen.dev_no_matching_version_message"NO MATCH FOR '%s'"
realmsSettingsScreen.uploadConfirmationMessage"This will remove the current world from your Realm's active slot and replace it with one of your existing worlds. Your Realm's members will have access to your newly replaced world. Select "Cancel" and then "Download World" to go and download a copy of the current world to prevent data loss, or select "Confirm" to continue and replace your world."
realmsSettingsScreen.uploadConfirmationTitle"Replace World?"
realmsSettingsScreen.unknownPackName"Unknown Name"
realmsSettingsScreen.viewSubscriptionsButton"View Subscriptions"
realmsSettingsScreen.extendConsumableButton"Extend Subscription"
realmsSettingsScreen.extendConsumableButton.30"Extend by 30 Days"
realmsSettingsScreen.extendConsumableButton.180"Extend by 180 Days"
xblLogin.LoginMessageTitle"Microsoft Account"
xbl.savePurchase.description.line1"Do you want to play with whatever you buy from any Minecraft Store enabled system? Sign in with a FREE Microsoft account and sync your purchased Skins, Textures, Maps, and Mash-ups to use and play in Minecraft!"
xbl.savePurchase.description.line2"If you lose your system or uninstall Minecraft, your purchases will still be synced and accessible on any system when you use your Microsoft account."
xbl.savePurchase.leaveOnDevice"Leave on Device"
xbl.savePurchase.title"Save purchases to a Microsoft Account?"
xbl.savePurchase.saveButton"Save to Microsoft Account"
xbl.savePurchase.toast.message"Purchases synced to Microsoft Account!"
xbl.savePurchase.inProgress.message"Transferring purchases to Microsoft Account..."
xbl.syncIAP.title"Sync purchases to your Microsoft Account?"
xbl.syncIAP.description"Sign in to a Microsoft Account to sync your Skins, Texture Packs, Worlds, and Mash-ups. They will be there for you on any device where you play Minecraft."
xbl.syncIAP.syncNow"Sync Now..."
xbl.syncIAP.syncLaterEllipsis"Sync Later..."
xbl.syncIAP.syncLater"Sync Later"
xbl.syncIAP.toast.message"Purchases synced to your Microsoft Account!"
xbl.syncIAP.inProgress.message"Syncing purchases to your Microsoft Account…"
xbl.syncIAP.skipSignIn.prompt.description"This Microsoft Account will not be the primary account for this device if you do not sync this device's purchases to this account. You will not automatically sign in when you start Minecraft."
xbl.syncIAP.confirmSync.prompt.title"Sync to %s?"
xbl.syncIAP.confirmSync.prompt.description.line1"Would you like to sync your app store purchases to %s?"
xbl.syncIAP.confirmSync.prompt.description.line2"Packs purchased outside Minecraft Marketplace can only be synced once. They will continue to be available to anyone who plays on this device."
xbl.syncIAP.confirmSync.prompt.yes"Yes, Sync My Purchases"
xbl.marketplace.account.error.body.nobutton"There is an error with your account. You will be unable to use the marketplace until we have resolved the issue. If this issue persists for several days please contact support."
xbl.marketplace.account.banned.body.nobutton"You are unable to use the marketplace until your suspension expires."
playfab.account.banned.title"You've been %s"
playfab.account.banned.body"You have been %s from playing multiplayer in Minecraft. You won't be able to play on servers, join realms, host or join multiplayer games or use the marketplace."
playfab.account.banned.body.line1"You have been %s from playing multiplayer in Minecraft due to "%s". You won't be able to play on servers, join realms, host or join multiplayer games or use the marketplace."
playfab.account.banned.body.line2"Click '%s' below to view our community standards and how to submit a case review request if you feel you were %s in error."
playfab.account.banned.body.line3.hour"You have 1 hour remaining on your suspension."
playfab.account.banned.body.line3.hours"You have %d hours remaining on your suspension.""You have 1 day remaining on your suspension."
playfab.account.banned.body.line3.days"You have %d days remaining on your suspension."
playfab.account.banned.body.line3.forever"This ban is permanent."
playfab.account.banned.body.button"More info"
store.sign_in_warning.no_xbl_and_local_content"You have previously downloaded content or used Minecoins in the Marketplace that are only available on this device."
store.sign_in_warning.no_xbl_and_no_local_content.line1"Sign in now to save and share your purchases across platforms. Save purchases so they won't be lost if something happens to your system or if Minecraft is uninstalled. Access your purchased Marketplace content from any platform and use your customized characters across platforms."
store.sign_in_warning.no_xbl_and_no_local_content.line2"Don't have a Microsoft account? Create one now - for free"
xbl.skipSignIn.prompt.title"Temporary Account"
xbl.skipSignIn.prompt.description"This Microsoft Account will not be the primary account for this device if you do not transfer this device's purchases to this account. You will not automatically sign in when you start Minecraft."
xbl.signOut.title"Microsoft Account Purchases!"
xbl.signOut.message1"While you are signed out of your Microsoft Account you will not have access to the Minecoins and items you bought in the store."
xbl.signOut.message2"Are you sure you want to do this?"
date.formatted"%s %d %d"
date.formatted_alt"%d %s %d"
date.timeLeft"%s left"
dayOneExperience.carousel.title"Welcome to New Minecraft!"
dayOneExperience.carousel.welcome_text"There's a lot of exciting new stuff in this new version of Minecraft! Check out the Marketplace, create a Realm, and play online with Cross-Platform friends!"
dayOneExperience.carousel.marketplace"Minecraft Marketplace is a place to find new skins, worlds, textures, and mash-up packs by various talented creators."
dayOneExperience.carousel.cross_platform"Cross-platform play lets you connect with players on different platforms. Sign in to your Microsoft Account to play with all your Minecraft friends!"
dayOneExperience.carousel.realms"Realms are servers run by us, just for you and your friends. Keep your Minecraft world online and always accessible, even when you log-off."
dayOneExperience.carousel.villager"New Minecraft is the only place to receive future updates containing new features, mobs, items, blocks and much more!""What's New""Marketplace""Cross-platform Play""Realms""More Content"
dayOneExperience.no_internet"Connect to the internet to load your previous skin."
dayOneExperience.intro_title"Minecraft has Updated!"
dayOneExperience.intro_body_1"There's a lot of great new content in this update."
dayOneExperience.intro_body_2"Would you like help importing your saves, settings, and content from the previous version of Minecraft?"
dayOneExperience.intro_welcome_1"You've updated to the latest version of Minecraft!"
dayOneExperience.intro_welcome_2"If you would like to return to the previous version of Minecraft, you can find it on the main menu"
dayOneExperience.editions_launch_warning"This is not the latest version of Minecraft, are you sure you want to launch the previous version of Minecraft?"
dayOneExperience.editions_title"Launch Previous Version?"
dayOneExperience.settings_imported"We've imported your settings for you!"
dayOneExperience.settings_skin_imported"We've imported your skin and settings for you!"
dayOneExperience.skin_current"Current Skin"
dayOneExperience.skin_default"Default Skin"
dayOneExperience.skin_tip"You can change your skin by selecting the Profile button on the main menu."
dayOneExperience.skip_title"Skip Conversion?"
dayOneExperience.skip_body"Old Worlds can be converted at any time from the Play Game - Worlds menu."
dayOneExperience.world_import_time"Tip: Conversion time will vary based on the size of the world."
dayOneExperience.world_picker_title"Select a World to Convert"
dayOneExperience.world_picker_skip"Skip for Now"
death.attack.anvil"%1$s was squashed by a falling anvil"
death.attack.arrow"%1$s was shot by %2$s"
death.attack.arrow.item"%1$s was shot by %2$s using %3$s"
death.attack.bullet"%1$s was sniped by %2$s"
death.attack.cactus"%1$s was pricked to death"
death.attack.cactus.player"%1$s walked into a cactus whilst trying to escape %2$s"
death.attack.drown"%1$s drowned"
death.attack.drown.player"%1$s drowned whilst trying to escape %2$s"
death.attack.explosion"%1$s blew up""%1$s was killed by [Intentional Game Design]"
death.attack.explosion.player"%1$s was blown up by %2$s"
death.attack.fall"%1$s hit the ground too hard"
death.attack.fallingBlock"%1$s was squashed by a falling block"
death.attack.fireball"%1$s was fireballed by %2$s"
death.attack.fireball.item"%1$s was fireballed by %2$s using %3$s"
death.attack.fireworks"%1$s went off with a bang"
death.attack.flyIntoWall"%1$s experienced kinetic energy"
death.attack.generic"%1$s died"
death.attack.indirectMagic"%1$s was killed by %2$s using magic"
death.attack.indirectMagic.item"%1$s was killed by %2$s using %3$s"
death.attack.inFire"%1$s went up in flames"
death.attack.inFire.player"%1$s walked into fire whilst fighting %2$s"
death.attack.inWall"%1$s suffocated in a wall"
death.attack.lava"%1$s tried to swim in lava"
death.attack.lava.player"%1$s tried to swim in lava to escape %2$s"
death.attack.lightningBolt"%1$s was struck by lightning"
death.attack.magic"%1$s was killed by magic"
death.attack.magma"%1$s discovered the floor was lava"
death.attack.magma.player"%1$s walked on danger zone due to %2$s"
death.attack.mob"%1$s was slain by %2$s"
death.attack.mob.item"%1$s was slain by %2$s using %3$s"
death.attack.onFire"%1$s burned to death"
death.attack.onFire.player"%1$s was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting %2$s"
death.attack.outOfWorld"%1$s fell out of the world"
death.attack.player"%1$s was slain by %2$s"
death.attack.player.item"%1$s was slain by %2$s using %3$s"
death.attack.spit"%1$s was spitballed by %2$s"
death.attack.starve"%1$s starved to death"
death.attack.sweetBerry"%1$s was poked to death by a sweet berry bush"
death.attack.thorns"%1$s was killed trying to hurt %2$s"
death.attack.thrown"%1$s was pummeled by %2$s"
death.attack.thrown.item"%1$s was pummeled by %2$s using %3$s"
death.attack.trident"%1$s was impaled to death by %2$s"
death.attack.wither"%1$s withered away"
death.attack.freeze"%1$s froze to death"
death.attack.sonicBoom"%1$s was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek"
death.attack.sonicBoom.player"%1$s was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek whilst trying to escape %2$s"
death.attack.stalactite"%1$s was skewered by a falling stalactite"
death.attack.stalagmite"%1$s was impaled on a stalagmite"
death.fell.accident.generic"%1$s fell from a high place"
death.fell.accident.ladder"%1$s fell off a ladder"
death.fell.accident.vines"%1$s fell off some vines"
death.fell.accident.water"%1$s fell out of the water"
death.fell.assist"%1$s was doomed to fall by %2$s"
death.fell.assist.item"%1$s was doomed to fall by %2$s using %3$s"
death.fell.finish"%1$s fell too far and was finished by %2$s"
death.fell.finish.item"%1$s fell too far and was finished by %2$s using %3$s"
death.fell.killer"%1$s was doomed to fall"
deathScreen.deleteWorld"Delete world"
deathScreen.hardcoreInfo"You cannot respawn in hardcore mode!"
deathScreen.leaveServer"Leave server"
deathScreen.message"You died!"
deathScreen.quit"Main menu"
deathScreen.quit.confirm"Are you sure you want to quit?"
deathScreen.quit.confirmToMainMenuWarning"Are you sure you want to exit the game to the main menu?"
deathScreen.quit.confirmToMainMenuTitleWarning"Quit to Main Menu?"
deathScreen.quit.eduCloud.confirmLeaveWarning"Are you sure you want to save and leave the game?%sWe’ll upload your world to the cloud too!"
deathScreen.quit.secondaryClient"Save and Leave"
deathScreen.quit.secondaryClient.confirmLeaveWarning"Are you sure you want to save and leave the game?"
deathScreen.quit.secondaryClient.confirmLeaveTitleWarning"Save and Leave"
deathScreen.title"You died!"
deathScreen.title.hardcore"Game over!"
deathScreen.titleScreen"Title screen""This demo will last five game days, do your best!""Day Two""Day Three""Day Four""This is your last day!""You have passed your fifth day, use F2 to save a screenshot of your creation""Your time is almost up!"
demo.demoExpired"Demo time's up!""Purchase Now!""This demo will last 5 in-game days (about 1 hour and 40 minutes of real time). Check the achievements for hints! Have fun!""Use %1$s to open your inventory""Jump by pressing %1$s""Continue Playing!""Use %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s and the mouse to move around""Look around using the mouse""Move by pressing %1$s, %2$s, %3$s, %4$s""Minecraft Demo Mode"
demo.remainingTime"Remaining time: %s"
demo.reminder"The demo time has expired, buy the game to continue or start a new world!"
demo.cb.reminder"The demo time has expired, start a new world to continue playing the trial!"
difficulty.lock.question"Are you sure you want to lock the difficulty of this world? This will set this world to always be %1$s, and you will never be able to change that again."
difficulty.lock.title"Lock World Difficulty"
dimension.dimensionName2"The End"
disabledSkin.title"You are being displayed as Steve"
disabledSkin.body.onJoin"This server has %s disabled. You can switch to a different skin in the dressing room."
disabledSkin.body.dressingRoom"This server has %s disabled. Are you sure want to keep this skin equipped?"
disabledSkin.type.customSkins"custom skins"
disabledSkin.type.both"custom skins and personas"
disconnect.closed"Connection closed"
disconnect.downloadPack"Error while downloading packs from server. Please try again."
disconnect.disconnected"Disconnected by Server"
disconnect.endOfStream"End of stream"
disconnect.kicked"You were kicked from the game"
disconnect.kicked.reason"You were kicked from the game:"
disconnect.removed"You were removed from the game"
disconnect.removed.reason"You were removed from the game:"
disconnect.loginFailed"Failed to login"
disconnect.loginFailedInfo"Failed to login: %s"
disconnect.loginFailedInfo.environmentMismatch"Playfab environment mismatch - Discovery=%s/%s, Playfab=%s/%s"
disconnect.loginFailedInfo.invalidSession"Invalid session (Try restarting your game)"
disconnect.loginFailedInfo.serversUnavailable"The authentication servers are currently down for maintenance."
disconnect.lost"Connection Lost"
disconnect.overflow"Buffer overflow"
disconnect.spam"Kicked for spamming"
disconnect.timeout"Timed out"
disconnect.scriptWatchdog"The server was shut down due to an unhandled scripting watchdog exception."
disconnect.scriptWatchdogOutOfMemory"The server was shut down due to exceeding the scripting memory limit."
disconnectionScreen.header.realms_hidden"Multiplayer Invitation"
disconnectionScreen.body.realms_hidden"Unable to join this specific server."
disconnectionScreen.blockMismatch"Blocks between client and server do not match."
disconnectionScreen.cantConnect"Unable to connect to world."
disconnectionScreen.cantConnectToRealm"Unable to connect to Realm."
disconnectionScreen.forbidden"Realm not found, or you are not a member."
disconnectionScreen.cantConnectToRealms"Unable to connect to realms."
disconnectionScreen.crossPlatformDisabled"Enable cross-platform play in the main menu to connect with friends on other platforms. To play with other friends online without cross-play, the host of the game must also have cross-play disabled via the main menu."
disconnectionScreen.crossPlatformDisabled.header"Cross-Platform Play Disabled."
disconnectionScreen.incompatibleRealm"Your client is incompatible or out of date. Update your client to connect to realms."
disconnectionScreen.realmsAlphaEndedTitle"Testing the Realms Alpha has ended. Thank you for helping!"
disconnectionScreen.realmsAlphaEndedMessage"Realms is not available right now."
disconnectionScreen.disconnected"Disconnected from Server"
disconnectionScreen.editionMismatch"This world was saved from Minecraft Education. It cannot be loaded."
disconnectionScreen.editionMismatchEduToVanilla"The server is not running Minecraft Education. Failed to connect."
disconnectionScreen.editionMismatchVanillaToEdu"The server is running an incompatible edition of Minecraft. Failed to connect."
disconnectionScreen.editionVersionMismatch.body"The world you selected cannot be opened in this version of Minecraft Education."
disconnectionScreen.editionVersionMismatch.title"Unable to load world."
disconnectionScreen.futureVersion"A newer version of the game has saved this world. It cannot be loaded."
disconnectionScreen.internalError.cantConnect"We were unable to connect you."
disconnectionScreen.internalError.cantEdit"There was a problem finding this server."
disconnectionScreen.internalError.cantFindEdit"We were unable to connect you. Try adding a new server."
disconnectionScreen.internalError.cantFindLocal"There was a problem loading this world."
disconnectionScreen.internalError.cantFindRealm"There was a problem finding this Realm."
disconnectionScreen.internalError.cantFindServer"There was a problem finding this server."
disconnectionScreen.invalidName"Invalid name!"
disconnectionScreen.invalidPlayer"This world's multiplayer setting is set to friends only. You must be friends with the host of this world to join."
disconnectionScreen.invalidIP"Invalid IP address!"
disconnectionScreen.invalidSkin"Invalid or corrupt skin!"
disconnectionScreen.lockedSkin.title"Platform Restricted Skin!"
disconnectionScreen.lockedSkin"The Skin that you have equipped is from a content pack that is not allowed in cross-platform multiplayer games."
disconnectionScreen.multiplayerLockedSkin.title"Multiplayer Restricted Skin!"
disconnectionScreen.multiplayerLockedSkin"The Skin that you have equipped is from a content pack that is not allowed in multiplayer games."
disconnectionScreen.loggedinOtherLocation"Logged in from other location"
disconnectionScreen.multiplayerDisabled"The world has been set to single player mode."
disconnectionScreen.noReason"You have been disconnected"
disconnectionScreen.noInternet"Please check your connection to the internet and try again."
disconnectionScreen.notAllowed"You're not invited to play on this server."
disconnectionScreen.notAuthenticated"You need to authenticate to Microsoft services."
disconnectionScreen.outdatedClient"Could not connect: Outdated client!"
disconnectionScreen.outdatedServer"The host is using an older version of Minecraft. Everyone should update to the latest version of Minecraft and try again."
disconnectionScreen.outdatedClientRealms"You need to update your game to continue playing on this Realm."
disconnectionScreen.outdatedClientRealms.title"Realms Has Updated"
disconnectionScreen.outdatedServerRealms"Your game is up-to-date but this Realm is not."
disconnectionScreen.outdatedServerRealms.title"We can't update your Realm server right now because other players are currently online. You can close and reopen your Realm from the Manage Realm screen to make the other players quit and then join your Realm to update it."
disconnectionScreen.outdatedServerRealmsNonOwner.title"The Realm you are attempting to access is a different version. Contact the owner of the Realm to address the issue."
disconnectionScreen.realmsServerUpdateIncoming"Your Realm will soon be updated. You will need an update too."
disconnectionScreen.realmsServerUpdateIncoming.title"Check For Game Update Now?"
disconnectionScreen.realmsWorldUnassigned"Assign version in dev options."
disconnectionScreen.realmsWorldUnassigned.title"Realm is Unassigned!"
disconnectionScreen.serverFull"Wow this server is popular! Check back later to see if space opens up."
disconnectionScreen.serverFull.title"Server Full"
disconnectionScreen.crossPlayDisabled"CrossPlay is temporarily disabled!"
disconnectionScreen.crossPlayDisabled.title"CrossPlay Disabled"
disconnectionScreen.serverIdConflict"Cannot join world. The account you are signed in to is currently playing in this world on a different device."
disconnectionScreen.sessionNotFound"Unable to connect to world. The world is no longer available to join."
disconnectionScreen.timeout"There was a problem connecting to the world. Please try again. If this error continues, check your internet connection or try restarting Minecraft."
disconnectionScreen.nowifi"It appears you are unable to connect to your network, please connect to a Wi-Fi network or enable 'Use Mobile Data' in profile settings."
disconnectionScreen.invalidTenant"Unable to connect to the world. Please check your join code and try again."
disconnectionScreen.resourcePack"Encountered a problem while downloading or applying resource pack."
disconnectionScreen.restartClient"Unable to connect, please restart your client."
disconnectionScreen.badPacket"Server sent broken packet."
disconnectionScreen.realmsDisabled"Realms are disabled."
disconnectionScreen.realmsDisabledBeta"Realms are disabled for the beta."
disconnectionScreen.incompatiblePack"You are unable to join the world because you have the following incompatible packs: %s"
disconnectionScreen.incompatiblePack.memory"You are unable to join the world because your device doesn't have enough memory for the following packs: %s""You are unable to join the world because your device doesn't have compatible hardware to support ray tracing"
disconnectionScreen.worldCorruption.message"Try reopening the world or restoring it from a previous backup"
disconnectionScreen.worldCorruption"Disconnected due to world corruption"
disconnectionScreen.hostSuspended"Disconnected due to the server being unavailable"
disconnectionScreen.invalidLevel"Invalid Level!"
disconnectionScreen.invalidOverworldDimensionHeights"The server provided invalid height values for the overworld dimension"
disconnectionScreen.editor.mismatchVanillaWorld"This world is a not in Editor Mode. It cannot be loaded."
disconnectionScreen.editor.mismatchEditorWorld"This world is in Editor Mode. It cannot be loaded."
disconnectionScreen.editor.mismatchEditorToVanilla"The server is not in Editor Mode. Failed to connect."
disconnectionScreen.editor.mismatchVanillaToEditor"The server is in Editor Mode. Failed to connect."
disconnectionScreen.clientsideGenerationDesync"Server and Client have different values set for feature toggle 'Client Side Generation'"
disconnectionScreen.editor.cannotUseRayTracing"Ray Tracing enabled resource packs are not yet compatible with Editor projects."
disconnectionScreen.unexpectedPacket"Disconnected due to an unexpected type of packet received which cannot be processed. This could be due to a version mismatch or corruption at the networking level."
disconnectionScreen.connectionLost"The connection to the host was lost. If that world is still being hosted, please check your internet connection and try to connect again."
disconnectionScreen.errorCode"Error Code: "
storageSpaceWarningScreen.frontend"You are almost out of data storage space! Minecraft has restricted access to this feature until you clear up additional storage space."
storageSpaceWarningScreen.lowduringgameplay"Your device is almost out of the space that Minecraft can use to save worlds and settings on this device. Why not delete some old stuff you don't need so that you can keep saving new stuff?"
storageSpaceWarningScreen.fullduringgameplay"You are out of data storage space and Minecraft is unable to save your progress! Minecraft will return you to the Main Menu to clear up storage space."
edu.signin_screen.viewTerms"View Terms"
edu.play_screen.view_worlds"VIEW MY WORLDS"
edu.play_screen.view_library"VIEW LIBRARY"
edu.play_screen.create_new"CREATE NEW"
edu.play_screen.join_world"JOIN WORLD"
edu.play_screen.guided_create"GUIDED CREATE"
edu.worlds_screen.title"My Worlds"
edu.worlds_screen.new_world"New World""NEW"
edu.worlds_screen.guided_create"GUIDED CREATE"
edu.worlds_screen.search_placeholder"Search My Worlds""PLAY""HOST"
edu.worlds_screen.courses_title"My Courses"
edu.templates.title"My Templates"
edu.templates.search_placeholder"Search My Templates"
edu.templates.created_by"By %1"
edu.templates.create_new"CREATE NEW"
edu.templates.delete_title"Delete this world template?"
edu.templates.delete_body"Are you sure you want to delete the "%s" world template? This won't affect any worlds you created from this template."
edu.templates.info_banner"World templates are blueprints. You can use them to create new worlds that always start out the same."
edu.templates.empty_banner"You can get world templates from the Minecraft Education Library, other Minecraft Education users, or"
edu.pause.multiplayer.disabled"Multiplayer is not available in this lesson."
effect.badOmen"Bad Omen"
effect.villageHero"Hero of the Village"
enchantment.crossbowQuickCharge"Quick Charge"
enchantment.curse.binding"Curse of Binding"
enchantment.curse.vanishing"Curse of Vanishing"
enchantment.damage.arthropods"Bane of Arthropods"
enchantment.durability"Unbreaking""Fire Aspect"
enchantment.frostwalker"Frost Walker"
enchantment.lootBonusFishing"Luck of the Sea"
enchantment.protect.explosion"Blast Protection"
enchantment.protect.fall"Feather Falling""Fire Protection"
enchantment.protect.projectile"Projectile Protection"
enchantment.soul_speed"Soul Speed"
enchantment.swift_sneak"Swift Sneak"
enchantment.untouching"Silk Touch"
enchantment.waterWalker"Depth Strider"
enchantment.waterWorker"Aqua Affinity"
enchantment.tridentImpaling"Impaling""Area Effect Cloud""Armor Stand""Arrow""Bat""Bee""Blaze""Boat""Cat""Cave Spider""Chicken""Cow""Creeper""Dolphin""Goat""Panda""Donkey""Dragon Fireball""Drowned""Egg""Elder Guardian""Ender Crystal""Ender Dragon""Enderman""Endermite""Ender Pearl""Evoker""Evoker Fang""Eye of Ender""Falling Block""Fireball""Firework Rocket""Fishing Hook""Clownfish""Fox""Cod""Pufferfish""Salmon""Tropical Fish""Axolotl""Ghast""Glow Squid""Piglin Brute""Guardian""Hoglin""Horse""Husk""Ravager""Iron Golem""Item""Leash Knot""Lightning Bolt""Lingering Potion""Llama""Trader Llama""Llama Spit""Magma Cube""Minecart""Minecart with Chest""Minecart with Command Block""Minecart with Furnace""Minecart with Hopper""Minecart with TNT""Mule""Mooshroom""Moving Block""Ocelot""Painting""Parrot""Phantom""Pig""Piglin""Pillager""Polar Bear""Rabbit""Sheep""Shulker""Shulker Bullet""Silverfish""Skeleton""Skeleton Horse""Stray""Slime""Small Fireball""Sniffer""Snowball""Snow Golem""Spider""Potion""Squid""Strider""Block of TNT""Trident""Tripod Camera""Turtle""Unknown""Vex""Villager"
entity.villager.tool"Tool Smith"
entity.villager.weapon"Weapon Smith"
entity.villager.mason"Stone Mason"
entity.villager.unskilled"Unskilled Villager""Villager""Vindicator""Wandering Trader""Witch""Wither""Wither Skeleton""Wither Skull""Wither Skull""Wolf""Experience Orb""Bottle o' Enchanting""Zoglin""Zombie""Zombie Horse""Zombified Piglin""Zombie Villager""Zombie Villager"
exports.share.file"Share %s"
exports.suspendWarning.client.content"Warning: If you continue, you will be disconnected from this multiplayer session.""Warning: If you continue, this will end the multiplayer session for all players."
exports.suspendWarning.title"Warning""Are you sure you want to save and leave the game?%1Warning: If you do, this will end the multiplayer session for all players.%1We'll upload your world to the cloud too!"
exports.fileError.title"Unable to save your file"
exports.fileError.body"The disk may be full or write-protected or the file may be in use. Please check to make sure the file is not open and try again."
addExternalServerScreen.addServer"Add Server"
addExternalServerScreen.nameTextBoxLabel"Server Name"
addExternalServerScreen.namePlaceholder"Please enter server name"
addExternalServerScreen.ipTextBoxLabel"Server Address"
addExternalServerScreen.ipPlaceholder"Please enter IP or Address"
addExternalServerScreen.alreadyAdded"This server has already been added"
addExternalServerScreen.removeConfirmation"Are you sure you want to remove this server? "
addExternalServerScreen.addTitle"Add External Server"
addExternalServerScreen.editTitle"Edit External Server"
feature.end_city"End City"
feature.fortress"Nether Fortress"
feature.mansion"Woodland Mansion"
feature.missingno"Unknown Feature"
feature.monument"Ocean Monument"
feature.buried_treasure"Buried Treasure"
feature.ruins"Ocean Ruins"
feature.pillager_outpost"Pillager Outpost"
feature.bastion_remnant"Bastion Remnant"
feature.ruined_portal"Ruined Portal""Like"
feed.manage_feed"Manage feed"
feed.nrreport"%d report"
feed.nrreports"%d reports"
feed.newPost"New post"
feed.daysAgo"%dd ago"
feed.hoursAgo"%dh ago"
feed.minutesAgo"%dm ago""Just now"
feed.narrationDayAgo"Posted one day ago"
feed.narrationDaysAgo"Posted %d days ago"
feed.narrationHourAgo"Posted one hour ago"
feed.narrationHoursAgo"Posted %d hours ago"
feed.narrationMinuteAgo"Posted one minute ago"
feed.narrationMinutesAgo"Posted %d minutes ago"
feed.narrationNow"Posted just now"
feed.narrationDate"Posted on %s %d, %d"
feed.whatup"What are you up to?"
feed.upload"Your screenshot is being uploaded..."
feed.manage"Manage Feed"
feed.addScreenshot"Add Screenshot"
feed.deleted"Deleted item"
feed.report_xbox"Report to Xbox Enforcement"
feed.report_club"Report to Club"
feed.clubdescription"Realm Description"
feed.no_feed_item_content"Screenshots and discussions in your Realm will show up here. Get started by pressing "New post""
feed.no_reported_item_content"No items have been reported"
feed.no_screenshot"You do not have any screenshots"
feed.reportToastMessage"Item reported"
feed.forbidden"Unauthorized to post to timeline"
feed.failedToPost"Post unsuccessful"
feed.failedToPostDescription"Screenshot invalid"
feed.failedToPostRateLimit"Try posting again in a few minutes. Realms is trying to catch up."
feed.uppload_started"Screenshot is being uploaded"
feed.uppload_success"Screenshot has been uploaded"
feed.connected"Every Realm is connected to a Club with your Microsoft Account."
feed.unviewedPost"New""%d like"
comment.likes"%d likes"
comment.comment"%d comment"
comment.comments"%d comments"
comment.likes_and_comments"%1 and %2"
gameArgument.featureUnsupported"This version of Minecraft doesn't support this feature"
gameMode.adventure"Adventure Mode"
gameMode.changed"Your game mode has been updated to %s"
gameMode.creative"Creative Mode"
gameMode.hardcore"Hardcore Mode!"
gameMode.spectator"Spectator Mode"
gameMode.survival"Survival Mode"
gameTip.cameraMovement.mouse"Look around[LINEBREAK]Use your mouse to turn"
gameTip.cameraMovement.touch"Touch and drag the screen to look around"
gameTip.cameraMovement.controller"Move :tip_right_stick: to look around"
gameTip.playerMovement.mouse"Move with :_input_key.forward:, :_input_key.left:, :_input_key.back:, :_input_key.right:"
gameTip.playerMovement.touch"Move by using the joystick"
gameTip.playerMovement.touch.classic"Move by using the joystick"
gameTip.playerMovement.controller"Move :tip_left_stick: to move around"
gameTip.hotbar.mouse"Scroll mouse wheel to select # in hotbar to hold it"
gameTip.hotbar.touch"Tap # in hotbar to hold it"
gameTip.hotbar.controller"Tap # in hotbar to hold it"
gameTip.breakBlock.mouse"Hold left click to break blocks"
gameTip.breakBlock.touch"Tap and hold to break blocks"
gameTip.breakBlock.touch.classic"Tap and hold to break blocks"
gameTip.breakBlock.controller"Tap and hold to break blocks"
gameTip.breakBlock.touch.crosshair"Tap and hold :tip_virtual_button_action_attack_or_destroy:[LINEBREAK]to break blocks "
gameTip.placeBlock.mouse"Click to place block"
gameTip.placeBlock.touch"Tap to place block"
gameTip.placeBlock.controller"Click on the ground to place block"
gameTip.placeBlock.touch.crosshair"Tap :tip_virtual_button_action_build_or_use: to place block"
gameTip.openInventorySurvival.mouse"Open your inventory[LINEBREAK]Press :_input_key.inventory:"
gameTip.openInventorySurvival.touch"Open inventory to see crafting recipes"
gameTip.openInventorySurvival.controller"Press :_input_key.inventory: to open your inventory"
gameTip.openInventoryCreative.mouse"Open your inventory[LINEBREAK]Press :_input_key.inventory:"
gameTip.openInventoryCreative.touch"Open inventory to see building blocks"
gameTip.openInventoryCreative.controller"Press :_input_key.inventory: to open your inventory"
gameTip.sneak.mouse"You are sneaking! Can’t fall off edges now"
gameTip.sneak.touch"You're sneaking, so you can't fall off edges"
gameTip.sneak.controller"You're sneaking, so you can't fall off edges"
gameTip.placeCraftingTable.mouse"Place your crafting table[LINEBREAK]Hold it and click to place"
gameTip.placeCraftingTable.touch"Place your crafting table by tapping the ground"
gameTip.placeCraftingTable.controller"Place your crafting table, hold it then tap the ground"
gameTip.useCraftingTable.mouse"Right click on Crafting Table to use"
generator.amplified"AMPLIFIED""Notice: Just for fun, requires beefy computer"
generator.debug_all_block_states"Debug Mode"
generator.largeBiomes"Large Biomes"
globalPauseScreen.message"The game has been paused"
gui.confirmAndPlay"Confirm and Play Now"
gui.deleteWorldLong"Delete World"
gui.exportWorldLong"Export World"
gui.exportTemplate"Export Template"
gui.templateMinVersion"Template Minimum Version"
gui.templateLocPickerTitle"Browse for languages.json in localization folder"
gui.templateLocPickerButton"Select Localization"
gui.templateIconPickerTitle"Browse for a world icon"
gui.templateIconPickerDesc"Minecraft Icon"
gui.templateIconPickerButton"Pick world icon"
gui.pickLoc.successMessage"Copied localization"
gui.pickLoc.failedMessage"Error: File picked wasn't languages.json"
gui.pickIcon.successMessage"Copied world icon"
gui.pickIcon.failedMessage"Error: Invalid file format"
gui.copyWorld"Copy World"
gui.copyWorld.failedTitle"An error has occured"
gui.copyWorld.failedMessage"You can't copy this world because your device doesn't have enough available storage space. Free up some space and try again."
gui.goBack"Go Back"
gui.importRetailWorld.title"Import World?"
gui.importRetailWorld.text.1"This world must be imported before you can use it in the Beta."
gui.importRetailWorld.text.2"Importing the world creates a copy, and will not affect the original world."
gui.importRetailWorld.text.3"Would you like to make a Beta copy of this world?"
gui.importRetailWorld.failedMessage"Failed to import your world."
gui.minecraftWorld"Minecraft World"
gui.minecraftBundle"Minecraft Bundle"
gui.ok"OK""Check Store"
gui.pickWorld"Browse for a Minecraft World"
gui.toMenu"Back to title screen"
gui.tryAgain"Try Again"
gui.warning.exitGameWarning"Do you want to exit Minecraft?"
gui.worldTemplate"Minecraft World Template"
gui.feedbackYes"Yes, go to Feedback website"
gui.resourcepacks"Resource Packs..."
gui.submitRating"Submit Rating"
gui.submitFeedback.button.text"Send Feedback"
gui.submitFeedback.text"Send Feedback to the Creator"
gui.submitFeedback.body.text"Write down any feedback and send it directly to the creator. Your message will not be posted to the Marketplace and the creator will not be able to respond."
gui.submitFeedback.placeHolder.text"What do you like? What could be better?"
gui.submitFeedback.success"Thank you for sharing your review!"
gui.submitFeedback.failure.status.unprocessableEntity"You do not own this item you are trying to provide feedback for. (Error Code: %d)"
gui.submitFeedback.failure.status.tooManyRequests"Oh no! You have sent too many reviews, please try again later. (Error Code: %d)"
gui.submitFeedback.failure.status.other"Cannot submit your review at this time, please try again later. (Error Code: %d)"
gui.playOffline"Play Offline"
gui.signIn"Sign In"
gui.genericNetworkError"Something went wrong. Try checking your internet connection."
gui.editor.minecraftProject"Minecraft Project"
gui.editor.minecraftTestWorld"Minecraft Editor Test World"
gui.editor.exportProject"Export Project"
gui.editor.copyProject"Copy Project"
gui.editor.copyProject.failedMessage"We could not create a copy of this project. This may be caused by a lack of storage space or another issue. See for more information. ""Minecraft Education""Exit Minecraft Education?"
updateScreen.updateRequired"Update Required"
updateScreen.title"Version Out of Date"
updateScreen.body"Update to the latest version to access all the new features, play with friends online, or see what's new in the Marketplace."
updateScreen.commerceNotSupported.title"Can't Access Marketplace"
updateScreen.commerceNotSupported.body"This version of Minecraft can no longer access Minecraft Marketplace. Update to the latest version to restore Marketplace access."
updateScreen.packs.updateRequired"Please update to the latest version to download your pack purchased in Minecraft Marketplace."
updateScreen.patchVersion"Version %s Patch Notes:"
hostOption.codeBuilder"Code Builder"
hostOption.setWorldSpawn"Set World Spawn"
howtoplay.category.gettingSettled"Getting settled"
howtoplay.category.gettingStarted"Getting started"
howtoplay.category.overworld"Overworld A-Z"
howtoplay.category.preparingForTheNight"Preparing for the night"
howtoplay.category.redstoneEngineering"Redstone Engineering"
howtoplay.category.standsAndTables"Stands & Tables"
howtoplay.category.survivingTheFirstNight"Surviving the first Night"
howtoplay.category.theEndDimension"The End Dimension"
howtoplay.category.optionsAndCheats"Options & Cheats"
howtoplay.adventureMode"Adventure Mode"
howtoplay.adventureMode.text.1"Adventure Mode is a gamemode for world builders. In Adventure Mode, players must use special tools to place or break blocks."
howtoplay.adventureMode.text.2"To get these special tools, you must use §e/give§f with §ecanplace§f or §ecandestroy§f parameters while in creative mode."
howtoplay.anvil.text.1"Experience Levels can be used to repair, enchant, or rename items with the Anvil."
howtoplay.anvil.header.1"Renaming and Applying Enchantments"
howtoplay.anvil.text.2"All items can be renamed, although only items with durability can be repaired or enchanted with Books on the Anvil."
howtoplay.anvil.text.3"An item can be repaired by placing it in one of the input slots on the left, along with either some raw materials of the item, like Iron Ingots for an Iron Sword, or combined with another item of the same type."
howtoplay.anvil.text.4"Combining items is more efficient when done with an Anvil."
howtoplay.anvil.text.5"There is a chance that the Anvil will be damaged with each use and after enough usage it will be destroyed."
howtoplay.armor.text.1"By wearing Armor, you can protect yourself from incoming damage. Your Armor level is represented by :armor: on the HUD, the higher the level, the less damage you will take."
howtoplay.armor.text.2"Armor can be crafted from Leather, Iron, Gold, or Diamond. Chain Armor can be obtained through villager trading and loot from zombies and skeletons."
howtoplay.armor.text.3"Equip Armor by opening your inventory and moving pieces of Armor to the appropriate slot next to your player skin."
howtoplay.armor.text.4"Iron, Chain, and Gold Armor can be smelted into Iron or Gold Nuggets in a Furnace."
howtoplay.armor.text.5.keyboard"The Shield will block incoming damage. The Shield can be equipped in the offhand slot as well as the hotbar. Press and hold :_input_key.sneak: to block with the Shield."
howtoplay.armor.text.5.gamepad"The Shield will block incoming damage. The Shield can be equipped in the offhand slot as well as the hotbar. Press the :_input_key.sneak: button or click :_gamepad_stick_right: to toggle block with the Shield."
howtoplay.armor.text.5a.touch"The Shield blocks all kinds of incoming damage - even a Creeper explosion! It can be equipped in the offhand slot or the hotbar."
howtoplay.armor.text.5b.touch"When using the "D-Pad & tap to interact" control scheme, tap :touch_sneak: to toggle blocking with the shield."
howtoplay.armor.text.5c.touch"When using a "Joystick" control scheme, tap :tip_virtual_button_sneak: to toggle blocking with the shield."
howtoplay.armor.text.5.rift_controller"The Shield will block incoming damage. The Shield can be equipped in the offhand slot as well as the hotbar. Press the :_input_key.sneak: button or click :rift_X: to toggle block with the Shield."
howtoplay.armor.text.5.windowsmr_controller"The Shield will block incoming damage. The Shield can be equipped in the offhand slot as well as the hotbar. Press the :_input_key.sneak: button or click :windowsmr_right_stick: to toggle block with the Shield."
howtoplay.armor.text.6"The Shield can even block a Creeper explosion!"
howtoplay.armor.text.7"You can also wear a Carved Pumpkin on your head. This won't give you any :armor: but will make it so Endermen won't get mad when you look at them."
howtoplay.armorStand"Armor Stand"
howtoplay.armorStand.text.1"An Armor Stand holds your armor while you aren't using it."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.2.notTouch"Press :_input_key.use: on an Armor Stand while holding a piece of armor to place it on the Armor Stand."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.2.touch"Tap an Armor Stand while holding a piece of armor to place it on the Armor Stand."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.3.notTouch"Press :_input_key.use: on an Armor Stand with an open hand to remove something from the Armor Stand."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.3.touch"Tap an Armor Stand with an open hand to remove something from the Armor Stand."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.4.notTouch"An Armor Stand can change its pose, sneak and press :_input_key.use: on an Armor Stand to change the pose."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.4.touch"An Armor Stand can change its pose, sneak and tap an Armor Stand to change the pose."
howtoplay.armorStand.text.5"Armor Stands will react to a Redstone signal, try giving it different signal strengths and see what happens."
howtoplay.banners.text.1"Banners are a cool way to decorate your house or castle with custom patterns and colors."
howtoplay.banners.text.2"After crafting a Banner, you can put it on a Crafting Table or Loom and add different dyes to create your own unique, cool design!"
howtoplay.banners.header.1"Applying a Pattern"
howtoplay.banners.text.3"There are many different patterns that you can create with your dye such as:"
howtoplay.banners.text.4" - Making a triangle will give you a chevron pattern."
howtoplay.banners.text.5" - Making a cross gives you a cross pattern."
howtoplay.banners.text.6" - Adding a Oxeye Daisy gives you a flower pattern."
howtoplay.banners.text.7"Experiment with different combinations to get even more patterns!"
howtoplay.banners.header.2"Multiple Layers"
howtoplay.banners.text.8"A Banner can also have multiple layers, allowing you to have more than one pattern on your Banner. If you don't like the last pattern you put on a Banner, you can wash the last layer off in a Cauldron."
howtoplay.banners.header.3"Making Copies"
howtoplay.banners.text.9"If you want to copy a Banner, put it on the Crafting Table with a blank Banner."
howtoplay.beacons.text.1"Active Beacons project a bright beam of light into the sky."
howtoplay.beacons.text.2"They are crafted with Glass, Obsidian, and Nether Stars (which is obtained by defeating the Wither)."
howtoplay.beacons.text.3"Beacons need to be on top of a Pyramid of Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, or Netherite blocks with an unobstructed view of the sky."
howtoplay.beacons.text.4"The material that the Beacon is placed on has no effect on the power of the Beacon."
howtoplay.beacons.text.5"In the Beacon menu you can select one primary power for your Beacon. The more tiers your pyramid has the more powers you can have."
howtoplay.beacons.text.6"To set the powers of your Beacon you must use a Netherite Ingot, Emerald, Diamond, Gold Ingot, or Iron Ingot in the payment slot."
howtoplay.beacons.text.7"Once set, the powers will emanate from the Beacon indefinitely. Powers are granted to all nearby players."
howtoplay.beacons.text.8"To change the color of the beam, place a stained glass block in its path."
howtoplay.beds.text.1"Sleeping in a Bed passes the night and sets your spawn point."
howtoplay.beds.text.2.notTouch"Press :_input_key.use: on a Bed to go to sleep. This can only be done at night."
howtoplay.beds.text.2.touch"Tap a Bed to go to sleep. This can only be done at night."
howtoplay.beds.text.3"If you are playing Multiplayer, everyone in the world must be in a Bed at the same time to pass the night."
howtoplay.beds.text.4"If your Bed is broken you will return to where you first spawned into the world."
howtoplay.beds.text.5"Be careful when using a Bed in the Nether, it's usually too hot to sleep."
howtoplay.bedsNew.title"How to Play: Beds"
howtoplay.bedsNew.text.1"A soft bed lets you sleep through the night. You'll need wool to craft one, as well as a safe spot to place it."
howtoplay.bedsNew.text.2"Sleeping in a bed will also set your §espawn point§f, meaning that if you die, you'll reappear right back home!"
howtoplay.bedsNew.text.3"You can only fall asleep when it's cozy, like when it's nighttime or during a thunderstorm."
howtoplay.blocks.text.1"The world of Minecraft is made from millions of blocks. Each one is breakable, collectable, and placeable. There are almost no limits to what you can build!"
howtoplay.blocks.text.2"Most blocks you will have to find in the world, but some can only be crafted such as combining other blocks on a crafting table like a Redstone Block or smelted in a furnace like Glass."
howtoplay.blocks.header.1"Falling Blocks"
howtoplay.blocks.text.3"Most blocks are not affected by gravity and can float in mid air, but some like Sand and Gravel, will fall if there is no block underneath them."
howtoplay.blocks.header.2"Interesting Blocks"
howtoplay.blocks.text.4"Here are some examples of the more interesting blocks in Minecraft:"
howtoplay.blocks.text.5"§eGlass§f - This is a transparent block that is made by smelting Sand in a Furnace."
howtoplay.blocks.text.6"§eConcrete§f - This is made by dropping a Concrete Powder block into water."
howtoplay.blocks.text.7"§eTerracotta§f - This is found naturally in Badlands biomes or can be crafted and dyed from Clay that is found underwater. Terracotta can be made into Glazed Terracotta by smelting it in a Furnace."
howtoplay.blocks.text.8"§eMagma Block§f - This is found naturally in the Nether, it gives off a little light and will burn whoever steps on it."
howtoplay.blocks.text.9"§eCoarse Dirt§f - This is almost like a normal Dirt Block but Grass can't grow on it. It can be found in Savanna and Mega Taiga biomes."
howtoplay.bookAndQuill"Book & Quill"
howtoplay.bookAndQuill.text.1"The Book & Quill lets you record your adventures. Tell your story by entering text into the pages. You can even change the title and the author! Sign the Book & Quill to finalize your work. The Book & Quill will be editable until it is signed. "
howtoplay.brewingStand"Brewing Stand"
howtoplay.brewingStand.text.1"Brewing potions requires a Brewing Stand. Every potion starts off with a bottle of water, which is made by filling a Glass Bottle with water from a Cauldron or water source."
howtoplay.brewingStand.header.1"Know your Brewing Stand"
howtoplay.brewingStand.text.2"A Brewing Stand has three slots for creating different potions. One ingredient can be used over all three bottles, so always brew three potions at the same time to best use your resources."
howtoplay.brewingStand.header.2"Ingredients and Potions"
howtoplay.brewingStand.text.3"Putting Nether Wart in the top position of the Brewing Stand will give you an Awkward Potion. This doesn't have any effect by itself, but creates a base potion that can be used to create more advanced potions."
howtoplay.brewingStand.text.4"There are many potion effects to discover, experiment with different ingredients and combinations to become a true alchemist."
howtoplay.buildingAShelter"Building a Shelter"
howtoplay.buildingAShelter.title"How to Play: Building a Shelter"
howtoplay.buildingAShelter.text.1"When danger comes lurking, a sturdy §eshelter§f can protect you from the threats outside."
howtoplay.buildingAShelter.text.2"Building a shelter is critical to surviving your first night, and it doesn't have to be hard."
howtoplay.buildingAShelter.text.3"You can build one with anything from dirt to stone, or even close up a cave for a makeshift lodging!"
howtoplay.cauldron.text.1"The Cauldron is a container that can hold buckets or bottles of liquid. "
howtoplay.cauldron.text.2.notTouch"Press :_input_key.use: on a Cauldron while holding a Bucket of Water or a Potion to fill the Cauldron with its contents."
howtoplay.cauldron.text.2.touch"Tap a Cauldron while holding a Bucket of Water or a Potion to fill the Cauldron with its contents."
howtoplay.cauldron.text.3"A Potion will only partially fill a Cauldron so you will have to use multiple Potions to fill it up completely."
howtoplay.cauldron.header.2"Dipping Arrows"
howtoplay.cauldron.text.4.notTouch"Press :_input_key.use: on a Cauldron with your Arrow in hand to create all kinds of different arrows!"
howtoplay.cauldron.text.4.touch"Tap a Cauldron with your Arrow in hand to create all kinds of different arrows!"
howtoplay.cauldron.header.3"Dyeing Armor"
howtoplay.cauldron.text.5.notTouch"To dye Leather Armor or Leather Horse Armor, press :_input_key.use: on a Cauldron filled with water while holding the desired dye. This will change the color of the water inside of the Cauldron. Then dip your armor into the Cauldron by pressing :_input_key.use: with armor in your hand."
howtoplay.cauldron.text.5.touch"To dye Leather Armor or Leather Horse Armor, tap a Cauldron filled with water while holding the desired dye. This will change the color of the water inside of the Cauldron. Then dip your armor into the Cauldron by tapping the Cauldron with the armor in your hand."
howtoplay.cauldron.text.6"If you want to wash the dye off, dip the dyed item into a Cauldron of undyed Water.""Chat""Press to open Chat. Type your message and press ENTER.""Press to open Chat. Type your message and press the send button.""Tap the chat button to open Chat. Type your message and tap the send button."
howtoplay.chests.text.1.notTouch"Once you have crafted a Chest, you can place it in the world and then open it with :_input_key.use: to store items from your inventory."
howtoplay.chests.text.1.touch"Once you have crafted a Chest, you can place it in the world and then tap to open it and store items from your inventory."
howtoplay.chests.text.2"Items in the Chest will be stored there for you to put into your inventory later."
howtoplay.chests.text.3"Two Chests placed next to each other will be combined to form a Large Chest."
howtoplay.commandBlocks"Command Blocks"
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.1"Command Blocks are a powerful tool for map creators. They store and execute commands upon receiving a Redstone signal."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.2"To get a command block you must use /give."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.3"When a Command Block has either executed or failed to execute its stored command, it sends a Redstone signal from the side where the arrow is pointing."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.4"You can set the name of the Command Block in the Hover Note field."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.5"§eBlock Type§f - There are three types of Command Blocks, each with their own color and behavior:"
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.5.1"§eImpulse§f - Only executes the stored command when the block receives a redstone signal."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.5.2"§eChain§f - Executes the stored command when the Command Block behind it has or has not executed its command. "
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.5.3"§eRepeat§f - Once activated, this Command Block will continue executing its stored command as long as it exists."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.6"§eCondition§f - There are two conditions, each will affect the behavior of the Command Block:"
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.6.1"§eUnconditional§f - Executes the stored command even if the Command Block behind it failed to execute its command."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.6.2"§eConditional§f - Only executes the stored command if the Command Block behind it succeeded in executing its command."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.7"§eRedstone§f - There are two redstone settings, each will affect the behavior of the Command Block:"
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.7.1"§eNeeds Redstone§f - Requires a redstone signal to activate."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.7.2"§eAlways Active§f - Does not require a redstone signal to activate."
howtoplay.commandBlocks.text.8"A Command Block will also show you its previous output. This will help you figure out if a Command Block failed to execute its command and why."
howtoplay.commands.text.1"Commands can be executed from Chat. Type / before you type the command."
howtoplay.commands.text.2"There are multitudes of commands that will allow you to do amazing things. There are many sources out there that will provide you with all of the info that you'll ever need."
howtoplay.conduits.text.1"An active Conduit gives you powers when you are underwater and when it rains."
howtoplay.conduits.text.2"A Conduit is crafted with Nautilus Shells and a Heart of the Sea. The Conduit draws power from Prismarine and Sea Lanterns."
howtoplay.conduits.text.3"Once activated, a Conduit will grant Conduit Power to anything nearby."
howtoplay.conduits.text.4"The more power it draws in, the further its abilities reach."
howtoplay.craftingATool"Crafting a Tool"
howtoplay.craftingATool.title"How to Play: Crafting a Tool"
howtoplay.craftingATool.text.1"§eTools§f help you get things done faster. Some, like the §epickaxe§f:wood_pickaxe: , let you mine stone and various ores. Others, like the §esword§f:wood_sword: , help you keep enemies at bay."
howtoplay.craftingATool.text.2.keyboard"To craft a tool, open up your §ecrafting table§f:crafting_table: by walking up to it and right-clicking it. You can craft a basic version of most tools using two sticks and a few planks - your §erecipe book§f will tell you how!"
howtoplay.craftingATool.text.2.gamepad"To craft a tool, open up your §ecrafting table§f:crafting_table: by walking up to it and pressing :_input_key.use:. You can craft a basic version of most tools using two sticks and a few planks - your §erecipe book§f will tell you how!"
howtoplay.craftingATool.text.2.touch"To craft a tool, open up your §ecrafting table§f:crafting_table: by walking up to it and tapping it. You can craft a basic version of most tools using two sticks and a few planks - your §erecipe book§f will tell you how!"
howtoplay.worldBuilder"World Builder"
howtoplay.worldBuilder.title"How to Play: World Builder"
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.1"To place or use certain Minecraft Education blocks or items, a player must possess a special ability called 'World Builder'."
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.2"With cheats activated, the host can enable or disable the World Builder ability for any players in the world."
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.3"To grant World Builder ability to all players in the world, run the following command:"
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.4"/ability @a worldbuilder true"
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.5"To quickly toggle your own World Builder ability, run either of the following commands:"
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.8"To query your World Builder ability, run the following command:"
howtoplay.worldBuilder.text.9"/ability @p worldbuilder"
howtoplay.permissionBlocks"Permission Blocks"
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.title"How to Play: Permission Blocks"
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.text.1"Minecraft Education features several special blocks that make it easier for teachers to create and employ lessons. Only players with World Builder ability can place and destroy these blocks. Only players without World Builder ability are subject to the restrictions imposed by these blocks."
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.text.2"Allow and Deny blocks control where players can build in a world."
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.text.3"Players can place or destroy blocks above Allow blocks. Players cannot place or destroy blocks above Deny blocks."
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.text.4"Allow and Deny blocks do not affect the area below them."
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.text.5"An Allow block with a Deny block somewhere below it prevents players from building in the space between the two blocks. Above the Allow block, players can place and destroy blocks."
howtoplay.permissionBlocks.text.6"Border blocks provide a force field that extends infinitely upward and downward, regardless of the presence of other blocks. Players cannot move through, over, or under a Border block. Players cannot place or destroy blocks that are above or below a Border block."
howtoplay.playingTogether"Playing Together"
howtoplay.playingTogether.title"Playing together"
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.1"Minecraft is a §emultiplayer§f game by default."
howtoplay.playingTogether.header.1"Online Multiplayer"
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.2"Every new world you create starts with multiplayer enabled. If you want to make it §eprivate§f, go to World Settings to turn off multiplayer."
howtoplay.playingTogether.header.2"Joining an Online Game"
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.3"To play with others, go to the §eFriends tab§f to see all available Realms, Friends, and LAN games. Just select any game to join it."
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.4"When you start or join an online game, your friends can see this in their Friends tab. If they join, it'll be visible to their friends as well."
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.5"You need to be signed in to a §eMicrosoft Account§f with an active internet connection to play multiplayer."
howtoplay.playingTogether.header.3"Realms - The best way to play together"
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.6"It's easy to play with friends using §eRealms§f."
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.7"You and up to 10 friends get 24/7 access to a world that's always online. Explore, get creative, or try curated content from Marketplace."
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.8"All you need is a paid Realms subscription. Why not try a free 30-day trial?"
howtoplay.playingTogether.header.4"Player Permissions"
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.9"You decide what people can do in your world by changing §eplayer permissions§f."
howtoplay.playingTogether.text.10"Open the game menu to see a list of players currently in your world, then select the permissions icon to adjust that player's permissions."
howtoplay.playingTogether.realms"Try Realms"
howtoplay.playingTogether.signIn"Sign in to try Realms"
howtoplay.chalkboard.title"How to Play: Chalkboards"
howtoplay.chalkboard.text.1"Chalkboards are used to display text in the world. Chalkboards display more text than Signs, can be edited after they have been placed, and come in three sizes: Slate, Poster, and Board. The lock toggle allows you to prevent non-World Builders from destroying or editing your chalkboards. Press :_input_key.use: on an existing chalkboard to edit it."
howtoplay.chalkboard.text.1.touch"Chalkboards are used to display text in the world. Chalkboards display more text than Signs, can be edited after they have been placed, and come in three sizes: Slate, Poster, and Board. The lock toggle allows you to prevent non-World Builders from destroying or editing your chalkboards. Tap an existing chalkboard to edit it."
howtoplay.chemistry.title"How to Play: Chemistry"
howtoplay.chemistry.text.1"Students can simulate real world chemistry by using the Chemistry Equipment blocks. Build any of the 118 different elements by adjusting the sliders in the Element Constructor or view the composition of elements by placing them in the Element Constructor. Combine elements in the Compound Creator to produce chemical compounds. Put elements and compounds into the Lab Table to create Minecraft items. Reduce blocks to their component elements with the Material Reducer."
howtoplay.chemistry.text.2"Download the Chemistry Journal from the Minecraft Education website for a comprehensive guide to chemistry in Minecraft."
howtoplay.npc"Non-Player Characters"
howtoplay.npc.title"How to Play: Non-Player Characters"
howtoplay.npc.text.1"NPCs are non-player characters that can provide additional lesson information, hints, or instructions."
howtoplay.npc.text.2"Only World Builders can place, delete, name, or edit NPCs. NPCs can execute commands and link to websites. Commands can be assigned to buttons in the NPC's dialog window; website links will always have a button."
howtoplay.npc.text.3"NPCs have a variety of skins to choose from and are immobile.""Camera""How to Play: Camera""The Camera allows players to take pictures in the world.""To take a picture from your point of view, press :_input_key.use:.""To take a picture from your point of view, tap and hold, then release.""To take a selfie, place a camera and press :_input_key.use: on it.""To take a selfie, place a camera and tap the Take Picture button.""Pictures can be viewed in the Portfolio or inserted into the Book & Quill."
howtoplay.portfolio.title"How to Play: Portfolio"
howtoplay.portfolio.text.1"Pictures you have taken appear in the Portfolio. Press :_input_key.use: to view the Portfolio. When viewing the Portfolio, you can add captions to pictures, delete pictures, and export pictures as a PDF."
howtoplay.portfolio.text.1.touch"Pictures you have taken appear in the Portfolio. Tap and hold to view the Portfolio. When viewing the Portfolio, you can add captions to pictures, delete pictures, and export pictures as a PDF."
howtoplay.classroomMode"Classroom Mode"
howtoplay.classroomMode.title"How to Play: Classroom Mode"
howtoplay.classroomMode.text.1"Classroom Mode is an external application that provides educators with features designed to facilitate interaction with students. You can download Classroom Mode from the Minecraft Education website."
howtoplay.classroomMode.text.2"As the host of a world, use the command /classroommode to launch the Classroom Mode app and connect it to Minecraft Education."
howtoplay.codeBuilder"Code Builder"
howtoplay.codeBuilder.title"How to Play: Code Builder"
howtoplay.codeBuilder.text.1"Code Builder allows players to explore, create, and play in Minecraft by writing code using familiar learn-to-code platforms."
howtoplay.codeBuilder.text.2"Launch Code Builder by pressing :_input_key.codeBuilder: or by using the command /code."
howtoplay.codeBuilder.text.2.touch"Launch Code Builder by tapping :code_builder_button: or by using the command /code."
howtoplay.craftingTable"Crafting Table"
howtoplay.craftingTable.text.1"The Crafting Table will let you craft more complicated recipes."
howtoplay.craftingTable.text.2.notTouch"Place it in the world, then press :_input_key.use: on the Crafting Table to use it."
howtoplay.craftingTable.text.2.touch"Place it in the world, then tap the Crafting Table to use it."
howtoplay.creativeMode"Creative Mode"
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.1"Creative Mode is there so you can build the land of your dreams mob free!"
howtoplay.creativeMode.header.1"Unlimited Building"
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.2"The creative mode interface allows any item in the game to be moved into the player's inventory without the need for mining or crafting the item. The items in the player's inventory will not be removed when they are placed or used in the world, and this allows the player to focus on building rather than resource gathering."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.3"If you create, load, or save a world in Creative Mode, that world will have achievements and leaderboard updates disabled, even if it is then loaded in Survival Mode."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.4.keyboard"To fly when in Creative Mode, press :_input_key.jump: twice quickly. To exit flying, repeat the action. To fly faster, push :_input_key.forward: twice in rapid succession or press :_input_key.sprint: while flying. When in flying mode, you can hold down :_input_key.jump: to move up and :_input_key.sneak: to move down."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.4.gamepad"To fly when in Creative Mode, press :_input_key.jump: twice quickly. To exit flying, repeat the action. To fly faster, push :_gamepad_stick_left: forward twice in rapid succession while flying. When in flying mode, you can hold down :_input_key.jump: to move up and :_input_key.sneak: to move down."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.4a.touch.joystick_tap_and_crosshair"To fly tap :tip_virtual_button_jump: twice quickly, and to stop flying tap :tip_virtual_button_fly_down: twice quickly."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.4b.touch.joystick_tap_and_crosshair"Tap :tip_virtual_button_sprint: to fly faster. To fly up tap and hold :tip_virtual_button_fly_up:, and to fly down tap and hold :tip_virtual_button_fly_down:."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.4a.touch.classic_dpad"To fly tap :touch_jump: twice quickly, and to stop flying tap :touch_stop_flying: twice quickly."
howtoplay.creativeMode.text.4b.touch.classic_dpad"Tap :touch_forward: twice quickly to fly faster. To fly up tap and hold :touch_fly_up:, and to fly down tap and hold :touch_fly_down:."
howtoplay.deathAndRespawn"Death and Respawn"
howtoplay.deathAndRespawn.title"How to Play: Death and Respawn"
howtoplay.deathAndRespawn.text.1"Enemies appear every night, and even the best of us can be caught off guard. If your §ehealth bar§f:heart: runs out, you'll die - and then respawn right where you started!"
howtoplay.deathAndRespawn.text.2"You have unlimited lives, but you drop all items in your inventory when you die. If you're quick enough, you can pick your items back up right where you dropped them."
howtoplay.difficulty.text.1"Minecraft has varying levels of difficulty so you can tailor the game to your level."
howtoplay.difficulty.text.2"No hostile mobs will spawn except for shulkers and the Ender Dragon, but they won't do any damage to you."
howtoplay.difficulty.text.3"Hostile mobs spawn but deal less damage. Hunger bar depletes and drains health down to 5 hearts."
howtoplay.difficulty.text.4"Hostile mobs will do normal damage, and if your hunger level drops to zero your health will begin to drop, but you won't die."
howtoplay.difficulty.text.5"Hostile mobs will do more damage, zombies will break through doors, and if your hunger level drops to zero, your health will drop and you could die."
howtoplay.dispensers.text.1"Dispensers are used to shoot out items. You will need to power each Dispenser with a redstone signal (for example, with a lever) to trigger it."
howtoplay.dispensers.text.2.notTouch"To fill a Dispenser with items, press :_input_key.use: on the Dispenser, then move the items that you want to dispense from your inventory to the Dispenser."
howtoplay.dispensers.text.2.touch"To fill a Dispenser, tap the Dispenser, then move the items that you want to dispense from your inventory into the Dispenser."
howtoplay.dispensers.text.3"Whenever you power a Dispenser, an item will shoot out."
howtoplay.dispensers.text.4"Dispensers can also be used to place items as well, such as Pumpkins on Iron Golems and equipment on Armor Stands."
howtoplay.droppers.text.1.notTouch"When powered by Redstone, Droppers will drop a single random item contained within. Press :_input_key.use: on the Dropper to open it and then you can load it with items from your inventory."
howtoplay.droppers.text.1.touch"When powered by Redstone, Droppers will drop a single random item contained within. Tap the Dropper to open it and then you can load the it with items from your inventory."
howtoplay.droppers.text.2"If a Dropper is facing a Chest or another type of container, the item will be placed into that instead. Long chains of Droppers can be constructed to transport items over a distance."
howtoplay.dyes.text.1"Dye is used to change the color of many things in Minecraft."
howtoplay.dyes.text.2"Some Dye materials are harder to find than others. Most Dyes can be crafted from flowers, like §eRed Dye§f from a Poppy, but some Dyes are found or created in more obscure ways such as:"
howtoplay.dyes.text.3"§eBlue Dye§f - Mining Lapis Lazuli deep underground"
howtoplay.dyes.text.4"§eBlack Dye§f - Collecting Ink Sacs from Squids"
howtoplay.dyes.text.5"§eBrown Dye§f - Harvesting Cocoa Beans in the Jungle"
howtoplay.dyes.text.6"§eGreen Dye§f - Smelted from Cactus"
howtoplay.dyes.text.7"§eWhite Dye§f - Crafted from Bone Meal"
howtoplay.elytra.text.1"Elytra are an item that can be equipped to allow gliding. Elytra are equipped in the chest armor slot."
howtoplay.elytra.text.2"Elytra cannot be crafted, but are found in Item Frames in rare End Ships, guarded by fearsome Shulkers."
howtoplay.elytra.header.1"Learn to Fly"
howtoplay.elytra.text.3.notTouch"When equipped with Elytra, a player can press :_input_key.jump: while falling to start gliding. Note that you need to be quite high to really get the full effect!"
howtoplay.elytra.text.3.touch"When equipped with Elytra, tap :touch_jump: or :tip_virtual_button_fly_up: while falling to start gliding. Make sure you're high up to get the full effect!"
howtoplay.elytra.text.4"While gliding, you can steer by looking around. If you look downwards, you'll move faster - but you'll also hit the ground sooner. If you look upwards, you'll gain some height - but do it for too long and you'll stall, falling instead of rising!"
howtoplay.elytra.text.4.touch"You can steer while gliding by looking around. If you look downwards, you'll gain some speed, but you'll also hit the ground faster. If you look upward, you'll gain some height, but do it for too long and you'll stall - which means you'll start falling."
howtoplay.elytra.text.5"Your Elytra will slowly lose durability while flying, and if they break mid-flight you'll fall. You can repair them by combining them with Phantom Membrane at an Anvil."
howtoplay.elytra.header.2"Rocket Powered Flight"
howtoplay.elytra.text.6"Firework Rockets that have no effects can be used to extend Elytra flight. You will be damaged if you use a Firework Rocket that has effects to extend flight."
howtoplay.enchantingTable"Enchanting Table"
howtoplay.enchantingTable.text.1"The Experience Points collected by picking up Experience Orbs can be used to enchant Weapons, Armor, Tools, and Books."
howtoplay.enchantingTable.text.2"When an enchantable item is placed in the slot below the book in the Enchantment Table, the three buttons to the right of the slot will display some enchantments with their Experience Level cost and Lapis Lazuli cost."
howtoplay.enchantingTable.text.3"The actual enchantment applied is randomly selected based on the cost displayed."
howtoplay.enchantingTable.header.2"Stronger Enchantments"
howtoplay.enchantingTable.text.4"If the Enchantment Table is surrounded by Bookshelves (up to a maximum of 15), with a one block gap between the Bookshelf and the Enchantment Table, arcane glyphs will be seen going to the book on the Enchantment Table and the potency of the enchantments will be increased."
howtoplay.enchantingTable.header.3"Enchanting Books"
howtoplay.enchantingTable.text.5"Enchanted Books are used at the Anvil to apply enchantments to items. This gives you more control over which enchantments you would like on your items."
howtoplay.encyclopedia.title"Minecraft Encyclopedia"
howtoplay.encyclopedia.text.1"Minecraft Encyclopedia"
howtoplay.endCities"End Cities"
howtoplay.endCities.text.1"After killing the Ender Dragon, an End Gateway will appear. Throwing an Ender Pearl into the portal will teleport you to the outer islands."
howtoplay.endCities.text.2"This alien new landscape must hide something interesting, and maybe something to bring back with you."
howtoplay.enderChest"Ender Chest"
howtoplay.enderChest.text.1"All Ender Chests in a world are linked. Items placed into an Ender Chest are accessible in any other Ender Chest. However, the contents of the Ender Chests are specific for each player. This allows players to store items in any Ender Chest, and retrieve them from other Ender Chests in different positions in the world."
howtoplay.eyeOfEnder"Eye Of Ender"
howtoplay.eyeOfEnder.text.1"Eyes of Ender are mysteriously connected to the End and will behave strangely when used."
howtoplay.eyeOfEnder.text.2"Rumor has it that they can lead you to open another dimension."
howtoplay.farming.text.1"There are a variety of different crops that you can farm in Minecraft. Farming, while challenging, can provide an infinite food source."
howtoplay.farming.header.1"Plan Ahead"
howtoplay.farming.text.2"Crops require light, water, and farmland to grow. You need a hoe, a water source, and seeds to farm."
howtoplay.farming.text.3"The Blocks next to the water need to be converted to farmland, do this with the hoe. Water will saturate up to four block away."
howtoplay.farming.header.2"Planting and Harvesting"
howtoplay.farming.text.4"Now you can plant your seeds. Make sure your crops are protected as they can easily die from being trampled or lack of water or light."
howtoplay.farming.text.5"Fences can help protect your crops from hungry rabbits or trampling toes!"
howtoplay.farming.text.6"When the crops are fully grown they change in appearance and can be harvested."
howtoplay.farming.text.7"Some plants like pumpkins and melons grow on stalks. Be careful not to harvest the stalks!"
howtoplay.fireworks.text.1"Fireworks are a fun way to create your own unique celebration in Minecraft!"
howtoplay.fireworks.text.2"Fireworks have two components, the Firework Rocket and the Firework Star."
howtoplay.fireworks.header.1"Firework Rocket"
howtoplay.fireworks.text.3.notTouch"To use a Firework, press :_input_key.use: on a block to send the Firework shooting into the sky. "
howtoplay.fireworks.text.3.touch"To use a Firework, tap on a block to send the Firework shooting into the sky. "
howtoplay.fireworks.text.4"Fireworks have no effect other than shooting up into the air."
howtoplay.fireworks.header.2"Firework Stars"
howtoplay.fireworks.text.5"Firework Stars can be added to during the crafting of the Firework Rocket to give it many different colors and effects."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6"Firework Stars are made from gunpowder and various other items:"
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6.1"§eColor§f - Adding dye of any color will make an explosion of that color."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6.2"§eTwinkle§f - Adding Glowstone Dust will make the explosion twinkle."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6.3"§eCreeper Shaped§f - Adding a Head will make a creeper pattern in the sky."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6.4"§eBurst§f - Adding a feather will give the explosion a burst effect."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6.5"§eTrail§f - Adding a Diamond will give the explosion trails."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.6.6"§eStar Shaped§f - Adding a Gold Nugget will make a star pattern in the sky."
howtoplay.fireworks.text.7"Fireworks can be fired from a dispenser. This will shoot the Firework in the direction that the dispenser is facing.""Fishing""Fishing must be done with a Fishing Rod and is an excellent way to catch some fish or other cool items from the sea!""Casting""Aim at a block of water and press :_input_key.use: while holding a fishing rod to cast the lure into the water.""Look at a block of water and tap the Fish button while holding a Fishing Rod to cast the lure into the water.""Fish On!""Wait until you start to see a trail of bubbles coming for the lure.""When the bubbles touch the lure, it will bob up and down. Press :_input_key.use: to reel in the lure. Be careful not to let your fish get away!""When the bubbles touch the lure, it will bob up and down. Tap the Fish button again to reel in the lure. Be careful not to let your fish get away!""Food""How to Play: Food""You'll slowly get hungry during your adventures - fortunately the Overworld is full of food! You can gather apples from trees, meat from animals, or why not grow your own crops using a hoe?""To eat a food, select it in your hotbar, then click and hold the right mouse button. Keep the §ehunger bar§f:shank: full to regain health when you take damage.""To eat a food, select it in your hotbar, then press and hold :_input_key.use:. Keep the §ehunger bar§f:shank: full to regain health when you take damage.""To eat a food, select it in your hotbar, then tap the screen and hold. Keep the §ehunger bar§f:shank: full to regain health when you take damage.""Some raw foods are better when cooked first on a campfire or in a furnace - your tummy will thank you!"
howtoplay.furnace.text.1"A Furnace allows you to cook or smelt items. For example, you can smelt Iron Ore into Iron Ingots."
howtoplay.furnace.text.2.notTouch"Place the Furnace in the world and press :_input_key.use: to use it."
howtoplay.furnace.text.2.touch"Place the Furnace in the world and tap to use it."
howtoplay.furnace.text.3"You need to put some fuel into the bottom of the Furnace, and the item that you want smelted in the top. The Furnace will then fire up and start working. Lots of things can be used as fuel; try experimenting with anything burnable!"
howtoplay.gameSettings"Game Settings"
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.1"When creating a world, you have many options. Below are the various settings that can be used to fine tune your experience. Don't worry if you didn't set them when you created the world, they can be changed at any time."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.2"§eWorld Name§f: This is where you can name your world."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.3"§eDefault Game Mode§f: This is the gamemode that all new players to the world will start with. You can have players start in either survival or creative mode. Selecting creative mode will turn cheats on."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.4"§eDifficulty§f: This setting affects how difficult the world will be. You can choose Peaceful, Easy, Normal, or Hard."
howtoplay.gameSettings.header.1"World Preferences "
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.5"§eStarting Map§f: If this setting is turned on, every player will start with a map in their hotbar."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.6"§eBonus Chest§f: If this setting is turned on, there will be a chest with some starting loot near your initial spawn location."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.7"§eWorld Type§f: This setting controls the way the world is created. Select Infinite or Flat from the drop down menu to change the world type."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.7.1" §eInfinite worlds§f go on and on forever."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.7.2" §eFlat worlds§f do not have any hills or trees, just an infinite flat area to fill with your creations."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.8"§eSeed§f: This is a unique number for the world. By entering a seed when you make a new world, you can control how it is created. You can also use a word or phrase for the seed and the game will convert it to a number for you."
howtoplay.gameSettings.header.2"Cheats and Gamerules"
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.9"§eActivate Cheats§f: This setting allows players to use commands. When a world is created with this setting on, all achievements are disabled."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.10"Below are gamerules, cheats must be turned on to use them:"
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.11"§eAlways Day§f: Night will never fall when this setting is turned on."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.12"§eDo Daylight Cycle§f: The time will not advance when this setting is turned off."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.13"§eKeep Inventory§f: This setting allows players to keep their inventory when they die."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.14"§eMob Spawning§f: This prevents all mobs from spawning when this setting is off."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.15"§eMob Griefing§f: Prevents mobs from destroying the world."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.16"§eEntities Drop Loot§f: Controls whether things like minecarts and armor stands will drop themselves when they are broken."
howtoplay.gameSettings.text.17"§eWeather Cycle§f: The weather will not change when this setting is turned off."
howtoplay.hoppers.text.1"Hoppers are used to automatically move items. Hoppers can be attached to some other items like containers such as Chests or Jukeboxes. "
howtoplay.hoppers.text.2"Hoppers will continuously remove items out of a container placed above them and move them into the container they are pointing to."
howtoplay.hoppers.text.3"To make a Hopper point to a particular block, place the Hopper against that block while sneaking."
howtoplay.hoppers.text.4"If a Hopper is powered by Redstone, it will become inactive and stop moving items."
howtoplay.hostAndPlayerOptions"Host and Player Options"
howtoplay.hostAndPlayerOptions.text.1.notTouch"When playing with cheats on, host options will allow you to teleport yourself or friends, change the weather, set the time of day, and change the entry point or world spawn of your game. Once cheats have been enabled, you can find these options in the chat window by pressing the [/] button next to the chat bar."
howtoplay.hostAndPlayerOptions.text.1.touch"When playing with cheats on, host options will allow you to teleport yourself or friends, change the weather, set the time of day, and change the entry point or world spawn of your game. Once cheats have been enabled, you can find these options in the chat window by tapping the chat button."
howtoplay.improvedTools"Improved tools"
howtoplay.improvedTools.title"How to Play: Improved tools"
howtoplay.improvedTools.text.1"Use your tools a lot and they'll eventually break. As you gather new materials, such as stone, you'll be able to craft better tools."
howtoplay.improvedTools.text.2"Tools of higher tiers are more durable, more efficient, and able to gather more valuable resources. Go out into the world and find out for yourself!"
howtoplay.inventory.title"How to Play: Inventory"
howtoplay.inventory.header.1"1. Inventory"
howtoplay.inventory.header.2"2. Hotbar"
howtoplay.inventory.text.1.pc_console"Your hotbar will fill up as you gather more resources. Press the :_input_key.inventory: button to access your §einventory§f, where you'll have more space for everything you've collected."
howtoplay.inventory.text.1.touch"Your hotbar will fill up as you gather more resources. Tap the :tip_touch_inventory: button to access your §einventory§f, where you'll have more space for everything you've collected."
howtoplay.inventory.text.1.rift"Your hotbar will fill up as you gather more resources. Press the :rift_B: button to access your §einventory§f, where you'll have more space for everything you've collected."
howtoplay.inventory.text.1.windowsmr"Your hotbar will fill up as you gather more resources. Press the :windowsmr_left_grab: button to access your §einventory§f, where you'll have more space for everything you've collected."
howtoplay.inventory.text.2.keyboard"Want to move something between your §ehotbar§f and your inventory? Open your inventory, click the item of your choice, then drag it to the empty item sloy you'd like to move it to."
howtoplay.inventory.text.2.gamepad"Want to move something between your §ehotbar§f and your inventory? Use the cursor to select an item and press :_gamepad_face_button_down:. Then, move your cursor to an empty item slot and press again to drop the item."
howtoplay.inventory.text.2.touch"Want to move something between your §ehotbar§f and your inventory? Tap the item of your choice, then tap the empty item slot that you'd like to move it to."
howtoplay.inventory.text.2.vr"Want to move something between your §ehotbar§f and your inventory? Use the cursor to select an item and press :_input_key.use:. Then, move your cursor to an empty item slot and press again to drop the item."
howtoplay.jukebox.text.1"The Jukebox will play Music Discs that you have found."
howtoplay.jukebox.header.1"Get the Party Started"
howtoplay.jukebox.text.2.notTouch"Press :_input_key.use: on a Jukebox with a Music Disc in your hand to play it. Press :_input_key.use: the Jukebox again to eject the Music Disc."
howtoplay.jukebox.text.2.touch"Tap a Jukebox with a Music Disc in your hand to play it. Tap the Jukebox again to eject the Music Disc."
howtoplay.jukebox.text.3"When a Jukebox is playing a Music Disc, it will power Redstone Dust."
howtoplay.jukebox.text.4"Try different Music Discs for a different power level."
howtoplay.jukebox.text.5"See what happens when you let it play to the end. "
howtoplay.jukebox.text.6"A Hopper can put a Music Disc in for you, and take it out when it's done playing."
howtoplay.jukebox.header.3"Finding Music Discs"
howtoplay.jukebox.text.7"There are a couple of Music Discs that can be found in Chests around the world."
howtoplay.jukebox.text.8"Others are more difficult to come by, Creepers secretly appreciate music."
howtoplay.loom.text.1"The Loom is a fast and efficient way to apply patterns to Banners. The Loom only uses one Dye to apply a pattern. It can also use Loom patterns to apply special patterns."
howtoplay.loom.text.2"By placing a Banner into the Loom's first slot, and any color dye into the second slot, patterns can be added to the Banner. Once a pattern is selected, take it from the output slot on the right and move it to your inventory."
howtoplay.loom.text.3"A Banner can have multiple layers allowing you to experiment with many different banner possibilities. Up to 6 patterns can be applied to a Banner to create a unique design."
howtoplay.loom.header.2"Loom Patterns "
howtoplay.loom.text.4"Adding a Loom Pattern to the Loom's third slot will allow the crafting of special patterns like a creeper face or a flower pattern. You will not lose your Loom Patterns when you apply these patterns to your Banners."
howtoplay.mining.title"How to Play: Mining"
howtoplay.mining.text.1"Not all crafting materials are on the surface - some may require you to dig underground or into a mountain."
howtoplay.mining.text.2"A §epickaxe§f:wood_pickaxe: helps you uncover all sorts of materials, such as stone, coal, iron, and precious ore - though you may need extra sturdy tools for some rarer materials!"
howtoplay.mining.text.3"Some raw metals will need to be smelted using a §efurnace§f:furnace: . Place a fuel like coal or wood logs in the fuel slot, then add raw ore to smelt it into something useful."
howtoplay.mounts.text.1"A player can ride any adult §eHorse§f, §eDonkey§f, §eMule§f, or §eCamel§f. Only Horses can be armored."
howtoplay.mounts.text.2"Mules and Donkeys may be equipped with saddlebags (for transporting items) by attaching a Chest. These saddlebags can then be accessed whilst riding or sneaking."
howtoplay.mounts.text.3.notTouch"Horses, Donkeys, and Mules must be §etamed§f before they can be used. A player can tame a horse by riding it and staying on while it tries to buck them off. Press :_input_key.use: with an empty hand to attempt to tame Horses, Donkeys, and Mules."
howtoplay.mounts.text.3.touch"Horses, Donkeys, and Mules must be §etamed§f before they can be used. A player can tame a horse by riding it and staying on while it tries to buck them off. Tap the Mount button that appears when near a horse to attempt to tame Horses, Donkeys, and Mules."
howtoplay.mounts.text.4"When Hearts appear around the horse, it has been tamed and will no longer attempt to throw the player off."
howtoplay.mounts.header.2"Riding Animals"
howtoplay.mounts.text.5"To steer horses and camels, the player must equip it with a §eSaddle§f. "
howtoplay.mounts.text.6"Saddles can be bought from villagers, found inside Chests hidden in the world, or acquired by fishing. While riding a horse, open your inventory and put a saddle in the horse's saddle slot."
howtoplay.mounts.text.6b"A camel can carry two players at the same time."
howtoplay.mounts.text.7"Horses and Donkeys can be bred like other animals using Golden Apples or Golden Carrots."
howtoplay.mounts.text.8"Foals will grow into adult horses over time, although feeding them Wheat or Hay will speed this up."
howtoplay.mounts.header.3"Pack Animals"
howtoplay.mounts.text.9"Llamas are another ridable mob which can be tamed and used to transport large shipments of items. "
howtoplay.mounts.text.10"Llamas can be tamed the same as horses. However, even when tamed, the player can't control their movements when riding them. "
howtoplay.mounts.text.11"A lead can be attached to one, and when this happens, surrounding llamas (both tamed and un-tamed) will follow, making a caravan. "
howtoplay.mounts.text.12"Llamas can be equipped with chests, giving it 3-15 slots of inventory space depending on the strength of the Llama. They can also be equipped with carpets. Each carpet color yields a different pattern."
howtoplay.mounts.text.13"Pigs can be ridden as well, although they won't go where you want without a little incentive. "
howtoplay.mounts.text.14"Equip a pig with a Saddle and point a Carrot on a Stick in the direction you want to go."
howtoplay.mounts.text.15.notTouch"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount."
howtoplay.mounts.text.15a.touch"When using the D-Pad control scheme, tap :touch_jump: to dismount an animal."
howtoplay.mounts.text.15b.touch"When using a Joystick control scheme, tap :tip_virtual_button_dismount: to dismount an animal."
howtoplay.movingAround"Moving around"
howtoplay.movingAround.title"How to Play: Moving around"
howtoplay.movingAround.text.1"Welcome to the Overworld, a blocky world full of adventure and possibility!"
howtoplay.movingAround.text.2.keyboard"Look around with the mouse."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.2.gamepad"Look around with :_gamepad_stick_right:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.2.touch"Look around by touching and dragging the screen."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.2.rift_controller"Look around with :rift_right_stick:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.2.windowsmr_controller"Look around with :windowsmr_right_stick:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3a.keyboard"Move around the world using :_input_key.forward: :_input_key.left: :_input_key.back: :_input_key.right:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3b.keyboard"Press :_input_key.jump: to jump."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3.gamepad"Move around the world using :_gamepad_stick_left:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3.touch.joystick_tap"Move around the world using the on-screen joystick:tip_virtual_joystick: ."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3a.touch.classic_dpad"Move around the world using the on-screen buttons."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3b.touch.classic_dpad":touch_forward: Walk forward"
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3c.touch.classic_dpad":touch_left: Left"
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3d.touch.classic_dpad":touch_right: Right"
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3e.touch.classic_dpad":touch_back: Back"
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3.touch.joystick_crosshair"Move around the world using the on-screen joystick:tip_virtual_joystick: ."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3.rift_controller"Move around the world using :rift_left_stick:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3b.rift_controller"Press :rift_A: to jump."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3.windowsmr_controller"Move around the world using :windowsmr_left_stick:."
howtoplay.movingAround.text.3b.windowsmr_controller"Press :windowsmr_right_touchpad: to jump."
howtoplay.gatheringResources"Gathering resources"
howtoplay.gatheringResources.title"How to Play: Gathering resources"
howtoplay.gatheringResources.text.1"The world is full of resources, including §ebuilding blocks§f, §ecrafting materials§f, and §efood§f."
howtoplay.gatheringResources.text.2.nottouch"You can §ebreak blocks§f with your bare hands to gather resources like dirt and wood. Aim at a block, then §epress and hold§f :_input_key.attack: until it breaks and the resources drop. "
howtoplay.gatheringResources.text.2.touch"You can §ebreak blocks§f with your bare hands to gather resources like dirt and wood. §eTouch and hold§f on the block until it breaks and the resources drop."
howtoplay.gatheringResources.text.2.touch.joystick_crosshair"You can §ebreak blocks§f with your bare hands to gather resources like dirt and wood. Aim at a block, then §etouch and hold§f :tip_virtual_button_action_attack_or_destroy: until it breaks and the resources drop. "
howtoplay.gatheringResources.text.2.pc"You can §ebreak blocks§f with your bare hands to gather resources like dirt and wood. Aim at a block, then §eclick and hold§f :_input_key.attack: until it breaks and the resources drop. "
howtoplay.gatheringResources.text.3"Pick up any dropped resources by walking over the floating icons."
howtoplay.selectingItems"Selecting items"
howtoplay.selectingItems.title"How to Play: Selecting items"
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.1"Resources you pick up will appear in your §ehotbar§f, which you'll find at the bottom of the screen."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.2.keyboard"To hold an item in your hand, scroll the mouse wheel to select the item. You can also use a number key: 1 is the first hotbar slot and 9 is the last. "
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.2.gamepad"To hold an item in your hand, use :_input_key.cycleItemLeft: and :_input_key.cycleItemRight: to select the item."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.2.touch"To hold an item in your hand, simply tap it in the hotbar."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.2.rift"To hold an item in your hand, use :rift_left_trigger: and :rift_left_grab: to select the item."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.2.windowsmr"To hold an item in your hand, use :windowsmr_left_touchpad_horizontal: to select the item."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.3.nottouch"Some items, like buckets, fishing rods, and bows, can be used by tapping the build/use button :_input_key.use:."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.3.touch"Some items, like buckets, fishing rods, and bows, can be used by touching and holding anywhere on the screen."
howtoplay.selectingItems.text.3.touch.joystick_crosshair"Some items, like buckets, fishing rods, and bows, can be used by tapping the build/use button :tip_virtual_button_action_build_or_use:."
howtoplay.selectingItems.header.1"1. Hotbar"
howtoplay.placingBlocks"Placing blocks"
howtoplay.placingBlocks.title"How to Play: Placing blocks"
howtoplay.placingBlocks.text.1"Any block you've picked up can placed back into the world. This way you can build a cozy §eshelter§f or anything else you can imagine!"
howtoplay.placingBlocks.text.2.nottouch"Choose a block in your hotbar, then press :_input_key.use: to place it."
howtoplay.placingBlocks.text.2.touch"Tap a block in your hotbar to select it, then tap somewhere in the world to place it."
howtoplay.placingBlocks.text.2.touch.joystick_crosshair"Tap a block in your hotbar to select it, then tap :tip_virtual_button_action_build_or_use: to place it."
howtoplay.placingBlocks.text.3"Don't worry if you place something in the wrong spot - simply break it again, then pick it back up!"
howtoplay.navigation.text.1"Navigation is an important skill that you will learn in Minecraft as it's not always easy to find your way home."
howtoplay.navigation.text.2"First of all, there are some basic tools that you should know about."
howtoplay.navigation.header.1"Navigation Tools"
howtoplay.navigation.text.3"A Compass will point in the direction of the first place you spawned into the world, an easy way to find where you started."
howtoplay.navigation.text.4"A Map lets you see the area you've explored. Put it in your offhand slot to use it like a mini-map. You can increase its size by adding more paper to the edges in a Crafting Table."
howtoplay.navigation.text.5"A Locator Map will show you where you are and what direction you are facing in relation to the Locator Map's origin. It will also show you the location of other players in the same world."
howtoplay.navigation.text.6"A Cartography Table can help you create, expand, copy and even name maps."
howtoplay.navigation.text.7"Place paper into the first slot to craft a Map. If you add a compass into the second slot you can craft a Locator Map. Adding Paper or a blank Map will let you expand or copy your Map."
howtoplay.navigation.header.2"Navigation Techniques"
howtoplay.navigation.text.8"Try to watch for landmarks as you explore. The more you play on a world, the more you will be able to remember where you are. Another good trick is to place Torches as you go so that you may find your way back home."
howtoplay.navigation.text.9"The sun can also tell you what direction you are facing. Remember: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west!"
howtoplay.navigation.header.3"Explorer Maps"
howtoplay.navigation.text.10"There are several places for you to explore. Find a village and look for a Cartographer. He will trade you Explorer Maps that will lead you to strange places very far away."
howtoplay.netherPortals"Nether Portal"
howtoplay.netherPortals.text.1"A Nether Portal allows you to travel to a different dimension."
howtoplay.netherPortals.text.2"If constructed correctly the Nether Portal can be lit and activated."
howtoplay.netherPortals.text.3"Example of a portal construction shown here:"
howtoplay.nightfall.text.1"In Minecraft, the sun rises and sets as you adventure in your world. As the sun sets, you must take precautions. There are many dangers at night!"
howtoplay.nightfall.header.1"Take Shelter"
howtoplay.nightfall.text.2"If you have not already, you will need a place to take shelter from the dark and what lurks within it. This can be as simple as a hole in the side of a hill or a small cabin in the forest."
howtoplay.nightfall.text.3"Be sure to block off all entrances, you may want to use a door so you can go in and out. If you have made a bed this is a good place to put it along with your Crafting Table and Furnace."
howtoplay.nightfall.text.4"Also be sure to light up the area with torches, it may save your life."
howtoplay.nightfallNew.title"How to Play: Nightfall""When the sun starts to set, it's time to get ready.""At night, the Overworld is home to zombies, spiders, skeletons, and other dangerous creatures we call §ehostile mobs§f.""Crafting some §etorches§f can help you see in the dark, while also keeping mobs from spawning too close.""While holding a torch, place it into the world by right-clicking a nearby free surface.""While holding a torch, place it into the world by pressing :_input_key.use:.""While holding a torch, place it into the world by tapping a nearby free surface.""While holding a torch, place it into the world by aiming at a nearby block and tapping :tip_virtual_button_action_build_or_use:."
howtoplay.pets.header.1"Befriending Pets"
howtoplay.pets.text.1.notTouch"There are several mobs in Minecraft that you can tame and make your pet. Each can be tamed by giving them an item that they like. Once tamed you can have them stay by pressing :_input_key.use: while looking at them."
howtoplay.pets.text.1.touch"There are several mobs in Minecraft that you can tame and make your pet. Each can be tamed by giving them an item that they like. Once tamed you can have them stay by tapping the Sit Button."
howtoplay.pets.text.2"Wolves are a neutral mob that hunt in the colder climates. They will attack Rabbits, Skeletons, and Sheep but run away from Llamas. They won't attack you unless you provoke them. You can tame them by giving them Bones."
howtoplay.pets.text.3"Cats are a neutral mob that can be found in villages. They will attack Rabbits and Baby Turtles. They will also keep Phantoms and Creepers away. They will try to run from you so taming them can be tough. They like fish so give them Raw Cod or Salmon to tame them."
howtoplay.pets.text.4"Parrots are a passive mob that live in the Jungle. They will imitate any other mob in the area. Seeds are their favorite, give them a few to tame them. Parrots will also sit on your shoulder... Yes, you can have more than one up there."
howtoplay.raids.text.1"While exploring the world you may encounter a Pillager encampment or patrol. Pillagers are always looking for villages to raid. Taking their Banners will get their attention, and they may choose to attack a nearby village."
howtoplay.raids.text.2"Be sure to defend your village, the attack will stop if you defeat all the raiders."
howtoplay.raids.header.1"I Need A Hero"
howtoplay.raids.text.3"Villagers will most likely be very grateful that you have saved them from the raiders. Be sure to check back with them, you might get a good deal."
howtoplay.ranching.text.1"In Minecraft, you can have your own ranch filled with livestock! Ranching provides lots of resources such as wool, eggs, and raw meat."
howtoplay.ranching.header.1"Growing Your Herd"
howtoplay.ranching.text.2"In order to keep your livestock growing, you have to make baby animals. Adult animals must enter Love Mode for this to happen. Feed the animals their preferred food to get them to enter Love Mode."
howtoplay.ranching.text.3"When two like animals are nearby and in Love Mode, they will kiss for a moment and then a baby animal will appear! The baby animal will stay with their parents until they grow into an adult. After having a baby, adult animals must wait 5 minutes before entering Love Mode."
howtoplay.ranching.header.2"What Do Mobs Eat?"
howtoplay.ranching.text.4"Cows, mooshrooms, and sheep all eat Wheat. Pigs can eat Carrots or Beetroot. Chickens love Seeds of any kinds. Rabbits will eat Carrots, Golden Carrots, or Dandelions. Ocelots enjoy Raw Cod or Salmon. Wolves like to eat any kind of meat."
howtoplay.ranching.text.5"Animals will follow you when you hold their desired food item. This will help you lead them to your ranch or another animal."
howtoplay.recipeBook"Recipe Book"
howtoplay.recipeBook.title"How to Play: Recipe Book"
howtoplay.recipeBook.text.1.keyboard"Don't worry, you don't need to remember every recipe by heart. The §erecipe book§f in your inventory keeps track of blocks and items you can craft - simply click a recipe to see what you need to craft it."
howtoplay.recipeBook.text.1.gamepad"Don't worry, you don't need to remember every recipe by heart. The §erecipe book§f in your inventory keeps track of blocks and items you can craft - simply select a recipe to see what you need to craft it."
howtoplay.recipeBook.text.1.touch"Don't worry, you don't need to remember every recipe by heart. The §erecipe book§f in your inventory keeps track of blocks and items you can craft - simply tap a recipe to see what you need to craft it."
howtoplay.recipeBook.text.2.keyboard"Once you've gathered the required crafting ingredients, click the recipe once more, then move it from the output slot to your hotbar or inventory."
howtoplay.recipeBook.text.2.gamepad"Once you've gathered the required crafting ingredients, select the recipe once more, then move it from the output slot to your hotbar or inventory."
howtoplay.recipeBook.text.2.touch"Once you've gathered the required crafting ingredients, tap the recipe once more, then move it from the output slot to your hotbar or inventory.""Redstone""Redstone Dust comes from Redstone that transmits an electrical signal. When it has power it lights up and transmits its signal to other Redstone items that are next to it.""Redstone Power""In order for one of these items to be powered, it needs a power source such as a Lever, Button, or Pressure Plate. Experiment to find them all!""Place some Redstone Dust next to a power source and turn it on to power it.""There are many items that use a Redstone signal to do something, such as a Hopper or a Piston.""Redstone allows for endless possibilities! Try creating something useful for yourself like an automatic farm!"
howtoplay.scaffolding.header.1"Reach For The Sky"
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1.keyboard"Scaffolding can help you create huge structures safely! You can walk inside scaffolding and stand on it. If you have a column of scaffolding you can go upward by standing in the scaffolding and pressing :_input_key.jump:. If you want to travel downward you can press :_input_key.sneak:."
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1.gamepad"Scaffolding can help you create huge structures safely! You can walk inside scaffolding and stand on it. If you have a column of scaffolding you can go upward by standing in the scaffolding and pressing the :_input_key.jump: button. If you want to travel downward you can press and hold the :_input_key.sneak: button."
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1a.touch"Scaffolding can help with building large structures by offering a way to reach higher places and safely descend without taking fall damage."
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1b.touch"When using the D-Pad control scheme, tap :touch_jump: to climb up a column of scaffolding. Tap :touch_fly_down: to climb down."
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1c.touch"When using a Joystick control scheme, press :tip_virtual_button_jump: to climb up a column of scaffolding. Tap :tip_virtual_button_sneak: to climb down."
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1.rift_controller"Scaffolding can help you create huge structures safely! You can walk inside scaffolding and stand on it. If you have a column of scaffolding you can go upward by standing in the scaffolding and pressing the :rift_A: button. If you want to travel downward you can press and hold the :rift_X: button."
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.1.windowsmr_controller"Scaffolding can help you create huge structures safely! You can walk inside scaffolding and stand on it. If you have a column of scaffolding you can go upward by standing in the scaffolding and pressing the :windowsmr_right_touchpad: button. If you want to travel downward you can press and hold the :windowsmr_right_stick: button."
howtoplay.scaffolding.header.2"Support Your Build"
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.2"Scaffolding needs support. You can only place so many scaffolding horizontally without touching a different block. When you attempt to place too many scaffolding blocks without proper support, it will fall. Scaffolding can be placed like normal blocks, but it can also be placed on its own foundation to quickly build a tall tower."
howtoplay.scaffolding.header.3"Break It Down"
howtoplay.scaffolding.text.3"When Scaffolding is broken it will also break every Scaffolding block that was being supported by it. This will let you quickly clean up your scaffolding by breaking the supporting blocks!"
howtoplay.structureBlocks"Structure Blocks"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.1"Structure Blocks give creators the ability to copy and save out sections of their world into structures. Saved structures can then be pasted back into the world."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.1"How to Obtain"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.2"To get a Structure Block you must use the /give slash command. To use a Structure Block, you must have Operator permissions."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.2" Modes"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.3"Structure Blocks have 4 modes that can be switched between with the Mode dropdown: Save, Load, Corner, and 3D Export."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.4"Save mode saves an area of the world as a structure. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.5"Load mode loads a structure into the world. Only structures saved to the world or included in a behavior pack that is applied to the world can be loaded. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.6"Corner mode is used with save mode's detect button to automatically set the area you want to save. See the Corner Mode section below for more details. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.7"3D Export exports a 3D model file on supported platforms. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.3"Preview Window"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.8"On the right side of the Structure Block screen, a preview of the area you have selected or the structure to load will appear depending on the mode the block is in."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.9.keyboard"Press :_input_key.attack: and drag, to rotate the 3D preview. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.9.gamepad"Use :_gamepad_stick_right: to rotate the 3D preview. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.9.touch"Touch and drag on the preview to rotate the 3D preview. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.4"Redstone Activation"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.10"Redstone can be used to activate a Structure Block. This will cause it to either save a structure out or load a structure into the world, depending on the mode of the block and its settings."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.5"Integrity and Seed"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.11"You can change how much of a structure is loaded in by changing the values for Integrity and Seed."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.12"Integrity - the percentage of blocks to load in from the structure, accepted values are 0 to 100. Blocks will be chosen randomly if a Seed is not specified. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.13"Seed - the value entered here will determine which blocks to remove when using Integrity. Leave this field blank if you want the blocks to be chosen randomly. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.6"Structure Void Blocks"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.14"When a structure with Structure Void blocks is loaded into the world, any block that would have been removed where the structure void block is loading into, will instead stay in the world."
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.15"Example: loading an empty shipwreck into the bottom of the ocean will normally copy air over the water blocks. If the shipwreck was filled with structure void, then the water will stay, and you will have a shipwreck filled with water. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.header.7"Detect and Corner Mode"
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.16"To automatically select the area you want to save, you can place Corner Mode blocks around your structure and name them with the same name as the structure you want to save. "
howtoplay.structureBlocks.text.17"Pressing the Detect button in Save mode will find all of the Corner Blocks with the same name and create a selection area so that it will save everything inside of the volume those Corner Blocks make. "
howtoplay.shulkerBoxes"Shulker Boxes"
howtoplay.shulkerBoxes.text.1"Combine two Shulker Shells with a Chest to create a Shulker Box. Shulker Shells are dropped by Shulkers found in End Cities. Unlike other containers, Shulker Boxes keep their items when broken. Shulker Boxes will break and drop as an item if pushed by Pistons, and can be placed using Dispensers."
howtoplay.theCraftingTable"The Crafting Table"
howtoplay.theCraftingTable.title"How to Play: The Crafting Table"
howtoplay.theCraftingTable.text.1"Ready to take your crafting to the next level? Place four planks in a square in your crafting grid, and you'll get a §ecrafting table§f :crafting_table: - a whole new way to craft."
howtoplay.theCraftingTable.text.2.keyboard"Place your crafting table in the world, then right-click it to open it. The larger crafting grid will let you make bigger and better things, including tools, beds, and doors."
howtoplay.theCraftingTable.text.2.gamepad"Place your crafting table in the world, then walk up to it and press :_input_key.use: to open it. The larger crafting grid will let you make bigger and better things, including tools, beds, and doors."
howtoplay.theCraftingTable.text.2.touch"Place your crafting table in the world, then tap it to open it. The larger crafting grid will let you make bigger and better things, including tools, beds, and doors."
howtoplay.theEnd"The End"
howtoplay.theEnd.text.1"The End is another dimension which can be accessed through an active End Portal. The End Portal can be found in a Stronghold, which is deep underground in the Overworld."
howtoplay.theEnd.text.2"Every End Portal frame block is missing something mysterious to bring out the power within."
howtoplay.theEnd.header.1"The Other Side"
howtoplay.theEnd.text.3"Once the portal is active, jump into it to go to The End."
howtoplay.theEnd.text.4"The End is home to the dreaded Ender Dragon. She is a fierce and powerful enemy and seems to draw power from strange crystals. Her breath and fireball attacks leave lingering acid across the battlefield. Bring some friends to ensure your victory!"
howtoplay.theEnd.text.5"If once wasn't enough, add four Ender Crystals to the exit portal corners to reawaken the Ender Dragon.""Tools""There are many tools in Minecraft that will allow you mine blocks faster than your fist. Tools can be crafted from Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Netherite.""Using the right tool for the job will not only mine that block faster, but will also lose less durability. More complex tools must be created in order to mine rarer resources.""Tools that Break Stuff""The Pickaxe is good at breaking hard blocks like Cobblestone, Iron, or Furnaces.""The Axe is good at breaking wooden blocks like Logs, Planks, or Crafting Tables.""The Shovel is good at breaking loose blocks like Dirt, Sand, and Gravel. Shovels can also create a path by pressing :_input_key.use: on grass blocks.""The Shovel is good at breaking loose blocks like Dirt, Sand, and Gravel. Shovels can also create a path by tapping on grass blocks.""The Hoe is required for tilling Dirt to plant crops. Press :_input_key.use: on Dirt or Grass blocks to turn them into Farmland.""The Hoe is required for tilling Dirt to plant crops. Tap Dirt or Grass blocks to turn them into Farmland.""All of these tools can accept enchantments, either from the Enchanting Table or Anvil.""Other Tools""There are even more tools to aid you on your adventure:""A Bucket will allow you to collect things like Water, Milk, Lava, and even Fish.""Flint & Steel allows you to light fires... be careful in densely wooded areas!""A Fishing Rod lets you catch fish and other loot from water blocks. It can also be used to pull other players and mobs. Fishing Rods can also be enchanted!""Shears are very handy for collecting items like Wool, Leaves, and Cobwebs.""Villager Trading""Trading can be done in villages. Each villager has a profession; they can be Farmers, Butchers, Blacksmiths, Cartographers, Librarians, or Priests. Some professions will trade for items that other professions cannot. Explore and trade with many villagers to find all the trades. ""Goods for Emeralds""You can find out what a villager is offering as trade by interacting with them. A villager may adjust the price of a trade whenever a player trades with it. A villager may run out of stock, temporarily disabling the trade if it is used too frequently. Trades usually involve buying or selling items for emeralds. ""As you trade with villagers, they will get better at their profession and start to offer better and more valuable trades.""Take care of your villagers, they need to rest, work, and eat to thrive."
howtoplay.transportation.text.1"There are many ways to get around other than walking or riding a mount or flying."
howtoplay.transportation.text.2"Minecarts are ridable carts that roll on Rails. You can make the Rails go wherever you want by placing them next to each other. Place a Minecart on the Rails and you are ready to ride."
howtoplay.transportation.text.2.touch"Minecarts are ridable carts that roll on Rails, which you can build to go anywhere. Just place multiple Rails next to each other, place a Minecart on it, and you're ready to ride."
howtoplay.transportation.text.3.keyboard"Press :_input_key.use: while looking at a Minecart to hop in and ride. Press :_input_key.forward: to roll forward. Press :_input_key.jump: or :_input_key.sneak: to get out. "
howtoplay.transportation.text.3.gamepad"Press :_input_key.use: while looking at a Minecart to hop in and ride. Push :_gamepad_stick_left: forward to roll forward. Press :_input_key.jump: or :_input_key.sneak: to get out."
howtoplay.transportation.text.3a.touch"Look at a Minecart and tap "Ride" to hop in."
howtoplay.transportation.text.3b.touch"When using the D-Pad control scheme, tap and hold :touch_forward: to start moving forward and build momentum, and tap :touch_jump: to get out."
howtoplay.transportation.text.3c.touch"When using a Joystick control scheme, drag :tip_virtual_joystick: up to start moving forward and build momentum, and tap :tip_virtual_button_dismount: to get out."
howtoplay.transportation.text.4"Boats let you travel across water. Place one on a water block and you are ready to go."
howtoplay.transportation.text.4.touch"Boats let you travel across water. Just place one on a water block and you're ready to go."
howtoplay.transportation.text.5.keyboard"Press :_input_key.use: while looking at a Boat to board it. Press :_input_key.left: or :_input_key.right: to turn left or right. Press :_input_key.forward: to move forward. Press :_input_key.jump: or :_input_key.sneak: to get out."
howtoplay.transportation.text.5.gamepad"Press :_input_key.use: while looking at a Boat to board it. Push :_gamepad_stick_left: left or right to turn. Push :_gamepad_stick_left: forward to move forward. Press :_input_key.jump: or :_input_key.sneak: to get out."
howtoplay.transportation.text.5a.touch"Look at a Boat and tap "Board" to board it."
howtoplay.transportation.text.5b.touch"When using the D-Pad control scheme, tap :touch_left: or :touch_right: to turn left or right, or tap and hold both to move forward. Tap "Leave Boat" to get out."
howtoplay.transportation.text.5c.touch"When using a Joystick control scheme, drag :tip_virtual_joystick: up to move forward and tap :tip_virtual_button_dismount: to get out."
howtoplay.weapons.text.1"The Sword is the primary melee weapon in Minecraft. It can be made from Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Netherite. Jump attacks do critical damage!"
howtoplay.weapons.text.2.notTouch"Press :_input_key.attack: with a Sword in your hand to attack. "
howtoplay.weapons.text.2.touch"Tap mobs to attack them."
howtoplay.weapons.text.3.notTouch"The Bow is the primary ranged weapon in Minecraft. Press and hold :_input_key.use: to draw the bow back. Release :_input_key.use: to fire an arrow. The bow requires arrows to fire. "
howtoplay.weapons.text.3.touch"The Bow is the primary ranged weapon in Minecraft. Press and hold the Screen to draw the bow back. Release the press to fire an arrow. The bow requires arrows to fire."
howtoplay.weapons.text.4"Bows do more damage the further they are pulled back, make sure to pull it all the way back."
howtoplay.weapons.text.5.notTouch"The Crossbow is an alternate ranged weapon. Press and hold the :_input_key.use: to load the crossbow. Once the Crossbow is loaded, it will stay loaded until it is fired. Press :_input_key.use: to fire an arrow. The Crossbow requires arrows to load."
howtoplay.weapons.text.5a.touch"The crossbow is a ranged weapon which requires an arrow to be loaded. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to load the crossbow with an arrow."
howtoplay.weapons.text.5b.touch"Once you've loaded the crossbow it'll stay loaded until fired, even when you put it in your inventory."
howtoplay.weapons.text.5c.touch"Tap anywhere on the screen to fire a loaded crossbow."
howtoplay.weapons.text.5d.touch"If you're using Action Buttons, tap :tip_virtual_button_action_build_or_use: to fire a loaded crossbow."
howtoplay.weapons.text.6.notTouch"The Trident is a dual-purpose melee and ranged weapon. Press :_input_key.attack: to attack. Press and hold :_input_key.use: to draw the trident back. Release :_input_key.use: to throw the trident. The Trident is the best weapon underwater."
howtoplay.weapons.text.6.touch"The Trident is a dual-purpose melee and ranged weapon. Tap mobs to attack them. Press and hold the Screen to draw the trident back. Release the press to throw the trident. The Trident is the best weapon underwater."
howtoplay.weapons.header.5"Enchanted Weapons"
howtoplay.weapons.text.7"The Sword, Bow, Crossbow, and Trident have specific enchantments that you can get from the Enchanting Table or Anvil that will improve damage, durability and even light mobs on fire!"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft"Your first craft"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.title"How to Play: Your First Craft"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.header.1"1. Crafting grid"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.1"Many blocks, like wood, can be turned into useful items by crafting. To do this, you'll find a simple §ecrafting grid§f on the right-hand side of your inventory screen."
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.2"For example, put a single wood log anywhere on the crafting grid, and several planks will appear in the §eoutput slot§f."
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.3.touch"Simply tap your shiny new planks and they will appear in your hotbar. Now you're ready to place them into the world!"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.3.keyboard"Simply drag your shiny new planks to your hotbar. Now you're ready to place them into the world!"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.3.gamepad"Simply select your shiny new planks and they will appear in your hotbar. Now you're ready to place them into the world!"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.header.2"2. Crafting recipe"
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.4"Some items require you to place your crafting ingredients in a certain shape - also called a §erecipe§f."
howtoplay.yourFirstCraft.text.5"Try placing two planks above each other to create some sticks. Useful for all sorts of things!"
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level.import.started"World import started..."
level.export.success"World export finished successfully"
level.import.success"World import finished successfully"
level.export.failed"World export failed"
level.import.failed"World import failed"
level.import.failed.incompatibleEdition"World import failed: Unsupported file format"
level.editor.export.started"Project export started..."
level.editor.import.started"Project import started..."
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level.editor.import.success"Project import finished successfully"
level.editor.export.failed"Project export failed"
level.editor.import.failed"Project import failed"
level.editor.import.failed.incompatibleEdition"Project import failed: Unsupported file format"
inbox.invite.title"Realms Invite"
invite.clear"Clear Selection"
invite.send"Send %d Invites"
invite.sendOne"Send 1 Invite"
invite.sendUnnumbered"Send Invites"
invite.title"Invite Friends to your Game"
invite.titleRealms"Invite Members to your Realm Server"
invite.error.message"Some of your invites may have failed to send."
invite.noFriends"You haven't added anyone to your friend's list!"
invite.noRealmFriends"You haven't added anyone to your Realm!"
invite.OnlineFriends"Online Friends"
invite.OfflineFriends"Offline Friends"
invite.SuggestedFriends"Suggested Friends"
invite.error1"Something went wrong. We couldn't load your friends list."
invite.error2"Something went wrong. We couldn't load some of your friends details."
invite.realm.add_member"Add Realm Members"
invite.notification.title"Game Invite"
invite.notification.description"%s has invited you to play Minecraft"
invite.confirmation.description"%s has invited you to play Minecraft"
inventory.binSlot"Destroy Item""Air""Apple""Adult %1$s Axolotl""Baby %1$s Axolotl""Leucistic""Cyan""Gold""Brown""Blue""Golden Apple""Enchanted Apple""Armor Stand""Arrow""Tipped Arrow""Black Banner""Blue Banner""Black Bordure""Blue Bordure"
item.banner.border.brown"Brown Bordure"
item.banner.border.cyan"Cyan Bordure"
item.banner.border.gray"Gray Bordure""Green Bordure"
item.banner.border.lightBlue"Light Blue Bordure"
item.banner.border.lime"Lime Bordure"
item.banner.border.magenta"Magenta Bordure""Orange Bordure""Pink Bordure"
item.banner.border.purple"Purple Bordure""Red Bordure"
item.banner.border.silver"Light Gray Bordure"
item.banner.border.white"White Bordure"
item.banner.border.yellow"Yellow Bordure""Black Field Masoned""Blue Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.brown"Brown Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.cyan"Cyan Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.gray"Gray Field Masoned""Green Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.lightBlue"Light Blue Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.lime"Lime Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.magenta"Magenta Field Masoned""Orange Field Masoned""Pink Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.purple"Purple Field Masoned""Red Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.silver"Light Gray Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.white"White Field Masoned"
item.banner.bricks.yellow"Yellow Field Masoned""Brown Banner""Black Roundel""Blue Roundel""Brown Roundel""Cyan Roundel""Gray Roundel""Green Roundel""Light Blue Roundel""Lime Roundel""Magenta Roundel""Orange Roundel""Pink Roundel""Purple Roundel""Red Roundel""Light Gray Roundel""White Roundel""Yellow Roundel""Black Creeper Charge""Blue Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.brown"Brown Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.cyan"Cyan Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.gray"Gray Creeper Charge""Green Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.lightBlue"Light Blue Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.lime"Lime Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.magenta"Magenta Creeper Charge""Orange Creeper Charge""Pink Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.purple"Purple Creeper Charge""Red Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.silver"Light Gray Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.white"White Creeper Charge"
item.banner.creeper.yellow"Yellow Creeper Charge""Black Saltire""Blue Saltire"
item.banner.cross.brown"Brown Saltire"
item.banner.cross.cyan"Cyan Saltire"
item.banner.cross.gray"Gray Saltire""Green Saltire"
item.banner.cross.lightBlue"Light Blue Saltire"
item.banner.cross.lime"Lime Saltire"
item.banner.cross.magenta"Magenta Saltire""Orange Saltire""Pink Saltire"
item.banner.cross.purple"Purple Saltire""Red Saltire"
item.banner.cross.silver"Light Gray Saltire"
item.banner.cross.white"White Saltire"
item.banner.cross.yellow"Yellow Saltire""Black Bordure Indented""Blue Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.brown"Brown Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.cyan"Cyan Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.gray"Gray Bordure Indented""Green Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.lightBlue"Light Blue Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.lime"Lime Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.magenta"Magenta Bordure Indented""Orange Bordure Indented""Pink Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.purple"Purple Bordure Indented""Red Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.silver"Light Gray Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.white"White Bordure Indented"
item.banner.curly_border.yellow"Yellow Bordure Indented""Cyan Banner""Black Per Bend Sinister""Blue Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.brown"Brown Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.cyan"Cyan Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.gray"Gray Per Bend Sinister""Green Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.lime"Lime Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.magenta"Magenta Per Bend Sinister""Orange Per Bend Sinister""Pink Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.purple"Purple Per Bend Sinister""Red Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.silver"Light Gray Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.white"White Per Bend Sinister"
item.banner.diagonal_left.yellow"Yellow Per Bend Sinister""Black Per Bend""Blue Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.brown"Brown Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.cyan"Cyan Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.gray"Gray Per Bend""Green Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.lime"Lime Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.magenta"Magenta Per Bend""Orange Per Bend""Pink Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.purple"Purple Per Bend""Red Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.silver"Light Gray Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.white"White Per Bend"
item.banner.diagonal_right.yellow"Yellow Per Bend""Black Per Bend Inverted""Blue Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.brown"Brown Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.cyan"Cyan Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.gray"Gray Per Bend Inverted""Green Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.lime"Lime Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.magenta"Magenta Per Bend Inverted""Orange Per Bend Inverted""Pink Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.purple"Purple Per Bend Inverted""Red Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.silver"Light Gray Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.white"White Per Bend Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_left.yellow"Yellow Per Bend Inverted""Black Per Bend Sinister Inverted""Blue Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.brown"Brown Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.cyan"Cyan Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.gray"Gray Per Bend Sinister Inverted""Green Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.lime"Lime Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.magenta"Magenta Per Bend Sinister Inverted""Orange Per Bend Sinister Inverted""Pink Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.purple"Purple Per Bend Sinister Inverted""Red Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.silver"Light Gray Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.white"White Per Bend Sinister Inverted"
item.banner.diagonal_up_right.yellow"Yellow Per Bend Sinister Inverted""Black Flower Charge""Blue Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.brown"Brown Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.cyan"Cyan Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.gray"Gray Flower Charge""Green Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.lightBlue"Light Blue Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.lime"Lime Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.magenta"Magenta Flower Charge""Orange Flower Charge""Pink Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.purple"Purple Flower Charge""Red Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.silver"Light Gray Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.white"White Flower Charge"
item.banner.flower.yellow"Yellow Flower Charge""Black Globe""Blue Globe"
item.banner.globe.brown"Brown Globe"
item.banner.globe.cyan"Cyan Globe"
item.banner.globe.gray"Gray Globe""Green Globe"
item.banner.globe.lightBlue"Light Blue Globe"
item.banner.globe.lime"Lime Globe"
item.banner.globe.magenta"Magenta Globe""Orange Globe""Pink Globe"
item.banner.globe.purple"Purple Globe""Red Globe"
item.banner.globe.silver"Light Gray Globe"
item.banner.globe.white"White Globe"
item.banner.globe.yellow"Yellow Globe""Black Gradient""Blue Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.brown"Brown Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.cyan"Cyan Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.gray"Gray Gradient""Green Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.lightBlue"Light Blue Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.lime"Lime Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.magenta"Magenta Gradient""Orange Gradient""Pink Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.purple"Purple Gradient""Red Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.silver"Light Gray Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.white"White Gradient"
item.banner.gradient.yellow"Yellow Gradient""Black Base Gradient""Blue Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.brown"Brown Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.cyan"Cyan Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.gray"Gray Base Gradient""Green Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.lightBlue"Light Blue Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.lime"Lime Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.magenta"Magenta Base Gradient""Orange Base Gradient""Pink Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.purple"Purple Base Gradient""Red Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.silver"Light Gray Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.white"White Base Gradient"
item.banner.gradient_up.yellow"Yellow Base Gradient""Gray Banner""Green Banner""Black Per Fess""Blue Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.brown"Brown Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.cyan"Cyan Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.gray"Gray Per Fess""Green Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.lime"Lime Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.magenta"Magenta Per Fess""Orange Per Fess""Pink Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.purple"Purple Per Fess""Red Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.silver"Light Gray Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.white"White Per Fess"
item.banner.half_horizontal.yellow"Yellow Per Fess""Black Per Fess Inverted""Blue Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.brown"Brown Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.cyan"Cyan Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.gray"Gray Per Fess Inverted""Green Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.lime"Lime Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.magenta"Magenta Per Fess Inverted""Orange Per Fess Inverted""Pink Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.purple"Purple Per Fess Inverted""Red Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.silver"Light Gray Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.white"White Per Fess Inverted"
item.banner.half_horizontal_bottom.yellow"Yellow Per Fess Inverted""Black Per Pale""Blue Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.brown"Brown Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.cyan"Cyan Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.gray"Gray Per Pale""Green Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.lime"Lime Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.magenta"Magenta Per Pale""Orange Per Pale""Pink Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.purple"Purple Per Pale""Red Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.silver"Light Gray Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.white"White Per Pale"
item.banner.half_vertical.yellow"Yellow Per Pale""Black Per Pale Inverted""Blue Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.brown"Brown Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.cyan"Cyan Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.gray"Gray Per Pale Inverted""Green Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.lightBlue"Light Blue Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.lime"Lime Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.magenta"Magenta Per Pale Inverted""Orange Per Pale Inverted""Pink Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.purple"Purple Per Pale Inverted""Red Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.silver"Light Gray Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.white"White Per Pale Inverted"
item.banner.half_vertical_right.yellow"Yellow Per Pale Inverted""Illager Banner""Light Blue Banner""Lime Banner""Magenta Banner""Black Thing""Blue Thing"
item.banner.mojang.brown"Brown Thing"
item.banner.mojang.cyan"Cyan Thing"
item.banner.mojang.gray"Gray Thing""Green Thing"
item.banner.mojang.lightBlue"Light Blue Thing"
item.banner.mojang.lime"Lime Thing"
item.banner.mojang.magenta"Magenta Thing""Orange Thing""Pink Thing"
item.banner.mojang.purple"Purple Thing""Red Thing"
item.banner.mojang.silver"Light Gray Thing"
item.banner.mojang.white"White Thing"
item.banner.mojang.yellow"Yellow Thing""Orange Banner""Black Snout""Blue Snout"
item.banner.piglin.brown"Brown Snout"
item.banner.piglin.cyan"Cyan Snout"
item.banner.piglin.gray"Gray Snout""Green Snout"
item.banner.piglin.lightBlue"Light Blue Snout"
item.banner.piglin.lime"Lime Snout"
item.banner.piglin.magenta"Magenta Snout""Orange Snout""Pink Snout"
item.banner.piglin.purple"Purple Snout""Red Snout"
item.banner.piglin.silver"Light Gray Snout"
item.banner.piglin.white"White Snout"
item.banner.piglin.yellow"Yellow Snout""Pink Banner""Purple Banner""Red Banner""Black Lozenge""Blue Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.brown"Brown Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.cyan"Cyan Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.gray"Gray Lozenge""Green Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.lightBlue"Light Blue Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.lime"Lime Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.magenta"Magenta Lozenge""Orange Lozenge""Pink Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.purple"Purple Lozenge""Red Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.silver"Light Gray Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.white"White Lozenge"
item.banner.rhombus.yellow"Yellow Lozenge""Light Gray Banner""Black Skull Charge""Blue Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.brown"Brown Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.cyan"Cyan Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.gray"Gray Skull Charge""Green Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.lightBlue"Light Blue Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.lime"Lime Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.magenta"Magenta Skull Charge""Orange Skull Charge""Pink Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.purple"Purple Skull Charge""Red Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.silver"Light Gray Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.white"White Skull Charge"
item.banner.skull.yellow"Yellow Skull Charge""Black Paly""Blue Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.brown"Brown Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.cyan"Cyan Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.gray"Gray Paly""Green Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.lightBlue"Light Blue Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.lime"Lime Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.magenta"Magenta Paly""Orange Paly""Pink Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.purple"Purple Paly""Red Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.silver"Light Gray Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.white"White Paly"
item.banner.small_stripes.yellow"Yellow Paly""Black Base Dexter Canton""Blue Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.brown"Brown Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.cyan"Cyan Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.gray"Gray Base Dexter Canton""Green Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.lightBlue"Light Blue Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.lime"Lime Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.magenta"Magenta Base Dexter Canton""Orange Base Dexter Canton""Pink Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.purple"Purple Base Dexter Canton""Red Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.silver"Light Gray Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.white"White Base Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_left.yellow"Yellow Base Dexter Canton""Black Base Sinister Canton""Blue Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.brown"Brown Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.cyan"Cyan Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.gray"Gray Base Sinister Canton""Green Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.lightBlue"Light Blue Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.lime"Lime Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.magenta"Magenta Base Sinister Canton""Orange Base Sinister Canton""Pink Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.purple"Purple Base Sinister Canton""Red Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.silver"Light Gray Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.white"White Base Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_bottom_right.yellow"Yellow Base Sinister Canton""Black Chief Dexter Canton""Blue Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.brown"Brown Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.cyan"Cyan Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.gray"Gray Chief Dexter Canton""Green Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.lightBlue"Light Blue Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.lime"Lime Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.magenta"Magenta Chief Dexter Canton""Orange Chief Dexter Canton""Pink Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.purple"Purple Chief Dexter Canton""Red Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.silver"Light Gray Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.white"White Chief Dexter Canton"
item.banner.square_top_left.yellow"Yellow Chief Dexter Canton""Black Chief Sinister Canton""Blue Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.brown"Brown Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.cyan"Cyan Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.gray"Gray Chief Sinister Canton""Green Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.lightBlue"Light Blue Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.lime"Lime Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.magenta"Magenta Chief Sinister Canton""Orange Chief Sinister Canton""Pink Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.purple"Purple Chief Sinister Canton""Red Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.silver"Light Gray Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.white"White Chief Sinister Canton"
item.banner.square_top_right.yellow"Yellow Chief Sinister Canton""Black Cross""Blue Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.brown"Brown Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.cyan"Cyan Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.gray"Gray Cross""Green Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.lightBlue"Light Blue Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.lime"Lime Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.magenta"Magenta Cross""Orange Cross""Pink Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.purple"Purple Cross""Red Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.silver"Light Gray Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.white"White Cross"
item.banner.straight_cross.yellow"Yellow Cross""Black Base Fess""Blue Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.brown"Brown Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.cyan"Cyan Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.gray"Gray Base Fess""Green Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.lightBlue"Light Blue Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.lime"Lime Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.magenta"Magenta Base Fess""Orange Base Fess""Pink Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.purple"Purple Base Fess""Red Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.silver"Light Gray Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.white"White Base Fess"
item.banner.stripe_bottom.yellow"Yellow Base Fess""Black Pale""Blue Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.brown"Brown Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.cyan"Cyan Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.gray"Gray Pale""Green Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.lightBlue"Light Blue Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.lime"Lime Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.magenta"Magenta Pale""Orange Pale""Pink Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.purple"Purple Pale""Red Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.silver"Light Gray Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.white"White Pale"
item.banner.stripe_center.yellow"Yellow Pale""Black Bend Sinister""Blue Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.brown"Brown Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.cyan"Cyan Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.gray"Gray Bend Sinister""Green Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.lightBlue"Light Blue Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.lime"Lime Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.magenta"Magenta Bend Sinister""Orange Bend Sinister""Pink Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.purple"Purple Bend Sinister""Red Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.silver"Light Gray Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.white"White Bend Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_downleft.yellow"Yellow Bend Sinister""Black Bend""Blue Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.brown"Brown Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.cyan"Cyan Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.gray"Gray Bend""Green Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.lightBlue"Light Blue Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.lime"Lime Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.magenta"Magenta Bend""Orange Bend""Pink Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.purple"Purple Bend""Red Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.silver"Light Gray Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.white"White Bend"
item.banner.stripe_downright.yellow"Yellow Bend""Black Pale Dexter""Blue Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.brown"Brown Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.cyan"Cyan Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.gray"Gray Pale Dexter""Green Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.lightBlue"Light Blue Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.lime"Lime Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.magenta"Magenta Pale Dexter""Orange Pale Dexter""Pink Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.purple"Purple Pale Dexter""Red Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.silver"Light Gray Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.white"White Pale Dexter"
item.banner.stripe_left.yellow"Yellow Pale Dexter""Black Fess""Blue Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.brown"Brown Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.cyan"Cyan Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.gray"Gray Fess""Green Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.lightBlue"Light Blue Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.lime"Lime Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.magenta"Magenta Fess""Orange Fess""Pink Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.purple"Purple Fess""Red Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.silver"Light Gray Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.white"White Fess"
item.banner.stripe_middle.yellow"Yellow Fess""Black Pale Sinister""Blue Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.brown"Brown Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.cyan"Cyan Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.gray"Gray Pale Sinister""Green Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.lightBlue"Light Blue Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.lime"Lime Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.magenta"Magenta Pale Sinister""Orange Pale Sinister""Pink Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.purple"Purple Pale Sinister""Red Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.silver"Light Gray Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.white"White Pale Sinister"
item.banner.stripe_right.yellow"Yellow Pale Sinister""Black Chief Fess""Blue Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.brown"Brown Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.cyan"Cyan Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.gray"Gray Chief Fess""Green Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.lightBlue"Light Blue Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.lime"Lime Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.magenta"Magenta Chief Fess""Orange Chief Fess""Pink Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.purple"Purple Chief Fess""Red Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.silver"Light Gray Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.white"White Chief Fess"
item.banner.stripe_top.yellow"Yellow Chief Fess""Black Chevron""Blue Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.brown"Brown Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.cyan"Cyan Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.gray"Gray Chevron""Green Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.lightBlue"Light Blue Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.lime"Lime Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.magenta"Magenta Chevron""Orange Chevron""Pink Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.purple"Purple Chevron""Red Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.silver"Light Gray Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.white"White Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_bottom.yellow"Yellow Chevron""Black Inverted Chevron""Blue Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.brown"Brown Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.cyan"Cyan Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.gray"Gray Inverted Chevron""Green Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.lightBlue"Light Blue Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.lime"Lime Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.magenta"Magenta Inverted Chevron""Orange Inverted Chevron""Pink Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.purple"Purple Inverted Chevron""Red Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.silver"Light Gray Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.white"White Inverted Chevron"
item.banner.triangle_top.yellow"Yellow Inverted Chevron""Black Base Indented""Blue Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.brown"Brown Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.cyan"Cyan Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.gray"Gray Base Indented""Green Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.lightBlue"Light Blue Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.lime"Lime Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.magenta"Magenta Base Indented""Orange Base Indented""Pink Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.purple"Purple Base Indented""Red Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.silver"Light Gray Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.white"White Base Indented"
item.banner.triangles_bottom.yellow"Yellow Base Indented""Black Chief Indented""Blue Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.brown"Brown Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.cyan"Cyan Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.gray"Gray Chief Indented""Green Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.lightBlue"Light Blue Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.lime"Lime Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.magenta"Magenta Chief Indented""Orange Chief Indented""Pink Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.purple"Purple Chief Indented""Red Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.silver"Light Gray Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.white"White Chief Indented"
item.banner.triangles_top.yellow"Yellow Chief Indented""White Banner""Yellow Banner"
item.banner.illager"Illager""Black Bed""Red Bed""Green Bed""Brown Bed""Blue Bed""Purple Bed""Cyan Bed""Light Gray Bed""Gray Bed""Pink Bed""Lime Bed""Yellow Bed""Light Blue Bed""Magenta Bed""Orange Bed""White Bed""Bell""Steak""Raw Beef""Beetroot""Beetroot Soup""Blaze Powder""Blaze Rod""Oak Boat""Spruce Boat""Birch Boat""Jungle Boat""Acacia Boat""Dark Oak Boat""Bone""Book""Chain Boots""Leather Boots""Diamond Boots""Golden Boots""Iron Boots""Bow""Bowl""Bread""Brewing Stand""Brick""Bucket""Lava Bucket""Water Bucket""Bucket of Cod""Bucket of Salmon""Bucket of Tropical Fish""Bucket of Pufferfish""Bucket of ""Bucket of Axolotl""White""Orange""Magenta""Sky""Yellow""Lime""Rose""Gray""Silver""Teal""Plum""Blue""Brown""Green""Red""%1$s Kob""%1$s SunStreak""%1$s Snooper""%1$s Dasher""%1$s Brinely""%1$s Spotty""%1$s Flopper""%1$s Stripey""%1$s Glitter""%1$s Blockfish""%1$s Betty""%1$s Clayfish""%1$s-%2$s Kob""%1$s-%2$s SunStreak""%1$s-%2$s Snooper""%1$s-%2$s Dasher""%1$s-%2$s Brinely""%1$s-%2$s Spotty""%1$s-%2$s Flopper""%1$s-%2$s Stripey""%1$s-%2$s Glitter""%1$s-%2$s Blockfish""%1$s-%2$s Betty""%1$s-%2$s Clayfish""Anemone""Black Tang""Blue Dory""Butterfly Fish""Chichlid""Clownfish""Cotton Candy Betta""Dottyback""Emperor Red Snapper""Goatfish""Moorish Idol""Ornate Butterfly""Parrotfish""Queen Angel Fish""Red Cichlid""Red Lipped Blenny""Red Snapper""Threadfin""Tomato Clown""Triggerfish""Yellow Tang""Yellowtail Parrot""Cake""Camera"
item.canBreak"Can break:"
item.canPlace"Can be placed on:"
item.customProperties"Has Custom Properties"
item.itemLock.cantDrop":hollow_star: Can't Drop Items can't be:"
item.itemLock.cantMove":solid_star: Can't Move Items can't be:"
item.itemLock.hoverText.cantBe.craftedWith"crafted with"
item.itemLock.keepOnDeath"This item is not lost on death"
item.itemLock.popupNotice.cantDrop":hollow_star: Can't Drop Items can't be: dropped, removed, crafted with"
item.itemLock.popupNotice.cantMove":solid_star: Can't Move Items can't be: moved, dropped, removed, crafted with""Golden Carrot""Carrot on a Stick""Warped Fungus on a Stick""Carrot""Cauldron""Charcoal""Chain Chestplate""Leather Tunic""Diamond Chestplate""Golden Chestplate""Iron Chestplate""Chorus Fruit""Popped Chorus Fruit""Cooked Beef""Cooked Chicken""Cooked Porkchop""Raw Chicken""Clay""Clock""Coal""Redstone Comparator""Compass""Lodestone Compass""Cookie""Crossbow""Diamond""Redstone Repeater""Acacia Door""Birch Door""Dark Oak Door""Iron Door""Jungle Door""Oak Door""Spruce Door""Crimson Door""Warped Door""Dragon's Breath"
item.dyed"Dyed""Ink Sac""Black Dye""Lapis Lazuli""Blue Dye""Cocoa Beans""Brown Dye""Cyan Dye""Gray Dye""Green Dye""Light Blue Dye""Lime Dye""Magenta Dye""Orange Dye""Pink Dye""Purple Dye""Red Dye""Light Gray Dye""Bone Meal""White Dye""Yellow Dye""Glow Ink Sac""Glow Item Frame""Egg""Elytra""Emerald""Empty Map""Empty Locator Map""Enchanted Book""End Crystal""End Rod""Eye of Ender""Ender Pearl""Bottle o' Enchanting""Feather""Fermented Spider Eye""Fire Charge"
item.fireworks.flight"Flight Duration:""Firework Rocket""Black""Blue"
item.fireworksCharge.fadeTo"Fade to"
item.fireworksCharge.lightBlue"Light Blue"
item.fireworksCharge.magenta"Magenta""Firework Star""Orange""Pink"
item.fireworksCharge.silver"Light Gray"
item.fireworksCharge.type"Unknown Shape"
item.fireworksCharge.type.0"Small Ball"
item.fireworksCharge.type.1"Large Ball"
item.fireworksCharge.yellow"Yellow""Tropical Fish""Cooked Cod""Raw Cod""Photo""Pufferfish""Cooked Salmon""Raw Salmon""Fishing Rod""Flint""Flint and Steel""Flower Pot""Item Frame""Ghast Tear""Glass Bottle""Gold Nugget""Iron Nugget""Diamond Axe""Golden Axe""Iron Axe""Stone Axe""Wooden Axe""Chain Helmet""Leather Cap""Diamond Helmet""Golden Helmet""Iron Helmet""Diamond Hoe""Golden Hoe""Iron Hoe""Stone Hoe""Wooden Hoe""Honey Bottle""Honeycomb""Diamond Horse Armor""Gold Horse Armor""Iron Horse Armor""Leather Horse Armor""Gold Ingot""Iron Ingot""Netherite Ingot""Netherite Scrap""Netherite Sword""Netherite Pickaxe""Netherite Axe""Netherite Shovel""Netherite Hoe""Netherite Boots""Netherite Leggings""Netherite Chestplate""Netherite Helmet""Lead""Leather""Leaves""Chain Leggings""Leather Pants""Diamond Leggings""Golden Leggings""Iron Leggings""Nautilus Shell""Heart of the Sea""Magma Cream""Map""Woodland Explorer Map""Ocean Explorer Map""Treasure Map""Treasure Map""Snowy Village Map""Taiga Village Map""Plains Village Map""Savanna Village Map""Desert Village Map""Jungle Explorer Map""Swamp Explorer Map""Melon""Milk""Minecart""Minecart with Chest""Minecart with Command Block""Minecart with Furnace""Minecart with Hopper""Minecart with TNT""Pitcher Pod""Torchflower Seeds""Agent Spawn Egg""Axolotl Spawn Egg""Bee Spawn Egg""Hoglin Spawn Egg""Cat Spawn Egg""Chicken Spawn Egg""Cow Spawn Egg""Cod Spawn Egg""Ender Dragon Spawn Egg""Goat Spawn Egg""Pufferfish Spawn Egg""Salmon Spawn Egg""Tropical Fish Spawn Egg""Pig Spawn Egg""Sheep Spawn Egg""NPC Spawn Egg"
item.spawn_egg.entity.npc.failed"You need Creative + Operator to spawn an NPC""Wolf Spawn Egg""Villager Spawn Egg""Villager Spawn Egg""Vindicator Spawn Egg""Mooshroom Spawn Egg""Squid Spawn Egg""Glow Squid Spawn Egg""Rabbit Spawn Egg""Bat Spawn Egg""Ravager Spawn Egg""Iron Golem Spawn Egg""Snow Golem Spawn Egg""Ocelot Spawn Egg""Parrot Spawn Egg""Horse Spawn Egg""Llama Spawn Egg""Trader Llama Spawn Egg""Polar Bear Spawn Egg""Donkey Spawn Egg""Mule Spawn Egg""Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg""Zombie Horse Spawn Egg""Zombie Spawn Egg""Drowned Spawn Egg""Creeper Spawn Egg""Skeleton Spawn Egg""Spider Spawn Egg""Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg""Strider Spawn Egg""Slime Spawn Egg""Enderman Spawn Egg""Silverfish Spawn Egg""Cave Spider Spawn Egg""Ghast Spawn Egg""Magma Cube Spawn Egg""Blaze Spawn Egg""Zombie Villager Spawn Egg""Zombie Villager Spawn Egg""Witch Spawn Egg""Stray Spawn Egg""Husk Spawn Egg""Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg""Guardian Spawn Egg""Elder Guardian Spawn Egg""Shulker Spawn Egg""Endermite Spawn Egg""Evoker Spawn Egg""Vex Spawn Egg""Sea Turtle Spawn Egg""Dolphin Spawn Egg""Phantom Spawn Egg""Panda Spawn Egg""Pillager Spawn Egg""Piglin Brute Spawn Egg""Piglin Spawn Egg""Fox Spawn Egg""Spawn Egg""Wandering Trader Spawn Egg""Wither Spawn Egg""Zoglin Spawn Egg""Sniffer Spawn Egg""Trident""Mushroom Stew""Cooked Mutton""Raw Mutton""Name Tag""Nether Brick""Nether Quartz""Nether Wart""Nether Star""Painting""Paper""Diamond Pickaxe""Golden Pickaxe""Iron Pickaxe""Stone Pickaxe""Wooden Pickaxe""Cooked Porkchop""Raw Porkchop""Portfolio""Potato""Baked Potato""Poisonous Potato""Prismarine Crystals""Prismarine Shard""Pumpkin Pie""Cooked Rabbit""Rabbit's Foot""Rabbit Hide""Raw Rabbit""Rabbit Stew"
item.record_11.desc"C418 - 11"
item.record_13.desc"C418 - 13"
item.record_blocks.desc"C418 - blocks"
item.record_cat.desc"C418 - cat"
item.record_chirp.desc"C418 - chirp"
item.record_far.desc"C418 - far"
item.record_mall.desc"C418 - mall"
item.record_mellohi.desc"C418 - mellohi""Music Disc"
item.record_stal.desc"C418 - stal"
item.record_strad.desc"C418 - strad"
item.record_wait.desc"C418 - wait"
item.record_ward.desc"C418 - ward"
item.record_pigstep.desc"Lena Raine - Pigstep"
item.record_otherside.desc"Lena Raine - otherside"
item.record_relic.desc"Aaron Cherof - Relic""Redstone Dust""Sugar Canes""Kelp""Dried Kelp""Rotten Flesh""Ruby""Saddle""Seeds""Beetroot Seeds""Melon Seeds""Pumpkin Seeds""Shears""Diamond Shovel""Golden Shovel""Iron Shovel""Stone Shovel""Wooden Shovel""Oak Sign""Spruce Sign""Birch Sign""Jungle Sign""Acacia Sign""Dark Oak Sign""Crimson Sign""Warped Sign""Head""Creeper Head""Dragon Head""%s's Head""Skeleton Skull""Wither Skeleton Skull""Zombie Head""Slimeball""Snowball""Glistering Melon""Spider Eye""Stick""String""Sugar""Gunpowder""Diamond Sword""Golden Sword""Iron Sword""Stone Sword""Wooden Sword"
item.unbreakable"Unbreakable""Wheat""Book & Quill""Written Book""Glowstone Dust""Shulker Shell""Totem of Undying""Turtle Shell""Turtle Scute""Phantom Membrane""Sweet Berries""Suspicious Stew"
item.banner_pattern.bricks"Field Masoned"
item.banner_pattern.creeper"Creeper Charge"
item.banner_pattern.flower"Flower Charge"
item.banner_pattern.globe"Globe""Banner Pattern"
item.banner_pattern.skull"Skull Charge"
item.banner_pattern.vines"Bordure Indented""Powder Snow Bucket""Shield""White Shield""Lime Shield""Yellow Shield""Light Gray Shield""Pink Shield""Purple Shield""Red Shield""Orange Shield""Light Blue Shield""Magenta Shield""Gray Shield""Green Shield""Cyan Shield""Brown Shield""Black Shield""Blue Shield""Goat Horn"
item.minecraft.goat_horn.sound.7"Dream""Search Items""Planks""Walls""Fences""Fence Gates""Stairs""Doors""Glass""Glass Panes""Permission Blocks""Slabs""Decorative Stone""Sandstone""Wool""Wool Carpet""Concrete Powder""Concrete""Terracotta""Glazed Terracottas""Dyes""Ores""Stone""Logs""Leaves""Saplings""Seeds""Crops""Ground Cover""Flowers""Raw Food""Cooked Food""Miscellaneous Foods""Mushrooms""Infested Stone""Mob Eggs""Helmets""Chestplates""Leggings""Boots""Horse Armor""Swords""Axes""Pickaxes""Shovels""Hoes""Arrows""Potions""Splash Potions""Lingering Potions""Beds""Chalkboards""Anvils""Chests""Shulker Boxes""Records""Mob Skulls""Boats""Boats with Chest""Rails""Minecarts""Pressure Plates""Trapdoors""Enchanted Books""Banners""Fireworks""Firework Charges""Coral Blocks""Coral Decorations""Buttons""Signs""Woods""Banner Patterns""Nether Warts""Candles""Goat Horns"
jigsaw.title.target_pool"Target pool:""Name:""Target name:"
jigsaw.title.final_block"Turns into:"
jigsaw.title.joint_type"Joint type:"
joincode.entry_popup.icon_button"%1 join code button"
joincode.entry_popup.icon_entry"%3 join code entry %1 of %2"
joincode.entry_popup.title"Enter Join Code"
joincode.connecting.title"Join World"
joincode.connecting.lower_text"Searching for world..."
joincode.error.title"Join Error"
joincode.error.message.no_match"The join code you entered does not match any worlds that are currently available."
joincode.error.message.no_response"There was a problem connecting to the join code service. Please try again."
joincode.error.message.not_available"Join codes are not available right now. Ask your host for their IP Address to join their game."
joincode.error.message.service_error"Something went wrong. Please try again."
joincode.found.title"Join World"
joincode.found.message"Is this the world you were trying to join?"
joincode.found.host_name"Hosted By: %1"
joincode.icon_text.1"Book & Quill"
joincode.icon_text.10"Water Bucket"
joincode.ip_entry.button_tts"More Options"
joincode.ip_entry.address.tooltip"To find the IP Address, ask the host to pause their game. The IP Address and Port number can be found on the multiplayer tab of the Game menu."
joincode.ip_entry.port.tooltip"To find the Port number, ask the host to pause their game. The IP Address and Port number can be found on the multiplayer tab of the Game menu."
joincode.generate_new.button.text"Generate New Join Code"
joincode.generate_new.tooltip.text"Generating a new code will not interrupt your multiplayer session."
joincode.button.share_link.text"Share a Link"
joincode.tooltip.errortext"There was an error generating your join code."
joincode.tooltip.account.error"There was a problem verifying your account. Please restart Minecraft Education and try again."
joincode.tooltip.infotext"Give the join code to your classmate so they can join your world."
joincode.button.stop_hosting.text"Stop Hosting"
joincode.confirmation.stop_hosting.message"If you stop hosting the world, the multiplayer session will end for all players. Are you sure you want to do this?"
joincode.button.start_hosting.text"Start Hosting"
joincode.confirmation.start_hosting.message"If you start hosting, we will create a code for you to give to other players so they can join your world. Would you like to start hosting?"
joincode.button.restart_hosting.text"Restart Hosting"
joincode.confirmation.restart_hosting.message"Would you like to restart hosting?"
joincode.service.unreachable"The discovery service can not be reached"
joincode.button.generate_code.text"Generate New Join Code"
joincode.confirmation.generate_code.message"Making a new join code will not stop your multiplayer game. The new code will be used to invite additional players."
joincode.service.unavailable"Join codes are not available right now. Try refreshing or use your IP address instead."
edu.pause.ipaddress"IP ADDRESS"
edu.pause.nethernetLabel"CONNECTION ID"
key.back"Walk Backwards"
key.categories.ui"Game Interface"
key.codeBuilder"Code Builder""Chat button"
key.command"Open Command"
key.copyCoordinates"Copy Coordinates"
key.copyFacingCoordinates"Copy Facing Coordinates"
key.cycleItemLeft"Cycle Item Left"
key.cycleItemRight"Cycle Item Right"
key.scoreboard"Show Scoreboard"
key.drop"Drop Item"
key.forward"Walk Forwards"
key.fullscreen"Toggle Fullscreen"
key.hotbar.1"Hotbar Slot 1"
key.hotbar.2"Hotbar Slot 2"
key.hotbar.3"Hotbar Slot 3"
key.hotbar.4"Hotbar Slot 4"
key.hotbar.5"Hotbar Slot 5"
key.hotbar.6"Hotbar Slot 6"
key.hotbar.7"Hotbar Slot 7"
key.hotbar.8"Hotbar Slot 8"
key.hotbar.9"Hotbar Slot 9"
key.cyclefixedinventory"Cycle Fixed Inventory"
key.immersivereader"Immersive Reader"
key.interactwithtoast"Open Notification"
key.mobeffectsandinteractwithtoast"Open Notification/Mob Effects"
key.script_toggle"Toggle Mouse Mode"
key.script_cancel"Cancel Current Action"
key.script_open_map"Open Map UI"
key.script_open_chat"Open Chat UI"
key.script_open_inventory"Open Inventory UI"
key.script_open_mission"Open Mission UI"
key.jump"Jump/Fly Up"
key.left"Strafe Left"
key.lookCenter"Look Center"
key.lookDown"Look Down"
key.lookDownLeft"Look Down Left"
key.lookDownRight"Look Down Right"
key.lookDownSlight"Look Down Slight"
key.lookDownSmooth"Look Down Smooth"
key.lookLeft"Look Left"
key.lookLeftSmooth"Look Left Smooth"
key.lookRight"Look Right"
key.lookRightSmooth"Look Right Smooth"
key.lookUp"Look Up"
key.lookUpLeft"Look Up Left"
key.lookUpRight"Look Up Right"
key.lookUpSlight"Look Up Slight"
key.lookUpSmooth"Look Up Smooth"
key.menuTabLeft"Menu Tab Left"
key.menuTabRight"Menu Tab Right"
key.menuCancel"Menu Cancel"
key.mouseButton"Button %1$s"
key.pickItem"Pick Block"
key.playerlist"List Players"
key.right"Strafe Right"
key.screenshot"Take Screenshot"
key.smoothCamera"Toggle Cinematic Camera"
key.sneak"Sneak/Fly Down"
key.spectatorOutlines"Highlight Players (Spectators)"
key.streamCommercial"Show Stream Commercials"
key.streamPauseUnpause"Pause/Unpause Stream"
key.streamStartStop"Start/Stop Stream"
key.streamToggleMic"Push To Talk/Mute"
key.togglePerspective"Toggle Perspective"
key.toggleControlTips"Control Tips"
key.inGameMenu"Game Menu"
key.use"Use Item/Place Block"
key.flyDownSlow"Fly Down Slow"
key.flyUpSlow"Fly Up Slow"
key.mobEffects"Mob Effects"
key.moveBack"Move Back"
key.moveForward"Move Forward"
key.moveLeft"Move Left"
key.moveRight"Move Right"
key.toggleLivingroom"Toggle Immersion"
keyboard.keyName.pgDown"PAGE DOWN"
keyboard.keyName.pgUp"PAGE UP"
keyboard.onScreen.lineNumber"Line %s"
lanServer.otherPlayers"Settings for Other Players"
lanServer.scanning"Scanning for games on your local network"
lanServer.start"Start LAN World"
lanServer.title"LAN World"
lanServer.restart"This server has restarted!"
licensed_content.goBack"Go Back"
licensed_content.viewLicensedContent"To view licensed content, please visit in any web browser."
livingroom.hint.tap_touchpad_for_immersive"Tap the touchpad to toggle Immersion"
livingroom.hint.tap_view_for_immersive"Press the F5 key to toggle Immersion"
livingroom.hint.tap_view_for_immersive_gamepad"Press D-Pad Up to toggle Immersion"
livingroom.hint.tap_view_for_immersive_oculustouch"Press Y to toggle Immersion"
livingroom.hint.tap_view_for_immersive_windowsmr"Press Right Menu to toggle Immersion"
map.toolTip.displayMarkers"Display Markers"
map.toolTip.scaling"Scaling at 1:%s"
map.toolTip.level"Level %s/%s"
map.toolTip.unkown"Unknown Map"
map.position.agent"Agent Pos: %s, %s, %s"
map.position"Position: %s, %s, %s"
mcoServer.title"Minecraft Online World"
menu.convertingLevel"Expanding world"
menu.copyright"©Mojang AB"
menu.educatorResources"Educator Resources"
menu.beta"Beta!!!""Game menu"
menu.generatingLevel"Generating World"
menu.generatingTerrain"Building terrain"
menu.getStarted"Get started"
menu.howToPlay"How to Play"
menu.howToPlay.caps"HOW TO PLAY""Host"
menu.howToPlay.generalMessage"Minecraft encyclopedia for new and experienced players."
menu.howToPlay.access"Press :_gamepad_face_button_down: to open How to Play!"
menu.howToPlay.access.noicon"Press [A] to open How to Play!"
menu.loadingLevel"Loading world"
menu.multiplayer"Multiplayer""Minecraft Realms"
menu.openMainMenu"Open main menu"
menu.classroom_settings.caps"CLASSROOM SETTINGS"
menu.serverStore"%s Store"
menu.playdemo"Play Demo World"
menu.playOnRealms"Play on Realm"
menu.quickplay"Quick Play"
menu.quit"Save & Quit""Save & Exit"
menu.quiz"Take Quiz"
menu.resetdemo"Reset Demo World"
menu.resourcepacks"Resource Packs"
menu.globalpacks"Global Resources"
menu.behaviors"Behavior Packs"
menu.worldtemplates"World Templates"
menu.returnToGame"Resume Game"
menu.returnToMenu"Save and Quit to Title"
menu.shareToLan"Open to LAN"
menu.simulating"Simulating the world for a bit"
menu.switchingLevel"Switching worlds"
menu.makingBackup"Making backup..."
menu.editorMode"Editor Mode""Resume"
menu.character_cast.select_title"Choose Your Starting Character"
menu.character_cast.preview_title"Meet the Cast!"
merchant.deprecated"Trade something else to unlock!"
mount.onboard"Press %1$s to dismount"
multiplayer.downloadingStats"Downloading statistics & achievements..."
multiplayer.downloadingTerrain"Downloading terrain"
multiplayer.info1"Minecraft Multiplayer is currently not finished, but there"
multiplayer.info2"is some buggy early testing going on."
multiplayer.ipinfo"Enter the IP of a server to connect to it:"
multiplayer.packErrors"At least one of your resource or behavior packs failed to load."
multiplayer.packErrors.realms"At least one of your resource or behavior packs failed to load. Try downloading this world from your Realm settings to see more details on the error."
multiplayer.player.inventory.recovered"Inventory recovered and placed in chests near you."
multiplayer.player.inventory.failed"Inventory recovered. Find a safe place, and we'll place a chest near you the next time you join the world."
multiplayer.player.joined"%s joined the game"
multiplayer.player.joined.renamed"%s (formerly known as %s) joined the game"
multiplayer.player.joined.realms"%s joined the Realm"
multiplayer.player.joined.realms.renamed"%s (formerly known as %s) joined the Realm"
multiplayer.player.left"%s left the game"
multiplayer.player.left.realms"%s left the Realm"
multiplayer.player.changeToPersona"%s edited the character appearance."
multiplayer.player.changeToSkin"%s has changed their skin."
multiplayer.stopSleeping"Leave Bed"
multiplayer.playersSleeping"%s/%s players sleeping"
multiplayer.playersSleepingNotPossible"No amount of rest can pass this night"
multiplayer.playersSkippingNight"Sleeping through this night"
multiplayer.texturePrompt.line1"This server recommends the use of a custom resource pack."
multiplayer.texturePrompt.line2"Would you like to download and install it automagically?"
multiplayer.title"Play Multiplayer"
multiplayer.inBedOpenChat"Open Chat"
multiplayer.joincode.refreshed"The game's join code has been updated."
notification.lock.noCraft"This item is locked and can't be crafted with"
notification.lock.noDrop"This item is locked and can't be dropped"
notification.lock.noRemove"This item is locked and can't be removed from the inventory"
npcscreen.action.buttonmode"Button Mode"
npcscreen.action.onEnter"On Enter"
npcscreen.action.onExit"On Exit"
npcscreen.action.buttonname"Button Name"
npcscreen.action.command.placeholder"Type Command Here..."
npcscreen.action.url.placeholder"Type URL Here..."
npcscreen.action.url.warning.invalidUri"Only URLs beginning with "http" or "https" are supported."
npcscreen.action.url.warning.emptyUri"If no URL is added, this button will open a new browser window."
npcscreen.addcommand"Add Command"
npcscreen.addtext"Type Dialog Here..."
npcscreen.addurl"Add URL"
npcscreen.advancedsettings"Advanced Settings"
npcscreen.advancedtitle"Advanced NPC Settings"
npcscreen.basictitle"Non Player Character"
npcscreen.editdialog"Edit Dialog""Click this button to add a command in the NPC dialog box.""Multiple commands can be added at once.""Click this button to add a URL hyperlink in the NPC dialog box.""Link opens in the player's default browser."
npcscreen.learnmore"Learn More""Name"
npcscreen.requiresop"OP Required"
npcUri.launch.success"Opened the NPC Link."
npcUri.launch.failure"Unable to open the NPC Link. This doesn't look like a supported URL."
offer.category.skinpack"Skin Packs"
offer.category.resourcepack"Texture Packs"
offer.category.mashup"Mash-up Packs"
offer.category.editorschoice"Editor's Choice"
offer.category.allByCreator"All by %s"
options.adjustBrightness"Adjust your brightness until you can only see two creeper faces."
options.brightness.notVisible"Not Visible"
options.brightness.barelyVisible"Barely Visible"
options.brightness.easilyVisible"Easily Visible"
options.adUseSingleSignOn"Enable Single Sign On"
options.adEduRememberMe"Remember Me"
options.advancedButton"Advanced Video Settings..."
options.showAdvancedVideoSettings"Show Advanced Video Settings"
options.advancedOpengl"Advanced OpenGL"
options.advancedVideoTitle"Advanced Video Settings"
options.anaglyph"3D Anaglyph"
options.termsAndConditions"Terms and Conditions"
options.3DRendering"3D Rendering"
options.animatetextures"Animated water""Smooth Lighting""Maximum""Minimum""OFF"
options.autojump"Auto Jump"
options.sprintOnMovement"Sprint using the joystick"
options.clearhotbar"Clear Hotbar"
options.blockAlternatives"Alternate Blocks"
options.buildid.format"Build: %1$s"
options.protocolversion.format"Protocol Version: %1%s"
options.worldconversion.version"World Converter: %s"
options.builddate.format"Build Date: %s"
options.buttonSize"Mobile menu size"
options.alwaysHighlightHoveringBoxInCrosshair"Highlight Always On"
options.useSpecificTouchControlNames"Use Specific Touch Control Names"
options.controlMode.title"Control Mode"
options.controlMode.selected"Selected: "
options.controlMode.selectControlMode"Change Control Mode"
options.showTouchControlSelectionScreen"Show Touch Control Selection Screen"
options.showActionButton"Show Action Buttons"
options.resizableUI"Customize Controls (Experimental)"
options.enableNewTouchControlSchemes"Enable New Touch Control Schemes"
options.resetOnStart"Reset On Start"
options.changeGamertag"Change Gamertag""Colors""Focused Height""Unfocused Height""Web Links""Prompt on Links""Opacity""Scale""Chat Settings...""Chat""Shown""Hidden""Commands Only""Width"
options.codeBuilder"Code Builder"
options.content_log_file"Enable Content Log File"
options.content_log_gui"Enable Content Log GUI"
options.controllerLayout"Controller Layout"
options.controllerSettings"Controller Settings"
options.control_alt_keybinds_section"The following keys are used with 'CTRL + ALT'"
options.csbExpired"Expired since %s"
options.csbHeading"MARKETPLACE PASS"
options.csbInfoLine01"Catalogue of 150+ Marketplace packs and items"
options.csbInfoLine02"Content refreshed monthly"
options.csbSubheading"Marketplace Content"
options.customizeTitle"Customize World Settings"
options.destroyvibration"Vibrate When Breaking Blocks"
options.splitvibration"Vibrate When Splitting Items"
options.flighting_debug"Flighting Debug"
options.debugTitle"Developer Options"
options.delete_account.button"Delete Microsoft Account"
options.delete_account.confirm.title"Delete Microsoft Account?"
options.delete_account.confirm.warning"WARNING: You will no longer be able to protect progression or purchases made on your device after deleting your account %s."
options.delete_account.confirm.warning.2"Deleting your Microsoft Account from this game will affect all Minecraft games that use this account."
options.delete_account.confirm.checkbox1"You will no longer be able to access in-game store content when you play on other platforms."
options.delete_account.confirm.checkbox2"You will no longer be able to play online with your friends."
options.delete_account.confirm.checkbox3"You will no longer be able to access Realms, including Realms subscriptions that are currently active."
options.delete_account.confirm.checkbox4"You understand the above and you would like to continue with deleting your account."
options.dev_game_tip"Gameplay Tips"
options.dev_ad_show_debug_panel"Show EDU Sign In Debug Panel"
options.dev_ad_token_refresh_threshold"EDU Sign In Token Refresh Threshold Seconds"
options.dev_ad_edu_max_signin_token_refresh"EDU Max Sign In Token Refresh (Minutes)"
options.dev_ad_edu_max_graph_token_refresh"EDU Max Graph Token Refresh (Minutes)"
options.dev_side_by_side_comparison_rate"Side By Side Comparison Rate"
options.dev_playfab_token_refresh_threshold"Playfab Token Refresh Threshold Minutes"
options.dev_assertions_debug_break"Assertions break in the debugger"
options.dev_assertions_show_dialog"Assertions show a modal dialog"
options.dev_force_trial_mode"Force enable Trial Mode"
options.dev_eduDemo"Edu Demo (Requires re-sign-in)"
options.dev_eduCloudDownload"Cloud Download"
options.remote_imgui_toggle"Remote Imgui Enabled"
options.dev_enableDebugUI"Enable Debug UI"
options.dev_createRealmWithoutPurchase"Create realm without purchase"
options.dev_flushOrphanedRealmsPurchases"Flush orphaned Realms purchases"
options.dev_enableMixerInteractive"Enable Mixer interactive commands"
options.dev_storeOfferQueryRequiresXbl"Require XBL for Store Offers"
options.dev_renderBoundingBox"Render bounding box"
options.dev_renderPaths"Render paths"
options.dev_renderGoalState"Render goal state"
options.dev_renderMobInfoState"Render mob info state"
options.dev_resetClientId"Reset client ID"
options.dev_showChunkMap"Show chunk map"
options.dev_chunkMapMode"Chunk Map View Mode"
options.dev_chunk_map_mode_client_main_chunksource"Client (MainChunkSource)"
options.dev_chunk_map_mode_server_chunk_debug_display_state"Server (DB State)"
options.dev_disableRenderTerrain"Disable Terrain Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderEntities"Disable Entities Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderBlockEntities"Disable Block Entities Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderParticles"Disable Particles Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderSky"Disable Sky Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderWeather"Disable Weather Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderHud"Disable Hud Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderItemInHand"Disable Item-in-Hand Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderMainMenuCubeMap"Disable Main Menu CubeMap Drawing"
options.dev_disableRenderMainMenuPaperdollAnimation"Disable Main Menu Paperdoll Animation"
options.dev_serverInstanceThread"Server Instance Thread"
options.dev_newCuller"Use new culler"
options.dev_showBuildInfo"Show build info"
options.dev_showDevConsoleButton"Show dev console button"
options.dev_realmsPermissionsEnabledButton"Show realms permissions"
options.dev_enableProfiler"Enable profiler"
options.dev_newParticleSystem"Enable New Particle System"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay"Enable debug HUD""Off"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.renderchunks"Render chunks"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.workerthreads"Worker threads"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.debugtextures"Debug textures"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.imagememory"Image Memory"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.texturememory"Texture Memory"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.perimagememory"Per Image Memory"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.buffermemory"Buffer Memory""Camera""Audio"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.client_network"Client Network"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.server_network"Server Network"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.spatial_packet_optimizations"Spatial Packet Optimizations"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.lock_contention"Lock Contention"
options.dev_enableDebugHudOverlay.hbui"Gameface "
options.dev_transport_layer"Transport Layer Type"
options.dev_controltower_override_transport_layer"Override MUTS Transport Layer Locally"
options.dev_transport_layer.nethernet_mpsd"NetherNet (MPSD)"
options.dev_transport_layer.nethernet_websockets"NetherNet (WebSockets)"
options.dev_nethernet_logging_verbosity"NetherNet Logging Verbosity"
options.dev_nethernet_logging_verbosity.criticalonly"Critical Only"
options.dev_multithreadedRendering"Enable multithreaded rendering"
options.dev_file_watcher"Enable File Watcher"
options.dev_enable_texture_hot_reloader"Enable Texture Hot Reloader"
options.dev_achievementsAlwaysEnabled"Achievements always enabled"
options.dev_useLocalServer"Use local server"
options.dev_useIPv6Only"Use IPv6 Only"
options.dev_attachPosRenderLevel"Render Attach Positions"
options.dev_render_attach_pos.head_pos"Head Position"
options.dev_render_attach_pos.eyes_pos"Eyes Position"
options.dev_render_attach_pos.breath_pos"Breathing Position"
options.dev_render_attach_pos.body_pos"Body Position"
options.dev_render_attach_pos.feet_pos"Feet Position"
options.dev_disable_client_blob_cache"Disable Client Blob Cache"
options.dev_force_client_blob_cache"Force Client Blob Cache On For Local Games"
options.dev_connectionQuality"Connection Quality"
options.dev_connection_quality.very_slow"Very Slow"
options.dev_use_fps_independent_turning"Use FPS-independent Turning"
options.dev_use_fast_chunk_culling"Use Fast Chunk Culling"
options.dev_displayMarketplaceDocumentId"Show Marketplace Document Id"
options.dev_addCoins"Add %s Coins"
options.discoveryEnvironment"Discovery Environment (Requires Restart)"
options.discoveryEnvironment.local"Local""Dev [Unstable]"
options.dev_realmsEnvironment"Realms Environment"
options.dev_realmsSku"Realms SKU"
options.dev_realms_sku.fiveday"Five Days"
options.dev_realmsEndpoint"Realms Endpoint"
options.dev_realmsEndpointPayment"Realms Endpoint Payment"
options.dev_realmsRelyingParty"Realms Relying Party"
options.dev_realmsRelyingPartyPayment"Realms Relying Party Payment"
options.dev_realms_stories"Enable Realms Stories"
options.dev_overrideXboxEnvironmentWindows"Override Xbox Sandbox (OS controlled on Windows)"
options.dev_overrideXboxEnvironment"Override Xbox Sandbox (requires restart)"
options.dev_xboxEnvironment"Xbox Sandbox Environment (requires restart)"
options.dev_xbox_environment.dev_achievement"Dev achievement"
options.dev_experimentalTreatment"Override Experimental Treatments"
options.dev_sandboxRetail"Xforge Sandbox: Retail"
options.dev_sandboxDev"Xforge Sandbox: Dev"
options.dev_sandboxDevAchievement"Xforge Sandbox: Dev achievement"
options.dev_displayTreatmentsPanel"Display Treatments"
options.dev_currentTreatmentsTitle"Current Treatments"
options.dev_unusedTreatmentsTitle"Unused Treatments"
options.dev_addTreatmentId"Add Treatment Id"
options.dev_applyTreatments"Apply Treatments"
options.dev_resetToDefault"Reset To Default"
options.dev_experimentalProgressions"Override Progressions"
options.dev_displayProgressionsPanel"Display Progressions"
options.dev_addProgressionId"Add Progression Id"
options.dev_reset_day_one_experience"Reset Day One Experience"
options.dev_useZippedInPackagePacks"Use Zipped In-package Packs"
options.dev_importPacksAsZip"Import Packs as Zip"
options.dev_folders_portSettingsFolder"Export Settings Folder"
options.dev_useOverrideDate"Use Override Date"
options.dev_displayOverrideDatetime"Display Datetime"
options.dev_loadOverrideDate"Load Override Date At Launch""Override Editor Timezone Type""Edit in Local Time""Edit in UTC"
options.dev_overrideDayLength"Override Day Length In Minutes (Min: 1)"
options.dev_overrideTimeScale"Scale Speed That Time Passes (Min: 1, Default: 1)"
options.dev_updateOverrideDate"Update Override Date"
options.dev_updateVersionOverride"Update Client Version Override"
options.dev_resetOverrideDate"Reset Override Date"
options.dev_clearStoreCache"Clear Marketplace Cache"
options.dev_clearLibraryCache"Clear Library Cache"
options.dev_clearAllCache"Clear All Cache"
options.dev_connection_quality"Network conditioner (simulate bad connections)"
options.dev_connection_off"Off - In-memory connection enabled for local play"
options.dev_connection_nolimit"Full network stack enabled - No limits"
options.dev_connection_4g"4G - 15Mbps, 100ms latency, 1% packet loss"
options.dev_connection_3g"3G - 1.5Mbps, 200ms latency, 2% packet loss"
options.dev_connection_slow"Slow - 400Kbps, 300ms latency, 3% packet loss"
options.dev_connection_veryslow"Very slow - 200Kbps, 400ms latency, 4% packet loss"
options.dev_deleteAllPersonas"Delete All Personas"
options.dev_deleteLegacyPersona"Delete Legacy Persona Slot"
options.dev_identity_environment"New Identity and Online Infrastructure Environment (requires restart)""Development"
options.dev_education_services_environment"Education Services (MUTS) Environment (requires restart)""Development"
options.dev_azure_notebooks_environment"Azure Notebooks (AZNB) Environment (requires editor restart)""Production"
options.dev_azure_notebooks_environment.staging"Staging""Select Windows Store (Restart Required)""Automatic""Legacy Windows Store - V6""OneStore - V8""Currently Active Stores:"
options.dev_sunset_overrides"Enable sunset overrides"
options.dev_sunset_status"Treat device as fully sunset"
options.dev_sunsetting_tier"Sunsetting Tier""Tier 1 - Initial"
options.dev_sunsetting_tier.two"Tier 2 - KitKat"
options.dev_sunsetting_tier.three"Tier 3 - FireTV"
options.dev_sunsetting_tier.four"Tier 4 - 1024MB"
options.dev_sunsetting_tier.five"Tier 5 - iOS 12 & Nougat"
options.dev_sunsetting_tier.not_pending"Not Pending"
options.dev_gatherings_add_gathering"Add Public Gathering"
options.dev_gatherings_enable"Enable Gatherings"
options.dev_gatherings_disable"Disable Gatherings"
options.dev_gatherings_bypass"Bypass System Service Pack Check"
options.dev_gatherings_enabled"Gatherings: Enabled"
options.dev_gatherings_system_service_pack"Gatherings: Disabled due to missing System Service Pack(s)"
options.dev_gatherings_active_gathering"Active: %s"
options.dev_gatherings_available_gatherings"Available Gatherings"
options.dpadscale"D-Pad Size"
options.enableChatTextToSpeech"Text To Speech For Chat"
options.enableAutoPlatformTextToSpeech"Text To Speech with Device Settings"
options.enableUITextToSpeech"Text To Speech For UI"
options.enableOpenChatMessage"Enable Open Chat Message"
options.entityShadows"Entity Shadows"
options.editSettings"Edit Settings"
options.fancyskies"Beautiful Skies"
options.farWarning1"A 64 bit Java installation is recommended"
options.farWarning2"for 'Far' render distance (you have 32 bit)"
options.fboEnable"Enable FBOs"
options.forceUnicodeFont"Force Unicode Font"
options.fov.toggle"FOV Can Be Altered By Gameplay"
options.licensed_content"Licensed Content"
options.networkSettings"Network Settings"
options.ecoMode"Experimental Power-Saving Features"
options.enableEcoMode"Lower framerate when controller is disconnected"
options.font_license"Font License"
options.livingRoomFOV"Living Room FOV"
options.fov.max"Quake Pro"
options.hudOpacity"HUD Opacity"
options.framerateLimit"Max Framerate"
options.fullKeyboardGameplay"Full Keyboard Gameplay"
options.fullKeyboardLayout"Full Keyboard Layout"
options.improvedInputResponsePlaceholder"Improved Input Response"
options.improvedInputResponsePlaceholder.tooltip"Reduces the delay between your input and what you see on your screen. This setting might use more battery power."
options.gamepadcursorsensitivity"Controller Cursor Sensitivity"
options.worldLightBrightness"World Light Brightness"
options.goToFeedbackWebsite"Go to Feedback Website""Fancy Graphics"
options.transparentleaves"Fancy Leaves"
options.bubbleparticles"Fancy Bubbles"
options.smooth_lighting"Smooth Lighting"
options.gui.accessibility.scaling"Extra Large New UI"
options.gui.accessibility.scaling.tooltip"Enables an extra large version of the new UI menus as an additional accessibility option. This setting might cause visual glitches to appear in some menu screens."
options.raytracing"Ray Tracing"
options.raytracing.disabled.upsell.supported_platform"This option can only be edited while playing in a ray tracing capable world. Find one in the Marketplace, or create your own ray tracing capable resource pack."
options.raytracing.disabled.upsell.unsupported_platform"You need a specific device to use this feature, for more information see:""Fancy""Fast"
options.renderingProfile.superfancy"Super Fancy"
options.go_to_keybinds"Go to Keybinds""Sound""Feedback""Game""Graphics""Experimental""Controls""Multiplayer""Invited to Realms Alpha?"
options.guiScale"D-pad size""Auto"
options.guiScale.disabled"UI scaling is unsupported on this monitor, most likely because of a low resolution."
options.guiScale.optionName"GUI Scale Modifier"
options.hidehud"Hide HUD"
options.hidehand"Hide Hand"
options.classic_box_selection"Outline Selection"
options.creatorTitle"Creator Settings"
options.vr_classic_box_selection"Outline Selection"
options.hidegamepadcursor"Hide Controller Cursor"
options.hidegui"Hide GUI"
options.showKeyboardPrompts"Show Keyboard and Mouse Prompts"
options.showLearningPrompts"Show Learning Prompts"
options.hidetooltips"Hide Controller Hints"
options.splitscreenHUDsize"Splitscreen HUD Size"
options.ingamePlayerNames"In-game Player Names"
options.splitscreenIngamePlayerNames"Splitscreen In-game Player Names"
options.interfaceOpacity"HUD Opacity"
options.interactionmodel"Interaction Model"
options.joystickVisibilityOption"Joystick Visibility Option"
options.joystickVisibilityOption.visibleJoystick"Visible Joystick"
options.joystickVisibilityOption.hiddenJoystick"Hidden Joystick"
options.joystickVisibilityOption.hiddenJoystickWhenUnused"Hidden Joystick When Unused"
options.sneakOption.toggle"Tap button once to sneak"
options.sneakOption.hold"Hold down button to sneak"
options.splitscreenInterfaceOpacity"Splitscreen HUD Opacity"
options.textBackgroundOpacity"Text Background Opacity"
options.hidepaperdoll"Hide Paper Doll"
options.showautosaveicon"Show Autosave Icon"
options.hotbarScale"Hotbar size"
options.invertMouse"Invert Mouse"
options.invertYAxis"Invert Y-Axis"
options.joystickMoveVisible"Joystick Always Visible"
options.thumbstickOpacity"Joystick Opacity"
options.defaultJoystickMoveVisible"Joystick Visible When Unused"
options.creativeDelayedBlockBreaking"Delayed Block Breaking (Creative Only)"
options.keyboardLayout"Keyboard Layout"
options.keyboardAndMouse"Keyboard & Mouse"
options.keyboardAndMouseSettings"Keyboard and Mouse Settings"
options.languageGuiScaleCompatibility.title"Incompatible Language and GUI Scale"
options.languageGuiScaleCompatibility.message.short"Our font for the language you have selected is not readable at a GUI scale that small."
options.languageGuiScaleCompatibility.message.long"Our font for the language you have selected is not readable at a GUI scale that small. Do you want to increase your GUI scale?"
options.languageGuiScaleCompatibility.ok"Increase GUI Scale"
options.languageGuiScaleCompatibility.cancel"Go Back"
options.languageWarning"Language translations may not be 100% accurate"
options.lefthanded"Left hand mode"
options.hotbarOnlyTouch"Touch only affects hotbar"
options.manageAccount"Manage Account"
options.mipmapLevels"Mipmap Levels"
options.modelPart.left_pants_leg"Left Pants Leg"
options.modelPart.left_sleeve"Left Sleeve"
options.modelPart.right_pants_leg"Right Pants Leg"
options.modelPart.right_sleeve"Right Sleeve"
options.multiplayer.title"Multiplayer Settings...""Music""Name"
options.patchNotes"Patch Notes"
options.performanceButton"Video Performance Settings..."
options.performanceVideoTitle"Video Performance Settings"
options.postButton"Post-Processing Settings..."
options.postProcessEnable"Enable Post-Processing"
options.postVideoTitle"Post-Processing Settings"
options.profileTitle"User Profile and Settings"
options.generalTitle"General Settings"
options.accountTitle"Account Settings"
options.accountError"Account Error"
options.accountErrorButton"View Errors"
options.qualityButton"Video Quality Settings..."
options.qualityVideoTitle"Video Quality Settings"
options.reducedDebugInfo"Reduced Debug Info"
options.renderClouds"Render Clouds"
options.renderDistance"Render Distance"
options.raytracing.renderDistance"Ray Tracing Render Distance"
options.raytracing.renderDistanceFormat"%s chunks"
options.deferred.renderDistance"Deferred Render Distance"
options.deferred.renderDistanceFormat"%s chunks"
options.renderDistanceFormat"%s chunks"
options.renderDistanceRecommendedFormat"%s chunks (recommended)"
options.renderDistance.warning"This high render distance could cause a low frame rate, crashes, or other unexpected behavior"
options.raytracing.renderdistance.warning"This setting may cause performance issues while playing the game."
options.resetSettings"Reset to Default"
options.resetSettings.popUp"Do you really want to reset the settings?"
options.maxFramerate"Max Framerate (Experimental)"
options.maxFramerateFormat"%s FPS"
options.perf_turtle"Performance Turtle"
options.texelAA"Texel Anti-Aliasing"
options.resourcepacks"Resource Packs"
options.safeZone"Safe Area"
options.safeZoneX"Horizontal Safe Area"
options.safeZoneY"Vertical Safe Area"
options.safeZone.title"Change Screen Safe Area"
options.safeZone.description"Adjust the sliders until the four corners fit the edge of your screen."
options.screenAnimations"Screen Animations"
options.screenPositionX"Horizontal Screen Position"
options.screenPositionY"Vertical Screen Position"
options.sensitivity"Camera Sensitivity"
options.spyglassdampen"Spyglass Damping"
options.staticjoystick"Lock Joystick"
options.dwellbeforedragtime"Dwell Time Before Dragging(ms)"
options.stacksplittingtriggertime"Stack Splitting Time(ms)"
options.multiplayergame"Multiplayer Game"
options.servervisible"Visible to LAN Players"
options.ShowComfortSelectScreen"Show Comfort Select Screen"
options.sliderLabelFormat"%s: %s"
options.smoothRotationSpeed"Smooth Rotation Speed"
options.xboxliveBroadcast.inviteOnly"Invite Only"
options.xboxliveBroadcast.friendsOnly"Friends Only"
options.xboxliveBroadcast.friendsOfFriends"Friends of Friends"
options.xboxliveBroadcastSettings"Microsoft Account Settings"
options.xboxlivevisible"Visible to Xbox network Players"
options.xboxLiveAccountSettings"Microsoft Account Settings"
options.xboxLiveSignedIn"Signed In with Microsoft Account"
options.xboxLiveSignedOut"Signed Out of Microsoft Account"
options.xboxLive.privacyControl"Privacy & online safety"
options.realms.checkInvites"Manage Realms membership invites"
options.skinCustomisation"Skin Customization..."
options.skinCustomisation.title"Skin Customization""Change Skin"
options.snooper"Allow Snooper"
options.snooper.desc"We want to collect information about your machine to help improve Minecraft by knowing what we can support and where the biggest problems are. All of this information is completely anonymous and viewable below. We promise we won't do anything bad with this data, but if you want to opt out then feel free to toggle it off!"
options.snooper.title"Machine Specs Collection"
options.snooper.view"Snooper Settings..."
options.sound"Sound Volume"
options.sounds.title"Audio Settings"
options.accessibility.title"Accessibility Settings"
options.screenShake"Camera Shake"
options.darknessEffectModifier.message"Adjust how dark the screen can get during the Darkness effect (caused by mobs and other sources)"
options.darknessEffectModifier"Darkness effect strength"
options.glintStrength.message"Adjust how transparent the visual glint is on enchanted items"
options.glintStrength"Glint strength"
options.glintSpeed.message"Adjust how fast the visual glint shimmers across enchanted items"
options.glintSpeed"Glint speed"
options.notificationDuration.Toast"Toast notification duration"
options.notificationDuration.Chat"Chat message duration"
options.notificationDuration.ToastMessage"Choose how long messages like game invites and Marketplace offers are visible"
options.notificationDuration.ChatDuration"Choose how long messages in chat remain visible""3 seconds""10 seconds (default)""30 seconds"
options.notificationDuration.toast.ThreeSec"3 seconds (default)"
options.notificationDuration.toast.TenSec"10 seconds"
options.notificationDuration.toast.ThirtySec"30 seconds"
options.splitscreen"Split Screen"
options.splitscreen.horizontal"Horizontal Split Screen"
options.splitscreen.vertical"Vertical Split Screen"
options.stickyMining"Sticky Mining""Broadcast Settings...""Quality""You may need to restart your stream for these changes to take place.""Enable""Always""Never""Whilst Streaming""Twitch Chat Settings""User Filter""All Viewers""Moderators""Subscribers""Compression""High""Low""Medium""Estimated resolution: %dx%d""Framerate""Reset Preference""Twitch Broadcast Servers""Broadcast Server List""Bandwidth""Mute""Talk""Push To""Mic Volume""Send Metadata""System Volume""Twitch Broadcast Settings"
options.thirdperson"Camera Perspective"
options.thirdperson.firstperson"First Person"
options.thirdperson.thirdpersonback"Third Person Back"
options.thirdperson.thirdpersonfront"Third Person Front"
options.copyCoordinateUI"Enable Copy Coordinate UI"
options.touchSettings"Touch Settings"
options.touchscreen"Touchscreen Mode"
options.uiprofile"UI Profile"
options.betaNewDeathScreenToggle"New "You Died" Screen (Experimental)"
options.betaNewDeathScreenToggle.disabled"You can't change this setting while playing in a world"
options.usetouchpad"Split Controls"
options.viewSubscriptions.renew"Renews every 30 days"
options.viewSubscriptions.daysRemaining"%d days remaining"
options.viewSubscriptions.realmsPlus.header"Available Subscriptions"
options.viewSubscriptions.realmsPlus.headerAdditional"Additional Subscriptions"
options.viewSubscriptions.realmsPlus.detail"Over 150+ Marketplace packs and your own 10 player Realm server"
options.viewSubscriptions.realms.header"Additional Subscriptions"
options.viewSubscriptions.realms.detail"Access to your own Realm server with up to %d concurrent players"
options.viewSubscriptions.loadingSubscriptions"Loading your subscriptions.."
options.viewSubscriptions.loadingSubscriptionsFailed"Failed loading subscriptions"
options.viewSubscriptions.purchasedPlatformDiffers"This was bought in the %s you must use that device to manage it."
options.viewSubscriptions.prereleaseMessage"Please go to the full version of Minecraft to manage your subscriptions."
options.viewSubscriptions.mySubscriptions"My Subscriptions"
options.viewSubscriptions.noActiveSubscriptions"You have no active subscriptions"
options.viewSubscriptions.signIn"Sign in"
options.viewSubscriptions.buyAnAdditionalRealm"Buy An Additional Realm"
options.viewSubscriptions.realmsPlusSubscriptionForRealm"Realms plus subscription for realm %s."
options.viewSubscriptions.additionalSubscriptionForRealm"Additional subscription for realm %s."
options.viewSubscriptions.personalRealmServer"Your own Realm server to add infinite members and play online with up to 2 friends"
options.viewSubscriptions.tenPlayers"10 Player Realm Server"
options.viewSubscriptions.twoPlayers"2 Player Realm Server"
options.viewSubscriptions.startedInStore"It was started in store: %s"
options.viewSubscriptions.boughtOnAnotherDevice"Bought on another device"
options.viewSubscriptions.deviceSunsetting"Your version may soon not access Realms "
options.viewSubscriptions.deviceSunset"Your version cannot access Realms "
options.viewSubscriptions.consumableToSubscriptionTransitionInfo"You can't extend your Realm right now. We have now introduced subscriptions for Realms and you can buy a new subscription as soon as your Realm has expired. But don't worry! We will give you 14 extra days for free and your Realm will be kept online, so you will have plenty of time to extend it by then."
options.swapJumpAndSneak"Swap Jump and Sneak"
options.swapGamepadAB"A/B Button Swap"
options.swapGamepadXY"X/Y Button Swap"
options.usetouchscreen"Play with Touch"
options.vbo"Use VBOs""Video"
options.videoTitle"Video Settings"
options.viewBobbing"View Bobbing"
options.vsync"Use VSync""No Vertical Sync"
options.vsync.on"Vertical Sync"
options.vsync.adaptive"Adaptive Vertical Sync"
options.websocketEncryption"Require Encrypted Websockets"
options.websocketEncryptionWarningLabel"Only disable this option if you are actively connecting to a known and safe application."
options.filelocation.title"File Storage Location"
options.filelocation.external.warning.body"External Storage has changed its location, and you could lose your worlds on some devices. Please visit the following page for details: %s"
options.filelocation.external.warning.button"Details (launches browser)"
options.edgeHighlightEnable"Edge Highlight"
options.terrainShadowsEnable"Terrain Shadows"
options.superFancyWaterEnable"Super Fancy Water"
options.onlyTrustedSkinsAllowed"Only Allow Trusted Skins"
options.autoUpdateEnabled"Auto Update Unlocked Packs"
options.autoUpdateMode"Auto Update Unlocked Packs""Off"
options.autoUpdateMode.on.withWifiOnly"On with Wi-Fi Only"
options.autoUpdateMode.on.withCellular"On with Wi-Fi or Mobile Data"
options.allowCellularData"Allow mobile data for online play"
options.allowCellularData.message"Use mobile data for multiplayer when Wi-Fi is unavailable. This might incur additional data costs."
options.cellularDataWarningLabel"Playing over mobile networks may incur additional charges with your carrier."
options.openFeedbackPage"Leaving to Feedback Site"
options.openFeedbackPage.message"Your default browser will open to show the Minecraft Feedback Site."
options.openFeedbackPage.continue"Continue to Feedback Site"
options.turnOffAchievements"Turn off achievements?"
options.turnOffAchievements.message"Achievements are only available in worlds set to survival mode with cheats off. If you continue, no one will earn achievements while playing in this world ever again even if you switch back before playing."
options.achievementsDisabled"Achievements cannot be earned in this world."
options.achievementsDisabled.onLoad"If you start playing with these settings, achievements will no longer be earnable in this world."
options.achievementsDisabled.notSignedIn"Achievements can be earned in this world, but you must sign in to a Microsoft Account to earn them."
options.turnOffCrossPlatformMultiplayer"Turn Off Cross-Platform Multiplayer?"
options.turnOffCrossPlatformMultiplayer.message"The content that you are trying to use is not allowed in cross-platform multiplayer games. If you continue you will not be able to play cross-platform multiplayer games."
options.conflictingPacks"Conflicting Packs"
options.conflictingPacks.message.onStack"A pack already on the stack can't be applied with other packs. %s"
options.conflictingPacks.message.offStack"The pack you are trying to apply can't be applied with other packs. %s"
options.conflictingPacks.message.offStackWithBehavior"Continuing will remove all current packs and then add the pack you are trying to apply. This will remove all behavior packs from the world which can break the world and cause you to lose what you created."
options.conflictingPacks.continue"Continuing will remove all current packs and then add the pack you are trying to apply."
options.crossPlatformMultiplayerDisabled"Content active in this world cannot be used in cross-platform multiplayer."
options.multiplayerDisabled"Content active in this world cannot be used in multiplayer."
options.skinsCrossPlatformMultiplayerDisabled"The skin you're using cannot be used in cross-platform multiplayer."
options.skinsMultiplayerDisabled"The skin you're using cannot be used in multiplayer."
options.content.noRealms"Edit World?"
options.content.noRealms.message"This world uses a resource pack or template that cannot be used in cross-platform multiplayer."
options.experimentalWorldLoad"Load Experimental World?"
options.experimentalWorldLoad.message"This world uses features that are still under development. It might crash, break, or stop working at any time."
options.updateWorldHeight"World update"
options.updateWorldHeight.message"This update makes your world higher and deeper. It adds more blocks and caves under your current world, so there's more to explore underground."
options.activateExperimentalGameplay.message"Be careful! You're about to create a copy of your world with Experiments turned on. This new world might crash, break, or not work with future updates."
options.activateExperimentalGameplay"Activate Experimental Gameplay?"
options.activateExperimentalGameplay.activate"Activate Experiments"
options.activateExperimentalGameplayCreate.message"Be careful! You're activating features that are still under development. Your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates."
options.activateFancyBubbles"Activate Fancy Bubble Columns?"
options.activateFancyBubblesCreate.message"Enables Fancy Bubble Columns. Fancy Bubble Columns may lower performance on some devices."
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions"Discard the Creator's Settings?"
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.message"The experience that the creator of this template wants you to have might be broken if you unlock these settings. You might not be able to return to that intended experience if you continue."
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.initiate"Unlock Template World Options"
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.ok"Unlock All Settings"
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.cancel"Keep Creator Settings"
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.warning"Template World Options are locked to the values set by this template's Creator. Unlock to change them."
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.packWarning"Unlock Template World Options from Game Settings to change the packs for this world."
options.unlockTemplateWorldOptions.permissionsWarning"Unlock Template World Options from Game Settings to be able to change permissions."
options.enableEducation"Enable Education Edition?"
options.enableEducation.message"Enables Education Edition chemistry features. Education gameplay may break your world. If you continue we will make a copy of your world starting with [EDU]."
options.enableEducationCreate.message"Enables Education Edition chemistry features. This cannot be disabled after your world is created. Please note these features are best experienced on desktop devices with moderate to high memory."
options.goBack"Go Back"
options.loadWorldAnyway"Load World Anyway"
options.updateAndPlay"Update and play"
options.makeBackup"Make a backup copy of my world"
options.managePrivacy"To manage privacy settings, please visit in any web browser."
options.unlink_msa.button"Unlink Microsoft Account"
options.unlink_msa.confirm.title"Unlink Microsoft Account?"
options.unlink_msa.confirm.warning"WARNING: You will no longer be able to store progression or purchases made on your "PlayStation 4" System on your account %s after unlinking."
options.unlink_msa.confirm.warning.2"Unlinking your Microsoft Account from within this game will affect all Minecraft games on this platform that have used this Microsoft Account."
options.unlink_msa.confirm.checkbox1"I will no longer be able to access any in-game Store content when I play on other platforms."
options.unlink_msa.confirm.checkbox2"I will no longer be able to play cross-platform games with my friends on other platforms."
options.unlink_msa.confirm.checkbox3"I will no longer be able to access Realms, including Realms subscriptions that are currently active."
options.unlink_msa.confirm.checkbox4"I understand the above, and I would like to continue with unlinking."
options.unlink_msa.progress.body"Unlinking your accounts..."
options.unlink_msa.success.title"Unlink Successful"
options.unlink_msa.success.body"Your accounts have been unlinked."
options.unlink_msa.failure.title"Something Went Wrong"
options.unlink_msa.failure.body"Your accounts were not able to be unlinked. Maybe check your internet connection?"
options.useRemoteConnect"Use Remote Connect for Microsoft Account Sign In (requires restart)"
options.newUiEditWorld.title"Want to try our new design?""§7Try out the upcoming redesign of this page. You can always switch back to the old experience."
options.newUiEditWorld.initiate"Try new design"
options.newUiEditWorldDialog.title"Settings will not be saved"
options.newUiEditWorldDialog.body"You'll have to start over if you go back to the new design. Are you sure you want to continue?"
options.newUiEditWorldDialog.accept"Go to new design without saving"
options.newUiEditWorldDialog.stay"Stay in current design"
options.editor.modeDescription.message"Editor Mode adds powerful tools for editing worlds. Intended for experienced creators on devices with a Mouse & Keyboard."
options.editor.modeDescription.messageWithMouse"Editor Mode adds powerful tools for editing worlds. Intended for experienced creators."
options.editor.modeActive"Minecraft is currently in Editor Mode."
options.editor.modeNotActive"Minecraft is not currently in Editor Mode."
options.editor.achievementsDisabled"Achievements cannot be earned in this project."
options.newUiPlayScreen.initiate"Switch to the new UI"
options.openPage.continue"More Info"
options.graphicsMode"Graphics Mode"
options.graphicsMode.deferred"Deferred Technical Preview"
options.graphicsMode.rayTraced"Ray Traced"
options.graphicsModeOptions.simple"Simple Graphics Options"
options.graphicsModeOptions.fancy"Fancy Graphics Options"
options.graphicsModeOptions.deferred"Deferred Graphics Options"
options.graphicsModeOptions.rayTraced"Ray Traced Graphics Options"
options.shadowQuality"Shadow Quality"
options.pointLightShadowEnabled"Point Light Shadows Enabled"
options.pointLightShadowDisabled"Point Light Shadows Disabled"
options.pointLightShadow.tooltip"Shadows cast by torches, lanterns, and other small light sources; only enabled on higher shadow quality settings on some devices."
options.pointLightLODingQuality"Point Light Quality"
options.volumetricFogQuality"Volumetric Fog Quality""Off"
options.dcast_character.Title"New Characters for character Creation"
patchNotes.loading"Loading Patch Notes"
patchNotes.error.noInternet.title"Disconnected from the Internet"
patchNotes.error.noInternet.msg"Oops! Something went wrong. Maybe check your internet connection?"
patchNotes.error.notFound.title"Patch Notes %1"
patchNotes.error.notFound.msg"We fixed a few bugs in this release. We'll send you new patch notes when we have more to report."
sunsetting.popup.title"This device is no longer supported."
sunsetting.popup.moreInfo"More Info"
sunsetting.popup.dontshow"Don't show this again"
sunsetting.popup.moreInfo.gearVR"For more information, please visit in any web browser."
sunsetting.popup.moreInfo.gearVR.geo"For more information, please visit in any web browser."
sunsetting.popup.pendingSunset.ios"Our ability to support this device is coming to an end. You will continue to receive updates until Feb. of 2024, when you will receive your final update for this device.%sAfter you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins), however you will no longer be able to make new purchases on this device. Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months unless they are updated by the Realm owner on a different device. To cancel your realm subscription, you will need to do so in the Settings menu for Subscriptions on the device the Realm was created from. You will no longer receive the latest updates and will be unable to play multiplayer with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers.%sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device.""Our ability to support this device is coming to an end. You will continue to receive updates until Feb. of 2024, when you will receive your final update for this device.%sAfter you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins), however you will no longer be able to make new purchases on this device. Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months unless they are updated by the Realm owner on a different device. To cancel your realm subscription, you will need to do so in your subscriptions in Google Play, you can access Google Play on any supported device or from PC where you are able to login to your account You will no longer receive the latest updates and will be unable to play multiplayer with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers.%sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device."
sunsetting.popup.pendingSunset.ios_android"Our ability to support this device is coming to an end. You will continue to receive updates until Nov. of 2022, whereupon you will receive your final update for this device. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. %sAfter you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins). Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months unless they are updated by the Realm owner on a different device. You will no longer receive the latest updates and will be unable to play multiplayer with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your worlds to a new device. "
sunsetting.popup.sunset.ios_android"This device is no longer supported. You have received the final update for this device. From this point on you can keep building in your worlds, and your Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins) will continue to be available. Your Realms will continue to work unless they are updated by the Realm owner on a different device. You will no longer receive the latest updates, and will be unable to play multiplayer with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your worlds to a new device. We know this is an inconvenience - we deeply appreciate the time you spent with our game, and hope to see you again on an updated device. "
sunsetting.popup.pendingSunset.gearvr_win10"Our ability to support this device is coming to an end. You will continue to receive updates until our next major release, whereupon you will receive your final update for this device. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. %sAfter you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds and access Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins). However you will no longer have access to multiplayer or Realms from this device. You will no longer receive the latest updates, and will be unable to play with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your worlds to a new device. "
sunsetting.popup.sunset.gearvr_win10"This device is no longer supported. You have received the final update for this device. From this point on you can keep building in your worlds, and your Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins) will continue to be available. However, you will no longer have access to multiplayer or Realms from this device. You will no longer receive the latest updates, and will be unable to play with devices which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers."
sunsetting.popup.pendingSunset.dx10"Our ability to support this graphics device is coming to an end. You will continue to receive updates until our next major release, whereupon you will receive your final update for this device. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. %sAfter you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds and access Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins). Realms managed from this device will continue to work unless they are updated by the Realm owner on a different device. You will no longer receive the latest updates, and will be unable to play multiplayer with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your worlds to a new device. "
sunsetting.popup.sunset.dx10"This graphics device is no longer supported. You have received the final update for this device. From this point on you can keep building in your worlds, and your Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins) will continue to be available. Your Realms will continue to work unless they are updated by the Realm owner on a different device. You will no longer receive the latest updates, and will be unable to play multiplayer with devices or Realms which are continuing to receive updates. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your worlds to a new device. We know this is an inconvenience, and deeply appreciate the time you spent with our game, and your support. "
sunsetting.popup.pendingSunset.geo.ios"Our ability to support this device is coming to an end in your area. After you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months. On Sept. 30th, 2023 you will no longer have access to the realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this and cancel your subscription by viewing your Subscriptions settings on your device. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device. "
sunsetting.popup.sunset.geo.ios"Our ability to support this device has come to an end in your area. You will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work until Sept. 30th, 2023. Afterwards you will no longer have access to the Realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device. ""Our ability to support this device is coming to an end in your area. After you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months. On Sept. 30th, 2023 you will no longer have access to the realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device. ""Our ability to support this device has come to an end in your area. You will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work until Sept. 30th, 2023. Afterwards you will no longer have access to the Realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device. ""Our ability to support this device is coming to an end in your area. With this final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months. On Sept. 30th, 2023 you will no longer have access to the realms from this device. It is recommended you download your world prior to this and cancel your subscription by viewing your subscriptions in Google Play. %sYou will no longer receive the latest updates and will be unable to play multiplayer. You will also not be able to connect to certain servers. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on your other platforms where you play Minecraft. You can start a new subscription from these other platforms where you play Minecraft. %sIf you would like to move your worlds from this device to another, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device. ""Our ability to support this device has come to an end in your area. You will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work until Sept. 30th, 2023. Afterwards you will no longer have access to the Realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device. "
sunsetting.popup.pendingSunset.geo.generic"Our ability to support this device is coming to an end in your area. After you receive the final update, you will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work for 6 months. On Sept. 30th, 2023 you will no longer have access to the realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device."
sunsetting.popup.sunset.geo.generic"Our ability to support this device has come to an end in your area. You will still be able to play on your worlds, and access your Marketplace purchases, but you will no longer be able to make purchases in the Marketplace. Realms managed from this device will continue to work until Sept. 30th, 2023. Afterwards you will no longer have access to the Realm. It is recommended you download your world prior to this. %sIf you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms. If you would like to move your worlds from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm, and downloading a backup onto your new device. %sClick on the button for more information, including ways to move your world to a new device.""Your version may soon not connect to multiplayer""Your version may soon not connect to multiplayer""Your version may soon not connect to multiplayer""Your version may not connect to multiplayer""Your version may not connect to multiplayer""Your version may not connect to multiplayer""Incompatible""This content is not compatible with your device. Check"
pauseScreen.back"Back to Game"
pauseScreen.realmsStories"Realms Stories"
pauseScreen.currentWorld"Current World"
pauseScreen.header"Game Menu"
pauseScreen.quit"Save & Quit"
pauseScreen.secondaryClientLeave"Save & Leave"
pauseScreen.editor.quit"Return to Editor"
pauseScreen.editor.returnToTesting"Resume Testing"
pauseScreen.editor.returnToEditing"Resume Editing"
pauseScreen.invite"Invite to Game"
pauseScreen.ipAddress"IP: %1"
pauseScreen.error.noIpAddress"No IP found"
pauseScreen.error.noPort"No Port found"
pauseScreen.title"Game Paused"
pauseScreen.betaFeedback"Beta Feedback"
pauseScreen.xboxLiveDisconnect"Oops! Your account was disconnected. To access online features, please sign in at the Main Menu and restart your world."
pauseScreen.joinCode.Label"JOIN CODE"
pauseScreen.joinCode.Icon"%3 join code icon, %1 of %2"
permissionsScreen.kick"Kick Player"
permissionsScreen.ban"Ban Player"
hudScreen.tooltip.basic.flyDown"Fly Down"
hudScreen.tooltip.basic.flyUp"Fly Up"
hudScreen.tooltip.basic.startFlying"Start Flying"
hudScreen.tooltip.basic.stopFlying"Stop Flying"
hudScreen.tooltip.basic.swimDown"Swim Down"
hudScreen.tooltip.basic.swimUp"Swim Up"
hudScreen.tooltip.dig"Dig Path"
hudScreen.tooltip.peel"Peel Bark"
hudScreen.tooltip.scaffoldingDescend"Hold to Descend"
hudScreen.tooltip.placeBook"Place Book"
hudScreen.tooltip.readBook"Read Book"
hudScreen.tooltip.removeBook"Remove Book"
hudScreen.tooltip.boatExit"Leave Boat"
hudScreen.tooltip.change_note"Change Note"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.customiseControls"Customize controls"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.applyToAll"Apply to all buttons"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.reset"Reset Default"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.resetModalTitle"Do you want to reset To Defaults?"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.resetModalText"You're about to reset the customisation of the touch control screen."
hudScreen.controlCustomization.resetConfirm"Reset default controls"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.resetCancel"Don't reset"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.closeWithoutSavingModalTitle"Your changes will not be saved"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.closeWithoutSavingModalText"You have made changes that can't be saved."
hudScreen.controlCustomization.closeWithoutSavingConfirm"Leave without saving"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.closeWithoutSavingCancel"Continue editing"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.hintDrag"Touch and drag to reposition a button"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.hintDeselect"Click outside to deselect"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.tooltip"Load a world to customize controls"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.tooltip.notouch"Use a touch device to customize controls"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.tooltip.alreadycustomizing"There is already a touch control customization screen open"
hudScreen.controlCustomization.tooltip.alive"Player needs to be alive to customize controls."
playscreen.joinableRealms"Joinable Realms"
playscreen.noFriendsRealms"You have not become a member of any Realms yet."
playscreen.lastPlayed.daysAgo"%1 days ago"
playscreen.lastPlayed.longAgo"Long ago""Today"
playscreen.lastPlayed.weeksAgo"%1 weeks ago"
playscreen.remoteWorld"Remote world at:"
playscreen.realmsTrialWorld"Try Realms Plus free for 30 days"
playscreen.freePreviewRealmAvailable"Free Preview Realm Available"
playscreen.freeBetaRealmAvailable"Free Beta Realm Available"
playscreen.withYourPaidRealms"With your paid realms subscription"
playscreen.realmsCreateFirstWorld"Create your first realm"
playscreen.realmsCombo"Play with friends, enjoy 150+ packs"
playscreen.realmsGetServer"Get your own server and 150+ packs"
playscreen.realmGoogleHoldBody"There is a problem with one or more of your Realms subscriptions. Click OK to go to the Google Play subscription settings to fix your payment method."
playscreen.realmsContent"Play 150+ marketplace packs"
playscreen.checkingRealmsCompatibility"Checking Realms compatibility..."
playscreen.fetchingRealms"Fetching Realms..."
playscreen.confirmLeaveMessage"Are you sure you want to leave Realm %1$s?"
playscreen.confirmLeaveTitle"Confirm Leave"
playscreen.realmClientOutdated"All Realms have been updated. You need to update your game to continue playing Realms."
playscreen.previewRealms"Preview Realms"
playscreen.betaRealms"Beta Realms"
playscreen.realmsWarning.moreinfo"More info"
playscreen.realmsCompatibilityFailure"We could not connect to Realms right now. We will try again soon."
playscreen.realmsPreProdNotAuthorized"You do not have access to Realms in pre-production. To get access, reach out in #ask-realms-preprod-access or see the guide at"
playscreen.realmsSignIn"Sign-in to play on Realms today!"
playscreen.realmsSignInFriends"Sign-in to see your friends' Realms today!"
playscreen.dontSeeLegacyWorlds"Don't see your worlds?"
playscreen.syncLegacyWorlds"Sync Old Worlds"
playscreen.fetchingLegacyWorlds"Fetching Old Worlds..."
playscreen.upgradeLegacyWorlds"Old Worlds"
playscreen.syncRetailWorlds"Copy Worlds from Minecraft (release version)"
playscreen.fetchingRetailWorlds"Copying Worlds Minecraft (release version)..."
playscreen.upgradeRetailWorlds"Minecraft (release version) Worlds"
playscreen.noLegacyWorldsFound.title"No Worlds Found"
playscreen.noLegacyWorldsFound.body"No worlds from other versions of Minecraft detected."
playscreen.failedToAutoSyncLegacyWorlds"Unable to fetch Old Worlds. Clear up additional storage space in order to manage Old Worlds."
playscreen.lockedSkin"The skin that you have equipped is from a content pack that is not allowed in cross-platform multiplayer. Continuing will disable cross-platform multiplayer for this world."
playscreen.multiplayerLockedSkin"The skin that you have equipped is from a content pack that is not allowed in multiplayer. Continuing will disable multiplayer for this world."
playscreen.delete.legacy.content"Are you sure you want to delete the selected old world? This world will be lost forever! (A long time!)"
playscreen.delete.legacy.title"Delete %s permanently?"
playscreen.delete.legacy.deleting"Deleting world..."
playscreen.beta_worlds"Beta Worlds"
playscreen.beta_legacy_worlds"Old Beta Worlds"
playscreen.editor.create"Create New Project""Build"
permissions.ability.doorsandswitches"Use doors and switches"
permissions.ability.opencontainers"Open containers"
permissions.ability.attackplayers"Attack players"
permissions.ability.attackmobs"Attack mobs"
permissions.ability.op"Operator Commands"
permissions.ability.invisible"Become invisible"
permissions.ability.teleport"Use Teleport"
permissions.NeedPermission"You Need Permission"
permissions.AddFriends"You cannot add friends because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Please ensure your online safety settings allow adding friends. See instructions for changing these settings at"
permissions.MultiplayerSessions"You cannot play on Realms because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Please ensure your online safety settings allow Multiplayer. See instructions for changing these settings at"
permissions.Communications"You cannot chat with other players because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Please ensure your privacy settings allow communicating with others. See instructions for changing these settings at"
permissions.RealmsAddFriends"You will not be able to add new friends to play on your realm with you because of how your Xbox account is set up. This can be changed in your privacy & online safety settings on Do you want to continue?"
permissions.CloudSave"You cannot save your worlds to your Xbox profile because of how your account is set up. This can be changed in your privacy & online safety settings on"
permissions.MultiplayerSessionsOnConsole"You cannot play on Realms because of how your Microsoft Account is set up. Please ensure your online safety settings allow Multiplayer and you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. See instructions for changing these settings at"
permissions.MultiplayerSessionsOnConsoleGamecore"You cannot play on Realms because of how your Microsoft Account is set up.""Get Help Fixing This""Fix This""See terms of service"
permissions.GoBack"Go Back"
permissions.chatmute"Chat is currently disabled"
permissions.deopingother.message"They will no longer have Operator level permissions by lowering their permission level."
permissions.description.visitors"Visitors can freely explore your world, but cannot interact with blocks, items, or entities. Trust Players Off."
permissions.description.members"Members are active players in your world who can break and create blocks, and attack mobs and other players."
permissions.description.operators"Operators are members who can set player permissions and use commands to have more control over your world."
permissions.level"Permission Level"
permissions.nocheats"Cheats Are Off"
permissions.nocheats.message"Certain commands like teleport are only available with cheats ON. Cheats can also be turned on through the Game menu under Game Settings. If you choose to turn cheats on, achievements will be disabled in this world."
permissions.nocheats.message.noachievements"Certain commands like teleport are only available with cheats ON. Cheats can also be turned on through the Game menu under Game Settings."
permissions.nocheats.turnon"Set OP with cheats ON"
permissions.nocheats.turnoff"Set OP with cheats OFF"
permissions.deopingself"Remove Operator Permissions?"
permissions.deopingself.message"You will no longer have Operator level permissions by lowering your permission level."
permissions.title"Player Permissions"
permissions.title.settings"Player permission when joining from invite""Permission level for players who join your world"
permissions.toast.playerLeft"A player left the game."
permissions.toast.playerJoined"A player joined the game."
permissions.kickplayer"Kick Player"
permissions.kickplayer.reason"You have been kicked from the session by the host."
permissions.kickplayer.message"Are you sure you want to kick %s from the world? They will not be able to rejoin this session."
permissions.kickplayer.message.dedicatedserver"Are you sure you want to kick %s from the world?"
permissions.kickplayer.title"Kick Player?"
permissions.banplayer"Ban Player"
permissions.banplayer.reason"You have been banned from the session by the host."
permissions.banplayer.message"Are you sure you want to ban %s from the world? They will not be able to rejoin."
permissions.banplayer.title"Ban Player?"
permissions.ClubsAccess"You cannot access the Realms Feed because you do not have access to Clubs. See instructions for changing these settings at"
permissions.ClubsPost"You cannot post to the Realms Feed because you do not have access to Clubs. See instructions for changing these settings at"
permissions.button.kickplayer"Remove player from game"
permissions.popup.title"Permission Options"
permissions.dropdown.title"Permissions Level for %s"
permissions.removeplayer"Remove Player"
permissions.removeplayer.reason"You have been removed from the session by the host."
permissions.removeplayer.message"Are you sure you want to remove this player from the world? When you remove this player a new join code will be generated so that they will not be able to rejoin."
permissions.removeplayer.title"Remove Player Confirmation""Page %s"
portfolioScreen.export"Export Portfolio"
portfolioScreen.caption"[ caption ]"
portfolioScreen.nopics0"You currently have no photos in your portfolio. Photos taken with the camera will show up here. You can also use the button below to add some."
portfolioScreen.nopics1"Photos you take with the camera will show up here."
portfolioScreen.noInventory"You do not have any photos in your inventory. Try using the camera to take a picture."
portfolioScreen.addPhoto"Add Photo"
potion.conduitPower"Conduit Power"
potion.damageBoost"Strength""Potion of Strength""Splash Potion of Strength""Lingering Potion of Strength"
potion.digSlowDown"Mining Fatigue"
potion.effects.whenDrank"When Applied:"
potion.empty"No Effects""Water Bottle""Splash Water Bottle""Lingering Water Bottle"
potion.fireResistance"Fire Resistance""Potion of Fire Resistance""Splash Potion of Fire Resistance""Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance"
potion.harm"Instant Damage""Potion of Harming""Splash Potion of Harming""Lingering Potion of Harming"
potion.heal"Instant Health""Potion of Healing""Splash Potion of Healing""Lingering Potion of Healing"
potion.healthBoost"Health Boost"
potion.invisibility"Invisibility""Potion of Invisibility""Splash Potion of Invisibility""Lingering Potion of Invisibility"
potion.jump"Jump Boost""Potion of Leaping""Splash Potion of Leaping""Lingering Potion of Leaping"
potion.moveSlowdown"Slowness""Potion of Slowness""Splash Potion of Slowness""Lingering Potion of Slowness"
potion.slowFalling"Slow Falling""Potion of Slow Falling""Splash Potion of Slow Falling""Lingering Potion of Slow Falling"
potion.moveSpeed"Speed""Potion of Swiftness""Splash Potion of Swiftness""Lingering Potion of Swiftness"
potion.nightVision"Night Vision""Potion of Night Vision""Splash Potion of Night Vision""Lingering Potion of Night Vision"
potion.poison"Poison""Potion of Poison""Splash Potion of Poison""Lingering Potion of Poison"
potion.potency.5"VI""Awkward Potion""Splash Awkward Potion""Lingering Awkward Potion""Mundane Potion""Splash Mundane Potion""Lingering Mundane Potion""Long Mundane Potion""Splash Long Mundane Potion""Lingering Long Mundane Potion""Thick Potion""Splash Thick Potion""Lingering Thick Potion"
potion.regeneration"Regeneration""Potion of Regeneration""Splash Potion of Regeneration""Lingering Potion of Regeneration"
potion.turtleMaster2"Resistance""Potion of the Turtle Master""Splash Potion of the Turtle Master""Lingering Potion of the Turtle Master"
potion.waterBreathing"Water Breathing""Potion of Water Breathing""Splash Potion of Water Breathing""Lingering Potion of Water Breathing"
potion.weakness"Weakness""Potion of Weakness""Splash Potion of Weakness""Lingering Potion of Weakness"
potion.wither"Wither""Potion of Decay""Splash Potion of Decay""Lingering Potion of Decay"
profileScreen.header"Dressing Room"
profileScreen.manage_button_text"Edit Character"
profileScreen.manage_button_text_skin"Change Classic Skin"
profileScreen.manage_button_create_text"Create Character"
profileScreen.selectPrebuiltCharacter"Select From Character List"
profileScreen.create_persona_confirm_skin"Create Classic Skin"
profileScreen.delete_button"Delete Character"
profileScreen.settings_button"Game Settings"
profileScreen.differences_information_button"Differences between Character Creator and Classic Skins"
profileScreen.create_persona_character_details"You make a custom character in Minecraft item by item."
profileScreen.difference_character_creator_description"Create a custom character in Minecraft piece by piece. Personalize your character's body, eyes, mouth, hairstyles, clothing, and more!"
profileScreen.differences_classic_skin_title"Classic Skin"
profileScreen.difference_classic_skin_description"A full body skin that is placed on the character. Classic skins cannot be modified piece by piece. You can also import your own full body skin that you created or downloaded."
profileScreen.create_persona_classic_skin_details"A whole-body skin texture that is placed onto a character."
profileScreen.create_persona_title"Select the Type"
persona.csb.see.subscription"In Pass"
persona.realms.see.subscription"In Realms Plus"
persona.realms.time.remaining"%s to redeem"
persona.realms.savings"You save %s minecoins with your Realms Plus subscription!"
persona.csb.savings"You save %s minecoins with your Marketplace Pass subscription!"
persona.preview.emote"Play Emote"
progressScreen.cantConnect"Unable to connect to the world. Please check your connection to the internet and try again."
progressScreen.generating"Generating World"
progressScreen.saving"Saving world"
progressScreen.title.downloading"Downloading packs %1"
progressScreen.title.applyingPacks"Loading resource packs"
progressScreen.title.searchingForSession"Searching for Game Session..."
progressScreen.title.waitingForStorageProvider"Syncing user data"
progressScreen.title.connectingLocal"Starting World"
progressScreen.title.connectingLAN"Connecting to multiplayer game"
progressScreen.title.connectingExternal"Connecting to external server"
progressScreen.title.connectingRealms"Connecting to Realm"
progressScreen.title.copyingWorld"World Copy"
progressScreen.title.deleteStorageAreaContent"Clearing Storage Cache"
progressScreen.title.loadingSplitScreenAppearances"Loading Splitscreen Appearances"
progressScreen.title.modifiedWorldWarning"Modified World"
progressScreen.message.appearanceLoaded"Appearance Loaded"
progressScreen.message.appearanceLoadWaitTimeMet"Appearance is taking a long time to load. Proceeding with world generation..."
progressScreen.message.deleteStorageAreaContent"This may take a few minutes."
progressScreen.message.copyingWorld"Copying World... %d%%"
progressScreen.message.tts.copyingWorld"Copying World"
progressScreen.message.building"Building terrain"
progressScreen.message.exporting"Export in Progress"
progressScreen.message.exporting.warning"Please do not exit the game. Exiting might corrupt the export."
progressScreen.message.importing"Importing world"
progressScreen.message.importingContent"Step 2 of 2 - Importing Content"
progressScreen.message.updatingContent"Updating %1 of %2 Packs"
progressScreen.message.locating"Locating server"
progressScreen.message.loadingAppearance"Loading Appearance..."
progressScreen.message.waitingForRealms"This may take a few moments"
progressScreen.message.waitingForStorageProvider"This may take a few moments..."
progressScreen.message.waitingForTickingAreas"Loading Ticking Areas"
progressScreen.message.storageProviderSyncError"Failed to sync user data."
progressScreen.message.waitingForStoreProducts"This may take a few moments"
progressScreen.message.allDone"All Done!"
progressScreen.message.letsGo"Let's Go!"
progressScreen.message.failedNoNetwork"Failed: No Network Connection"
progressScreen.message.downloadingWorld"Downloading World"
progressScreen.message.downloadingContent"Step 1 of 2 - Downloading Content"
progressScreen.message.uploadingWorld"Uploading world files..."
progressScreen.message.uploadingWorldError"World upload failed. Would you like to try again?"
progressScreen.message.copyingPacks"Saving World Resource Packs"
progressScreen.message.initiatingTemplate"Initiating World Template"
progressScreen.message.fileSize"File Size"
progressScreen.message.initializingUpload"Initializing Upload"
progressScreen.message.initializingDownload"Initializing Download"
progressScreen.message.invalidWorldFile"Invalid world file. Please reopen your world, save, then try again."
progressScreen.message.resourceLoading"Loading Resources"
progressScreen.message.leaveLevel"Your game is being saved. Please do not turn off your device."
progressScreen.message.genericMayTakeAMoment"This may take a few moments"
progressScreen.message.noUploadResponse"We couldn't confirm if your world uploaded properly. Please join your Realm to check, then try again if it hasn't been updated to the new world."
progressScreen.message.noUploadEndpoint"Failed to find a place to upload your world. Maybe check your internet connection?"
progressScreen.message.unownedTemplate"It looks like you do not own the Marketplace template this world is based on. You can purchase it from Minecraft Marketplace."
progressScreen.message.createArchiveFileFailed"We couldn't pack your world file for upload. Maybe your hard drive is full?"
progressScreen.message.createLevelStorageFailed"Something went wrong while preparing to upload your world. If this keeps happening, restarting your device may help."
progressScreen.message.unknownError"An error occurred"
progressScreen.message.directoryDepthError"This world can't be opened because of a directory issue in the pack."
progressScreen.message.forbiddenContent"You do not own one or more of the applied packs"
progressScreen.message.loadingSplitScreenAppearances"Loading splitscreen appearances..."
progressScreen.message.finishedLoadingSplitScreenAppearances"Finished loading splitscreen appearances."
progressScreen.message.modifiedWorldWarning"This world may not look or behave in the same way as non-modified worlds and you can't earn achievements."
progressScreen.dialog.title.resourcePack"Download Resource Packs?"
progressScreen.dialog.title.behaviorAndResourcePack"Download World Behavior & Resource Packs?"
progressScreen.dialog.title.onlyBehavior"Download World Behavior Packs?"
progressScreen.dialog.title.storageProviderError"Failed To Sync World Data"
progressScreen.dialog.title.storageProviderLongWait"Syncing World Data"
progressScreen.dialog.title.storageProviderSucceeded"Syncing World Data Succeeded"
progressScreen.dialog.message.onlyBehavior"This world has Behavior Packs applied to it that you must download to join. Would you like to download them and join?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.behaviorAndOptionalResourcePack"This world has Behavior Packs applied to it that you must download to join and Resource Packs that you may optionally download before joining. What would you like to download before joining?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.behaviorAndResourcePack"This world has Behavior and Resource Packs applied to it that you must download to join. Would you like to download them and join?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.resourcePackOptional"This world has Resource Packs applied to it. Would you like to download them before you join?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.resourcePackRequired"This world has Resource Packs applied to it that you must download to join. Would you like to download them and join?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.resourcePackOptional.rayTracing.line1"This world has ray tracing enabled Resource Packs applied to it."
progressScreen.dialog.message.resourcePackOptional.rayTracing.line2"Your device is not compatible with advanced lighting and texture features so you will see the world without these advanced effects. Would you like to download them before you join?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.resourcePackRequired.rayTracing.line1"This world has ray tracing enabled Resource Packs applied to it."
progressScreen.dialog.message.resourcePackRequired.rayTracing.line2"Your device is not compatible with advanced lighting and texture features so you will see the world without these advanced effects. Would you like to download them before you join?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.storageProviderError"Could not sync your world data. Would you like to try again?"
progressScreen.dialog.message.storageProviderUnusableError"The world is not fully synced or has been corrupted. Try playing the world on a console where it's in a good state and try migrating it again."
progressScreen.dialog.message.storageProviderQuotaError"Local save successful but cloud sync failed due to quota. Free cloud space by deleting worlds from the settings menu."
progressScreen.dialog.message.storageProviderOutOfLocalStorage"Not enough local free space to support cloud sync."
progressScreen.dialog.message.worldCorrupted"The world has been corrupted. Please report this at"
progressScreen.dialog.message.storageProviderLongWait"Syncing this world is taking a long time. Would you like to continue waiting?"
progressScreen.dialog.button.enter"Enter World"
progressScreen.dialog.button.joinAndDownload"Download & Join - %1"
progressScreen.dialog.button.joinAndDownload.everything"Download Everything & Join - %1"
progressScreen.dialog.button.joinAndDownload.onlyBehaviorPacks"Only Download Behaviors & Join - %1"
progressScreen.editor.message.copyingProject"Copying Project... %d%%"
progressScreen.editor.message.tts.copyingProject"Copying Project"
progressScreen.editor.title.copyingProject"Project Copy"
progressScreen.editor.dialog.message.resourcePackOptional"This project has Resource Packs applied to it. Would you like to download them before you join?"
progressScreen.editor.dialog.message.resourcePackRequired"This project has Resource Packs applied to it that you must download to join. Would you like to download them and join?"
progressScreen.editor.message.convert.projectToWorld"Converting project to world and making a copy of your project..."
progressScreen.editor.message.convert.worldToProject"Converting world to project..."
progressScreen.editor.message.convert.projectToWorld.saveWorld"Saving world data..."
progressScreen.editor.message.convert.worldToProject.saveProject"Saving project data..."
progressScreen.label.mobileData"Mobile Data"
progressScreen.noWifi.mobileDataWarning"You are not currently connected to wifi. Mobile data charges might apply."
quiz.popup.ok"Take the Quiz"
quiz.popup.text"The quiz will open in a new window. You may return to Minecraft after you have completed the quiz."
raid.progress"Mobs remaining:"
raid.expiry"A raid has expired"
realmsStories.realmEvents.outOfGameMessage"There was a Realm Event. Check out the Story Feed in Minecraft to see what happened."
recipeToast.newUnlock.title"New recipe unlocked!"
recipeToast.newUnlock.moreRecipes" more recipes"
recipeToast.newUnlock.tts" new recipes unlocked"
recipeToast.newUnlock.descriptionRecipeBook"Check your recipe book"
recipeToast.newUnlock.descriptionCraftingTable"View in crafting table"
recipeToast.newUnlock.descriptionStonecutterTable"View in stonecutter"
recipeToast.newUnlock.descriptionSmithingTable"View in smithing table"
recipeToast.newUnlock.descriptionCartographyTable"View in cartography table"
record.nowPlaying"Now playing: %s"
resourcePack.available.title"Available Resource Packs"
resourcePack.available.title.behaviorPacks"Available Behavior Packs"
resourcePack.available.title.packs"My Packs"
resourcePack.available.none.text"You have no resource packs"
resourcePack.available.none.behavior"You have no behavior packs""View Marketplace"
resourcePack.message.noneFound.packs"There are no available packs on this device."
resourcePack.message.allInUse.packs"Your packs are currently in use."
resourcePack.message.error"A pack has errors that will make it not function"
resourcePack.message.warning"A pack has warnings that might cause odd behavior"
resourcePack.suggestedContent.title"Get More Packs"
resourcePack.suggestedContent.button.viewMore"View More Packs"
resourcePack.cached.title"Cached Packs"
resourcePack.folderInfo"(Place resource pack files here)"
resourcePack.openFolder"Open resource pack folder"
resourcePack.selected.title"Selected Resource Packs"
resourcePack.selected.title.behaviorPacks"Active Behavior Packs"
resourcePack.realmsPlus.title.packs"Realms Plus Packs"
resourcePack.realmsPlus.title.packs.contentSub"Marketplace Pass Packs"
resourcePack.errors"Errors: "
resourcePack.error.ingame.packs"You cannot change Resource Packs while playing in a world."
resourcePack.error.ingame.behaviorPacks"You cannot change Behavior Packs while playing in a world."
resourcePack.error.enteringgame.title"Expired Packs on Realm"
resourcePack.error.enteringgame.message"This Realm contains resource or behavior packs that have expired from Realms Plus. You will need to either deactivate these packs or purchase them from the marketplace in order to play on the Realm."
resourcePack.error.enteringgame.button"View Active Packs"
resourcePack.title"Select Resource Packs"
resourcePack.toast.atlasFallback.message"Low memory. Textures will have reduced level of detail."
resourcePack.toast.atlasFallback.title"Resource Pack Fallback"
resourcePack.copyGlobal"Copy from Global"
resourcePack.description"Resource packs are applied bottom to top. This means any asset that is in two packs will be overridden by the higher pack."
resourcePack.description.default.level"You can edit these in Settings."
resourcePack.description.default.behaviorPacks"The default gameplay of Minecraft.""Resource packs are applied bottom to top. This means any asset that is in two packs will be overridden by the higher pack. Packs in your worlds will apply on top of these global packs. These resources are just for you. No one else will see the resources you set here. Resource Packs in your worlds or worlds you join will apply on top of these global resources."
resourcePack.description.bottom.behaviorPacks"Behavior Packs are applied bottom to top. That means anything that is in two Behavior Packs will be overridden by the higher one."
resourcePack.description.bottom.level"Resource packs are applied bottom to top. This means any asset that is in two packs will be overridden by the higher pack. These packs in your world apply on top of your global pack(s).""View in Store"
resourcePack.header.behavior"Active Behavior Packs apply to all players."
resourcePack.header.level"Require players to accept resource packs to join"
resourcePack.crashRecovery.title"Global Resources Reset"
resourcePack.crashRecovery.message"Resources failed to load previously."
resourcePack.warning.add.title"Update World?"
resourcePack.warning.add.body"This world may not look or behave in the same way as non-modified worlds and you won't be able to earn achievements. You may want to save a copy of your world before continuing. Press "OK" to activate the pack, or "Cancel" to keep it unactivated."
resourcePack.warning.remove.title"This Is Dangerous!"
resourcePack.warning.remove.body"Removing Behavior Packs after playing a world might break the world and cause you to lose what you created. You may want to save a copy of your world before continuing. Press "OK" to deactivate the pack, or "Cancel" to keep it active."
resourcePack.requiredDependency.title"Required Dependency"
resourcePack.requiredDependency.body"This pack is a required dependency of another pack that is currently applied."
resourcePack.missingDependency.title"Missing Dependencies"
resourcePack.missingDependency.body"This pack is missing one or more dependencies. Would you like to apply it anyway?"
resourcePack.delete"You are about to delete %s forever. Are you sure?"
resourcePack.delete.confirm"Delete pack?"
resourcePack.deleteSelected"This pack is currently selected! You are about to delete %s forever. Are you sure?"
resourcePack.deleteMultiple"You are going to delete the following packs forever:%sAre you sure?"
resourcePack.editPack"Delete Packs..."
resourcePack.toast.unownedContent.title"%s Deactivated"
resourcePack.toast.unownedContent.subtitle"This account does not own this resource pack."
resourcePack.incompatibleDependency"This pack has a dependency (%s) that is incompatible with your device"
resourcePack.incompatibleDependency.memory"This pack has a dependency (%s) that is incompatible with your device because your device doesn't have enough memory.""This pack has a dependency (%s) that is incompatible with your device because your device doesn't have compatible hardware to support ray tracing"
resourcePack.subpackResolution"Resolution: %s"
resourcePack.incompatible"This pack is incompatible with your device."
resourcePack.incompatible.memory"This resolution is incompatible with your device because your device doesn't have enough memory.""This pack contains information to allow ray tracing, but your device does not support this option."
resourcePack.packSettingsTitle"%s Settings"
resourcePack.missingPackDescription"This pack is missing!"
resourcePack.legacyPackName"Legacy Resource Pack"
sidebar.characterCreator"Character Creator"
sidebar.classicSkins"Classic Skins"
sidebar.myCharacters"My Characters"
sidebar.myContent"My Content"
sidebar.newReleases"New Releases"
sidebar.openWorld"Open World"
sidebar.skinsOwned"Owned Skins"
sidebar.realmsPlus"Realms Plus"
sidebar.skinsRealmsPlus"Realms Plus Skins"
sidebar.skinsUnowned"Get More"
sidebar.topSellers"Top Sellers"
sidebar.tts.sidebarCollapseList"Sidebar Option: Collapse %s"
sidebar.tts.sidebarExpandList"Sidebar Option: Expand %s"
sidebar.tts.sidebarNavigateTo"Sidebar Option: Navigate To %s"
sidebar.tts.verboseToggleExpand"Expand Sidebar"
sidebar.tts.verboseToggleCollapse"Collapse Sidebar"
storageManager.contentType.worldTemplate"World Template"
storageManager.contentType.behaviorPack"Behavior Pack"
storageManager.contentType.skinPack"Skin Pack"
storageManager.contentType.cachedData"Cached Data"
storageManager.contentType.legacy_worlds"Old Worlds"
storageManager.contentType.worldTemplates"World Templates"
storageManager.contentType.resourcePacks"Resource Packs"
storageManager.contentType.behaviorPacks"Behavior Packs"
storageManager.contentType.skinPacks"Skin Packs"
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds"Sync Old Worlds"
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds_description"Looks for worlds from an older version of Minecraft. This might take a while to finish."
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds.conversion_description"Click a world to convert it into a playable world"
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds.conversion_complete.content"You have converted your world. You can now find it in “all worlds”."
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds.conversion_complete.confirm_button"Go to "all worlds""
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds.fetch_complete.content"We have found %s old worlds from a previous version of Minecraft."
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds.conversion_explanation.title"Converting your world"
storageManager.sync_legacy_worlds.conversion_explanation.content"You need to convert "%s" into the latest version of Minecraft to make it playable."
storageManager.baseWorld"Base World""Sculk Sensor""Sculk""Sculk Vein""Sculk Catalyst""Sculk Shrieker""Reinforced Deepslate""Sculk"
effect.darkness"Darkness""Frog""Tadpole""Warden Spawn Egg""Warden""Allay""Allay Spawn Egg"
action.interact.allay"Give item to Allay""Bucket of Tadpole""Frog Spawn Egg""Tadpole Spawn Egg""Frogspawn""Pearlescent Froglight""Verdant Froglight""Ochre Froglight""Mud""Packed Mud""Mud Bricks""Mud Brick Slab"
tile.mud_brick_double_slab"Mud Brick Double Slab""Mud Brick Stairs""Mud Brick Wall""Mangrove Leaves""Mangrove Propagule""Mangrove Roots""Muddy Mangrove Roots""Oak Boat with Chest""Spruce Boat with Chest""Birch Boat with Chest""Jungle Boat with Chest""Acacia Boat with Chest""Dark Oak Boat with Chest""Mangrove Boat with Chest""Mangrove Log""Stripped Mangrove Log""Mangrove Planks""Mangrove Button""Mangrove Stairs""Mangrove Slab""Mangrove Pressure Plate""Mangrove Fence""Mangrove Fence Gate""Mangrove Door""Mangrove Sign""Mangrove Trapdoor""Mangrove Wood""Stripped Mangrove Wood""Mangrove Boat""Echo Shard""Recovery Compass""Disc Fragment"
item.disc_fragment_5.desc"Music Disc - 5"
item.record_5.desc"Samuel Åberg - 5"
action.hint.exit.chest_boat"Tap jump to exit the boat"
action.hint.exit.console.chest_boat"Press :_input_key.jump: to exit the boat""Boat with Chest"
feature.ancient_city"Ancient City"
action.hint.exit.camel"Tap sneak to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.camel"Press :_input_key.sneak: to dismount"
action.hint.exit.console.raft"Press :_input_key.jump: to exit the raft"
action.hint.exit.raft"Tap jump to exit the raft"
action.hint.exit.scheme.camel"Tap dismount to dismount"
action.interact.exit.raft"Leave Raft"
container.smithing_table.arrow_tooltip_cannot_craft"Item can't be upgraded this way"
container.smithing_table.input_slot_tooltip_armor_trim"Add a piece of armor"
container.smithing_table.input_slot_tooltip_netherite"Add Diamond armor, weapon, or tool"
container.smithing_table.material_slot_tooltip_armor_trim"Add ingot or crystal"
container.smithing_table.material_slot_tooltip_netherite"Add Netherite Ingot"
container.smithing_table.template_slot_tooltip"Add Smithing Template""Camel""Raft with Chest"
feature.trail_ruins"Trail Ruins"
howtoplay.smithing_table.header.1"Smithing Templates"
howtoplay.smithing_table.header.2"Armor Trims"
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.1"Want to get the most out of your equipment? You'll need a Smithing Table."
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.2"Use it to make all kinds of changes, for example by upgrading Diamond equipment to Netherite, or by making cosmetic changes with Armor Trims."
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.3"In order to upgrade your equipment, you'll need a Smithing Template. You can find a large variety throughout the world, which can be used for all kinds of upgrades."
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.4"Place a Template into the leftmost slot of a Smithing Table to see which items you need for the upgrade."
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.5"For example, to upgrade Diamond equipment to Netherite, you need a Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template, which you can find in Bastion Remnants. Then, place the Diamond equipment in the equipment slot and a Netherite ingot in the ingredient slot, and you're done!"
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.6"Item properties such as enchantments and armor trims will be retained, but the Smithing Template will be consumed when you upgrade your equipment. Don't worry - you can craft copies of them with your Crafting Table."
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.7"Get creative and customize the look of your armor with Armor Trims. You'll need an Armor Trim Smithing Template to get started, which you can find throughout the world."
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.8"Place a Template into the leftmost slot of a Smithing Table to see which items you need for the upgrade. Then place a piece of armor in the equipment slot and a crystal or ingot in the ingredient slot. Done!"
howtoplay.smithing_table.text.9"Only certain crystals and ingots can be used for Armor Trims. Try different kinds like Iron, Gold, or Lapis to create unique designs!"
howtoplay.smithing_table.title"Smithing Table"
howtoplay.smithing_table"Smithing Table"
hudScreen.tooltip.brush"Brush""Acacia Hanging Sign""Angler Pottery Sherd""Archer Pottery Sherd"
item.armor.upgrade"Upgrade:""Arms Up Pottery Sherd""Bamboo Door""Bamboo Hanging Sign""Bamboo Sign""Birch Hanging Sign""Blade Pottery Sherd""Bamboo Raft""Cherry Boat""Brewer Pottery Sherd""Brush""Burn Pottery Sherd""Cherry Door""Cherry Hanging Sign""Cherry Sign""Bamboo Raft with Chest""Cherry Boat with Chest""Crimson Hanging Sign""Danger Pottery Sherd""Dark Oak Hanging Sign""Explorer Pottery Sherd""Friend Pottery Sherd""Heart Pottery Sherd""Heartbreak Pottery Sherd""Howl Pottery Sherd""Jungle Hanging Sign""Mangrove Hanging Sign""Miner Pottery Sherd""Mourner Pottery Sherd""Oak Hanging Sign""Plenty Pottery Sherd""Prize Pottery Sherd""Sheaf Pottery Sherd""Shelter Pottery Sherd""Skull Pottery Sherd""Piglin Head"
item.smithing_template.applies_to"Applies to:"
item.smithing_template.armor_trim.ingredients"Ingots & Crystals"
item.smithing_template.ingredients"Ingredients:""Smithing Template"
item.smithing_template.netherite_upgrade.applies_to"Diamond Equipment"
item.smithing_template.netherite_upgrade.ingredients"Netherite Ingot""Snort Pottery Sherd""Camel Spawn Egg""Spruce Hanging Sign""Warped Hanging Sign""Hanging Signs""Pottery Sherds""Smithing Templates""Block of Bamboo""Bamboo Button""Bamboo Fence Gate""Bamboo Fence""Bamboo Mosaic Slab""Bamboo Mosaic Stairs""Bamboo Mosaic""Bamboo Planks""Bamboo Pressure Plate""Bamboo Slab""Bamboo Stairs""Bamboo Trapdoor""Calibrated Sculk Sensor""Cherry Button""Cherry Double Slab""Cherry Fence Gate""Cherry Fence""Cherry Leaves""Cherry Log""Cherry Planks""Cherry Pressure Plate""Cherry Sapling""Cherry Slab""Cherry Stairs""Cherry Trapdoor""Cherry Wood""Chiseled Bookshelf""Decorated Pot""Pink Petals""Block of Stripped Bamboo""Stripped Cherry Log""Stripped Cherry Wood""Suspicious Gravel""Suspicious Sand""Amethyst Material""Copper Material""Diamond Material""Emerald Material""Gold Material""Iron Material""Lapis Material""Netherite Material""Quartz Material""Redstone Material""Coast Armor Trim""Dune Armor Trim""Eye Armor Trim""Host Armor Trim""Raiser Armor Trim""Rib Armor Trim""Sentry Armor Trim""Shaper Armor Trim""Silence Armor Trim""Snout Armor Trim""Spire Armor Trim""Tide Armor Trim""Vex Armor Trim""Ward Armor Trim""Wayfinder Armor Trim""Wild Armor Trim""Netherite Upgrade"
storageManager.mainSizeLabel"%s - 1 Item"
storageManager.mainSizeLabelPlural"%s - %s Items"
storageManager.delete.title"Delete %s permanently?"
storageManager.delete.content"Are you sure you want to delete the selected items? These items will be lost forever! (A long time!) %s%s%s"
storageManager.delete.content.redownload"You can redownload content you've bought from the Marketplace."
storageManager.delete.content.worldtemplate"Deleting templates may cause worlds that are using them to no longer work as intended."
storageManager.delete.content.affectedWorlds"The following worlds may stop working as intended:"
storageManager.delete.dependency"The following content is dependent on this %s and may not continue to work correctly if you delete "%s":%s Do you still want to delete "%s"? This %s will be lost forever! (A long time!)"
storageManager.delete.premium"You are about to delete "%s". You will still own %s and if you wish to use %s again in the future, you can re-download it from the Marketplace."
storageManager.delete.premium.end"Are you sure you want to delete "%s"? "
storageManager.deleting.content"Deleting Content""%s is not currently installed.""Would you like to download %s ( %s )?"
storageManager.dependency.titleText"Did you want to break these?"
storageManager.dependency.warningText"Some other items need content you are deleting to work properly. Do you want to risk breaking these items?"
storageManager.dependency.doneText"The other %s can be deleted without breaking other resources."
storageManager.dependency.noItems"There are no other items left to delete."
storageManager.dependency.breakItem"Required content you are deleting:"
storageManager.dependency.removeDependencies"Keep the items this pack needs"
storageManager.dependency.breakPack"Are you sure you want to break this pack?"
storageManager.share.compress"Compressing the selected resources..."
storageManager.dependency.continue.scroll"Scroll to Continue"
storageManager.sortLargest"Size - Largest First"
storageManager.sortDateRecent"Date Used - Recent First"
storageManager.sortDateOldest"Date Used - Oldest First"
storageManager.version"Version "
storageManager.shareTitle"Export Resources"
storageManager.mcpack"Minecraft Pack"
storageManager.mcaddon"Minecraft Add-On"
storageManager.mcworld"Minecraft World"
raycasting.purchase.error"We have detected that your device does not meet the system requirements to run this pack so you are unable to download this pack. You can review the minimum system requirements below: %s+ GPU: Hardware ray tracing capable GPU such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or better. See our FAQ on for more details. %s+ RAM: 8GB or better %s+ CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent "
raycasting.purchase.error.title"System Requirements Warning"
resourcepack.City"City Texture Pack"
resourcepack.Plastic"Plastic Texture Pack"
resourcepack.Natural"Natural Texture Pack"
resourcepack.Fantasy"Fantasy Texture Pack"
resourcepack.Cartoon"Cartoon Texture Pack"
resourcepack.Candy"Candy Texture Pack"
resourcepack.FestiveMashup2016"Festive Mash-up 2016"
resourcepack.ChineseMythology"Chinese Mythology Mash-up""Minecraft Texture Pack"
resourcePack.vanilla.description"The default Minecraft graphics, now updated with stylish new textures!""City""Ideal for building structures.""Plastic"
resourcePack.plastic.description"Simple, colorful, and vibrant.""Natural"
resourcePack.natural.description"Designed to give your worlds a more natural look.""Fantasy"
resourcePack.fantasy.description"Transport yourselves to a time when knights were heroes.""Cartoon"
resourcePack.cartoon.description"Googly eyes! Goofy grins! Turn your world into a toon with this pack.""Candy"
resourcePack.candy.description"Sugarcoat your world and turn every texture into a syrupy snack.""Festive Mash-up 2016"
resourcePack.festivemashup2016.description"Create a winter wonderland with this snowy seasonal pack.""Chinese Mythology Mash-up"
resourcePack.chinesemythology.description"Textures inspired by the myths and legends of China."
resourcepack.Fallout"Fallout Mash-up""Fallout Mash-up"
resourcePack.Fallout.description"Welcome to the Wasteland!""Magic: The Gathering"
resourcePack.GreekMythology"Greek Mythology Mash-up""Greek Mythology Mash-up"
resourcePack.GreekMythology.description"It's mythical Greece at your fingertips. ""Skyrim Mash-up"
resourcePack.Skyrim.description"Build your own worlds in the land of Skyrim.""Adventure Time"
resourcePack.MashupAdventureTime.description"""Skins""Skin, Skin, Skin!!!"
resourcePack.invalid.description"Couldn't parse pack successfully. Click to display errors."
resourcePack.loading.description"Pack is still being loaded.""Choose a star rating""You will be able to change your rating.""Rate this pack""We're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your pack at all. Use the button below to let the creator know how they can improve.""That's no good. Use the button below to let the creator know how they can improve.""There's always room for improvement, but we're glad you're still having fun.""We're glad you're having a great time!""Woohoo! We're glad you're having a good time!""Thanks for rating this pack!""It may take some time for us to show your rating."
roaming.status_brief.limited_usage"Limited usage"
roaming.status_brief.no_restrictions"Usable cross-platform"
roaming.status_hover.limited_usage"Only available on specific platforms."
roaming.status_hover.no_restrictions"Available on any Bedrock platform!"
screenshot.failure"Couldn't save screenshot: %s"
screenshot.success"Saved screenshot as %s"
screenshot.title"Screenshot Captured!"
screenshot.caption"Add a caption and share?""Share""Search"
seedPicker.title"Seed Picker"
selectServer.add"Add server"
selectServer.defaultName"Minecraft Server"
selectServer.deleteQuestion"Are you sure you want to remove this server?"
selectServer.deleteWarning"will be lost forever! (A long time!)""Direct Connect"
selectServer.refresh"Refresh""Join Server"
selectServer.title"Select Server"
selectWorld.allowCommands"Allow Cheats:""Commands like /gamemode, /xp"
selectWorld.bonusItems"Bonus Chest:"
selectWorld.trustPlayers"Trust Players:"
selectWorld.cheats"Activate Cheats"
selectWorld.conversion"Must be converted!"
selectWorld.convertInProgress.title"World Conversion"
selectWorld.convertInProgress.msg"Converting World... %d%%"
selectWorld.convertInProgress.tts.msg"Converting World"
selectWorld.convertInProgress.download_msg"Downloading Resource Packs... %d%%"
selectWorld.convertInProgress.import_msg"Importing Resource Packs... %d%%"
selectWorld.uploadInProgress.title"Sending Old World"
selectWorld.uploadInProgress.msg"Sending Old World to Minecraft... %d%%"
selectWorld.convertFailed.msg"Oops. Something went wrong."
selectWorld.create"Create New World"
selectWorld.createNew"Create New"
selectWorld.createTemplate"Create From Template"
selectWorld.createDemo"Play New Demo World"
selectWorld.deleteQuestion"Are you sure you want to delete this world?"
selectWorld.deleteWarning"will be lost forever! (A long time!)"
selectWorld.enterName"World Name"
selectWorld.enterSeed"Seed for the World Generator"
selectWorld.gameMode"Game Mode"
selectWorld.gameMode.adventure.line1"Same as survival mode, but blocks can't"
selectWorld.gameMode.adventure.line2"be added or removed"
selectWorld.gameMode.creative.line1"Unlimited resources, free flying and"
selectWorld.gameMode.creative.line2"destroy blocks instantly"
selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.line1"Same as survival mode, locked at hardest"
selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.line2"difficulty, and one life only"
selectWorld.gameMode.spectator.line1"You can look but don't touch"
selectWorld.gameMode.survival.line1"Search for resources, crafting, gain"
selectWorld.gameMode.survival.line2"levels, health and hunger"
selectWorld.hardcoreMode"Hardcore:""World is deleted upon death"
selectWorld.mapFeatures"Generate Structures:""Villages, dungeons etc"
selectWorld.mapType"World Type:"
selectWorld.moreWorldOptions"More World Options..."
selectWorld.newWorld"New World"
selectWorld.newWorld.copyOf"Copy of %s"
selectWorld.newWorld.educationCopyOf"[EDU] %s"
selectWorld.realmsComingSoon"Realms Coming Soon!"
selectWorld.realmsBeta"Realms Beta"
selectWorld.worldTags"%1$s - %2$s"
selectWorld.learnMore"Learn More"
selectWorld.renameTitle"Rename World"
selectWorld.resultFolder"Will be saved in:"
selectWorld.seedInfo"Leave blank for a random seed""Play Selected World""Worlds""Realms""Friends""Friends""Servers"
selectWorld.title"Select World""World"
selectWorld.editor.create"Create New Project"
selectWorld.editor.enterName"Project Name"
selectTemplate.templateStart"Where do you want to begin?"
selectTemplate.generateRandom"Create New World"
selectTemplate.createRealm"Create New Realm"
selectTemplate.worldsByCreators"Worlds by Creators"
selectTemplate.realm"New Realm"
selectTemplate.realmInfo"You can upload worlds to your Realm after you create it!"
selectTemplate.signIn"Create Realm with Microsoft Account"
selectTemplate.unableToSignIn"Microsoft services are unavailable on this device""New World""?"
selectTemplate.deleteTemplate"Delete World Templates..."
selectTemplate.deleteMessage"You are about to delete %s forever. Are you sure?"
selectTemplate.delete.confirm"Delete World Template?"
selectTemplate.myTemplates"My World Templates"
selectTemplate.realmsPlus"Featured Realms Plus Templates"
selectTemplate.marketplacePass"Featured Marketplace Pass Templates"
selectTemplate.importedTemplates"Imported Templates""Download"
selectTemplate.noTemplates"There are no world templates on this device."
selectTemplate.suggestedContent.title"Featured Marketplace Templates"
selectTemplate.suggestedContent.button"See More Templates"
selectTemplate.createdBy"Created by %s"
selectTemplate.inventory"My Marketplace Packs"
selectTemplate.seeMore"See More"
selectTemplate.editor.generateRandom"Create New Project"
sign.edit"Edit sign message"
skinpack.Education"Education Edition Skins"
skins.browse"Browse""Buy""Cancel""We're unable to connect to the Marketplace. Maybe check your internet connection?"
skins.information.ingame"Sorry, you can't change your skin in-game. Access Options from the main menu."
skins.information.invalidCustomSkin"That's not a Minecraft skin, silly."
skins.information.upsellWithoutStore"You must purchase the skin pack to use that skin, and we can't connect to the Marketplace."
skins.information.selectSkin"Choose the correct model type for your skin"
skins.skinpackHeader.packs"Skin packs"
skins.picker.title"Choose Skin"
skins.picker.custom.button"Choose New Skin"
skins.picker.recent"Recent""Platform Restricted Skin Pack""Multiplayer Restricted Skin Pack"
skins.picker.expanded.back"Skins in '%s'""Equip this Skin""You need to unlock this pack to equip the skin you selected.""See Pack in the Marketplace""Unlock this pack to equip the skin you selected.""You have equipped the %s skin."
soundCategory.hostile"Hostile Creatures"
soundCategory.neutral"Friendly Creatures"
soundCategory.record"Jukebox/Note Blocks""Weather"
soundCategory.texttospeech"Text to Speech"
stat.animalsBred"Animals Bred"
stat.armorCleaned"Armor Pieces Cleaned"
stat.bannerCleaned"Banners Cleaned"
stat.beaconInteraction"Interactions with Beacon"
stat.boatOneCm"Distance by Boat"
stat.breakItem"%1$s Depleted"
stat.brewingstandInteraction"Interactions with Brewing Stand"
stat.cakeSlicesEaten"Cake Slices Eaten"
stat.cauldronFilled"Cauldrons Filled"
stat.cauldronUsed"Water Taken from Cauldron"
stat.chestOpened"Chests Opened"
stat.climbOneCm"Distance Climbed"
stat.crafted"Times Crafted"
stat.craftItem"%1$s Crafted"
stat.createWorld"Worlds created"
stat.crouchOneCm"Distance Crouched"
stat.damageDealt"Damage Dealt"
stat.damageTaken"Damage Taken"
stat.deaths"Number of Deaths"
stat.depleted"Times Depleted"
stat.dispenserInspected"Dispensers Searched"
stat.diveOneCm"Distance Dove"
stat.drop"Items Dropped"
stat.dropperInspected"Droppers Searched"
stat.enderchestOpened"Ender Chests Opened"
stat.entityKilledBy"%s killed you %d time(s)"
stat.entityKilledBy.none"You have never been killed by %s"
stat.entityKills"You killed %d %s"
stat.entityKills.none"You have never killed %s"
stat.fallOneCm"Distance Fallen"
stat.fishCaught"Fish Caught"
stat.flowerPotted"Plants potted"
stat.flyOneCm"Distance Flown"
stat.furnaceInteraction"Interactions with Furnace"
stat.hopperInspected"Hoppers Searched"
stat.horseOneCm"Distance by Horse"
stat.itemEnchanted"Items Enchanted"
stat.joinMultiplayer"Multiplayer joins"
stat.junkFished"Junk Fished"
stat.leaveGame"Games quit"
stat.loadWorld"Saves loaded"
stat.mineBlock"%1$s Mined"
stat.minecartOneCm"Distance by Minecart"
stat.mined"Times Mined"
stat.mobKills"Mob Kills"
stat.noteblockPlayed"Noteblocks played"
stat.noteblockTuned"Noteblocks tuned"
stat.pigOneCm"Distance by Pig"
stat.playerKills"Player Kills"
stat.playOneMinute"Minutes Played"
stat.recordPlayed"Records Played"
stat.sprintOneCm"Distance Sprinted"
stat.startGame"Times played"
stat.swimOneCm"Distance Swum"
stat.talkedToVillager"Talked to Villagers"
stat.timeSinceDeath"Since Last Death"
stat.tradedWithVillager"Traded with Villagers"
stat.trappedChestTriggered"Trapped Chests Triggered"
stat.treasureFished"Treasure Fished"
stat.used"Times Used"
stat.useItem"%1$s Used"
stat.walkOneCm"Distance Walked"
stat.workbenchInteraction"Interactions with Crafting Table"
store.allStores"All Stores""Home"
store.coin.title"Buy Minecoins"
store.disabledOnBeta"This feature is currently disabled in Beta."
store.disabled.nopermission"You do not have permission to use the Store at this time."
store.disabled.generic"The Store is currently unavailable."
store.disabled.preview"Marketplace cannot be accessed while in Preview."
store.loading.error.unavailable"The Marketplace is not available."
store.loading.error.trying"We are still trying to connect. Please wait."
store.loading.error.failure"We ran into an error. Please restart the game and try again."
store.loading.error.connecting"We had an issue connecting. Please go back and try again."
store.loading.error.issues"Hmm, Marketplace is having some issues. Please try connecting later."
store.loading.error.internetDown"We can’t detect an internet connection."
store.loading.error.account"There is an issue with your account. Try again soon, and contact support if this persists.""Day %s"
store.equipped"Claimed""Summer Celebration""This world isn't compatible with this device. Claim it on a supported device.""See Details""See in Character Creator""Claim Day""Platform-restricted""This item is not compatible on this device."
store.realmsPreview"Realms Preview"
store.realmsBeta"Realms Beta"
store.realmsPlus"Realms Plus"
store.realmsPlus.buyNow"SUBSCRIBE NOW "
store.realmsPlus.buyNowPerMonth"Subscribe Now %s/month"
store.realmsPlus.signInToSubscribe"Sign in to subscribe to realms plus"
store.realmsPlus.buyNowTrialPerMonth"Start Trial "
store.realmsPlus.errorNoOffer"ERROR NO OFFER FOUND"
store.realmsPlus.manageSubscription"MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION"
store.realmsPlus.viewAllPacksTitle"A GREAT VALUE - PACKS WORTH OVER §g$150 (USD)!§r"
store.realmsPlus.nowActive"Realms Plus is now active for this device. You now have access to 150+ content packs from the marketplace at no additional cost. Up to 10 players can play on your Realms at one time, and get access to all the subscriber content in your Realm - for free!"
store.realmsPlus.buyNow.buttonText"BUY FOR %s"
store.realmsPlus.buyNow.viewTerms"TERMS & CONDITIONS"
store.realmsPlus.buyNow.viewPrivacyPolicy"PRIVACY POLICY"
store.realmsPlus.buyNow.title"Start your Realms Plus Subscription"
store.realmsPlus.startTrial.description"Your Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your first month will be free, and you'll be billed %s/month afterwards and can cancel at any time."
store.realmsPlus.startTrial.description.contentSub"Your Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your first month will be free, and you'll be billed %s/month afterwards and can cancel at any time."
store.realmsPlus.noTrial.description"Your Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your subscription will be available for 30 days at the price of :minecoin:%s."
store.realmsPlus.noTrial.description.contentSub"Your Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your subscription will be available for 30 days at the price of %s:minecoin:."
store.realmsPlus.noTrial.description.iap"Your Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! You’ll be billed %s/month and you can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.realmsPlus.noTrial.description.iap.contentSub"Your Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! You’ll be billed %s/month and you can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.realmsPlus.realmName.placeholder"%s's Realm"
store.realmsPlus.recurring.offerTrial"Realms Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically every month until the subscription is cancelled.%sYour Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your first 30 days will be free, and you'll be billed %s/month afterwards. You can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.realmsPlus.recurring.offerTrial.contentSub"Realms Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically every month until the subscription is cancelled.%sYour Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your first 30 days will be free, and you'll be billed %s/month afterwards. You can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.realmsPlus.recurring.withoutTrial"Realms Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically every month until the subscription is cancelled.%sYour Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! You'll be billed %s/month and you can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.realmsPlus.recurring.withoutTrial.contentSub"Realms Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically every month until the subscription is cancelled.%sYour Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! You'll be billed %s/month and you can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.realmsPlus.consumable.offerTrial"Your Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your first 30 days will be free and you can renew for 30 days at the price of %s afterwards."
store.realmsPlus.consumable.offerTrial.contentSub"Your Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your first 30 days will be free and you can renew for 30 days at the price of %s afterwards."
store.realmsPlus.consumable.withoutTrial"Your Realm and 150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your subscription will be available for 30 days at the price of %s."
store.realmsPlus.consumable.withoutTrial.contentSub"Your Realm and the 150+ marketplace packs included in Marketplace Pass will be immediately available. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free! Your subscription will be available for 30 days at the price of %s."
store.realmsPlus.landing.header"Subscription Includes:"
store.realmsPlus.landing.headerTrial"Free 30 Day Trial, then %s/month"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info1.line1"Your own personal Realm server: a persistent world always online for you and your friends!"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info1.line2"Friends play on your Realm for free"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info1.line3"Jump from console to mobile to PC - play your Realm on any device with the Minecraft Marketplace"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.catalog"Free access to a catalog of 150+ Marketplace packs"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.contentSub"Includes Marketplace Pass"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.backups"Worlds on your Realm include free secure backups"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.renews"Subscription renews automatically each month until canceled"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.cancel"Cancel on the Subscriptions page of Minecraft Settings"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.subscribe"Subscribe now for %s/month"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.recentlyAdded"Recently added"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info2.persona"Free Character Creator items - redeem a new set each month!"
store.realmsPlus.landing.info3.para1"Realms are available in Minecraft %s for all Realms subscribers for free! This is a new Realm that gives you the chance to try new features before their release."
store.realmsPlus.landing.info3.para2"With a Realm subscription, you can create a new %s Realm using the “Create New” button in the main menu. If you don’t have a Realms subscription yet, please go to the full version of Minecraft to sign up. "
store.realmsPlus.landing.info3.para3"All Realms screens and functions are available in %s except purchasing a new subscription or managing the subscriptions of existing Realms. "
store.realmsPlus.landing.info3.para4"Your %s Realm will remain active for as long as you have the paid Realm subscription that your %s Realm is linked to."
store.realmsPlus.faq.header"FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS"
store.realmsPlus.faq.question1"What is Realms Plus?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer1"Realms Plus is a subscription to a personal server supporting up to 10 simultaneous players, along with unlimited access to 150+ great Minecraft worlds, texture packs, skin packs, and mash-ups for one low monthly price."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question2"What is a personal server?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer2"A personal server allows you to create a shared world that is always online and accessible from any device with Minecraft Marketplace. Players that you invite to your Realm can play this world at any time."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question3"Do my friends need to purchase Realms Plus to play on my Realm?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer3"Your friends don’t need to purchase a Realms Plus subscription to play on your Realm. You can invite any friend (that has their multiplayer permissions enabled) to join your Realm for free."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question4"Which devices support Realms Plus for Minecraft?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer4"Realms Plus is currently available on any platform where you can install Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You can play Realms and use any content from Realms Plus on any of these devices if you’re signed into your Microsoft Account."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question5"How much does a Realms Plus subscription cost?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer5"%s per month for a 10-player server and access to 150+ marketplace packs."
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer5.contentSub"%s per month. Add infinite members, play online with 10 other players at the same time. Plus, enjoy over 150 pieces of Marketplace content from the Marketplace Pass catalog for free."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question6"How often are new packs added to Realms Plus?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer6"New packs are added to Realms Plus monthly."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question7"How long do I have access to Packs within Realms Plus?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer7"Realms Plus members enjoy unlimited access to over 150+ great Minecraft worlds, texture packs, skin packs, and mash-ups, until either the subscription expires, or a pack leaves the catalog."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question8"Where can I use Realms Plus packs?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer8"Worlds and packs included in the subscription can either be played online, played on your personal Realm, or played on a local device. You just need to play online once every 30 days to validate that your subscription is active."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question9"What happens to my Realms and worlds when my subscription expires?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer9"If your subscription ends, you and your friends will no longer be able to play online together on Realms, and you will no longer have access to Realms Plus packs. You can download any world saved to your Realm (within 18 months of ending your subscription). If you used Realms Plus worlds, texture packs, or mash-ups you will need to purchase those packs in the store or, if those packs are still in Realms Plus, re-subscribe, to play those world templates."
store.realmsPlus.faq.question10"Do I need Realms Plus and Marketplace Pass?"
store.realmsPlus.faq.answer10"No. Marketplace Pass is a catalog of over 150+ packs for you to enjoy. Realms Plus is a 10 player Realm with Marketplace Pass included. We suggest that you subscribe to the one that’s right for you."
store.realmsPlus.content.marketplacePass"Realms Plus includes Marketplace Pass!"
store.realmsPlus.content.skinDescription"Change your look with skins!"
store.realmsPlus.content.skinDescriptionPersona"Dress up with skins!"
store.realmsPlus.content.skinDescriptionPersona.contentSub"Expand your wardrobe with skins!"
store.realmsPlus.content.worldDescription"Explore popular content packs!"
store.realmsPlus.content.worldDescription.contentSub"Play mini-games, themed worlds, and more! "
store.realmsPlus.content.textureDescription"New visuals for your worlds!"
store.realmsPlus.content.textureDescription.contentSub"Apply new visuals to your world! "
store.realmsPlus.content.mashupDescription"Try a bit of everything in mash-ups!"
store.realmsPlus.content.personaDescription"Customize your look with Character Creator items!"
store.realmsPlus.content.personaDescription.contentSub"Collect monthly items in the dressing room!"
store.realmsPlus.content.recentlyAdded"Recently added"
store.realmsPlus.content.friendsGetAccess"Your Friends Get Access to the Content Used in Your Realm for Free"
store.realmsPlus.content.popularPacks"Popular Packs in Realms Plus:"
store.realmsPlus.content.viewAllPacks"VIEW ALL PACKS"
store.realmsPlus.content.contentDescription"Tap into the source of amazing Minecraft content! With Realms Plus, you get instant access to 150+ marketplace items like mash-ups, worlds, skin packs and epic adventures – with new additions each month. Your content is stored on your own personal server, and made available on any platform where you enjoy both Realms and Minecraft Marketplace. Up to 10 players can play at one time, and they get access to the worlds in your Realm for free!"
store.realmsPlus.freeTrial"START FREE TRIAL"
store.realmsPlus.purchase.warningDialog.body"Realms Plus includes Marketplace Pass content. We suggest that you cancel your Marketplace Pass subscription after signing up for Realms Plus."
store.realmsPlus.purchase.warningDialog.checkbox"I understand"
store.realmsPlus.purchase.warningDialog.button.back"Go Back"
store.csb"Marketplace Pass"
store.csb.buyNow"SUBSCRIBE NOW "
store.csb.buyNowPerMonth"Purchase for %s/month"
store.csb.signInToSubscribe"Sign in to subscribe to Marketplace Pass"
store.csb.buyNowTrialPerMonth"Start Trial "
store.csb.errorNoOffer"ERROR NO OFFER FOUND"
store.csb.manageSubscription"MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION"
store.csb.viewAllPacksTitle"A GREAT VALUE - PACKS WORTH OVER §g$150 (USD)!§r"
store.csb.buyNow.buttonText"BUY FOR %s"
store.csb.buyNow.viewTerms"TERMS & CONDITIONS"
store.csb.buyNow.viewPrivacyPolicy"PRIVACY POLICY"
store.csb.buyNow.title"Start your Marketplace Pass Subscription"
store.csb.subscription"After sign up, 150+ pieces of exciting Minecraft Marketplace content will be available to you. Download and play adventure maps, wear skins, dive into texture packs, and even claim a set of Character Creator items to keep each month. With a catalog that’s regularly refreshed, there’s always something new to discover with Marketplace Pass. You’ll be billed %s/month and can cancel anytime to stop future charges."
store.csb.recurring.offerTrial"Marketplace Pass is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically every month until the subscription is cancelled.%s150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. You can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.csb.recurring.withoutTrial"Marketplace Pass is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically every month until the subscription is cancelled.%s150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. You'll be billed %s/month and you can cancel your subscription to stop future charges by accessing subscriptions settings."
store.csb.consumable.offerTrial"150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Your first 30 days will be free and you can renew for 30 days at the price of %s afterwards."
store.csb.consumable.withoutTrial"150+ marketplace packs will be immediately available. Your subscription will be available for 30 days at the price of %s."
store.csb.landing.header"Start your Marketplace Pass Subscription"
store.csb.landing.headerTrial"Free 30 Day Trial, then %s/month""Marketplace Pass is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to 150+ pieces of content from Minecraft Marketplace for %s. Your subscription allows you to:""Dive into story-driven adventures by downloading and playing one of the many themed worlds and mini-games""Change the look of blocks, biomes, and even your favorite Minecraft mobs""Expand your in-game wardrobe""Claim a new set of time-limited Character Creator items each month, which are yours to keep forever""Subscription renews automatically each month until canceled""Cancel on the Subscriptions page of Minecraft Settings""Subscribe now for %s/month"
store.csb.faq.header"FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS"
store.csb.faq.question1"What is Marketplace Pass?"
store.csb.faq.answer1"Marketplace Pass is subscription service that gives you access to 150+ pieces of content from Minecraft Marketplace for %s/month."
store.csb.faq.question2"How often is content updated in Marketplace Pass?"
store.csb.faq.answer2"Select content refreshes each month so there’s always something new to explore."
store.csb.faq.question3"What do I need to enjoy Marketplace Pass?"
store.csb.faq.answer3"Access to Marketplace Pass requires an active subscription, and a compatible version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with Minecraft Marketplace. Requires Microsoft Account sign-in."
store.csb.faq.question4"What happens to my content after it leaves Marketplace Pass?"
store.csb.faq.answer4"Once a world, texture pack, skin pack, or mash-up leaves the catalog, you will need to purchase the item from the Marketplace to continue playing. Packs will not be deleted from your local storage until you delete them. Monthly character creator items you’ve redeemed are yours to keep."
store.csb.faq.question5"What happens when my subscription ends?"
store.csb.faq.answer5"You will be able to purchase and download any world templates saved to your cloud storage within 18 months of ending your subscription unless they are no longer offered by Minecraft. Monthly character creator items you’ve redeemed are yours to keep."
store.csb.faq.question6"What's the difference between this and Realms Plus?"
store.csb.faq.answer6"The difference between the two subscriptions is that Realms Plus includes a personal server where you can play with up to ten friends at a time. The content catalog you have access to with your Marketplace Pass subscription is the same catalog that is available with a Realms Plus subscription."
store.csb.faq.question7"Can I subscribe to both Marketplace Pass and Realms Plus?"
store.csb.faq.answer7"A Realms Plus subscription includes Marketplace Pass. If you are subscribed to Marketplace Pass and want to explore Realms Plus, we suggest that you unsubscribe from Marketplace Pass first. Active Realms Plus subscribers are unable to subscribe to Marketplace Pass."
store.csb.faq.question8"Can I use my Marketplace Pass content on any device?"
store.csb.faq.answer8"If you purchase Marketplace Pass, you can access all the packs from any device with a compatible version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with Minecraft Marketplace (sold separately) if you’re signed into your Minecraft account. Not supported on Amazon Kindle Fire or Minecraft Java Edition."
store.csb.faq.question9"Can I play Marketplace Pass Content if I have joined the Minecraft Beta on Windows or XBOX?"
store.csb.faq.answer9"You will be able to see content in your subscription if you are already subscribed, but you will not be able to subscribe to Marketplace Pass from the Preview/BETA build."
store.csb.faq.bottom2"Visit our help site"
store.csb.contentPacks.worldDescription"Play mini-games, themed worlds, and more!"
store.csb.contentPacks.textureDescription"Apply new visuals to your world!"
store.csb.contentPacks.personaDescription"Collect monthly items in the dressing room!"
store.csb.contentPacks.skinDescription"Expand your wardrobe with skins! "
store.csb.contentPacks.mashupDescription"Try a bit of everything with mash-ups!"
store.csb.content.popularPacks"Discover Marketplace Pass"
store.csb.content.viewAllPacks"VIEW ALL PACKS"
store.csb.content.viewCharacterCreatorItems"VIEW CHARACTER CREATOR ITEMS"
store.csb.content.contentDescription"Tap into the source of amazing Minecraft content! With Marketplace Pass, you get instant access to 150+ marketplace items like mash-ups, worlds, skin packs and epic adventures - with new additions each month."
store.csb.freeTrial"START FREE TRIAL"
store.csb.welcomeDialog.title"Welcome to Marketplace Pass!"
store.csb.welcomeDialog.body"Start enjoying 150+ adventures, mini-games, skin packs, textures and more now!"
store.csb.welcomeDialog.continue"Start browsing"
store.csb.purchase.warningDialog.body.line1"Marketplace Pass is included in your Realms Plus subscription."
store.csb.purchase.warningDialog.body.line2"Please cancel your active Realms Plus subscription and then try purchasing."
store.csb.purchase.warningDialog.button.back"Go Back"
store.csb.upsell.bestValue"BEST VALUE"
store.csb.upsell.leftBullet.1"Catalog of 150+ marketplace packs"
store.csb.upsell.leftBullet.2"Content refreshed monthly"
store.csb.upsell.leftBullet.3"Limited-time Character Creator items each month"
store.csb.upsell.rightBullet.1"Personal 10 friend server"
store.csb.upsell.rightBullet.2"Friends play free"
store.csb.upsell.learnMore"Learn more"
store.csb.upsell.firstPeriodFree"Free 30 day trial!"
store.csb.upsell.realmsPlus"§dREALMS PLUS"
store.csb.purchaseErrorDialog.title"Purchase Error"
store.csb.purchaseErrorDialog.body"We're having trouble processing your subscription right now. Please try again later. Thank you!"
store.csb.purchaseErrorDialog.errorCode"Error Code: %s"
store.csb.purchaseErrorDialog.correlationId"Correlation ID: %s"
store.csb.purchase.amazonDeviceWarning.body.line1"Sorry! Marketplace Pass isn’t available for purchase on Amazon devices at this time."
store.csb.purchase.amazonDeviceWarning.body.line2"For any questions, please visit"
store.csb.purchase.amazonDeviceWarning.button.back"Go Back"
store.csb.alreadySubscribed.toolTip"You already have a Marketplace Pass subscription."
store.csb.banner.offer"Start your free 30 day trial now!"
store.csb.banner.learnMore"Learn more"
store.inventory.button"My Content"
store.inventory.title"My Content"
store.view_achievement"View achievement"
store.incompatibleOnDevice"Incompatible on Device"
store.itemIsIncompatible"This item is not compatible with your device."
store.itemMayNotBeCompatible"This item may not be compatible with your device."
store.owned.legacy"Owned (P)"
store.mypacks"My Content"
store.error"Marketplace Error"
store.toast.downloadStarted"Download Started: %s"
store.toast.downloadComplete"Download Complete: %s"
store.toast.downloadResumed"Download Resumed: %s"
store.toast.downloadFailed"Download Failed: %s"
store.toast.downloadPaused"Download Paused: %s"
store.toast.autofulfillment.message"Your purchase has been fulfilled"
store.popup.goBack"Go Back"
store.popup.xblRequired.title"Sign in for Free"
store.popup.xblRequired.button1"Sign In"
store.popup.xblRequired.message"You need to sign in before unlocking items in the store so that we can remember what you have already unlocked.""Download Content? - %s KB""Download Content? - %s MB""This will download the %s to your device."
store.popup.downloadCell.title.KB"Download Over Cellular? - %s KB"
store.popup.downloadCell.title.MB"Download Over Cellular? - %s MB"
store.popup.downloadCell.msg"You are not connected to Wi-Fi. Do you want to download the %s to your device over your cellular network?""Download""Skip""Go Back"
store.popup.wifiWarn.msg"You are not connected to WiFi, download anyway?""Something Went Wrong""Sorry, this content was not able to download""Something Went Wrong""Sorry, we were unable to download the %s. Maybe check your internet connection?""Not Enough Space - %s KB""Not Enough Space - %s MB""You do not have enough space available on your device to download the %s.""Purchase Pack?""Would you like to purchase the packs used by this world?""Purchase World Template?""This world was created using a template that you have not unlocked. You must purchase the template to unlock this world. Would you like to purchase the template used by this world?"
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.noInternet.title"Need Internet for Template"
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.noInternet.msg"We're unable to connect to the Marketplace to download the template used to create this world. That template contained an Add-On pack that you need to continue playing this world. Reconnect to the internet and download the template to continue."
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.noSpace.msg"You do not have enough space to download the template used to create this world. That template contained an Add-On pack that you need to continue playing this world. Clear up space on your device to continue."
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.title.KB"Download Missing Template? - %s KB"
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.title.MB"Download Missing Template? - %s MB"
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.msg"The template used to create this world is missing. That template contained an Add-On pack that you need to continue playing this world."
store.popup.downloadWorldTemplate.msg.removePacks"You can go to this world's resource and behavior pack settings and remove those packs to continue, but the world may no longer be playable.""Download Template""Download Template Over Cellular"
store.popup.update.title.KB"Update Content? - %s KB"
store.popup.update.title.MB"Update Content? - %s MB"
store.popup.update.msg"This will update the %s on your device."
store.popup.updateCell.title.KB"Update Over Cellular? - %s KB"
store.popup.updateCell.title.MB"Update Over Cellular? - %s MB"
store.popup.updateCell.msg"You are not connected to Wi-Fi. Do you want to update the %s on your device over your cellular network?"
store.popup.update.back"Go Back"
store.popup.purchaseInProgress.title"Purchase in progress"
store.popup.purchaseInProgress.msg"This shouldn't take long."
store.popup.purchaseFailed.title"Something Went Wrong"
store.popup.purchaseFailed.msg"Sorry, we were unable to complete your purchase. Maybe check your internet connection?"
store.popup.purchasePending.title"Still trying"
store.popup.purchasePending.msg"Sorry, we are still waiting for verification of your purchase. When it succeeds we will let you know!"
store.popup.purchaseFailedInsufficientFunds.title"You Need More Minecoins"
store.popup.purchaseFailedInsufficientFunds.msg"You do not have enough Minecoins to unlock this item. You can buy Minecoins from your app store."
store.popup.purchaseFailedInsufficientFunds.buyButton"Get Minecoins"
store.popup.purchasePriceMismatch.msg"Sorry, we were unable to complete your purchase. Please try again later."
store.popup.trialUpgradeFail.title"Game Unlock Error"
store.popup.trialUpgradeFail.msg"It looks like you are signed into a different Microsoft Account from the one that first downloaded the Minecraft Trial. Try again after signing in with that account."
store.popup.downloaded.unOwnedTemplate.title"Purchase World Template?"
store.popup.downloaded.unOwnedTemplate.msg"You do not own this template, and must purchase it to unlock it. Would you like to purchase the template?"
store.popup.rtx.title"Download Ray Tracing Packs?"
store.popup.rtx.msg"This world has ray tracing enabled resource packs applied that you must download in order to play. Your device is not compatible with ray tracing so you will only see the basic textures after downloading. Would you like to download this pack?"
store.popup.skinEquipWarn.title"Skin warning"
store.popup.skinEquipWarn.msg"If you have a Character Creator in world, this will switch to the Classic Skin. You can still switch back to the Character Creator in Dressing room. Would you like to equip it?"
store.claim.success"You just claimed %s"
store.claimAll.success"You just claimed all of this day's items"
store.purchase.success"You just bought: %s"
store.purchase.bundle"Unlock %d of %d Packs?"
store.purchase.bundle.confirm"Unlock now!"
store.purchase.bundle.partiallyOwnedWarning"Just so you know, you already own the following packs: %s. Would you like to unlock the rest of the packs in this bundle?"
store.purchase.bundle.unowned"You'll get"
store.createdBy"By %s"
store.seeMoreBy"See more by %s"
store.seeMoreBy.multiCreatorBundle"See More by Bundle Creators"
store.fetchingItem"Connecting to Marketplace...""Sale!"
store.progress.fetchingProducts"Getting products"
store.progress.checkingDownload"Checking download""Download"
store.content.requireXbl.signedIn"Download for free with a Microsoft Account."
store.content.requireXbl.notSignedIn"Sign in to a Microsoft Account to unlock."
store.mashup.count.personaPiece"1 Character Piece"
store.mashup.count.personaPieces"%s Character Pieces""1 Skin"
store.mashup.count.skins"%s Skins"
store.mashup.count.texturePack"1 Texture Pack"
store.mashup.count.texturePacks"%s Texture Packs""1 World "
store.mashup.count.worlds"%s Worlds"
store.mashup.count.addonPack"1 Add-On"
store.mashup.count.addonPacks"%s Add-Ons"
store.addon.activateAddonPack"Activate Add-On!"
store.addon.choseWorldPopupTitle"Where to add?"
store.mashup.bundle.multipleCreators"Multiple Creators"
store.mashup.createWorld"Create this World!"
store.mashup.leaveWorldToCreate"Must Exit World Before Creating"
store.mashup.equipThisSkin"Equip the %s Skin!"
store.mashup.readMore"Read More"
store.mashup.readLess"Read Less"
store.mashup.mashupPack"Mash-up Pack"
store.mashup.skinPack"Skin Pack"
store.mashup.texturePack"Texture Pack"
store.mashup.missingContent"Unable to complete action. Content missing locally."
store.mashup.title.bundles"%s Packs Included in Bundle!"
store.mashup.title.bundleUpsell"Get This & More in a Bundle!"
store.mashup.title.resourcePack"Take a tour!"
store.mashup.title.skinPack"%s: %s"
store.mashup.title.worldView"Journey in a new world!"
store.mashup.title.ratings"Community Ratings"
store.mashup.title.recentlyViewed"Recently Viewed"
store.mashup.title.relatedItems"Related Items"
store.mashup.mashupContentsFull"%s Skins, Texture Pack, and World"
store.mashup.mashupContentsSkinAndTexturePack"%s Skins and a Texture Pack"
store.mashup.mashupContentsSkinAndWorld"%s Skins and a World"
store.mashup.mashupContentsTexturePackAndWorld"Texture Pack and a World"
store.mashup.mashupContentsSkinPack"%s Skins"
store.mashup.last_updated"Last Updated: %s"
store.mashup.up_to_date"Pack is up to date"
store.mashup.out_of_date_tooltip"This pack may not have skins for items/blocks released after its latest update"
store.offerDescription.title"Pack Description"
store.offerDescription.playerCountNote"Note: Players indicates the number of players the creator intends for an optimal experience."
store.offerDescription.showMore"Show More"
store.offerDescription.showLess"Show Less"
playercount.single_player"Single Player"
store.ratings.ratingsCount"%s Ratings"
store.ratings.ratingOutOfFive"%s out of 5 stars"
store.ratings.rateContent"Rate this Pack"
store.ratings.rateContentGeneral"Rate this Content"
store.ratings.yourRating"Your Rating "
store.ratings.stars" %s Stars"
store.ratings.rate"Rate this pack!"
store.ratings.signIn.title"Rate Items in the Marketplace"
store.ratings.signIn.description1"Tell the creator and the community about your experience with this item!"
store.ratings.signIn.description2"Before we can let you rate an item, you will need to sign in with a Microsoft Account."
store.purchase.success.realMoney1"You just unlocked: %s for %s "
store.purchase.signIn"Expand your game with tons of great content."
store.purchase.signInPart2"Sign in with a Microsoft Account to start using the Marketplace!"
store.purchase.realmoney.disclaimer"*Buys %s Minecoins for %s and redeems this pack for %s Minecoins leaving %s left over."
store.purchase.notAvailable"Currently Not Available"
store.wishlist.toast.added"%s has been added to your wish list"
store.wishlist.toast.removed"%s has been removed from your wish list"
store.wishlist.toast.failed"%s cannot be added/removed at this time"
store.bundleUpsell.contents.single"+1 More Pack"
store.bundleUpsell.contents.plural"+%s More Packs"
store.coins.currentCoins"You Have %s Minecoins"
store.coins.purchase.confirmation"Get more coins to unlock this pack?"
store.coins.purchase.coinsLeftToBuy"You need %s more coins to unlock this pack."
store.coins.purchase"Purchase Minecoins"
store.coins.offer0"Stack of Minecoins!"
store.coins.offer1"Pile of Minecoins!"
store.coins.offer2"Mountain of Minecoins!"
store.coins.header"Use Minecoins to unlock all kinds of cool stuff!"
store.coins.value"Best Value!"
store.coins.purchase.toast.withCoinCount"You just bought %s Minecoins!"
store.coins.purchase.toast.unknownCoinCount"You just bought Minecoins!"
store.coins.purchased.failed.title"Something Went Wrong"
store.coins.purchased.failed.body"We were unable to connect to the app store. Maybe sign in to the app store or try checking your internet connection."
store.coins.tooManyCoins"Use some of your Minecoins and then you can buy more."
store.coins.incomplete.title"Incomplete Minecoin Purchase"
store.coins.incomplete.fulfill.a"It looks like we didn't finish things last time. Let's complete your purchase now."
store.coins.incomplete.fulfill.b"It looks like you started a purchase with a different Microsoft Account. Do you want to complete the purchase with this account instead?"
store.coins.incomplete.fulfill.c"Someone started a purchase with the billing account on this device. Would you like to complete the purchase with this account?"
store.coins.fixAppReceipt.title"Something went wrong"
store.coins.fixAppReceipt.body"There appears to be a problem with your App Receipt, please sign in to continue."
store.coins.fixAppReceipt.button"Sign In to Store"
store.purchase.toast.generic"You just bought the %s!"
store.featured.realms.title"Try Realms Free"
store.featured.realms.desc"Experience the best way to play Minecraft with your friends."
store.hyperlink.creator.notFound"Sorry, but the creator specified in the hyperlink was not found."
store.hyperlink.ingame"Sorry, hyperlinks are not allowed while in a world. Please exit world and try again."
store.resource.try"Try it out!"
store.resource.create"Manage your Resource Packs"
store.resourcePack.activateTexturePack"Activate Texture Pack!"
store.resourcePack.leaveWorldToActivate"Exit world to apply"
store.3pserverItem.fetchingItem"%s has something fun to share with you."
store.3pserverItem.fetchingItemTitle"Just a moment"
store.3pserverItem.unlock"Unlock for %s"
store.restore.description"We're restoring your purchases!"
store.restore.failed"Sorry, we were unable to restore your purchases. Maybe check your internet connection?"
store.connection.failed.title"Something Went Wrong"
store.connection.failed.body"We’re having trouble connecting to the Marketplace right now. Please try again later!"
store.connection.failed.code"Error Code: %s"
store.connection.failed.request"We're having trouble getting to this page right now. Please try a different one!"
store.featured.createdBy"Created by %s"
store.downloading.title"Downloading: %s"
store.updating.title"Updating: %s"
store.importing.title"Importing: %s"
store.showMore"See All""My Packs""Today Only!""Don't Miss Today's Free Gift!""Come back for Tomorrow's Free Gift!""Happy New Year!""12 days of Minecraft starts tomorrow!""On the first day of Minecraft,""On the second day of Minecraft,""On the third day of Minecraft,""On the fourth day of Minecraft,""On the fifth day of Minecraft,""On the sixth day of Minecraft,""On the seventh day of Minecraft,""On the eighth day of Minecraft,""On the ninth day of Minecraft,""On the tenth day of Minecraft,""On the eleventh day of Minecraft,""On the twelfth day of Minecraft,""Jan. %s""Feb. %s""Mar. %s""Apr. %s""May %s""Jun. %s""July %s""Aug. %s""Sep. %s""Oct. %s""Nov. %s""Dec. %s"
store.myAccount"My Account"
store.xbl.signin"Sign In"
store.xbl.signinOrSignUp"Sign In or Sign Up For Free"
store.xbl.conversionFailedTitle"Something Went Wrong"
store.xbl.conversionFailedMessage"Please try again later."
store.sales.allByCreator"On Sale Now!"
store.sales.bundlesOnSale"Bundles on Sale Now!"
store.sales.mashupsOnSale"Mash-ups on Sale Now!"
store.sales.skinsOnSale"Skins on Sale Now!"
store.sales.texturesOnSale"Texture Packs on Sale Now!"
store.sales.worldsOnSale"Worlds on Sale Now!"
store.showalloffers.list.title"%s Store "
store.showalloffers.list.back"Go Back"
store.suggestedOffers.defaultTitle"Fun Ways to Play"
store.minecoin.notavailable"Coin purchase is not available on this version of Minecraft.""%d Results""Try searching for %s!""Oops! There are no results for "%s" and the selected filters. Try broadening search...""Oops! There are no results for "%s". Try another phrase...""Oops! No results were found with the selected filters. Try broadening search...""Oops! We can't search for nothing."" -- Only showing content that will work on this device.""Oops! We think you are disconnected from the internet. Check your connection and try again!""Enter Search Here..."" Results"" Possible Results"" Result"" Possible Result""Search""Trending Search: %s""Search""Bundles""Clear Filters""Reset Filters""Clear Creator Filters""Creators""%d Creators""Offer Types""%d Offer Types""Bundles""Realms Plus""Marketplace Pass""Clear Pack Type Filters""Mash-ups""and %s""Pack Types""%d Pack Types""Minecoins""%d Minecoin Filters""Clear Minecoin Filters""Ratings""%d Rating Filters""Clear Rating Filters""Skins""Textures""Filters""Worlds""Add-Ons""Installed State""Installed""Not Installed""Reset Installed Filters""Sort""Relevance""Newest First""Oldest First""A to Z""Z to A""Installed""Not Installed""Price: High to Low""Price: Low to High""Rating: High to Low""Rating: Low to High""by %s""'A' to 'Z'""'Z' to 'A'""Next >"
store.pagination.previous"< Previous"
store.shareDescription"Whoa! %s made such a cool pack. You've got to check this out."
store.copyToastMessage"Link copied to clipboard!"
store.uploadContentToRealmsSuccess"Content successfully uploaded to the selected Realm."
store.uploadContentToRealmsProgressTitle"Applying content to Realm"
store.uploadContentToRealmsProgressText"The selected content is being applied to your Realm."
store.uploadContentToRealmsFail.message"Failed to upload content to the selected Realm!"
store.uploadContentToRealmsFail.forbidden.message"You do not own one or more of the applied content!"
store.applyToRealm"Create on Realm"
store.inRealmsPlus"In Realms Plus"
store.inCsb"In Marketplace Pass"
store.uploadWorldTitle"Replace World?"
store.uploadPackTitle"Replace Pack?"
store.uploadWorldMessage"This will remove your current world from your Realm's active slot and let you replace it with a new one. Your Realm's members will have access to your new world. Select "Cancel" to go and download a copy of the current world to prevent data loss or "Confirm" to continue and replace your world."
store.uploadPackMessage"This will remove all current applied resource and behavior packs from your Realm and replace it with the selected pack. Do you want to continue?"
stream.confirm_start"Are you sure you want to start broadcasting?"
stream.unavailable.account_not_bound"Before you can broadcast Minecraft through Twitch, you will need to link your Twitch account on Would you like to do that now?"
stream.unavailable.account_not_bound.okay"Link Accounts"
stream.unavailable.account_not_migrated"Before you can broadcast Minecraft through Twitch, you will need to migrate your Minecraft account to a Mojang account. Would you like to do that now?"
stream.unavailable.account_not_migrated.okay"Migrate Account"
stream.unavailable.failed_auth"Authentication to Twitch failed. Please go to and rebind your Twitch account."
stream.unavailable.failed_auth.okay"Rebind Accounts"
stream.unavailable.failed_auth_error"Unable to authenticate to Twitch. Please try again later."
stream.unavailable.initialization_failure"Unable to initialize the Twitch SDK."
stream.unavailable.initialization_failure.extra"(Reason: %s)"
stream.unavailable.library_arch_mismatch"The custom java version used to launch Minecraft has a different architecture than the one used to run the launcher. Please make sure these are the same, either 32-bit or 64-bit for both."
stream.unavailable.library_failure"Unable to load the libraries needed for the integrated Twitch broadcasting service."
stream.unavailable.no_fbo"Your video card needs to support at least OpenGL version 3.0 or support Framebuffer Objects via an extension to use the integrated Twitch broadcasting."
stream.unavailable.no_fbo.arb"Framebuffer object support via ARB is: %s"
stream.unavailable.no_fbo.blend"Separate blending support via EXT is: %s"
stream.unavailable.no_fbo.ext"Framebuffer object support via EXT is: %s"
stream.unavailable.no_fbo.version"You are currently using: %s"
stream.unavailable.not_supported.mac"Unfortunately the integrated Twitch broadcasting on Mac requires a version of OSX newer than the one you are on. You must use 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion) or newer to be able to use this service. Would you like to visit to learn about upgrading?"
stream.unavailable.not_supported.other"Unfortunately the integrated Twitch broadcasting service requires Windows (Vista or newer) or Mac OS X (10.7/Lion or newer)""Unfortunately the integrated Twitch broadcasting requires a newer version of Windows than you are on. You must have at least Windows Vista or newer."
stream.unavailable.report_to_mojang"Report to Mojang""Soundflower is required to be able to stream on Mac. %s""Please click here to install it."
stream.unavailable.title"Twitch Broadcasting Unavailable"
stream.unavailable.unknown"Unfortunately you cannot broadcast to Twitch at this time. And we don't know why :'(""Could not start stream: %s"
stream.user.mode.administrator"Twitch Administrator"
stream.user.mode.banned.other"Banned on %s's channel"
stream.user.mode.banned.self"Banned on your channel"
stream.user.mode.broadcaster.self"Broadcaster (You!)"
stream.user.mode.moderator.other"Moderator on %s's channel"
stream.user.mode.moderator.self"Moderator on your channel"
stream.user.mode.staff"Twitch Staff"
stream.user.subscription.subscriber.other"Subscriber to %s's channel"
stream.user.subscription.subscriber.self"Subscriber to your channel"
stream.user.subscription.turbo"Twitch Turbo"
stream.userinfo.chatTooltip"Click to manage user"
stream.userinfo.mod"Promote to Moderator"